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Big Kat Lounge

Big Kat Lounge

By Big Kat KZ
🎙️The Big Kat Lounge is a weekly podcast where Big Kat's come and ROAR their insight, as to how they navigate the ever-changing habitat. We provide an opportunity for our guests to speak in a casual lounge setting. 🎯The Big Kat Lounge's mission is to record a voice from every country & background in the world. 🌏 We have 154 more countries to go until we achieve Big Kat International status. ✨ Interested in being a Sponsor on the show, please send an email to 🦁🎧 The Big Kat Lounge welcomes feedback and reviews on all platforms to help us grow.🐆🎤
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Social Anxiety Talks with Mark Metry 🎙️ on Big Kat Lounge Podcast Ep 68
Today's guest has been a Forbes featured TEDx speaker, host of a global top 100 podcast, bestselling author, documentary series cast member, who is helping the world effectively manage social anxiety. He takes his personal life and his habits very seriously. People don’t see results in their life because they aren’t consistent. The human brain is so interesting because it can normalize anything. When you do the same stuff everyday you feel stuck. Certain habits like meditation teaches our brains how to rewire our brain cells to give us that boosted confidence. In 2017 Mark Metry was in a spot in his life where he didn’t know what to do. Some of his biggest realizations came when he was having 1 on 1 honest conversations. You look at your goals and you don’t compare yourself to anyone negatively. Comparing yourself to other people can be a great thing if done correctly. Some key nuggets that really hit home were the fact that Mark doesn't go on social media before he posts, which helps tremendously as you can go down a rabbit hole if you start scrolling and consuming toxic information.  I recently enrolled in Mark's Social Anxiety program and I believe it’s something that we all need in our lives: This was a great episode where we touched upon mental health, social anxiety, systems, his book & programs, how to build confidence and much more. When you smile in the moment, it gives you more control. If you or your company is interested in Mark speaking at any of your events, conferences, please reach out and text him at 508-925-0261. To follow Mark Metry’s journey head to his website- or email him at Subscribe to all Big Kat Lounge Podcast episodes and please leave us a review to help us grow to international status. #screwbeingshy #mentalhealth #wellness #podcaster #forbes #speaker #tedx #helpingothers #support #authors #anxiety #bigkatlounge
November 17, 2021
Break Mindset Barriers with Bobby Dsouza💥 on BKL Ep 67
Today's guest is a person who completely connects to humans authentically. He can forge relationships and build connections right away. He understands the struggles of everyday people and through his conversations, podcast, mastermind classes, interactions you can witness his leadership at hand. As speakers we were all used to speaking in person and not virtually. The natural connection can never be replaced. As of this recording he was able to reach over 156 organizations. There is a lack of courage, too much fear going around in the world with a lot of stories. We shouldn’t make things worse than it is. Whether it’s a health issue, people get scared and stop taking positive action. People build on courage, pause, reflect and take massive action to do the best they can. Bobby Dsouza and I touched upon leadership, a hybrid model for when we come back into the office and much more.  Small steps will never despise small beginnings. It’s so easy to move to the bed or go to the couch and sleep when working from home. Every action we take has a significant impact for the future. One key takeaway from our lounge talk with Bobby was the importance of having a trusted guide or mentor at an early age. The type of people you have in your life is crucial. You have to surround yourself with the right people and be intentional. Bobby Dsouza fell a lot of times and made a lot of mistakes which can be found further in his Fallen to Rise book on Amazon.  Fallen to Rise book: Bobby Dsouza Inspires Podcast: To listen to this episode and all other Big Kat Lounge talks head to #motivationalspeaker #virtual #keynote #engaging #team #inspire #barriers #mindsets #performance #bobbydsouza #bigkatlounge
November 12, 2021
EsportsHow Talk with Uzair Hasan 🎮 on BKL Episode 66
Today's guest is showing the world how to get a job in the e-sports industry.  Uzair Hasan is the founder of Esports How. Uzair has been actively involved in the business side of the esports industry since 2017, where he has grown to love what makes the esports industry both super unique and dynamic. His passions led him to run a series of various esports tournaments and events. From that point he concluded on taking a formal education behind the business of esports in the Esports Entrepreneurship and Administration program. While being apart of that institution, a lot of the information was easily presented and it all made perfect sense. Adding that to his own experiences it started brewing a formula for success in the industry. Uzair Hasan is releasing the how to get a job in the e-sports industry career guide on November 3rd, 2021 on Amazon.   The purpose of Esports How is to provide information that he learned from his own trial-and-errors. Within his blog you will learn to grasp how to develop a business in esports at a grassroots level, scale yourself and make your dreams into a reality in the crazy industry of esports. Join the discord today to start finding out how you can do this. The website has a tremendous amount of resources for everyone to go through ranging from productivity hacks, articles, books, Uzair's favorite podcasts, news outlets, and much more.  To listen to this episode and all others head to #discord #esportshowto #uzair #kelfish4 #gaming #esports #consultant #entrepreneurs #level #industry #leader #win #call #knowledge
November 02, 2021
Opportunities don't happen you create them with Neeraja Ganesh 🇮🇳 on BKL Ep.65
Today’s guest comes from Bangalore, India where she is passionate to bring about a positive mindset shift among women and students with every interaction that she has with them. Neeraja Ganesh is a consultant, coach, mother, who is focused in the gender diversity space where she heads the JobforHer Foundation. She was awarded at a TEDEX Women's event for her 25yrs of achievements in the corporate world. Learning never stops and we have so much access these days with Coursera, online portals, podcasts and much more. We are truly spoiled for choice as there are plenty of options for us to check, it's just being intentional with the information we consume. We may have multiple tabs open on our laptops & a handful of devices, so we aren’t able to focus and our priorities aren’t listed down.  Priorities are different than a bucket list. We have to ensure to make a refined priority list to build into our calendars and implement a routine. Neeraja shared with us life, and leadership lessons for the entire Big Kat Lounge community to reflect upon.  This was a fun episode and everyone needs to follow her journey, as she continues to build communities towards bridging the gender gap for all in India and the world. Below are some links to stay updated with Neeraja Ganesh and the impact that she's making to organizations everywhere. Subscribe to stay in tune with all Big Kat Lounge Podcast episodes as we capture a voice from every country & background in the world. #diversity #inclusion #womenintech #leaders #bigkatlounge #womenleaders #future #neerspires #personalbranding #jobsforher
October 25, 2021
Unmutedlife with Rachel Druckenmiller 🗣️ on BKL Episode 64
Today's guest comes from the Washington DC - Baltimore Area where she is a keynote speaker who is helping companies energize & engage leaders through boosting resiliency with leadership development. Rachel is on a mission to humanize the workplace by her connection, energy, engagement and compassion in organizations, associations and their leaders and teams.  Rachel is known for her refreshing, dynamic and relatable approach, as she has delivered nearly 200 interactive virtual learning experiences as a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and leadership trainer since March 2020.  Rachel has worked with organizations like Citizens Bank, Adventist Health, Deloitte, Sherwin-Williams, and the American Heart Association. She was recognized as the #1 Health Promotion Professional in the U.S. in 2015, a 40 Under 40 Game Changer in 2019, and one of The Daily Record’s Leading Women of 2020, Rachel is a national thought leader in the field of wellbeing and employee engagement. She has been featured as a guest on over 60 podcasts and we were lucky to get her on the show. Some of our discussions ranged from vacation anticipation, Gallup tools, importance of note taking, how to navigate change while creating a dynamic & transformational learning experience. Rachel's energy and enthusiasm makes her the perfect speaker for any events.  To book her for any speaking or media inquiries head to Rachel also posts inspirational videos and other content on LinkedIn: This was an exciting episode where Rachel provided us with some amazing tips that we can all implement into our lives. To tune into this and all other Big Kat Lounge Podcast episodes head to  #burnout #mindset #leadership #resilience #employeengagement #inspiration #whatinspiresme #virtualtraining #motivationalspeaker #keynotespeaker #womenleaders #mentalhealth #contributor #foundingmember #mentalhealth #bigkatlounge #unmutedlife
October 21, 2021
Info & Technology Talks with Manal BENCHRIF 🇲🇦 on BKL Episode 63
Today's guest comes from Tanger-Tetouan-Al Hoceima, Morocco 🇲🇦 where she is finishing up her final year at Ecole Nationale des Sciences Appliquees de Berrechid (ENSA). Manal BENCHRIF was recently selected as the Google Developer Student Club lead (GDSC).  She has been building a strong community at her campus and has built several android apps. Being able to contribute to projects and change our mindset of one that is giving back to society is very meaningful to Manal's mission. When you can help others you will also improve yourself.  Manal has conducted several workshops & webinars, and they serve as open forums for everyone to learn together. Questions are always welcomed as that is the quickest way for all of us to learn. She is very curious about technology and shares with the community how to take that first step into software development to develop your career in the Tech field. 🖥Manal has participated in Hacktoberfest in 2020 and she highly recommends everyone try to participate, as it's a competition that encourages students to enter the World of Open Source Coding. Some of our discussions were upon big data, artificial intelligence, technology, knowing what certificates are worth your time, LinkedIn, Hacktoberfest, and much more. There are so many ways to solve problems, the code can be 2 lines, 10 lines, but the result is the same. We are always focusing on ongoing improvement, so never stop learning, if you want great advice it’s to share with others to learn. 👩🏻‍💻To tune into Manal's next speaking event, which will be held on October 26th, 2021 head to to get your Free ticket where she will be discussing "Building Your First Sentiment Analysis Web App with Streamlit."  To follow Manal's journey head to 🐈Please rate and subscribe to all Big Kat Lounge episodes to help us grow🎙️ #googledevelopers #analytics #innovation #morocco #manal #studentcommunity #jobs #training #skills #team #share #opensource #learning #experience #contribute #projects #opportunities #github #tryit #python #talks #info #technology #analysis #bigkatlounge
October 19, 2021
People before Profits with Pravek Rhaj 🇳🇿 on BKL Ep.62
