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100 Songs in 100 Days

100 Songs in 100 Days

By Bill O'Connor
I'm writing 100 songs in 100 days and recording the whole process on this podcast. I'm scared that these songs will be complete garbage. And that's okay! I'm doing this to get out of my head and not give myself time to judge if the song is good or bad. I'll take cool lyrics or rad chord progressions and leave the rest in the trash. Also, I want you guys to see that you have to suck for a long time and hustle to become awesome at anything! Cheers 🕺
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1 - Oceanographer
This is my very first song of my 100 songs! I wrote this in 2 1/2 hours between 11:30pm - 2am. My favorite lyric in this song is: Disappearing bees that scream Against the constant hum of a facebook feed A cool skill I'll take from this song is combining nature imagery with references to the digital world or the physical body. I think lyrics like that can be really powerful to show the process of growing and figuring out what's important for us.
June 22, 2018