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14. Three Generations Of Delivering A Superior Product. An Interview With Dan Wies Of Wies Drywall And Construction.

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By Bill Reiman
The Real Build is your weekly podcast that covers the exact things you need to look for prior to buying, building, or selling a property. Every week Bill Reiman, your (Broker | Builder), will take you in-depth about what exactly you should be looking at when buying a property whether it is an existing home, or you're building a new home. Bill will also bring in leaders in the real estate and construction industries to discuss more important topics before buying or building a home.
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16. The Construction Corner Podcast With Host Dillon Mitchell - Increasing Your Value
In this episode, I got the opportunity to go on Dillon Mitchell's podcast The Construction Corner. We discussed communication, how to increase your value and why doing the right thing matters. We also talked about my journey into the construction. We discuss topics like What do I love about building/selling homes? I love a lot of things with construction but one major thing is the design aspect more than anything. I love to sit down with a customer and help them design there dream home. Or even design a home that I know will sell right away. As far as selling homes it goes back into helping people with one of the major choices they are going to make in there lives. What are some of the common things to be aware of during design, especially in Florida? The major thing I always look at is the resale factor. No matter what you always have to think of things that need to be in the home to sell it. What are some of the design trends that I am seeing? Right now we are seeing a lot of coastal design – light colors, blues, greens, openness, light beiges, white cabinets, less crown molding with more of a focus on ceiling design and detail, wood floors, or wood look tile, indoor /outdoor living shaker style cabinets and interior doors Common decisions that owners struggle with during the design process an example could be some of the short term vs long term monetary decisions. In custom building, there is so many things and elements to a home especially if it’s a big home. It comes down to like a spoke about before getting the floor plan right and the actual design style they are looking for. A lot of the struggle can be based on price and budget. A lot of people want it all but they don’t have the budget to do certain things. This is where I have to step in and guide them How do I help decisions get made on projects to keep things moving forward? Its all about constant communication from start to finish. You have to set expectations with the client. What's a piece of advice I would give to someone coming up in the construction industry? Get experience first. Actually, swing a hammer and work out in the field. So many people just pass the test and become Joe builder Work for someone with a good reputation and learn. Have that mentor Exceed all customers expectations – don’t go cheap – quality in every business is huge. I have grown up in construction my whole life.  In the last 7 years, I have sold over $50 Million in New Home Builds. While also being a part-time licensed real estate agent, I have sold over $40 Million over the last 7 years. I am currently ranked within top real estate agents by sales in and around Marco Island Florida. Thus far in 2019, 9 months into the year, I have already sold $10 Million in Real Estate. Both Dillon and I  better ourselves through Arete and personal development. A great episode with Dillon and I hope you all enjoy!
September 15, 2019
15. The Lower Price Isn't Always The Best Choice.
In this episode of The Real Build, I wanted to talk about a  topic that many businesses have to deal with regularly: how going with the lowest price isn’t always the right choice to make.  This is big in the building industry.  Many customers choose to look at the price and not pay attention to things such as reputation, quality, details, and overall features. I personally have lost potential customers due to price because they didn't look deeper into the product they were actually getting or the overall value. I want to talk about why the lower price isn’t always the best choice. A lot of the times, the lower price will get the job. This has happened to me many times, and I'm sure to other builders as well. However, in construction, the lowest price is not the best route to go. Unfortunately, a lot of people have had to learn this the hard way. Cheaper isn’t always better. You pay for what you get. Here are a few things to consider when looking at cost before selecting a builder: 1.  If the price is dramatically lower, something is more than likely missing.  It doesn’t add up... 2.  Do your comparisons – feature sheets, price sheets, allowances, etc. 3.  How long will it take to build? 4.  Quality and detail do matter, such as what materials are they using.  Most people don’t know how to judge this.  If the builder showcases the materials used upfront, pay attention. 5.  Punch outs and follow up after the project. 6.  Jobsite management is key. 7.  Look at their current jobs and how fast they are moving.  Are there workers there consistently? 8.  Reputation does matter. 9.  The connection does matter. 10.  In the end, we are not meant for everyone. As always, thank you for listening!