Today's guest comes from New Zealand where he is an entrepreneur whose passionate about people and changing lives. He currently works as a quality assurance engineer at PreCast HQ. Pravek Rhaj was passionate about civil engineering at the age of 12 and that led him to seek new opportunities outside of India to New Zealand where there is a shortage of construction labors. One of Pravek’s greatest skills is having Empathy, but it also comes very naturally to him. Being able to understand what people are going through and being a support for them when they need it. Pravek is never afraid of learning a new skill or technology and always looks forward to sharing his skills and helping others wherever he can. The growth happens in the areas we don’t know. It’s entirely new since we haven’t even heard of these things. We don't know what we don't know. The growth occurs in those areas when we are intentional about it. We touched upon mentorship programs, networking and different methods that are required to be successful when starting out from an entry level position.  Pravek listens to a lot of audiobooks and some of his favorites are from great leaders like John Maxwell & Kobe Bryant. Fun Fact: Pravek was able to sky-dive and bungee jump last year. These were two items that were knocked off his bucket list. Quote of the day: "Most people overestimate what they can do in 1 yr and underestimate what they can do in 10yrs." -Bill Gates To collaborate with Pravek Rhaj head to LinkedIn and Instagram: #peoplebeforeprofits #inspiration #humanity #leadership #networking #civilengineering #newzealand #bigkatlounge
October 12, 2021
Aerial hammock talk with Izzy Ton 🌟on BKL Episode 61
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 61 with Isabella (Izzy) Ton. Izzy is a coach, meditator, aerialist, friendly vegan who is reconnecting herself with mind & body. She has been supporting others in their own journey through mindfulness and movement.  Izzy is a certified yoga, aerial instructor, mind & body empowerment coach who is a child at heart. She recently participated in Valencia Aerial Day where she was able to play and discover the city through it's beauty. She offers services which are weekly 30 minutes mindfulness sessions, which include a writing exercise, identifying roadblocks, where you want to be, by helping you to eliminate any should's and expectations that you might have for your practice and to let go of anything that isn't serving you. We talked about meditation sessions creating a community, free of walls to allow for deep conversations. When you have people in our lives that are supportive it allows us to be our true selves.  Izzy can also break it down on the guitar, ukulele at your local coffeehouse, hostel or public space doing singalongs.  Izzy is constantly learning new skills and saying yes to opportunities that present themselves to grow.  She has a list of fears that she has been working her way through and this year she has stepped up the confidence. She is not letting the fear of failure or the fear of others from preventing her from her dreams. Dream big and do the things we are afraid of.  It was so much fun to catch up with Izzy. To follow Isabella Ton's journey head to the below links: Don't forget to subscribe to tune into all Big Kat Lounge Podcast episodes. #aerial hammock #aerialyoga #teaching #instructor #bigkatlounge
October 08, 2021
CopyWriting ✍🏿 with Steven Esangbedo on BKL Episode 60
Today's guest comes from Nigeria where he is a SEO content writer, copywriter, internet entrepreneur who talks about blogging, personal development tips, sales copy and much more. Over the years he has written for several leading brands and organizations. He delivers action-driven sales copies, emails, product reviews, blog posts, to achieve brand awareness.  He has several publications online where he goes into further detail on how to improve your copywriting skills with B2B Copywriting Tips to Improve Your Sales Copy.  If you are in need of a professional to write a web copy that would connect brands or products to your target audience and also inspire immediate response from them, then Steven Esangbedo is your marketing copywriter expert. Some of the free tools that are helpful to use Grammarly- it helps to check and correct grammar errors & Hemingway Editor it measures the readability of your content. Anything scoring less than 8 is the sweet spot. If I had known the numerous benefits that digital marketing tools brought to the table I would not have waited so long to give it a try. These tools helped me to achieve my goals & to scale my affiliate marketing business more quickly. Never underestimate the power of silence! Always take a moment to pause and remain still. Be calm and patient. And everything will come to you! Most expert Copywriters aren't just limited to writing. They also offer other valuable digital marketing services such as SEO & keyword research. You can contact Steven for academic writing, articles & rewriting, blog content, ebooks, emails, newsletters, press release, product reviews, quora answers, & youtube scripts to name some of the projects he can work upon. Steven Esangbedo is open to work in the follow countries: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom & Germany. Head to his LinkedIn to find out more about his work: He can be reached via email as well at To listen to this and all other episodes head to Please Rate and Subscribe to help the 🐈 Big Kat Lounge Podcast grow 🚀 #copywriter #digitalmarketing #bigkatlounge #tools #online #upwork #freelancer #seo #articles #contentwriter #bloggers #web #plagiarism #errors #review #foreign #agencies #years #clients #hardwork #persistency #mistakes #try #attempt #marketing #emails
October 02, 2021
Community Talks with Arash Sadi 🛐on the Big Kat Lounge Episode 59
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 59 with Arash Sadi. Today's guest comes from the Northern Virginia area where he is finishing up his MBA. He has more than half a decade of contribution to the field of management and finance. He is well versed in developing and trading variety of investment strategies using statistical models.  Arash and I go way back to our undergraduate days at Virginia Tech where we were part of the Society of Individual Investors Club. Our podcast conversations varied upon the Baháʼí faith, living in the present moment, his experience volunteering overseas, building a community and much more. The Baháʼí Faith is a relatively new religion teaching the essential worth of all religions and the unity of all people. It was established in the 19th century and was initially developed in Iran and parts of the Middle East, where it has faced ongoing persecution since its inception. “Investing in yourself is more than just acquiring stocks and bonds. When you make conscious decisions to invest in your financial wellbeing, health, career, and interests, then you are positioning yourself up for a greater chance at achieving success in the future.” Everything we have is based upon pleasure, immediate joy, we are distracted by so many different pleasures. It has helped us to live a comfortable life. We can pursue more fundamental things in life.  To find out more about the Baháʼí faith head to the following link: Arash is currently in the job market seeking a business analyst role and he is a committed team player who is passionately motivating everyone around him to succeed. To follow his journey head to the following: Please Rate and Subscribe to help the 🐈 Big Kat Lounge Podcast grow 🚀 Big Kat Lounge Party to come in 2022. #bigkatlounge #community #building #growth #Baháʼí Faith #universal #gap #countries #volunteer #overseas #central #arash #sadi #developing #strategy #role #job #phone #chance #invest #decisions #finance #wellbeing #mba #undergrad #vt #hokies #stocks #betterment
September 27, 2021
Digital Branding with Rawlings Tabe on BKL Ep. 58
Today's guest comes from Cameroon where he has navigated the challenges of having to move into a new town where he had to apply data skills and technical knowledge transfer. He’s consistently finding new ways to approach problems and has been able to grow his digital skills immensely.  He has 15 years of experience dabbling in the arena of digital marketing, networking, branding, crypto currencies trading, graphic designing, help desk technical services and much more. Throughout the entire Africa continent there is a need to develop skills in a data age and wake up to the reality that the western world isn’t going to create the content that we need to learn in Africa. We need to develop it ourselves here to uplift to create our own data space. 97% of the stuff you aren’t learning in classes, it’s the skills that our self learned. You don’t need to stress, there are ways to guide and learn the different sectors that work. Data skills are the solution to the African problems and challenges, it can help to build the economies. If we can learn to manage the data, we can help the company make so much money by being an optimal data marketer with strategic search engine tactics.  You don't need a job. You need financial freedom. You are literally one click away from making a change in your life. To connect and follow Tabe Rawling's journey head to the below resources: #bigkatlounge #tabe #rawlings #digital #marketing #experience #invest #inyourself #manage #data #people #money #age #economies #future #impact #classes #learn #books #skills #space #content #create #guide #develop #uplift #tactics #quality #Africa #clients #technical #knowledge #newtown #application #move #hustle #navigate #challenges #reality #westernworld #consistent #positive #success #change
September 15, 2021
Project Planning Talks with Faisal Alvi 🗓️ on the Big Kat Lounge Episode 57
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 57 with Faisal Alvi. Today's guest comes from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada where he is helping clients achieve their strategic project goals and objectives. When you have a project charter, scope statement and objectives are some of the things that will help you in writing your statement of work. This document needs to have requirements or some level of scope.  From a milestones project management perspective it doesn’t need to be complicated. There is the initializing the project where the teams are introduced. The planning stages (pre-requirements). The socializing of the requirements with stakeholders followed by the completing of the business requirement document that will be a good map for developers to be designed as a project service. We highlighted upon the importance of meeting milestones to produce results.  Your success will come when the outcome is producing a result oriented decision. Through the development cycle you can show the demos, so the testers or UAT folks can run their scenarios to put it into market. Agile is used so much in the industry, as it’s a fundamental methodology.  It was a blast to talk with Faisal and learn about the various project management skills that we can all implement in our lives. To follow Faisal Alvi's journey head to LinkedIn: 🐆🐅🐯🦁🐈🎙 165 countries left until we achieve Big Kat International Status 🌎 To follow this episode and all other Big Kat Podcast episodes head to the links in the bio. #networking #project management #pm #pmp #program #solutions #scrum #data #tools #squad #leader #communication #jira #incidents #methods #plan #approach #structure #vision #forecast #inputs #outputs #requirements #sow #work #statements #quadmeets #achieve #analysis #customer #stakeholders #alerts #market #goals #objectives #storyboarding #cycle #develop #mindset #growth
September 10, 2021
Aviation Talks with Matheus Lemes Navarro 🇧🇷✈️ on the BKL Episode 56
