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Bible Out Loud Podcast

Bible Out Loud Podcast

By Bible Out Loud Podcast
Bible Out Loud Podcast is a Christian Podcast Hosted By Franklin Martin. This Podcast focuses on teaching the Bible truth, spreading the Gospel, Apologetics, We Also Talk about interesting Facts About The Bible The Average Christian Might Not Have Known. We Also Look Into The Mordern World From A Biblical Perspective, Love From A Biblical Perspective, Marriage, The Human Purpose and Many More Interesting Topics. We Love Truth, Because We Love Christ.
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Bible Out Loud Podcast - The Gospel Ep.2

Bible Out Loud Podcast

Bible Out Loud Podcast - Intro Episode (Ep.1)
This episode is known as the intro episode and it gives information on what the podcast is about and the different topics that will be discussed. It also share a bit a background  on the host (Franklin Martin) Enjoy!!
February 17, 2021
Bible Out Loud Podcast - The Gospel Ep.2
This Eposide is about the Gospel Of Jesus Christ. We ask and answer questions such as what is the Gospel? Where does the word originate from, we looked at a biblical definition of the word Gospel. Why is the Gospel inportant and why we should get it right. All these Questions are being answered in this episode called The Gospel/Getting The Gospel Right. Enjoy the show and please Subcribe wherever you consuming Podcast.😊 Please consider supporting, so that we can continue with this ministry. God Bless..
February 17, 2021