September 9, 2019
14. Three Generations Of Delivering A Superior Product. An Interview With Dan Wies Of Wies Drywall And Construction.
In this episode of the Real Build, I sit down with Dan Wies of Wies Drywall and Construction. Dan is the 3rd generation of his family's drywall company, Wies Drywall and Construction Corporation. This company is a commercial wall and ceiling contractor located in St. Louis, MO founded in 1971.  The company has a tradition of service, quality, and performance.  Their goal is to treat their partners and team members with honesty, courtesy, and care.  Wies Drywall serves the eastern Missouri and western Illinois region. They are one of the largest drywall construction companies in the St. Louis area.  If you are in a commercial office space in St. Louis there is a good chance Wies Drywall put up your walls.    Dan and I talked about a lot of topics that have to do with the construction process.  We discussed the construction process in detail and what customers need to look for when communicating with a contractor.  We also talked about the drywall process and how drywall is the key ellement before a lot of other construction trades coming in.
September 1, 2019
13. Finding Out What Is Your Customers Goal And Why That Goal Matters To Them? An Interview With Sean Bates Of Bello Home Team / EXP Realty
In this episode of The Real Build, I sat down with Sean Bates, who is a top producing real estate agent in the Tampa area.  Sean and I dive deep into customer service and discuss how to deliver the best customer experience by targeting an overall customers goal and figuring out why that goal matters when purchasing a home. Sean N. Bates P.A. is a highly experienced business owner, entrepreneur, team lead, and founder of Bello Home Team.    After successfully holding positions with banking giants Suntrust Bank and JPMorgan Chase, Sean turned to GTE Financial where he successfully managed multiple branch locations over 7 years. Sean embraced the credit union philosophy of "people helping people,"​ which translated into a natural fit as a top producing Realtor.    Since 2013 Sean has over 500 real estate closings with a total of over $100 million.  Sean has a proven track record that most Realtors aspire to achieve.   In 2018 Sean founded Bello Home Team with the goal of being the guide for real estate agents ready to bring their life to the next level.    Sean was recently handpicked out of nearly 11,000 applicants to be 1 of 60 inaugural Arete Syndicate Members. The Arete Syndicate is an elite group of entrepreneurs in a force for good and to better themselves and each other, in a program designed by the infamous Andy Frisella and Ed Mylett.   Sean and I discuss his dedication to exceeding all client expectations to help customers achieve their goals. As always enjoy the show! 
August 25, 2019
12. Making The Building Process Easier. An Interview With Austen Dinger Of Austen Construction
In this episode of The Real Build, I interviewed a top builder out of Keller, Texas, Austen Dinger of Austen Construction.  I enjoyed interviewing Austen because he comes from a similar background as I do.  Austen grew up in the construction business working alongside his dad, the founder of Austen Construction back in 1993.  Nothing was ever handed to him and he continues to work hard everyday and help grow his family business to new levels. Austen and I discuss many different topics about the construction industry such as popular home design trends, and the preplanning stage and what customers need to know while shopping for builders.  We talk about why going with the less expensive builder can be risky in the long run. We also talk about what customers should expect during the build process.   Austen and I have grown up in the construction industry, and both have a passion for helping customers learn everything they need to know about building a home.  We both want to find ways to make the process better for not only our customers but anybody looking to build a house.   As always, enjoy this episode and thank you so much for listening.
August 11, 2019
11. Diving Deeper Into All Things Building And Remodeling In The First Ever Panel Discussion With Past Guest Damian Heim, Brad Blair, And Jake Armstrong
On this episode of The Real Build, I bring back past guests Damian Heim of Handmade Homes, Brad Blair of Spruce Homes, and Jake Armstrong of Revive Properties for my first ever panel discussion. We dive deeper into some of the topics we discussed in our past interviews.  We discuss topics such as design trends, builder fees, the building process, marketing, home resale tips, and so much more. Our goal as builders is to guide our customers throughout the building process as smoothly as possible. We talk about how communication is one of the most significant factors during the building process.  
