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Brave and the K-HIVE

Brave and the K-HIVE

By Bianca Delarosa
One Black Woman who WAS supporting Kamala Harris so she started the K-HIVE; all about politics, and culture, and making fun of EVERYTHING.
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Tara Reade Will Have You Arrested!

Brave and the K-HIVE

Tara Reade Will Have You Arrested!

Brave and the K-HIVE

Kamala’s Chuck Taylors Scare Trump to DEATH
Kamala’s Chuck Taylors Scare Trump to DEATH Today I discuss the fire in California that started because of a gender reveal via pyrotechnics, poor baby. I also discussed Trump, and the fall out from his attacks on veterans, then I dig into Ryan Knight, and his many meltdowns, Trump’s money problems, Kamala’s Chuck Taylors, Biden’s aviator glasses, khive hosted phonebank training, Tara Reade getting Blocked by John Cusack, and Kamala in Wisconsin. 
September 9, 2020
Everything About Day 4 of The Trump Chaos Convention Was Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, and F*cked Up
I Survived 4 Days of Watching the RNC Convention,But I'll Never Be Whole Again.
August 28, 2020
RNC Convention Day 2: LOTS of Weed Boogaloo
I needed even more weed for Day 2.
August 26, 2020
Watching the RNC convention on Weed--Day One
This episode I just watch the convention and talk over all the speakers, because they suck.
August 25, 2020
Kamala Harris, MVP--Madame Vice President
Biden has selected Kamala Harris as his running mate.
August 13, 2020
Does Biden Deserve The Loyalty Of Black Women If He Won't Defend Black Women?
This episode is all about Chris Dodd and various others waging a hate campaign against Senator Kamala Harris. These old white men earned the dragging I gave them and honestly, I was super gentle with all of them. I play portions of a podcast that I don't like, and tel you why the whole thing blows. I call out folks for LAUGHING at the idea of Chris Dodd stabbing Harris in the front rather than the back, because really, you've never seen this happen to a man. I also ponder why Joe won't simply come out and say none of these people speak for him or his campaign, and maybe even defend her a bit. In short, it's the podcast of a raging banshee. 
August 1, 2020
I'll Eat My Hat If Kamala's Not Joe's Choice for VP
All of my views on the race for VP and why I believe Kamala is Joe's choice as well as my choice. I also get into the campaign by the Old White Men to keep Kamala from actually BEING chosen and discuss a few ways to combat them. There is a bit about Chris Dodd's freakout and I explain why I believe it happened. Other than that, it's all just gossip and speculation.
July 29, 2020
Kamala or Liz, and a Whole Bunch Of Other Random Sh*t
Long ass episode because I left all the mistakes in there and I don't feel bad. 
July 23, 2020
Casual White Supremacy and White Woman Fragility
I explain what White Supremacy is and relate it to my personal experiences. I also delve into White Fragility, White Superiority, and White Privilege. Beyond that I explain why I'm still irritated by being Twitter stalked by a crazy person.
July 17, 2020
My Twitter Stalker Sent Me a Cease and Desist. Yay.
In this episode I discuss my troll who spends her time signing me up for email lists and stalking me and then sending ME a CRAZY Cease and Desist. I'll read it for you. Also, I talk about how horrible Tara Reade is and I dig into her past.
July 8, 2020
How To Get Rid Of Warren Trolls When Everyone Has Gone F*cking Nuts
I discuss the Booker vs McGrath race for a second, I discuss Rashida Tlaib and her primary challenger, then I discuss having The Coronavirus. Since, Warren Trolls are saying I am lying about having Covid-19 to get out of something or other, I am not sure what, exactly. Because of how annoying they are, I tell you exactly how to get rid of them permanently. White Fragility, the book, is up for discussion, I'll explain why Ice Cube is upsetting me, and last, but not least, I ponder whether Candace Owens is a Black White Supremacist. I decide she is.  At the end I discuss whether you should pull out your dick on Zoom calls or not.
June 30, 2020
Malcolm Nance Sent His Goons After Me Because He Got Played By Trolls
In this episode I discuss what happened with Malcolm Nance and why he's cancelled.
June 23, 2020
MeeMaw and Her White Struggle-Fist Should Be Off the VP List
Discussing Liz warren and her awful racist Stans and how Amy K dropped out of the running for VP and Liz needs to exit stage left and follow her. 