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 56 with Matheus Lemes Navarro 🇧🇷✈️ Today’s guest comes from Goiania, Goias, Brazil, where he is a pilot looking for new placement in the market. He has aircraft experience embraer phenom, cessna citation, beechcraft king air, piper seneca II, cessna, piper turbo, and much more. Aviation was vanished from the world due to the Covid 19 spreader, as the airlines were the ones who transported the virus if you think about it.  The pilots, ground crew, staff were all laid off.  Most of the pilots around the world only know how to fly, as that is what they studied solely to become.  The industry is coming back and things are looking upward with Brazilian & American companies purchasing new aircraft. We need to be prepared for the future with staying up to date with courses, because once things go back to full capacity, we need to be up to speed with the new processes to align ourselves for when companies ramp up with hiring. We touched upon the air ambulance services where he had to move Covid patients through transferring from one hospital to another. He provides the fuel, designates the crew members, the logistics, the entire planning from start to finish.  Matheus must know every single detail such as if the runway will have lighting support, if there is inclement weather how should we handle situations, where is the alternate fuel source nearby. During transoceanic flights there are regions where you have no communications, it's radio silent, it’s just you and your sidekick beside you, the passengers & the water below you. In these isolated regions such as rainforest, icy areas there are no radars. “Those that are not seen are not remembered." Did you know that Qatar Airways' global presence makes it one of the highest-paying airlines in the world for pilots. The Qatar Airways pilot salary is an average of between $173,975 to $187,844 per year. Not the norm for the rest of the industry. It was a fun episode to get to know more about flying from a pilot's perspective. To follow Matheus Lemes Navarro's journey head to the below link: 🐆🐅🐯🦁🐈🎙 To listen to this episode and others go to the links in the bio. #flights #airways #global #pay #world #salary #pilot #plane #flight #airlines #craft #future #sky #isolated #radar #brazil #navarro #crew #members #hospital #service #speed #knowledge #transfer #bigkatlounge #podcast #international #global #skills #networking
August 31, 2021
SHIMANI Smart Skincare Talks with Stacy Pavlova 🇧🇬 on BKL Episode 55
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 55 with Stacy Pavlova 🇧🇬 Today's guest comes from Bulgaria where she is founder and CEO of Shimani Smart Skincare. Shimani is a beauty entrepreneur & business consultant with over 17 years of experience in the cosmetic & pharma industry on the African, Asian & Middle Eastern markets. SHIMANI products will help you to have smooth and beautiful skin without wrinkles. The innovative skincare has received 3 awards for innovation, nominated by Forbes for Most Innovative company, was featured in bloomberg for her companies' award winning violet cream that is cruelty free with no parabens. SHIMANI has a great range of 100% natural skincare products, suitable for dry and sensitive skin or people with allergies, who cannot use anything else. "Performing activities step by step is more sustainable. When you work for yourself the energy is on a different level. She reached a stage where she didn’t want others to tell her what to do. It’s not easy at all, you need to think about how will you cover your expenses." We touched upon the importance of the frankincense from Ethiopia with SHIMANI's products. Bulgaria is a country rich in nature and it helps to relax us with it's mountainous scenery. Ideas are constantly flowing to Stacy's head when she is walking down the street, as her mind is free. Hair loss is a post effect of Covid as over 25% of people are getting it. Stacy asked the formulator to make something natural and they were able to create one that contains over 12 oils. One key ingredient that was added was black cumin and after 3 months the hair loss stopped.  Though you can't see it happening, every minute of the day we lose about 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells off the surface of our skin. So just in the time it took you to read this far, you've probably lost about 40,000 cells. That's almost 9 pounds (4 kilograms) of cells every year! Tune into Stacy Pavlova's Youtube channel where she shares cosmetics, beauty business & lifestyle. To find out more about the Shimani products head to Distributor's enquiries and product samples contact #dailyskincare #skin #allergies #chelate #repair #complex #collagen #fibres #radiant #healthy #vegan #cruelty-free #range #variety #cleanbeauty #skincaretipsforyou #skincarelover #skincareproducts #selfcaretips #instaskincare #healthyskincare #iloveskincare #stacy #pavlova
August 24, 2021
Artificial Intelligence Conversations with Ashraful Islam 🇧🇩 Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 54
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 54 with Ashraful Islam 🇧🇩 Today's guest is an artificial intelligence practitioner coming from Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh who is looking to immigrate to Canada. We talked about his experience with IBM Watson chatbot, how it can save your processes a significant amount of time (manpower) with responding to questions. He was exposed to a 4 month long process and was constantly learning new things to teach it how to react to different situations.  Ashraful has built android & flutter apps for several clients across the globe while using Git, GitHub & Azure services for both personal and remote collaboration. He also embarked upon the IELTS instructor role where he trained several students to achieve satisfactory band scores & led group discussion sessions for mental upbringing. When he has spare time he is solving the connectivity problem between social organizations and creating a global platform for all seekers at Bondhon. They are constantly working to pursue one dream of creating a linking platform among all social organizations and help seekers.  Through an app, called Charity they are able to get you help in the shortest possible time. You would post there about your own charitable works, if you are planning for giving charity to some people, but don't know the right place, you want to arrange events for offering charity, want to volunteer & much more. In every society, there are people who want to give back to the poor and needy. If you are that person then download this app and help us to build a better world: “Information is everyone, what to search for we don’t know, this is the dilemma we are going through. We need to aggregate this information to make it more specific, when the social organizations are connected they can make a bigger impact.” Ashraful Islam is on the quest of gaining practical & theoretical knowledge to expand his AI base. To follow Ashraful Islam's journey head to the below links: 🐆🐅🐯🦁🐈🎙 169 countries left until we achieve Big Kat International Status 🌎 #bigkatlounge #ashfraful #islam #bangladesh #canada #immigration #chatbot #experience #ibm #watson #process #respond #funds #focus #goals #emotions #beinghappy #lifeadvice #machinelearning #artificialintelligence #entrepreneur #IELTS instructor #founder #appdeveloper #productivity #conversations #society #people #poor #needy #assistance #aid #impact #possible #shortest #charity #help #base
August 11, 2021
Personal Business Hub Talk with Giuseppe Milazzo 🗃️ founder of Contapp - BKL Episode 53
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 53 with the founder of Contapp, Giuseppe Milazzo 🗃️ Today's guest comes from Enfield, England, United Kingdom where he talks about startups, marketing, technology, innovating sustainability, his mobile app, how to streamline business card management and much more. Our conversations touched upon Giuseppe's journey with building Contapp to organize business cards efficiently whilst helping to tackle the global issue of reducing paper waste. Contapp was designed to scan, save and share. It is a smart and convenient business tool that helps users achieve maximum productivity whilst becoming more sustainable. This is more than just a business card managing app, it it’s your personal business hub. This app was designed just the way the community wants and all while being completely bootstrapped; no marketing to over 500 users all over the world with a 96% rating on the appstores. Business cards are expensive to print and design and cost a substantial amount of money & inefficiencies. Contapp is more than just a business card tool, it’s a community. “Create a strong network to build relationships with people. Talk to the right people.” This episode was filled with so many knowledge nuggets and everyone needs to go right now to the Google Play & IOS app stores to download the Contapp since it's an awesome free business card management tool making significant strides in the game. To follow Giuseppe Milazzo’s journey head to the below links: 🐆🐅🐯🦁🐈🎙 169 countries left until we achieve Big Kat International Status 🌎 #bigkatlounge #contapp #businesscard #management #hub #tool #community #slots #premium #sustainable #integration #startup #bootstrapped #roadmap #vision #organic #growth #app #reviews #original #casual #business #networking #userinterface #cardreader #scanner #plan #beta #access #testing #competition #affordable #share #trees #saved #savings #efficiency #streamlined #founder
August 07, 2021
Code Talks 🖥️ with Faith Kimongo on the BKL Episode 52
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 52! Today's guest is coming from Nairobi, Kenya where she just finished her Masters in Mathematical Sciences, Computer Security and Big Data.  Blockchain is secure. It’s being used worldwide, it’s a technology that we know isn’t going to end any time soon. Her passion is to keep the world safe. There are many injection attacks that occur where the input gets processed with malicious content. What can we do to prevent attacks? Faith Kimongo has years of experience in troubleshooting server and network security-related issues, designing, implementing, and testing compliant network security systems and solutions, and maintaining security infrastructures. She has specialized in blockchain technology, website security, hyper ledger fabric, back-end creation, and delivering complex back-end and web applications using various programming languages and technologies. Tune into the show to listen in to some of our discussions where we talked a little bit about deployment code, sanitizing of data, debugging before it goes into production, validating the user input, java programming, IBM award certifications and much more. To follow Faith Kimongo's journey head to Linkedin where she has a significant interest in exploring the software security wheel: Please subscribe and rate the show #bigkatlounge #faith #kimongo #kenya #masters #computer #security #bigdata #injection #attacks #input #processed #malicious #content #prevention #data #science #blockchain #secure #passion #kodekloud #devops #engineer #architect #fraud #hardware #threats #networks #events #server #designing #compliant #complex #technologies #languages #interest #software #validations #certifications #production
July 30, 2021
Freelance Writing & Life Talk with Tanya Lulu 🇯🇵 on the BKL Episode 51
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 51 🇯🇵 with Tanya Lulu! Today's guest comes from Tokyo, Japan where she is a freelance writer and educator. Tanya Lulu is the founder and Editor-In-Chief of LuluLand Post. Her vision is to create a reliable news source and blog by creative souls, who are dedicated to producing quality content for readers to enjoy. LuluLand Post is dedicated to covering news, politics, business, culture, social justice & life experiences. Some of our discussions were regarding the differences in education systems between the USA & Japan, what fueled her passion to learn new languages, how we are all capable of writing everyday, as you are texting or emailing, you are doing some form of writing everyday. “The best people you can teach compassion and real world issues is children.” With this generation, we have the internet, the children will see things no matter what, it’s better if adults now have a chance to explain it to them. You might as well control the narrative to show them this is reality, this is going to happen, this is a scary thing, let’s talk about what we can do to help people out in these situations. Racial injustice talking in the schools it’s very telling, if a 5th grader in Tokyo, Japan can come up with the solution, why can’t we as adults come up with one. We highlighted some of the challenges for being a freelance writer, how language learners focus too much on language tenses and not speaking in front of others.  🎙️🐆🐅 Please rate and subscribe to help us grow! To follow Tanya's journey head to the following links: Thank you for listening to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast 🐅 #lululandpost #tanya#martinez #editor #chief #readers #blog #creative #vision #life #culture #quality #content #cultures #differences #education #experiences #writing #norm #languages #schools #knowledge #thrive #interaction #solutions #routine #discussions #quality  #website #passion #fuel #compassion #learning #racial #injustice #tenses #children #growth #knowledge #focus #explain #situations
