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The algorithm of life

The algorithm of life

By Bibi-Jane
Sometimes being in your 20’s feels like you’re playing a video game where you skipped the tutorial and you're running around with no idea how anything works. I'm Bibi-Jane and this is a podcast for and about people in their twenties trying to figure out how to beat the algorithm of life.
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Robine Blickman on being a fashion creative and traveling the world
This week Robine Blickman shares her story on how she went from living in a small village in the Netherlands to studying Fashion tailoring & design, winning the MAFB Fashion Fest, launching her own design company and traveling the world with KLM. Robine also shares her adventures and creativity on TikTok and Instagram, building her own personal brand that inspires people to be themselves. If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to follow or subscribe to the podcast, share it on your social media and tag me @bibijanee so I can see it! For more on Robine make sure to follow her on IG & TikTok: @robineblickman. //Music by: @sir.Monter
April 23, 2020
Why I shop second hand
This week's episode is all about the world of second hand clothing. A world that might not be new to you, cause maybe you're already shopping second hand, maybe you want to start but you don't know how, maybe you actually think it's disgusting. But one thing is for sure: buying second hand is better for your wallet (if you go to the right places), and better for the planet (if not over-consumed). 
April 14, 2020
Dealing with shyness
A big chunk of my life I was convinced that being shy was just part of my identity, that it was something I couldn't change.  But guess what? That's bullshit. 
April 6, 2020
How to stay motivated during the coronavirus outbreak
First off, I hope you guys are all safe!! For this week's episode I decided to record alone and share 5 tips on how I try to stay productive during this unsettling time. And I must admit, it's not easy.. Everything is so uncertain and things are changing daily. And while dealing with all of that, there's a certain pressure of society making us feel like we have to "make the most" of this global pandemic. 
March 26, 2020
Why we feel pressured to have it all figured out with Crystal Doorjé
Has anyone ever felt like everyone around them has everything figured out for the upcoming 5 years and you don't even know what's gonna happen tomorrow? I have. I think we've all been there. On this week's episode Crystal Doorjé shares how she grew up not knowing exactly what she wanted to do, but knowing that she was going to achieve great things. Crystal is a curator, a creative strategist and a multi-dimensional being. Me and Crys talk about why it's expected of us to achieve certain things at a certain age, about working in the creative industry, and about feeling guilty whenever you're not working. //Socials: @bibijanee and @thedoorje. Music by @sir.onter. //
March 15, 2020
The power of women with Darina Miller
Darina Miller is creative, talented, smart .… f*ck it. The list just goes on and on. There’s no simple way to describe this woman. On this week's episode Darina Miller shares how she grew up between two different cultures, figured out (the hard way) how to have a good work-life balance, and why all women are superheroes.
March 8, 2020
The algorithm of instagram with Jennifer Hardeman
On this episode, Jennifer shares her story on how she quit fashion school, had her own company and how this led to her finding her thing.  Jennifer and I also talk about how we started with our Instagram, ways we believe you can get people to see your content, and the things people are doing for engagement that are starting to annoy us. Socials: my IG @bibijanee // Jennifer's IG @jenniferhardeman.
March 1, 2020
How Nicole Manzo found her passion and turned it into her job
Kicking off this very first episode with Nicole Manzo! Nicole (singer and songwriter) shares how she dealt with figuring out what truly makes her happy. In your twenties its expected of you to study something specific and get a job in that field. While some people know exactly what they want to do, others think they do but change mind later or are just simply still trying to figure it out. And I want you to know thats all FINE!  Please share your thoughts with me about this very first episode! Socials: my IG: @bibijanee // Nicole's IG: @nicolemanzo99
February 22, 2020