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Daniel 3: Biblical Anarchy

Daniel 3: Biblical Anarchy

By Jacob Daniel
Exploring the entanglements between the church and state to being Christians back to No King but Christ. Episodes about Philosophy, Anarchism, Politics, Economics, and interviewing interesting guests.
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Daniel 3 Ep. 30 w/ Caryn Ann "Pink Flame" Harlos
I sit down with Caryn Ann Harlos to interview her and discuss how she came to be a libertarian activist, and discussing the Church and the philosophy of Christian Anarchism. I also talk to her about pacifism in the Christian sense, and the misconceptions and nuances people have about the philosophy. We then discuss the future and are different takes on how libertarian individuals and society are if you factored out environmental factors. This episode is pretty deep on theology, so be prepared for that if you aren't super religious. Also, we do get into some LP drama on the beginning and tail ends of the stream, so if that stuff doesn't interest you skip the first 20ish minutes. Enjoy!
September 17, 2021
Daniel 3 Ep. 29 w/ Nick "Individualist" Ashley
I sit down with Nick Ashley of The Individualist Podcast and Tower Power Hour this episode to discuss his take on libertarian philosophy, religion, and his epic misadventures in the liberty Twitter and podcasting arena, and why the institutions of the church and the LP still have value
September 14, 2021
Daniel 3 Ep. 28 w/Christpilled - Mandates and Mass Non-compliance
This was a livestream with my friend Christpilled from Twitter to discuss current events, Biden's vaccine mandates and No King But Christ being absent from American church culture
September 10, 2021
Daniel 3 Ep. 27 Appearance on Naturalist Capitalist Podcast w/Reed Coverdale
Reed had me on his show in August to discuss Christian Anarchism, and also to get into how Christians read the Bible and what it takes to consistently stand on Scripture. We also discuss the fights between Atheists and Christians and what both sides should do better on.
September 10, 2021
Daniel 3 Ep. 26 w/ Hodey "Enemy of My Enemy" Johns
On this episode of Daniel 3 I interviewed Hodey Johns, host of Enemy of My Enemy , part of the We Are Libertarians podcast network, which I occasionally appear on as a guest host. We discussed Christian Anarchism and how we should perceive and influence the culture around us as both libertarians and those who claim our true citizenship as being in heaven. We also get into some LP news and current events. 
September 08, 2021
Daniel 3 Ep. 25 w/ Stefan "The Great" Molyneux
On this edition of Daniel 3, I interviewed Stefan Molyneux. We discussed the connection between Christianity and liberty, universalism in Ethics, and maintaining healthy dialogues despite disagreements in the age of wokeism and cancel culture. 
September 07, 2021
Daniel 3 Ep. 24 - July Appearance on Break the Cycle w/Joshua Smith
Jacob and Joshua to sit down and talk about Christianity and Liberty, and how they are compatible. We also talk about the LPPA, and the Mises Caucus.
September 03, 2021
Daniel 3 w/ David "Fite 4 Liberty"
This episode of Daniel 3 I sat down to talk with David about his views on the church and the LP and how these institutions have succeeded and failed in promoting and defending the values of liberty. David and I also spend a lot of time talking about our similar childhood experiences, and how two people can be good friends and have reasonable disagreements, something we need to hold on tightly to in a time of growing tribalism and partisanship.
September 03, 2021
Daniel 3 - The One Where I Got Stood Up Twice
This episode was a laid back livestream with my friends Adam Nutter of The Porcupine Podcsst, Caleb Brown (The Catholic Libertarian), Samuel Wipplinger, and Jose Gallison of No Way Jose. We discuss our different approaches to libertarian outreach, in betwixt moments of us ribbing each other. We also talk about the culture divide between left and right and whether or not we should reach to both or focus on mostly the right.
September 02, 2021
Saturday Night Call In Show 08/21/2021
Call in show from 8/21/2021 - Breakdown of conversation in intro
August 22, 2021
Christianity, Anarchy and the LP - Daniel 3 w/ Angela McArdle
On this episode of Daniel 3, I sat down to talk with Angela McArdle about Christianity as it relates to libertarian philosophy, the LP and the Mises Caucus and some of the criticisms that have been circulated as of late. We discussed what it means to be light and salt in society, both as Christians and as libertarians.