July 24, 2021
Importance of Problem Solving with Malak Abuthraa 🇵🇸 on the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 50
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 50 with Malak Abuthraa 🇵🇸 Today's coming from the Palestinian Authority where she works as a software developer intern at Project Rails. Her passion is solving difficult problems and developing solutions where she learns new technologies, and concepts to put to good use. Our conversations touched upon the importance of learning a programming language, preparing yourself for a technical interview, mentorship, analyzing big data, visualization, limitations in excel when it comes to data analysis, troubleshooting, grad projects and much more. Malak provided us with some valuable insights when it comes to the job hunting process, the need to be exposed to real life simulations to mimic the projects you would encounter in the workforce. The preparation leading up to the technical interviews is crucial to ensure your hard work & efforts are a success.  Cracking the Technical Interview book is a must have, as it provides you with the technical aspects that you need to succeed. A lot of the focus for new grads and entry level students is on how you approach situations and it's not in regards to the specific writing of the code itself, but the process behind your method.  Malak is open for international opportunities, so please connect with her on LinkedIn if you know of any exciting positions available.  🎙️🐆🐅 Thank you for listening to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast and please rate and subscribe to help us grow! #bigkatlounge #data #programming #mentor #internships #tech #bigdata #learn #involved #future #visualization #algorithms #storyboarding #skillsets #area #language #code #technical #interviews #science #competitions #hash #sector #concepts #problems #solving #projectrails #palestine #simulations #preparation #work #efforts #success #learning #passion #developer #episodes #50thshow #consistency
July 20, 2021
Sugar Cane Harvest Big Kat Lounge Discussion with Clem Okpalogu 🇦🇺 BKL Ep 49
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Episode 49 with Clem Okpalogu 🇦🇺 Today's guest comes from Queensland, Mackay, Australia where he works as a shift supervisor at Mackay Sugar, the 2nd largest sugar milling company in Australia where he is a polymer engineer. Some of our topics we touched upon were Clem's transition from Nigeria to Australia where he made a move out of his comfort zone to take on a new adventure. He’s been living there for 13 years now. Polymer engineering is a field where you can truly diversify your skillset and pivot into a variety of areas.  We talked about sugar & food processing, chemical engineering, the importance of setting objectives, sugar slack season, cultivation period, leadership skills, role of being a plant production supervisor, and much more. When it comes to achieving results one must have a 3-5 year vision of planning into the future especially when it comes to large scale production. The first evidence of dairy consumption dates back over six thousand years, and today dairy products are enjoyed all over the world. To Follow Clem's journey head to: where he would be more than willing to answer any questions the community may have with process engineering. 🎙️🐆🐅 Thank you for listening to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast and please rate and subscribe to help us grow! #bigkatlounge #australia #mackay #queensland #polymer #engineer #sugar #plant #operator #process #shift #supervisor #import #export #dairy #nigeria #harvest #consumption #mills #supply #market #volume #logistics #skills #organization #timelines #mechanical #products
July 14, 2021
BKL Episode 48 with Nick Rotich 🏦
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 48 with Nick Rotich 🏦 Today's guest comes from the Greater Phoenix area where he is pursuing his Masters in Strategic Analytics. He's a big data enthusiastist, an immigrant from Kenya, a father and husband always looking for new ways to accel at new challenges that he encounters. He moved to the USA without knowing people and is always open for networking opportunities to learn from others. Nick and I met during our time at Credit Suisse back in North Carolina.  Some of our discussions touched upon the opportunities that we all have in this world where we can meet new people and make a living. The USA is a melting pot for entrepreneurial skills, and you can really see the results through hard work. We all have the tools and resources around us it’s just being able to continuously learn, network and maximize the time by connecting with the right people, pivoting with various roles and tasks we have to perform throughout our lives. LinkedIn made connecting with people a lot easier like as if you know them. If you are looking for a company or role you can learn so much just by going through their page and reading upon posts. 80% data preparation & 20% is focused towards analytics in most large institutions. There are so many different tools out there for us to learn but Microsoft Excel is basics first to be able to learn other complex tools. Large institutions are still spending a lot of their efforts in excel, so if you can understand the basics of excel it helps you to have a line of thought when it comes to learning Tableau, Microsoft BI or any other complex tools. The importance on how to manipulate data with pivot tables, & presentation views is key for storyboarding and being able to sort through data quickly. When you have an excel base you can learn the other tools. To Follow Nick Rotich's journey head to or New Episodes Every Monday & Thursday streaming on all platforms. 🎙️🐆🐅 Please Like & Subscribe to keep up to date with all Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episodes.  Review our podcast episodes to help us achieve new Big Kat Lounge heights and spread the word across the globe. #M-Pesas dataquality #governance #accounting #control #framework #pivottable #data #bigdata #excel #businessintelligence #microsoft #mufg #coin #motivation #opportunity #bigkatlounge #podcast #kenya #banks #institutions #immigration #greencard #lottery #nick #rotich #heights
July 08, 2021
BKL Episode 47 with Flip a Dollar 💸
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Episode 47 with Flip a Dollar 💸 Today's guest comes from the Philadelphia area where he is making his money work for him. He is a short book author, motivational speaker, reseller & serial entrepreneur who is always helping others make money. He shows us how to gain multiple streams of income and then some by hustling effectively. His latest book, No Tip, No Delivery provides you with 7 steps on how to be efficient and maximize your time to get paid and not played on DoorDash. Some people are too prideful to make these moves, but he is fearless, relentless, motivated and determined to continue to run up this bag. He hasn't been keeping any secrets because there is enough bread out here for everyone to eat. Some of our conversations ranged from investing in the stock market early on in your life, the importance of being on multiple platforms, providing free value consistently enough to build a community, referral income, NAKD stock to the moon, instacart, amazon, and much more. Do you have income protection? If your in the gig economy and don't have towing, a gas card, or any income protection then you should be getting his books in the link below. Don't sleep on these books, as they can dramatically improve your bottom line if you implement the strategies that are laid out. Some people won't or don't buy courses or books, oddly enough you can only learn from someone else. Below you will find some of the products FlipaDollar has created for us where you can make money in your sleep: Balling on a Budget A Reseller's Guide to Mercari, Still Balling on a Budget (Trash to Cash), Finesse The Groceries The Instacart Bible, Media Mastery: How to Sell CD, DVD, Games & Books Without an Online Store, Q1 Playbook - The Protocol For Extreme Retail Arbitrage, No Tip No Delivery - 7 Steps to Be Efficient on DoorDash. To Follow Flipadollar's journey head to any of the following links: Clubhouse- @flipadollar Follow us on all social media and don't forget to rate and subscribe to The Big Kat Lounge Podcast 🐆🐅🐯🎙 #notipnodelivery #money #worksforyou #flipadollar #maximize #time #delivery #entrepreneur #book #author #streams #income #source #hustle #steps #paid #balling #budget #vision #media #efficient #gasrewards #residual #pay #playbook #arbitrage #cashback #bigkatlounge
July 01, 2021
BKL Episode 46 with Wladek Ochojski 🇵🇱
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 46 with Wladek Ochojski 🇵🇱 Today's guest comes from Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland, where he has 10 yrs + experience in social selling & digital marketing. He has learned how to grow affiliate and network marketing teams worldwide to teach his students how to grow their business so they can live a laptop lifestyle. Wladek is also the founder of Bridge to Growth and Ochojski Smart Solutions. He has helped small & medium companies to generate leads & lucrative contracts using LinkedIn, Facebook, instagram, and many other organic strategies. His clients range from wholesalers, coaches, mentoring firms, pretty much anyone that wants to scale their businesses to 6-8 figures. Some of our discussions were about mentoring programs, how to establish leads & grow organically, importance of a follow-up, how platforms die and you still need to take your relationships offline, engaging with short videos, live workshops, client interviews and much more. To follow Wladek's journey head to the following links: Please subscribe and review our podcast episodes to help us achieve new Big Kat Lounge heights. #poland #sales #affiliatemarketing #sell #value #marketingtips #attention #coachinglife #thoughtsinwords #salesfunnel #sellingahouse #mindset #entrepeneurmotivation #biznes #online #bridgetogrowth #instagram #social #strategy #organic #affiliate #teams #learning #bigkatlounge
June 28, 2021
BKL Episode 45 with Mama Epps 😌🍃
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 45 with Mama Epps 😌🍃 Today's guest comes from Wisconsin where she is the CEO G&L Wellness for Hemp Sisters & Hemp Sisters Nation. Her vision is to bring people together, network & educate the world about the misunderstanding of the hemp plant on the planet. She gave up her career for this plant, she will spend the rest of her days educating the world about it’s use. She was forced to resign from teaching high school health outside of Chicago for refusing to teach cannabis propaganda.  It’s her mission with blogs and podcasts to teach what’s going on. There is still a stigma associated with the hemp plant - cbd vs thc endocannabinoid system, a lot of propaganda...there is significant change coming and we will continue to grow. Below are some of the topics we touched upon: States that still frown upon CBD and the need for a doctor's note even though the farm bill was passed 3 years ago. We have to keep up with the ever changing regulations, which is extremely difficult in a country full of uncertainty.  The latest news was vape supplies being shipped may be banned by the United States Postal Service. There are strict compliance and business practices that need to be met to ensure we are in line with what the rest of the world is doing. Having more lab tests, to know what chemicals are in there. Tests are yielding different results illegal vs legal. Mama Epps is a trusted cannabis industry leader for over a decade providing educational content and it was a pleasure having her on the Big Kat Lounge podcast. To Follow her journey call 833-4-HEMPSISTERS, check our the hempy hour podcast and head to the below links: @mamaepps on Clubhouse. #hemp #inspiration #onelove, #education #cannabis #wellness #health #needs #science #agenda #cbd #drops #sistersnation #mamaepps #yield #vape #years #system #change #compliance #lounge #bigkat #podcast #hempyhour #talk