August 5, 2019
10. Everyone Needs Insurance, But Not Many People Know The Proper Insurance To Get For Their Property. An Interview With Alissa Russo Of Harbour Insurance.
Insurance is one of the most important topics.  Not many homeowners know what to do.  Finding the best insurance coverage is critical, but finding an insurance company that supports you when disaster strikes is what people need to look for. Alissa Russo is a Florida native.  She entered the insurance industry while finishing her MBA, but left to pursue the corporate world. She realized she loved helping people, and she truly appreciated small/local businesses, so she went back to work for an independent insurance agency.  In this episode, we talk about everything you need to know about acquiring insurance.  Whether you are buying, building, renting, or investing,  we cover it all.  We talk about how Alissa enjoys being in the insurance industry and going above and beyond for customers.  She talks about how she loves to meet new people and insure the things that are important to them. 
July 29, 2019
9. Being Obsessed With Customer Service and Obtaining Results Through Relentless Pursuit of Excellence. An Interview With Evan Stewart of Compass Real Estate
In this episode of The Real Build, I talked all things real estate with Dallas, Texas Realtor Evan Stewart.   Evan is a top producing real estate agent with Compass Realty.  He is the host of The Obsessed Podcast, where he introduces you to some of the top business moguls, influencers, thought leaders, and more.  He’s also a trainer, speaker, and business coach.  The man wears many hats. In this episode, we talk about how Evan is obsessed with service and obtaining results through his relentless pursuit of excellence.  We discuss business strategies, marketing, and customer service.   Evan has built a reputation for delivering a phenomenal experience, executing on every commitment, and accomplishing the unique goals of every client–every time.  If you are looking to hire a real estate professional, this episode is a must-listen. If you are a realtor or a sales professional in any industry you can learn so much from Evan. He started from only making a few thousand dollars his first year in real estate to becoming an eight-figure closer and one of Dallas Texas top producing agents.  As always thank you so much for your support.  
July 21, 2019
8. Are You Thinking About Getting A Mortgage? Are You Looking To Buy An Investment Property? An Interview With Rosa Madrid Of Movement Mortgage
Are you thinking about buying a home but don't know how to go about getting a loan?  Or maybe you want to get a loan for an investment property?  Are you thinking about building a new home and need funding? In this episode of The Real Build, I sit down with Rosa Madrid of Movement Mortgage, and we discuss what exactly you need to look for before getting a loan on a property. I was excited to have Rosa on the show because the mortgage process can be very intimidating to a lot of people.  It can be a long drug out process if you are not with the right loan officer to help guide you through the process.  Many people don't know all the available options that they can do and all the great programs that are out there. We discuss these things and so much more in this episode.  As always thank you for listening!
July 14, 2019
7. If You Are Buying Or Selling Real Estate You Need To Listen To This! An Interview With Kim Litvak Of Keller Williams Realty
Are you thing about buying or selling a property?   Real estate can be one of the most significant investments in someone's lifetime.  Whether you are buying for yourself or investing in your future, making the right real estate purchase is essential.  A lot of people don't know what to do when searching for a property and unfortunately, do get proper guidance. In this episode of The Real Build, Bill Reiman sits down with Kim Litvak of Keller Williams Realty out of Columbus, Ohio.  Kim delivers so much great information on what people need to look for when Buying or Selling a property. Bill and Kim both discuss essential topics like delivering excellent customer service with extensive follow-up and communication with customers. How having product knowledge is vital for a realtor when listing customers home.  Knowing how a home is built and what the key features are that the current owner loves what will help sell the home faster. How a seller can get more money for there home and how a buyer can get a home at a better price point. How can a seller add value to there home before putting it on the market? If you are looking to buy or sell a home, this episode is filled with so much more great info.  So please listen and share with all your friends and family.  As always, your 5-star reviews and written reviews are appreciated to help this show grow.  Thank you for listening! 