August 19, 2021
A Discussion on Pacifism
This is a recording of a podcast I was on back in 2020 regarding pacifism in the context of Christian Anarchism. It's from my early podcasting days so the audio isn't great, but the conversation was fabulous. Abby Cleckner is a contributor to the Bad Roman project and Chris Polk is the host of the Unbeliever podcast. Be sure to look both of them up. Enjoy the conversation!
August 17, 2021
Daniel 3 w/ James "Blackbird" Jenneman
James had invited me on his podcast the last week of July , and this is a continuation of some of the things we talked about on that podcast. We talked about agorism, postmodernism, the role of the church , Catholicism vs Protestantism, and the danger of institutions forgetting their mission and purpose.
August 09, 2021
Daniel 3 w/ Shane "Radical" Hazel
This was a live discussion between myself and Shane Hazel, podcaster and libertarian candidate. We had a fantastic conversation about the military industrial complex, the Anti-Federalists, libertarian activism, relationships, religion and psychedelics. This might have been the most fun I've had talking to someone in a long time.  Check Shane out at and
August 04, 2021
Daniel 3 w/ Sam Wipplinger
I sat down with Sam Wipplinger to discuss Christian Libertarianism, police and state worship in the church, and the LP and Mises Caucus ongoing drama.
August 03, 2021
Daniel 3 w/Ben "Anti-Patriot" Heckman
This episode I talk to Ben about YAL, LPPA and politics in our state of PA, and his take on the relationship between Christianity and liberty  This was the podcast referenced in the show about homosexuality -
July 26, 2021
Idolatry of Statism, Becoming Anti-War, and Immigration - July 20 Call in Show/Q&A
Call in show from 7/20/2021 with the Catholic Libertarian, Alex "No King but Christ" joined us as well as my friend Konstantin, who is a libertarian Jew. We discussed war, immigration and the idolatry of statism from our different backgrounds.
July 21, 2021
Daniel 3 w/ Naturalist Capitalist (Reed Coverdale)
This episode I sat down with Reed Coverdale to discuss our similar paths to the LP and the Mises Caucus, and our diverging paths when it comes to religion and Christianity, and how unity should play out in the liberty movement between the religious and non religious 0 Comments
July 13, 2021
Daniel 3 w/ No Way Jose - Philosophy, Religion and Politics
Jacob Daniel sits down with Jose Galison of No Way Jose to discuss their different approaches to anarchism, rights, philosophy, and liberty activism
July 09, 2021
Daniel 3 Podcast w/Catholic Libertarian - 4th of July Stream
Caleb of the Catholic Libertarian joins me again, we will be discussing current events of the past week, plus speak about the history and meaning of the American Revolution
July 04, 2021
Education, Art and Superheroes - Libertarians In the Culture War
This episode I sat down and talked with Jack Lloyd. Jack is vibrating with energy and is all over the libertarian activist scene. From comics to music, from talking about education and talking about cultre, Jack and his partner Pho are always busy doing something. We talked about the many projects he's involved in, and how libertarians can and should win the culture war, which isn't left vs right but statism and collectivism vs liberty and individualism.  Support Jack and help fund his next Voluntaryist Comic here: Find his comic series here : Follow Jack on social media: @jackvlloyd
May 08, 2021
Praxeology Part 2: Argumentation Ethics, LP Politics, Hotep Jesus and More
Joe Hartman, libertarian from MI, joins me again to further unpack the philosophy of Praxeology and its connections to the Bible, and the subject of Argumentation Ethics.   We also discussed my recent entry into the Mises Caucus, the drama around the caucus in the LP and the figure of Hotep Jesus.