June 25, 2021
BKL Episode 44 with Michelle Quick 🇩🇰
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 44 with Michelle H. Svan Quick 🇩🇰🙏🦢🌱 Today's guest comes from Fakse, Zealand, Denmark where she is a professional networker mentoring people in how to secure their financial future by using one of the most powerful business models.  Michelle is the founder & CEO of Her purpose in life is to help people get better, get health, wealth and better mental health. For as long as she can remember she has always wanted to make people happy. She loves to inspire people and share values with passionate people all over the world.  Michelle was recently recognized as a distinguished speaker at the 11th International inspirational leadership summit in New Delhi, India. Michelle is also a chairwoman for the human rights council. Our discussions touched upon Zinzino, one of the fastest growing direct selling companies in Europe; how to find inspiration and motivation when there is so much negativity in the news these days, importance of personalization in branding, nutrition, how to live a healthy balanced life and much more. I learned a tremendous amount conversing with Michelle and I encourage everyone to follow her journey on linkedin. If you have any questions you can also email her at Please leave us a review and share The Big Kat Lounge with the world to help us reach new heights. #humanrightscouncil #denmark #speaker #zinzino #mentalhealth #passionate #nutrition #omega #healthy #balance #michelle #quick #denmark #supplements #control #inspire #mentor #fakse #networking #bigkatlounge #podcast
June 16, 2021
BKL Episode 43 with Clinton Walker 🔐
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 43 with Clinton Walker 🔐 Today's guest comes from Nottingham, England, United Kingdom where he is a Cybersecurity management expert, board member, entrepreneur, restauranteur, facilitator, mentor, host of TalkInfoSec podcast where he talks about all things information security and much more.  In this day and age there is a lack of awareness with cyber security and being proactive helps tremendously before a breach occurs. We can educate people, but if it never happens to them with experiencing a breach they push it aside, as the mentality is on immediately getting your job done. Hacking is a numbers game, knowing the different types of controls, it's not a matter of if, it’s when it comes public. Operate as if you have been breached. There are so many that occur daily until it hits the headlines. Hackers are harvesting our data and constantly finding new ways to use it against us. Awareness brings clarity and actionable intel. There are a lot of tools we have to monitor traffic on our network or systems. This episode was a lot of fun to gain further insight into various areas of cybersecurity. We look forward to having Clinton Walker on the show again in the future.  To follow Clinton's journey please subscribe to his TalkInfoSec Podcast: He can also be found here: Thank you so much for tuning into the show! Please subscribe to keep up to date with new episodes on the Big Kat Lounge Podcast 🐆🐅🐈🎙 #bigkatlounge #clintonwalker #england #cybersecurity #awareness #management #podcast #info #sec #job #breach #action #mentality #hackers #harvesting #host #zeroday #attacks #scans #tests #spoofing #logos #spam #phishing #emails #secure #mode #stealth #identity
June 06, 2021
BKL Episode 42 with Abi Jhangir 🏛️
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 42 with Abi Jhangir 🏛️ Today's guest comes from the Northern Virginia area where he recently transitioned from working corporate to now the U.S. government. Some of our conversations ranged from education, financial literacy, real estate, 2021 initiatives, the need for certifications, experiences, investments, importance of having side hustles, new passion for smoking meats, deep catching up on life and much more.  Abi has learned a lot about the different types of BBQ, wood, favorite cuts of meat and overall smoking process required to make briskets. "No one has a defined path or the keys. You have to have mistakes in order to achieve results. You learn from someone else’s setback and now you can reflect to fine tune yourself to success." What is tomorrow going to bring you? It's never too late to invest in your long term growth and future mindset.  It was fun having Abi on the show where he provided his perspective on a variety of serious topics.  We look forward to having a Big Kat Lounge reunion with a future panel session. Abi may come on the show in future episodes to perform some standup, so stay tuned 🐆🐅🐈🎙  To follow Abi Jhangir's journey head to the link below: Thank you for listening to the show and continuing to support us by spreading the word to the Big Kat Lounge community.🐅🎙 #bigkatlounge #nova #hokies #future #session #chat #podcast #episode #politics #life #mindset #mentors #government #budgeting #reunion #lounge #session #perspective #topics #variety #journey #culture #bbq #experience #success #determination #pmp #branch
May 26, 2021
BKL Episode 41 with Yulandie Latham 👩🏾‍⚕️
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 41 with Yulandie Latham 👩🏾‍⚕️ She is known as the Olivia Pope of Home Care offering various certifications in health care.  In 2013 she launched AllProNYC, a multi-service health services company that specializes in Alzheimer's and Dementia, CPR, AED, and First Aid trainings and certifications. She is also an Ambassador for Jamaica Queen's District. She took the skills she excelled at and loved the most to create her company. The core guiding principles are simplicity, professionaliam and out of the box thinking. Some of our discussions were upon Yulandie owning her own business, Alzheimers, dementia, resources that are available for caregivers, consulting services, roles that exposed her to different aspects of health care, health audits, launching of AllProHealth Staffing and much more. To follow Yulandie Latham's journey head to the following: We appreciate Yulandie Latham for coming onto the Big Kat Lounge Podcast and making her lifes' work be focused on creating better lives for all people. #rn #nurse #healthcare #hospital #icu #cardiac #owner #leader #caregiver #dementia #alzheimers #ny #cpr #bls #staff #bigkatlounge #podcast #bkl #allpro #allprony #consulting #advocacy#allpro #medical #staffing #license #response #services #audits #nj
May 15, 2021
BKL Episode 40 with Sabrina Diaz💡🏠
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 40 with Sabrina Diaz💡🏠 Today’s guest comes from Hollywood, Florida. She is the co-writer of Keep Going - a book collaboration of 8 women who share their memoirs on strength, courage, and perseverance. Her daily goal is to dissolve the space between us as we create common ground and more reasons to see the good in each other. She is fully bilingual in English and Spanish with the awareness to tailor campaigns and increase profit in an integrative and rapidly changing world. Our conversations ranged from pageants, talking about enjoying the process, the journey, importance of communication, who she was and who she was going to become, collaborating with new people, co-writing a book, spirituality, being transparent, worth is not bought, it’s good to make healthy choices, but it’s about that 1 on 1 self with our faith and GOD, nature & beauty around us. Writing has really saved Sabrina, as it helped her identify many things in herself that she wouldn’t identify otherwise. Sabrina discovered "authenticity that didn’t rely on her looks, whether she had makeup on or not, any physical aspect, it relied upon what her emotions were and what she was allowing to say to herself, the raw and authentic unfiltered version. When we can live from this space it’s the most liberating and fulfilled." We enjoyed having Sabrina on the Big Kat Lounge Podcast and look forward to having her on in the future. To follow her journey head to her new blog that will be launched this summer:  To keep up with Sabrina Diaz on social head to: To check out the Keep Going book head to the following: 🐆🐅🐈🎙 Thank you for tuning into the show and continuing to support us by spreading the Big Kat Lounge community. #bigkatlounge #writer #common #space #goals #strength #courage #book #communication #collaborating #lighthousekeeper #blog #brand #acting #pageant #marketing #life #development #memoirs #stories #keepgoing #going #global #balance #content #creator #world #change
May 11, 2021
BKL Episode 39 with Danielle Asah Mantho ✨
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 39 where we interviewed Danielle Asah Mantho from Douala, Cameroon 🇨🇲 She is helping coaches, experts, entrepreneurs and many others build powerful brands online to be established as authorities in their niche. She is the author of becoming your dream self: 7 keys to own and control your life as a millenial. She is also the founder and CEO of Creative Dream Academy and digital marketing associate at Authors Path Academy. Some of our discussions ranged from the following topics: Importance of having a mentor, building and nurturing relationships with customers, contesting for Face of FameCameroon 2021, how she left her 9 to 5 about 1 year ago to go full time with her entrepreneur journey. When you are setting goals, are you being intentional with fine tuning them, at what frequency do you view them? If we help others achieve their dreams, then we will achieve ours, create a map for their life, and learn how to achieve financial stability. "Why do people always give up? They want a quick outcome. They care what people think. They don't have discipline. No written plans. Do not believe in themselves." This is an excerpt from Danielle Asah's book Becoming Your Dream Self Millennial. To buy Danielle Asah's book head to the below links: To Follow Danielle's journey head to the following: #bigkatlounge #podcast #dream #execute #author #book #vision #cameroon #mentor #douala #niche #establish #experts #storytelling #leadership #thoughtleaders #socialmediamarketing #startup #business #personal #experience #becoming #success #determined #passion
May 04, 2021
BKL Episode 38 with Dr. Joel Bryant 📚
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 38 with Dr. Joel Bryant. Today's guest comes from the Queen City in Charlotte, NC.  From Homelessness to greatness. Joel is a prolific author and passionate speaker who has published 33+ books in the past 15 years. He is a former award winning Corporate Trainer and University Lecturer. He is known for his ability to inspire greatness in others. We talked about a variety of things ranging from the below topics: How does your books inspire us to take action? What can we do about Tent City here in Charlotte? How do you help us achieve our dreams instead of eyeing others? Network groups. How do you continue to have motivation when you have gone from homelessness to greatness. How does one go about writing a book, did you go through a publishing agency? Startup costs a lot for the average person to launch. How are you able to help people write books? If you could go back to when you were 18 yrs old, what advice would you give yourself now that you have had all this knowledge. How does ghostwriting work? How does one come up with that much content? Content after 1 book, but you are continuing to produce one after another.. when will you stop? A certain milestone in mind. To keep in the loop with Dr. Joel Bryant's book release party head to the C-Suite network zoom event link below: #bigkatlounge #podcast #voiceofgreatness #produce #network #books #author #charlotte #queencity #action #tent #homelessness #greatness #publication #leadership #ghostwriter #director #executive #csuite #northcarolina #founder #word #season #episode
