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Big Grande Presents

Big Grande Presents

By Big Grande
A place for you to hear all things sketch and improv from Big Grande!

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EXIT 42 #3: Welcome to Subway
Two Subway employees make sandwiches for customers. Watch the video of this episode HERE. Be sure to check out season 1 of Last Resort, all 20 episodes of EXIT 42 and The Preacher's Lounge: The Story of Jesus at
April 01, 2021
The Preacher’s Lounge: The Story of Jesus (Trailer/Prayer)
THE PREACHER’S LOUNGE: THE STORY OF JESUS is a four part Easter Special featuring guests Paul F. Tompkins, Lauren Lapkus, Ayo Edebiri, and Carl Tart. The first episode is out now! This one-time $10 purchase gets you access to the audio and video recordings each week. The Story of Jesus is available at  Amen.
March 14, 2021
Exit 42 #1: ChevDonald's
This is the first episode of Big Grande's new podcast Last Resort. To hear the entire season, go to Employees attempt to solve the multiple issues at a Chevron-McDonald's.
November 29, 2020
Last Resort #1: All We Think You Can Eat
This is the first episode of Big Grande's new podcast Last Resort. To hear the entire season, go to Welcome to Last Resort! The podcast where billionaire jet-setters, Eat, Pray, Lovers and a family of five looking for a nice getaway can tune in to get the inside scoop on the goings-on of the 124th best off-beach Gulf Coast vacation spot in the beautiful US of A -- Subtle Shores Resort and Buffet. Hello! We're manager Skip and sea captain Sidney Powell, singer Croonin' Dwanye Newman, and handyman Joe "Drop Cloth" Young. On our very first podcast episode, we go around the horn (trumpet sound, joking) and share a little bit about ourselves. We discuss r/SkipFreakouts, Joe's double bankruptcy, and Dwayne's contribution to the Pepto Bismol jingle. Stay tuned for what parts of the resort are closed this week, one of which directly impacts our location residing 300 feet off an 80 mph interstate. Thanks for listening!
November 29, 2020