June 19, 2020
So, I'm A F*ck Up, Defund Police Is A Bad Slogan, and the VP List Just Shrank
I discuss K-hive business for a while, then I explain why defund the police is just confusing, and then I discuss Alaska. 
June 12, 2020
Why Won't Cops Just Follow The Law? Also, Bernie Came In THIRD In DC!
We talking about POLICE RIOTING. ALSO, the co-opting of Black Liberation to center the class reductionist mindset of Bernie Progressives. Also, we have primary elections all over the place and I give you the number and laugh until I snort. 
June 3, 2020
Why Did Old Karen Stab The Black People At The Minneapolis Target Riot?
Wow, so, what the hell went on in Milwaukee last night? This episode is a stream of consciousness podcast where I give my impressions and tell you how I feel about things, and no, I am not pleased. I am upset. 
May 29, 2020
Will All Of The Racist Karens Please Calm TF Down in Central Park?
I discuss Racist Amy Karen Becky in Central Park, How Brie Brie fits that character's profile in her own way, I complain about AOC, I opine on the recent events in Milwaukee, complain about Black Marginalization, Black community issues, where we need to representation, and I make fun of the Karening we dealt with yesterday in the wake of Amy Karen Becky losing her job, getting banned from the park, and had the animal taken from her.
May 27, 2020
The Tara Read Hoax Is FINALLY F*CKING OVER!!!
Just going to wrap up how we got our questions answered about the Tara Read Hoax and I dig into a few points about it and laugh at how she got busted out. I ALSO remind you that her friend Gina is a LIAR, she was the only one to say something nice about Tara and I just needed to put it out there that I have interacted with her and she lied to me JUST LIKE TARA. It was actually FOR Tara. I read some excerpts from the PBS article that crushed Tara's grifty little world of make believe and detail how she left so many victims in her wake. Tara STILL has not returned my DM, so, I don't know how her investigation is going and when I'm going to prison. Sad.
May 17, 2020
Tara Reade and the Crotch-less Crunchy Panties
The episode I discuss the happenings in the Tara Reade (Alexandra McCabe) case and what my investigation has found so far. I busted her out for her check kiting charge from SLO County this past week, and I'll tell you where I got it and how it led to a confession that was timed for the least possible views and remind you that none of that shit was my fault.  I also spend a significant amount of time discussing the Megyn Kelly interview and the Crotch-less drawers Reade was supposedly wearing because she was going to meet her boyfriend after work one unseasonably hot day when Biden allegedly finger-banged her in the middle of an open corridor near a busy monorail terminal that sits next to the police station, located in the Russell Senate Office Building. Then I beg for money, I think. 
May 11, 2020
Tara Reade Will Have You Arrested!
In the wake of Joe Biden coming out and denying he sexually assaulted Tara Reade, I discussed my own interaction with her, some of the lies she told that are provably false, her threats and attacks on people, and the fact that she wants me investigated to see if I work for Biden, and if so have me arrested and imprisoned. Because, apparently she believes working for Biden is illegal. I am not working for Biden. But, I did DM her my full name so she can go ahead and handle her business. She's crazy. She has not replied to my DM.
May 2, 2020
Mark Warner and the Nasty Ass Sammich-No Liz for VP
Mark Warner made a Nasty Ass Sammich Liz is the WRONG CHOICE For VP So is Abrams Nina Turner Changed The Course of History, says Nina Turner
April 23, 2020
Just an episode about the meltdown that ensued due to Bernie endorsing Biden, the fact that Bernie threw Brie Brie under all the buses, and how The Revolution turned on Bernie like the hyenas turned on Scar. I also laugh ugly style and complain about Krystal Ball, which is fine, because she's rich and we eat rich people. 
April 15, 2020
Bernie Sanders FINALLY DROPPED OUT and I'm here for the SHADE!!!!!!
I discuss the fact that Bernie dropped out, the fall out from that, discuss Kamala for VP, and I spend way too much time telling you about Alaska, rural voter, the limitations of medicare for all in providing equity of care and equality in access to the same level of care and practitioners to all eho are expected to contribute to the system. I discuss Bernie's beliefs about 2016 and how that doomed him for 2020. I tell you what Bernie plans on doing going forward and how he can still jerk us around by affecting DNC rules. I thank Pete supporters again for taking one for the team, and also discuss the Conservative Independents becoming more reliable than Berners for anti Trump votes. Does stability and competence matter more than ideological purity and revolution? I make the case for healing the country and avoiding harsh swings right and left to prevent our destruction,  I also tell you how I stopped being a Bernie supporter in 2015, why Bernie Bros hate me, and why I don't DM anymore. 