April 28, 2021
BKL Episode 37 with Samuele Barrili 🇮🇹
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 37 with Samuele Barrili 🇮🇹 Today's guest comes from outside of the Greater Modena Metropolitan Area. He is an Italian Tv Host at MarketingDrops, podcaster, author of multiple publications such as MiM Why You Don't Have to Become a Marketing Manager, II tuo corso online, promuovi il tuo corso online, V di Vendita and much more. Some of the topics we discussed were why you can't outsource marketing of your company, how marketing strategies differentiate you from your peers, why companies fail with marketing to name a few. He is open to connect so that he can work together to advance your team's commercial goals. It was so much fun to get to converse with Samuele Barrili where we highlighted a variety of marketing terms.  Head to the below links to stay updated on marketing interim managers. #marketing #managers #interim #mim #business #marketing #customers #outsource #company #decisive #leadership #samuele #italian #strategies #tv #podcaster #lounge #bigkatlounge
April 20, 2021
BKL Episode 36 with Loulu Lima ✈️🏖️
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 36 with Loulu Lima ✈️🏖️ Today's guest comes from Austin, Texas and she is known as your Chief Travel Guru. Travel is transformational and 2021 is no exception, where we will be traveling more mindful and purposefully. So whether you are doing an inclusive beach resort of a fully curated itinerary, Loulu and her team will partner with you in this journey to a purer life, while curating travel experiences with social responsibility. Have you ever thought about turning your travel dreams into amazing experiences? Her travel agency, Book here, Give here is about travel that gives. It is a 100% minority and women owned small business. It was a pleasure having Loulu on the show where we discussed about a variety of things ranging from how she became a travel guru, vetting and validating the actual locations you book, benefits of booking early through her agency, how many countries she has been to and much more.  We were extremely blessed to have had Loulu on the podcast as she is usually traveling 10 months of the year, boots on the ground, building relationships to ensure you have what you need to not feel alone, as unexpected does happen with travel and it's how her team is positioned to reduce the stress that comes with it. Anxious to travel during the pandemic? Please Text Travel to 21000 from any US phone where you will find her teams' Digital business card. Book Your WorkCation: Book Here, Give here - Travel that gives or call 866-963-BOOK Not in the USA, head to the following website directly: and head to her youtube channel where she is always dropping new travel videos with suppliers, destinations, tips and much more. To listen to this episode and all other Big Kat Lounge shows head to the links in the bio. Thank you so much for your support! 🐅🐆🦁 #bigkatlounge #travelguru #loululima #podcast #trust #cruising #letsplanyourvacation #bookheregivehere #wellnesstravel #travel #tourism #smallbusiness #memories #lifetime #trip #sustainable #destinations #local #owners #goals #stressfree #curated #socialresponsibility
April 13, 2021
BKL Episode 35 with Arjun Shaw 🏦
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 35 with Arjun Shaw 🏦 Today's guest comes from Pune, India, formerly known as Poona, it's the second largest city in the Indian State of Maharashtra, after Mumbai, and the eighth most populous city in India.  Our guest is a Product Controller performing detailed PnL for various products across Credit Suisse analyzing Basel requirements. Some of our discussions were on working remotely during a pandemic. How only 5% of people in the world love what they do. The importance of networking, Arjun's future tax business and much more.  It was a pleasure conversing with Arjun Shaw and we look forward to what the future has in store. To follow Arjun Shaw's journey head to 🐈🐅🦁🐆🎙️ Tune into the show weekly for new episodes of guests from all over the world.  We appreciate you listening to the Big Kat Lounge podcast and don't forget to subscribe and spread the word to help us grow. #bigkatlounge #mindset #arjunshaw #networking #pune #india #pandemic #remote #hustle #residualincome #bank #credit #swiss #mumbai 
April 08, 2021
BKL Episode 34 with Liwaa Hariz 🇱🇧
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 34 with Liwaa Hariz 🇱🇧  Today's guest comes from Beirut, Lebanon where he is the owner, founder and head coach of Goal Soccer Academy (GSA). Liwaa is also a certified AFC certified football coach where he has created a community to support the development of players at all levels of the game.  One of the GSA goals is to provide high quality football trainings and ensure an active environment is achieved for your children to grow physically and mentally. At GSA, parents play a significant role in supporting the academy and the team. It's through this continued trust and support that they are able to bring out the best in the academy as a family. Our conversations ranged from a variety of topics highlighting coaching scenarios, FIFA volunteering at Qatar, being interviewed by beinSports, Liwaa's vision for the future and much more. To follow Liwaa's journey head to the following links: 🐆🐅🐈🎙 Thank you for tuning into the show and continuing to support us by spreading the Big Kat Lounge community. #bigkatlounge #podcast #beirut #lebanon #bkl #soccer #uefa #football #fifa #champions #training #virtual #coach #teacher #businessowner
March 31, 2021
BKL Episode 33 with Mugisha Fontaine 🇷🇼
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 33 with Mugisha Fontaine 🇷🇼 Today's guest comes from Rwanda where he's a country coordinator for Rwanda at COY16 Glasgow. He's the founder & CEO of Great Lakes Youth Association for Development and Peace (GLYADP). Mugisha also has his company called MU&IZA Business LTD that represents local and foreign manufacturers in marketing and advertising products all over Rwanda. Mugisha is working on an amazon store partnership with the Fountain of Business. In addition to the above, Mugisha also has expertise in the accounting department where he has worked for over 13 years, performing reconciliations and medical benefits to beneficiaries. Our topics for this episode varied from task bench, global startup ecosystem career accelerator, country coordinator, Change Conference of Youth Climate Change.  We also highlighted on the importance of international connections. To follow Mugisha's journey head to the following links: #bigkatlounge #amazon #fontaine #muiza #business #rwanda #journey #mugisha #greatlakes #youth #peace #development #association #coordinator #country #accounting #partnerships #bkl #episode #podcast #stories #international #guests
March 24, 2021
BKL Episode 32 with Patricia Lindner 🇩🇪
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 32 with Patricia Lindner 🇩🇪. Today's guest comes from Bavaria, Germany. She is a soul advocate helping high performers break free from soul-sucking careers. She offers truly unique, creative, and customized experiences for leaders who feel stuck and unfulfilled in their 9 to 5. We touched upon a variety of topics in the field of wellness, productivity coaching, creative healer space, why people are afraid to step outside of their comfort zone and much more. Take advantage of Patricia's free 90 minute masterclass session that will be held this Monday, March 22nd, and Tuesday, March 23rd at 1 PM EST each day: To Follow Patricia Lindner's journey head to her website at and the below links: It was a pleasure having Patricia on the Big Kat Lounge Podcast🎙️🐆🐅 #soul #custom #experience #afraid #comfortzone #productivity #wellness #unique #creative #coach #advocate
March 18, 2021
BKL Episode 31 with Meena Varshney 💻
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 31 with Meena Varshney 💻 She comes from West Delhi, India where she is a digital marketing manager at hootIQ.  She is an experienced digital marketing strategist with a strong forte in google ads & google my business. She has proof as to how ads work and how your brand can run for you. She is heavily experienced in the sales & customer retention vertical. Her plan to strategize, analyze is what she strongly believes in, and to research and be updated is what she is to the core. She has had versatile experience with teaching students, coaching with basketball, training, digital marketing trainer, educating people has become her second nature.  In today's episode, she talks about conversion rates, google ads, playing international basketball, how to get people online, the future of digital marketing, and much more. To follow Meena's journey head to the following: To hear the full episode and all other Big Kat Lounge episodes click on the links in the bio. #bigkatlounge #casual #setting #digitalmarketing #ads #online #future #conversion #smallbusiness #marketing #basketball #struggletalks #trainer #coach #education
March 11, 2021
BKL Episode 30 with Kakwi Kawas 🇨🇲
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 30 with Kakwi Kawas 🇨🇲 Today's guest comes from Cameroon. He's a forward thinking and enthusiastic sociologist & anthropologist, social thinker, & volunteer at Action Care Foundation. He recently completed a sustainable development course at Trinity College Dublin. He pays attention to details and relates very well with others from different socio-cultural and work backgrounds. He's unavailable for stress and destiny is all. The topics we discussed ranged from his travels to Nigeria, the importance of meeting new people, developing a community, and he's also planning on writing a book on the behaviors in society. We had a lot of fun talking to Kakwi and look forward to future discussions on the Big Kat Lounge Podcast. To Follow Kakwi Kawas' journey head to the links below: Please support the show by subscribing to all episodes on the platforms you listen to podcasts. 🦁🐅🐆 #bigkatlounge​ #anthropologist #community #connections #cameroon #talk #podcast #meet #new #platform #discussion #behaviors #society #volunteer #actioncare
March 03, 2021
BKL Episode 29 with Amb. Dunston p 💪🇦🇪
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 29 with Ambassador Dunston p 💪 Today's guest comes from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He is the strategic advisor to the Royal Family 🇦🇪, a chairman for GCC Hope ambassador, a board member for the women reformation organization. He was the 2018 National award winner and 2019 state award winner for Business Excellence with 35 years of vast experience in the field of supply chain management, procurement and logistics, operation management, and much more all across India and the Middle East. It was a pleasure talking to Dunston about his exclusive online shopping e-commerce website for bathroom products called Hipcart, various business opportunities in UAE with Health Care, Agriculture, Manufacturing, swiggy cloud kitchens, mentoring, and much more.  Some of the topics we discussed on the episode can be found here: To follow Dunston's journey head to:💪-338b1918 Please support the show by subscribing to all episodes on the platforms you listen to podcasts. 🦁🐅🐆 #bigkatlounge #uae #bamboo bikes #flydining #mentor #hipcart #agriculture #manufacturing #cloud #healthcare #products #hashtag_dunston#
February 26, 2021
BKL Episode 28 with Swapnil Agrahari 😊
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 28 🦁🐅🐆with Swapnil Agrahari 😊 Today's guest comes from Uttar Pradesh, India. Swapnil Agrahari is the founder of Spreading Smiles, a podcast that empowers and educates the world in a positive way.  He is also a writer, mechanical engineer, artist, graphic designer who has worked in a hackathon and was selected in the top 25 at the national level.  Swapnil is involved with various community initiatives NGO's and NPO's to bring change in society. We had a blast interviewing Swapnil on the show where we discussed networking, collaborating, the importance of maximizing your time and much more. We are excited to see what the future has in store for Swapnil Agrahari!  If you are in need of smiles reach out to Swapnil: #swapnilsmiles #justforfun #artist #draw #sketch #keepsmiling #spreadingsmiles #mech #smile Please support the show by Subscribing to all episodes on the platforms you listen to podcasts. 🦁🐅🐆