July 1, 2019
6. What You Need To Know Before Selecting Your Next Contractor Or Realtor
In this episode of The Real Build, Bill Reiman goes deeper into the process of selecting a contractor or real estate agent. Let's face it a lot of people don't know how to go about selecting a contractor or realtor.  Most go with someone they know or a referral from a friend. Bill Reiman covers what you need to look for when selecting your next contractor or real estate agent. Bill covers topics like  1. DO YOUR RESEARCH - Everything is online now.  You can find out everything about everyone.   2.  Don’t just hire a someone you know - Let’s face it most of us have people we know in construction and real estate. It doesn’t mean they can give you the best overall experience.   3. Experience does matter - Not much explanation needed here. 4.  Interview top contractors and agents and hire who you feel most comfortable with - If you don’t like someone from the beginning, it's only going to be worse towards the end. 5. Review what they have to offer - What a builder offers standard in there pricing or what a realtor provides for marketing are some examples. 6. Look at there portfolio - look at homes the builder built and walk through.  With realtors look at what they have sold.  Call past customers that they worked for. 7. Long term relationships matter - Your contractor or realtor should always be there and always pick up the phone to answer any questions. 8. DON’T ALWAYS LOOK AT PRICE - Don't make your final decision on cost.  You get what you pay for. Please enjoy this episode.  Next week there will be another guest on the show.  As always feel free to join the conversation and comment on social media. Also, your rating and reviews are always appreciated so please give five stars because that's what will spread the word.  Thank you so much for listening.
June 21, 2019
5. Do You Think About Remodeling Your Property? Things You Need To Know With Jake Armstrong Of Revive Properties
Do you think about remodeling your property?  Are you stuck trying to figure out how to go about the remodeling process?  Are you worried about possible cost and headaches that come along with remodeling? In this episode of The Real Build, I sit down with Jake Armstrong of Revive Properties.  Jake has been involved in the remodeling business for many years and knows what customers need to look for during a remodel. Let's face it; doing a remodel can be very stressful.  Not knowing what to expect is what stops a lot of people from moving forward with the process.  You have to hire the right company that can guide you through the process.  Communication from start to finish in any remodeling project is essential.  Going through the project with the customer and setting all expectations from the beginning can allow fewer headaches and a smoother transition into a job well done.   Remodeling can also increase your properties resale value.  Knowing what elements in your property to remodel to drive up its potential sale price is big time.   We discuss these things and much more in episode 5 of The Real Build.  Please listen and enjoy and share it with all your friends and family.
June 15, 2019
4. Redoing Your Roof? Things You Need To Know with Lewis May Of Sky Light Roofing
After recent storms in the state of Florida, many people had with roof leaks, and some still have tarps on their roofs waiting for insurance money or a capable contractor to repair it.  People were fighting with insurance companies, getting ripped off by contractors for repairs, and not getting the help that they needed.  It was a mess, but the problem was people didn't have the information that they needed before the storms.   There are so many elements that go into the construction of a roof from the initial wood, to the underlayment, to the exterior finish.  If done incorrectly, problems can happen.  One nail being wrong can cause issues over time and this is why people need to hire a contractor with experience, and that knows the exact process for repair. In this episode of The Real Build, I sit down with Lewis May of Sky Light Roofing.  We discuss many big topics with the roofing industry, including general construction, storm protection, insurance issues, pricing, and the right way a roof should be built.  If you are looking to replace a roof anytime soon, this episode is a must listen.