April 10, 2020
Even Larry David Wants Bernie To Drop Out; Also, Corona Virus Is Driving Me Insane
This Episode I Just Talk About How Corona Virus Is Driving Me Insane And Then How Bernie Needs To To Go. I read a Column From The Boston Globe and Proceed To Rip Bernie To Shreds Over Joe Rogan Saying He Will Vote For Trump Over Biden. 
April 4, 2020
Stimulus Check Break Down; Berner Me Too Wildness
I spend a portion of the show explaining how Stimulus Checks will happen, who will qualify, who will not, how to qualify if you haven't already, how much the payments will be and to whom, and all the other necessary points. I also discuss that Me Too situation going on in Bernerland, I did add the audio, but I cut it back out again. I give my impressions on that, the credibility, and update you on a few things coming down the pike. I also complain about Bernard.
March 27, 2020
Joe just keeps beating on Bernie and Bernie just keeps getting knocked out!
This is about the Florida, Illinois, and Arizona primaries; I end up complaining about caucuses, the Bernie Bird, how Bernie needs to go, and I read and do Berner impersonations.
March 19, 2020
Bernie Bombs The Debate
This episode is about the debate on 3/15/2020 between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. This debate had no audience to cheer whenever Bernie didn't make sense, so Bernie's performance left much to be desired. If this debate was supposed to fuel Bernie's comeback, he will be running on empty because he failed to slow Joe's momentum one bit, and actually provided the contrast that made Joe look like The President.
March 16, 2020
Second Super Tuesday Was The Beginning Of The End For Bernie
This episode was recorded over a three day period and discusses the contests the occurred on Tuesday, March 10th 2020. The Democratic Primary is down to two; Joe Biden, who is having a resurgent campaign, and Bernie Sanders, who is crashing and Berning. I give you my thoughts about what happened, tell you which races were won and lost, I get a bunch of shit wrong and a bunch of shit right. I also spend part of the time just laughing at Bernie because he's a vainglorious old codger. 
March 13, 2020
Bernie Lost The Black Vote
Bernie is doing terribly with Black voters, so bad that even I feel sad for him, I discuss what happens to delegates after a candidate drops out, reasons why black voters aren't so keen on Bernie, and what that means for the future of the primary.
March 7, 2020
Holy SHITBALLS!! Mega Monday; Super Tuesday...
Joe Biden, y'all. Also I laugh At Bernie for 15 minutes.
March 7, 2020
Ok, so, fuck this entire Bernie shit forever
This is just me learning how to express my anger and frustration at the system. Topics include the Revolution, Bernie's deceptions, people who piss me off, and this primary.
March 1, 2020
Fuck Russia, Fuck Bernie, and Fuck Bernie's Plurality
This episode I talk about Russia helping Bernie, how Bernie is super janky, and why we'd better not nominate him or anyone else with a mere small plurality of votes. I also complain about AOC, the Bernie Media, lament the smearing of Kamala, and pretty much trash Bernie's leadership skills, because he absolutely does not have any. 
February 24, 2020
Everyone Can Fuck All The Way Off, Especially Bernie
This episode I discuss how crazy Berners are getting, how they bullied the Culinary Union, AOC fucking all the way off, Bloomberg's weirdness, Berners campaigning AGAINST M4A, homophobia against Pete, how fucked up this primary is, and I list some people at random who can fuck all the way off, just like AOC.  I also discuss how Pete is STILL AHEAD of Bernie, I give opinions on who should drop out,and I close it out with a fuck you to Bernie and some comments about Avenatti being convicted of extortion.
February 16, 2020
Fuck the Iowa Cockus and Fuck New Hampshire and Fuck Tom Perez
Just an episode where I discuss Iowa, tell Tom Perez he has no balls whatsoever, call everyone out and say fuck you as many times as it takes for me to feel slightly better.
February 11, 2020
Bernie's Revolution IS NOT A CULT!
Just discussing how Bernie's Revolution is just like a cult, the Perfume Ad the Revolution made about Bernie, and wondering if there will be violence at the caucus.