February 19, 2021
BKL Episode 27 with Ludovick Peters 🇹🇿
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 27 with Ludovick Peters 🇹🇿 Today's guest is coming from Tanzania 🇹🇿. He is the Founder & CEO at Saint Ludovick Institute of Charity (SLIOC). He's an experienced project coordinator and patriot committed to alleviating the plight of Tanzania's large albino population. His non-profit human activist organization has been serving the persecuted Albinos of Tanzania since 2015. They provide people with albinism sanctuary from people whose minds have been fooled with the false (ritual) notion that albino body parts bring luck, success, and prosperity. Their mission is to build a society with equal and fair treatment for all, regardless of colour, ethnicity, physical appearance, religious affiliation, or status. To follow Ludovick Peters' journey head to his website:  If you would like to assist you can send any of the following goods: Office Equipment, old/used laptops, digital camera, tv sets, printers, scanners, photocopier, projector, clothes, shoes, hats, sun goggles, and much more to Mr Ludovick Philemon Chahally, Saint Ludovick Institute of Charity (SLIOC) P.O. Box 100, Misungwi, Mwanza, Tanzania, East Africa. Phone number: +255 673 594 575 email: Please support the show by Subscribing to all episodes on the platforms you listen to podcasts. 🐆🐅🐯🦁🐈🎙 #charity #tanzania #albinos #sanctuary #mission #society #equality #protect #casual #lounge #bkl #bigkat 
February 12, 2021
BKL Episode 26 with Theodoros Ioannidis 🇬🇷
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 26 🦁🐅🐆with Theodoros Ioannidis 🇬🇷 Today's guest comes from Thessaloniki, Greece. He's an entrepreneur and real estate consultant focusing on all kinds of properties in Greece and Cyprus.  He currently works for Roubis Global, where perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.  Theodoros enjoys meeting new people from all around the world through his business activities.  It was a pleasure having Theodoros on the show and please don't hesitate to reach out to him if you're planning a trip to 🇬🇷 or 🇨🇾  To Follow Theodoros' journey head to the below links. 🏡🌆🏨🏢 Please support the show by Subscribing to all episodes on the platforms you listen to podcasts. 🦁🐅🐆 #realestate #financialservices #investments #sales #greece #cyprus #permanentresidence #networking #linkedin #goldenvisa #management #bigkatlounge #casual #discussion #yields #capital appreciation #consultant #bigkat #growth #opportunities #expand #grow
February 02, 2021
BKL Episode 25 with Ryan Noble Ceccarelli😁
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 25 with Ryan Noble Ceccarelli 😁 Today's guest comes from the San Francisco area and he's the Founder & CEO at NextBigFour Connect. He's a 3rd generation Italian American, Bay, California native. He's also "The smiliest guy on LinkedIn."😁 He just dropped another Noblepod episode where he discusses all relevant topics in digital marketing, social media marketing, business development, and Internet. He's an Active LinkedIn member always providing value to his 50K followers. Connect. Inspire. Engage. Grow. To follow Ryan's journey text him at 925-414-3888 or head to any of the below links: #linkedin #power #connections #inspire #motivate #dreams #work #dedication #brand #marketing #accounting #taxes #business #socialmedia #internet #networking #digital #guests #podcast #lounge #casual #discussions #open #growth #ryannoblececcarelli #professional #sales #ca #mentalhealth #limktg101 #meetings
December 30, 2020
BKL Episode 24 with Micah 🎮
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 24 with Micah 🎮 Today's guest comes all the way from California and he is known for his epic gaming skills that can be heard all over the web. Micah is an avid crypto dabbler, host of an airbnb & YouTube streamer. We look forward to having him on the show again in Season 2 of the Big Kat Lounge Podcast. To Follow Micah's journey head to the below link: 🐈🐅🐆🦁 To listen to this episode and all other Big Kat Lounge shows head to the links in the bio. Please support the show by subscribing and sharing the word to help us grow. #gaming #crypto #airbnb #youtube #streaming #epic #skills #casual #bigkatlounge #online #guests #politics #life
December 24, 2020
BKL Episode 23 with LaTisha Young from NIKKIYUG 👙
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 23 with LaTisha Young from NIKKIYUG. LaTisha Young is a faith-based fashion designer, entrepreneur and mom. She was born and raised in College Park, Georgia. Her love for fashion started in 2010 and her daughter inspired her to take her hobby into something more seriously and into a career. LaTisha Young is the owner of a Christian based clothing line called (pronounced (NIKKI- YOUNG).  She is a self-taught designer learning from watching Youtube and skills from various sewing jobs.  You can pre-order NIKKIYUG's shoe line now by clicking on the below link: LaTisha published her first podcast called The Truth, which you can listen to as well on Anchor: Our discussions primarily consisted of guns, fashion & stuff.  We look forward to having LaTisha Young again on the podcast in Season 2. Head to the links below to follow LaTisha's journey: #lifecoach #wisdom #improvinglives #fashion #podcast #thetruth #anchor #nikkiyug #entrepreneur #guns #life #shopsmallbusiness #bold #shoes #design #spiritual #god #outfits #bathingsuits #swimwear #clothes #attire #style #casual
December 16, 2020
BKL Episode 22 with Jim Zhang 🇨🇳 🇺🇸
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 22 with Jim Zhang 🇨🇳 🇺🇸 Today's guest comes from Indianapolis and he works for a national alcohol distributing company by day & is an entrepreneur by night.  Jim Zhang was born in China and migrated to the U.S. at the age of 12. He recently became a U.S Citizen and exercised his right to vote.  Jim has raised a quarter million dollars and has sold a business for close to half-a-million. It was an honor to have Jim on the show and we look forward to future discussions on the Big Kat Lounge Podcast. To Follow Jim Zhang's journey hit up Big Kat KZ and he'll put you in touch. 🐅🐆🦁 To listen to this episode and all other Big Kat Lounge shows head to the links in the bio. Please support the show by subscribing and sharing the word to help us grow. #bigkatlounge #alcohol#politics #life #indianapolis #entrepreneur #hustle #journey #motivation #taste #airbnb #market #usa #china #government #casual #lounge #bigkat #podcast #sales #innovate #struggle #success
December 12, 2020
BKL Episode 21 with JROG 702🎲
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 21 with JROG 702 🎲 Today's guest comes from Las Vegas and is an aspiring martial arts referee. We enjoyed catching up on life and look forward to having JROG on the show again in person in the Big Kat Lounge studio. To Follow JROG's journey head to and  🐆🐅🐯🦁🐈🎙  Please support the show by SUBSCRIBING & LIKING to help us grow.   #bigkatlounge #casual #ufc #vegas #sports #refereeing #carolina #orleans #neworleans #life #tables #father #community #stories #people
December 02, 2020
BKL Episode 20 with Drew Perry 🏀🏀🏀
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 20 with Drew Perry 🏀🏀🏀 Today's guest is originally from Delaware and now resides in Clayton, NC.  Drew is a diehard Nets fan frequently knocking down them three pointers at your local basketball court, but for the time being he's playing NBA2K waiting for the Nets to win a championship. He's known by the Gram community as a frequent Instagram name changer. His humor will save the world. We Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Drew Perry 🐆🐅🐈🎙 To Follow Drew's journey head to Instagram: 🐯🦁 Rate & Review on Apple Podcasts and anywhere else you get your podcasts. #bigkatlounge #podcast #delaware #clayton #nc #nets #bball #streetball #championship #nba #sports #nba2k #threeball
November 09, 2020
BKL Episode 19 with El Zaro 🇯🇴 🇺🇸
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 19 with El Zaro 🇯🇴 🇺🇸 Today's guest comes from his home country of Jordan 🇯🇴 but currently resides in the USA 🇺🇸 El-Zaro is known as the fox to some because he is sly and enjoys playing a variety of video games.  He's a car enthusiast shifting gears, as he listens to the latest space news. El-Zaro has maintained his status on the internet as an avid cat photo sender, equities & options participant who has been able to navigate these volatile markets.  The Big Kat Lounge is grateful to have had the opportunity to talk with El Zaro. #jordan #el-zaro #opportunity #background #bullish #origin #options #stocks #robinhood #life #3x #talk #leverage #bigkatlounge #rare #volatility #politics #drama #news #mason #georgemason #nova #fox #videogames #volatile
November 03, 2020
BKL Episode 018 with Punita Parekh 🇮🇳
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 018 with Punita Parekh 🇮🇳 Today's guest comes from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Punita is a media veteran for over a decade specializing in content marketing, storytelling for brands where she looks at creating customized & integrated solutions for brands across various domains and sectors. Her role was mainly focused on understanding the brand requirements and offering marketing solutions to customers by leveraging Television, Social/Digital, Print Media, Outdoor Space, which can help to further enhance the brand image in the form of storytelling and creating future business opportunities. Storytelling is the most important element that a brand can leverage to connect with their audience and create powerful impressions. It was a pleasure to have Punita on the podcast and her positive energy makes for magical synergies. To Follow Punita's journey head below: Thank you for all of the support!! We look forward to putting out more episodes soon. #bigkatlounge #storytelling #brand #mumbai #india #synergies #podcasts #bkl #international #content #house #cnbctv #calcutta #conversational #marketing #speaking #human #connections #interacting #engage #customer #journey #industries #globe #mix #walksoflife #contenthub #series #learnings #actionplan #doer #mentoring #bleedcontent
October 28, 2020
BKL Episode 017 with Kuba 🇨🇦
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 017 with Kuba 🇨🇦 Today's guest comes from somewhere in the woods in Canada.  He's Polish Canadian. An Engineer. Whose trying to stay low key by being off the grid. Tune into this episode to find out more about Kuba. To Follow Kuba's journey you will have to wait until your path cross in person. We our back to our regular weekly episode programs. The Big Kat Lounge Podcast is appreciative of all the support! #bigkatlounge #episode #podcast #offgrid #casual #setting  #lowkey #passion #hunt #survive #hidden #mindset #value
October 18, 2020
BKL Episode 016 with 🔥Rami Kaibni🔥🇨🇦
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 016 with 🔥Rami Kaibni🔥🇨🇦. Today's guest comes from outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Rami Kaibni is a Career Coach, Agile Trainer and a certified Senior Portfolio and Project Management Professional holding a bachelor's degree in Structural Engineering. Rami has over 15 years of professional experience in Professional Development, Career Coaching, Portfolio, Program, Project Management, Construction Management, and Business Development.  Rami was recently selected as a PMO influencer of the Year 2020 Semi-Finalist. Rami is always striving to do better and gives back to the profession and his community as much as he can. He's also a Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA). It was an honor to have Rami on the podcast and the Big Kat Lounge is grateful to have captured these conversations. Rami Kaibni's journey can be followed by clicking on any of the links below: 💢 #RMKInfluence 💢 #RMKCoaching 💢 #pmoawards #pmoinfluencer #rmkcoaching #top15 #pmo #leadership #future #certificationswalloffame #careers #scrum #pmi #leansixsigma #conversation #bigkatlounge #episode #podcast #casual #setting #coach