June 7, 2019
3. An interview with Brad Blair, co-owner of Spruce Homes
In this episode of The Real Build, I interview one of the owners of Spruce Homes, Brad Blair. Brad talks about how he and his wife Katelyn started Spruce Homes in 2016 from nothing and how flipping small projects turned into a dream of not only building fantastic custom homes but incorporating full-on start to finish design. We also spoke about the millennial buyer and what they should be looking for when finding a builder to build a new home or even buying a spec home  Brad also talks about how they implemented interior design into there homes to give the client a total turn key build. We also spoke about how it is essential to do the little things when building a new home, like adding a wine rack to cabinets.  A wine rack is a small addition that doesn't cost a builder much but can be huge to the potential buyer. It is essential to guide the customers from start to finish during the build process.  We spoke about what Spruce Homes does differently that people should look for. We also discussed how building long term relationships with customers are key.   Please enjoy this episode and subscribe, give five stars, and spread the word to your friends as my mission is to deliver value to the clients before making one of the biggest investments in there lives. Thank you for listening!
May 23, 2019
2. An Interview With Damian Heim, Owner Of HandMade Homes
In this episode of The Real Build, I talk with former United States Marine Damian Heim.   Damian Heim is Managing Owner of Handmade Homes In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We discuss different topics about what he does to help his customers have a better building experience.  We also discuss what people should do while looking for a home builder. Here is a little bit about Damian and his background. Damian grew up in a small farm town in North Eastern Iowa. While growing up he worked on farms and during high school, he worked for Custom Pre-Cast setting slats for the construction of hog confinement buildings. After high school, he spent just over 4 Years in the United States Marine Corps. Shortly after my Honorable Discharge from the United States Marine Corps, Damian married his wife, Jennifer.  Upon moving to Oklahoma, he started working construction on the side. He found that he enjoyed it and went to work for a small home building company and helped them grow to one of the largest homebuilding companies in Oklahoma. After 13 years, together Damian decided that he wanted to start his own home building company. So with an exceptional understanding of the home building business, he got started, and Handmade Homes was born. He has been building since 2014, specializing in energy efficient homes. Going forward as Handmade Homes grows, he will continue to oversee every home and check every building site to give customers the best home building experience possible. 
May 15, 2019
1. Let Me Tell You My Story
In this episode of The Real Build host Bill Reiman tells you his story and his path to becoming a real estate broker and builder.  You will learn about how Bill Reiman got to where he is in real estate and new construction today.  He talks about his life experiences growing up and the path that led him to be successful in the real estate industry. Some of the show highlights are: Bill Reiman was born right outside of Chicago in September 20 1986 He came from a hard working family. When he was little his dad was always working His dad came from nothing and built a successful company from scratch As a kid Bill would always like to sell things  Bill worked since he was a little kid on his dads jobsites and learned all aspects of the construction business. Bill Reiman's knowledge and years of working construction have helped him transition into selling real estate. These are just a few things you will learn about Bill Reiman on this episode.  So please tune in and learn more about the host of The Real Build.
May 6, 2019
00. Introduction To The Real Build
In this episode, I introduce myself and tell you what The Real Build Podcast is all about.  Here is a summary of the show. Who am I? I'm Bill Reiman, and I am a real estate broker and builder in Marco Island FL. I have been in the construction business my whole life and worked in homes since I was a little kid. I know how they are built from the ground up. I work with my family construction business, R.K. Reiman Construction, where we specialize in custom home building and design. I took my background in construction, and eight years ago got a real estate license and began to sell real estate. I am currently in the process of expanding into luxury rentals and provide home watch services as well.  I am working on a real estate company now and plan to expand the company for years to come.   What is the podcast about? This is a weekly podcast that covers the exact things you need to look for before buying, building, or selling a property. Every Wednesday, I will take you in-depth about what exactly you should be looking at when buying a property, whether it is an existing home, or your building a new home. I will also bring in leaders in the real estate, construction,  rental, mortgage, and investment industries to discuss more important topics before buying or building a home.  I want to deliver as much value about the construction, and real estate process and with my knowledge of the business and other professionals. I hope to guide people into making the best decision possible when it comes to buying, selling, or building a home. What is in it for the listener? I want to teach you along with other professionals things that you should be looking for in a home before buying, building, or selling. I will give you value every week to the things most people don’t see before purchasing a home or selling.  If you hear any topics that you want me to dive deeper in please let me know by following me on all social media channels @imbillreiman
April 24, 2019
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