January 28, 2020
Joe Rogan Meets Identity Politics; Tulsi Gabbard's Life Was STOLEN
Discussing my Twitter Jail Term, the whole drama about Joe Rogan, and wondering why Tulsi thinks damages to her would amount to $50,000,000 from Hillary who Tulsi says, "is taking her life."
January 26, 2020
Niggardly Bernie Gets Knocked
Bernie Sanders got sucker punched by Hillary dishing out the tea on his candy ass, this is just a quick rant episode where I tell you what Hillary said, laugh about it, and proceed to cuss Tom Perez out and try to make him leave. Just go, Tom. Just go.
January 22, 2020
Return of the Bernie Trolls
This episode I spend a long time bitching about the Bernie Troll swarms. After weeks of being hit by swarm after swarm Twitter is literally the worst Social Media Platform and some of us are ready to go back to MySpace. I discuss what a Bernie Sanders administration might look like, what a Nina Turner vice presidency might sound like, and how much she annoys me on a daily basis. I also discuss a few more things between mocking everyone and despairing over the future. 
December 28, 2019
White Privilege Promenade
This episode I discuss Kamala suspending her campaign, how depressed everyone is, how skeevy the other campaigns are in trying to get K-hive to move to their campaign, R. Kelly for some damn reason. Then I waited a week to record part 2 and I talked about how the campaigns are still skeevy, not giving up on Kamala, pushing for at least VP, and how Bernie still sucks.  
December 11, 2019
Warren's White Knuckled Wipeout
This episode will be all about Warren's unfortunate slide in the polls, how she got here, what the current changes say about the race, Pete being on top and how that does not bode well for the future. We will discuss a geriatric marxist chupacabra baby sitter and why I believe he should get to keep every dime they sent him (because they are obnoxious and annoying), Obama's threat to shut down Bernie Bernie Bern Bern, his thoughts on Harris not connecting with Black voters, Joe not really making him confident, and why December is a perfect time for harris to jump in front of every camera.  I will also discuss Bloomberg, Steyer, and why the only thing I learned from Bernie Sanders is that billionaires are assholes. I will also discuss the possibility of a Hillary late entry, how voters prefer her to Bloomberg if they must run, how Kamala can used the Senate trial to her advantage, and white feminism in this campaign and how it is affecting black women. 
November 30, 2019
White Lies Matter In The Struggledome
This episode is all about me ranting about various candidates, discussing the smearing of a black grandmother by the warrenites, how many candidates suck super bad, how former Hillary loyalist are backstabbers, pete being at zero with black voters still, and just bitching and bitching about everything.
November 26, 2019
White Savior Shitshow
This week I discuss the debate, why Liz Warren got protested, school choice, my thoughts on how racist our country is towards funding schools, how America exports crime to Latin America, the group that protested Liz and why it's not cool to investigate them, and how Liberals should also shut up about their belief that "we need public school money to stay in public schools" until they end the racist way schools are funded, how I do not like Liz Warren, the news that her son went to private school, the debate, who won and who lost, how Alaska wants me to protest them for homophobia, I tell a bunch of people to STFU, and also f*ck them and for them to go f*ck themselves. 
November 23, 2019
White Struggle Stew
This episode I discuss the struggles of Mayo Pete and how he lied about black people endorsing his Douglas plan, the reasons Black people DO NOT LIKE him. I  go off on tangents about Black Homophobia, Black poverty, and how Pete and systemic racism harmed the voters of South Bend.
November 16, 2019
Brave and the K-Hive Are About to WILD OUT!
The title of the show has changed! Since the actual media is erasing Kamala, I have dedicated my show to following her campaign and reporting each event on a regular basis!! So, you get more me, more Kamala, and more opportunities to tell the MSM to fack themselves. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast, and make a contribution or donation, so I can stop doing the audio. I hate it.
November 8, 2019
White Fragility Freakshow
Discusses why I have been gone, what happened this month, Liz, Bernie, Kamala, Beto, the debate, and the Twitter Drama.
November 6, 2019
The Besmirchment of Diamond and Silk
On this episode I spend a short time discussing diamond and silk sending me a cease and desist letter, I also discuss the climate change town hall, and spend some time talking about race and behavior. 
September 9, 2019
White Supremacy Mayonnaise
In this episode we begin our journey...
September 4, 2019