September 24, 2020
BKL Episode 015 with Matt Vatcher 🏂
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 015 with Matt Vatcher 🏂 Today's guest is coming from Santa Monica, California.   He's a Wolfpack NC State Alumni, an avid sports enthusiast, Tesla shareholder, snowboarder, beer connoisseur, MVP podcaster, beaching around and sharing back with the World on Twitter & The Gram. We enjoyed catching up and look forward to recording live in Season 2. 🐆🐅🐯🦁🐈🎙  To follow Matt Vatcher's journey head to: Please support the show by sharing the word to help us grow!  #bigkatlounge #show #word #mvp #mattvatcher #snowboarder #sports #cali #entertainment #tesla #gram #world #twitter #beach #beer 
September 19, 2020
BKL Episode 014 with Tom Chen 🇹🇼 🇺🇸
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 014 with Tom Chen 🇹🇼 🇺🇸 Today's guest resides in the District of Columbia. He is an epic traveler, he's multi-lingual, a talented musician, master event organizer, TAP Taiwanese American Professionals leader helping career development, while emphasizing the presentation of Taiwanese American identity.  It was a pleasure conversing with Tom Chen and we look forward to having him again on Season 2 of the Big Kat Lounge Podcast. 🐆🐅🐯🦁🐈🎙 To follow Tom Chen's journey head to: Please support the show by sharing the word to help us grow! #bigkatlounge #tomchen #taiwan #tap #career #development #traveler #musician #identity #leaders #professionals #dc 
September 11, 2020
BKL Episode 013 with Dunbar 🍫
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 013 with Dunbar from DunbarNation🍫. Today's guest represents the state of Florida, specifically West Palm Beach.  Dunbar is a diverse KAT, with a variety of Caribbean, Jamaican and Chinese descent. He's an engineer and one of his side hustles is SportsInRush and a part time writer who just finished another publication.  At SportsInrush, they understand that life is a journey and your love as a fan of sports is no different. Regardless of your knowledge of sports, they feel that you can always learn something new and that is what they hope to provide on a daily basis.  Dunbar's writing group Write Volumes has released their second official short story anthology. The stories focus on the topics transition and transformation and are written by nearly 20 talented authors throughout the U.S. - Shades of Transition and Transformation: Anthology (Shades of Anthology Book 2). We Welcome Dunbar Nation to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast. 🐆🐅🐯🦁🐈🎙 To follow Dunbar's Journey: Please support the show by sharing the word to help us grow. 🐆🎙 #bigkatlounge #podcast #dunbar #dunbarnation #nation #sportsinrush #writing #write volumes #authors #knowledge #anthology #transition #talented #publication #dancer #florida #westpalmbeach
September 02, 2020
BKL Episode 012 with Quincy Molope 🇿🇦
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 012 with Quincy Molope 🇿🇦.  Quincy comes all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa and she is the founder of Hello Coach K. Her organization was birthed out of purpose as she believes everyone has to fulfill regardless of background, experience, education or economic circumstances.  Building confidence in the self is the first step to aligning and transitioning into a successful career.  Quincy has taken the leap to make a tangible impact in the lives of others.. one young professional at a time. We Welcome Quincy Molope to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast. 🦁🐈🎙 ➡️To follow Hello Coach K: To observe Quincy's journey go to LinkedIn: Hello Coach K International WhatsApp: +27 61 406 6969 🐆🐅🐯 Please support the show by SUBSCRIBING & Liking to help us grow.  #bigkatlounge #podcast #southafrica #hellocoachk #quincy #impact #confidence #career
August 29, 2020
BKL Episode 011 with Gautham 🔫
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 011 with Gautham 🔫 Today's guest comes from Virginia and he enjoys sending people MAGA paraphernalia for their wedding gifts, a collector of various guns, an old-fashion drink type of a person, an Office lover & a Society of Individual Investors (SII) alumni. 🐆🐅🐯🦁🐈🎙 We Welcome Gautham to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast.  To find out more about Gautham contact Big Kat KZ. Please support the show by SUBSCRIBING & LIKING to help us grow.  #bigkatlounge #casual #trump #politics #biden #guns #laws #va #republican #wedding gifts #collector #sii #alumni
August 21, 2020
BKL Episode 010 with Romeo N7 🛒
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 010 with Romeo N7 🛒 Today's guest comes all the way from Fayetteville, NC.  Carlito is always helping out the community at his local 910 HT Harris Teeter cruising through Fort Bragg, repping his city on his back.  Los be doing the most focusing on his endgame, by hustling, and balancing his responsibilities as a newly wed.   The Carmel Chronicles are just the start of some of the 2020 big thangs poppin, little thangs stoppin!  We Welcome Romeo N7 to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast. To follow Romeo N7 head here: 🦁🐱 Please support the show by SUBSCRIBING & LIKING to help us grow. 💪🏾🦁🐱🐈🐅🐆🐯  #romeo #n7 #fayetteville #ht #910 #carlito #bigkatlounge #podcast #casual #vision #bigthings #carmel
August 12, 2020
BKL Episode 009 with The Goodness Chick 🐤
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 009 with The Goodness Chick 🐤 Erin Lawler Patterson is the podcast host for the Goodness Chick. She's an international speaker, podcaster, author of Peace, Love and Goodness, A Higher Level of Goodness - Lessons From The Drug Lady, & Around the World with The Goodness Chick. She is a counselor and has been featured on Mental Health News Radio, ABC 8 News, Hip NJ & many more.  Erin's passion is empowering others. For the past twenty year's she has dedicated her life to educating and empowering others on the topics of mental health, addiction, and the necessary connection in giving back. To Follow The Goodness Chick head here: Please support the show by SUBSCRIBING & Hitting the LIKE to help us grow. 🐯🦁🐈🎙 #bigkatlounge #podcast #thegoodnesschick #conversations #kindness #goodness #journey #world #10months
August 07, 2020
BKL Episode 008 with Epic Nick 💪
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 008 with Epic Nick 💪 Nick Outlaw is a Corrective Movement Specialist who is passionate about addressing clients' imbalances and movement patterns, so they can truly enjoy life's adventures at their best. Epic Nick is making them consistent gains on a daily basis to reach that inner Big Kat.  He emphasizes the importance of movement being the single most powerful tool for brain function.  To Follow his journey go to & Follow Outlaw at 🐅🐯 Please support the show by SUBSCRIBING & Hitting the LIKE to help us grow. 🐆🦁🐈🎙 #bigkatlounge #podcast #outlaw #epicnick #journey #movement
July 31, 2020
BKL Episode 007- Linggar 🇮🇩
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 007 w/ Linggar. Please join us in our conversations with Linggar on the 7th episode of the Big Kat Lounge Podcast. Linggar represents Indonesia and is a top 2% student at Universities Prasetiya Mulya majoring in Finance & Banking. She has won prestigious business case competitions, including the Asia Representative at The CFO by Charter Quest Institute South Africa, Top 6 Deloitte Risk Intelligence Challenge, and 1st Winner Young Entrepreneur Day by Universities Indonesia. Linggar can be found on LinkedIn #bigkatlounge #indonesia #business case #analyst #equities #international 
July 20, 2020
BKL Episode 006 w ResoNate 🎤🎼
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 006: Please join us in our conversations with ResoNate on the 6th episode of the Big Kat Lounge Podcast.   ResoNate represents Asheville NC and is a soul-based singer and hip-hop artist part of the AvlReps Avl GOAT series. He's deeply introspective and focused on personal growth while looking outward, the lyrics are relatable and inspiring.  Join him on the path of self-discovery and pursuit of purposeful living.  ResoNate is constantly working on projects and promises new music soon. In the interim we can listen to his Album called No Buts, Just Do. The songs in this episode of the BKL Podcast were brought to you by ResoNate and can be found here: Back Home Feat Matrix P: If Tomorrow Never Comes: Please support the show by SUBSCRIBING to all episodes on most platforms. Head to for more information.   New episodes out weekly.
July 08, 2020
BKL Episode 005 with Milk Toast 🥛🍞
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 005:   Please join us in our conversations with Milk Toast on the 5th episode of the Big Kat Lounge Podcast.   Milk Toast represents Kennesaw State, Georgia, and stands at 6” foot 1 220lbs. "In a world of average, I'm a savage." He’s an undefeated heavyweight contender who made his Amateur boxing fighting Debut in 2019, with a 1-0 appearance on Rough n Rowdy. "They couldn’t handle you if you came with instructions. Be yourself, even if you’re a little strange. Don’t be a knock off, you were born an original." Please support the show by SUBSCRIBING to all episodes on most platforms: YPFF457DMnQkyQ2NoyHg Head to for more information.   New Episodes out weekly   This episode is sponsored by  · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
July 03, 2020
BKL Episode 004 with Garrett from Columbia Roofing, LLC
Welcome To The Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 004: with Garrett from Columbia Roofing, LLC.  If you live in the Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Maryland area & experience a problem with your roof, call the oldest roofing company in NOVA, Columbia Roofing & Home Improvement. They have been in business since 1983 and they can age, assess, repair and let you know if an insurance claim is worth it. They work with you from start until the end & maybe 20-30 years again down the road if you need a new roof.  Please support the show by subscribing to all episodes on all platforms, Youtube & BigKatLounge. New Episodes Out Weekly.
June 26, 2020
BKL Episode 003 with JacobisGeorge
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 3: Please join us in our conversations with JacobisGeorge on the 3rd episode of the Big Kat Lounge Podcast. JacobisGeorge is a 2M + channel view YouTuber, known for training in a sari, his weirdness & goofs and being an avid Trump for Indians Supporter. He recently filmed a video where he repeated "why I quit 17474 times." JacobisGeorge represents California, is self employed and always looking for new opportunities. He is a performance athlete, and he goes by Mallu Power. We can find JacobisGeorge eating healthy currently while living in his car.  Please support the show by subscribing to all episodes on Anchor FM & BigKatLounge. New Episodes out weekly
June 18, 2020
BKL Episode 002 with Adel
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast Episode 2: Please join us in our conversations with Adel on the 2nd episode of the Big Kat Lounge Podcast. Adel was born in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) of Canada and has been stick shifting across "We The North" for a majority of his life, frequently stopping by Jurassic Park to check out the Square. He’s also a part-time break-dancer, firefighter, karaoker, & part of the hoodie flash crew. Please support the show by subscribing to all episodes on & New episodes out weekly.
June 09, 2020
Big Kat Lounge Episode 001 with Kneelaish Dyxyt
Welcome to the Big Kat Lounge Podcast: Please join us in our conversations with Kneelaish Dyxyt on the first episode of the Big Kat Lounge. Kneelaish was born in Asheville, NC, and has always been grinding. He is dropping wisdom with his shell is the move talk, marathon in the tank, hanging like a hair on a biscuit, junk bond status & young value add. You can find Kneelaish balling on your local streets, steaming and sauna'ing it off while balancing his deliverables. Please support the show by subscribing to all episodes on New episodes out weekly.
June 02, 2020