April 02, 2021
Decentralization and Nullification : A Path to Voluntaryism / Biblical Self Government
SHOW LESShis episode I had on Mike Maharrey, a fellow podcast host (Godarchy) and communications director at the 10th Amendment Center. We talked about the 10th amendment political strategy of decentralization and nullification as a tool against federal tyranny, and also the tenets of Christian Voluntaryism and the relationship between following Christ and politics.   Follow and check out Mike's work: Also check out the Libertarian Mises Caucus at
March 17, 2021
Mere Liberty - A Christian Libertarian Primer
This episode I interviewed Kerry Baldwin of Mere Liberty, also affiliated with Libertarian Christian Institute. We talked about the new book "Faith Seeking Freedom" that LCI just released, and also dive into how Christians can reconcile libertarianism with being pro-life on the issue of abortion, and how reformed theology lends strongly to the argument for Christian Libertarianism.    Kerry's website Mere Liberty :  Follow Kerry on Facebook :  Libertarian Christian Institute  Facebook: Purchase Faith Seeking Freedom :
January 03, 2021
Agorism and Homesteading: Living Out Liberty
SHOW LESSWe've all probably heard of Agorism, but what is it exactly? Is it a philosophy? A strategy? What exactly does it entail? In this video we dive into what Agorism is and make the case why anyone who claims to be a libertarian or anarchist should adopt and incorporate the Agorist worldview into their lives.   We also talk about how homesteading fits into Agorism , as well as how those of us in the liberty movement approach prepping vs homesteading. Instead of waiting for freedom, let's start living as if we are free.
November 30, 2020
Western Culture - Good or Bad?
SHOW LESSThis was a friendly debate/conversation I had with a fellow Christian Anarchist/Libertarian back before the 2020 election. The right tells us that the left is trying to destroy western culture - we break down if that's true, and even if we should care about Western Culture, as well as what that term entails, and what's good and bad within it.
October 30, 2020
Reformed Anarchism and Romans 13
Romans 13 - Civil Governance & Christian Anarchism from the perspective of Reformed Christian Anarchists   Most of the first hour is a discussion on the relationship between the Reformed Christian Tradition and Christian Anarchism, as well as how different Christian denominations and theologies compare and contrast within the Christian Libertarian world.    Jump in at about 54:25 to hear Greg and I start breaking down Romans 13 to show how Paul is NOT advocating for/endorsing Statism   Here is a compilation of all the links and references mentioned in the video.     Gregory Baus profile     20 min audio on libertarian anarchism and Romans 13  article on Reformed view of Rom13   Gregory Baus' intro to libertarian anarchism youtube playlist      Francis Schaeffer's A Christian Manifesto   Constitution Party   Murray Rothbard's For A New Liberty   Roderick Long's Foundations Of Libertarian Ethics lecture series See especially lecture 10: "An Anarchist Legal Order"   Tomasz Kaye's Explore: Is Taxation Theft?  bitbutter youtube:   Westminster Confession of Faith (1788 "American", non-establishmentarian)   Canons of Dordt (aka "T.U.L.I.P.")   The five "solas"   G.K. Beale's Erosion of Inerrancy  "Can the Bible be inspired and have errors?"  "Inerrancy and the NT use of the OT"  "OT in Revelation and Authority of Scripture"   David D. Friedman   Abraham Kuyper's Lectures On Calvinism   (Popular intro to "Neo-Calvinism") Walsh & Middleton's Transforming Vision   Gregory Baus on Herman Dooyeweerd's view of Societal Sphere Sovereignty   Gerard Casey's Libertarian Anarchy  "Meddling In Other Men's Affairs: The Case For Anarchy"   LCI's Faith Seeking Freedom
October 16, 2020
Daniel 3 on No Way Jose - The Liberty Movement
SHOW LESSJose Galison of The Liberty Movement invited me onto his podcast No Way Jose to talk about Christian Anarchism, where I answered questions about the project of Daniel 3, church shutdowns, Romans 13 and the Bible's take on Statism, and other topics related to the connection between Christianity and Liberty.  Check out their youtube channel here: And you can find their Facebook page here:
October 09, 2020
Carry Your Cross Nobly : Christianity and Human Action (Praxeology)
On this episode of Daniel 3 I invited Joe Hartman on to discuss many topics of interest - Praxeology and Christianity and their philosophical alignments and distinctions , Mises and Austrian Economics and Anarchist Philosophy, Voting, the Nature of the State and the reason why Minarchy doesn't work, and drama in the Libertarian world between the LPMC and various other entities within the movement.
October 01, 2020
Christian Anarchism = Theonomy? No King But Christ vs The State
What does the Bible tell us about the State? How should Christians live in a Statist society? Kevin Craig joins me to discuss the nature of Christian Anarchism and what that means in a theological terms, philosophical terms, and practical applications.  Here are the links we brought up during the conversation
September 30, 2020