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The Sciencey Spiritualist

The Sciencey Spiritualist

By Billy Alice
The Sciencey Spiritualist podcast is for all metaphysical nerds!
Tune in to hear other female experts on how the mind works, quantum physics, meditation, manifestation and Universal Energy. Explore Human Design, Astrology, Hypnotherapy, and all different beliefs about our souls journey. This isn't about blind faith, this is logical woo. How to take the Illumination of the spiritual and join it with the practical implementation of the scientific.
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You get to decide
We all need a bit of encouragement from time to time. Here is your daily dose of 'you've got this'. You get to decide, here and now, who you want to be. Everyday is the chance to make a change. You already have what it takes within you.  Just decide you CAN. 
March 1, 2021
New Year New You
How to Manifest the Highest version of yourself for 2021.  Don't let another New Year pass with the same unachieved resolutions. Work with the Universe to step into your Highest Self with Billy Alice's top trick to embody a new you!  Join the Conversation in
December 13, 2020
Spoiler Alert! Your path isn't going to be a straight line.
: The path of least resistance It was never meant to be a straight line. When we are on our life path we aren’t trying to get from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible. Now from your human perspective maybe you are. But your highest self was never intending to come here and have everything go so perfectly and quickly. There is no fun in figuring out the game of life if it is that way. Now, the path of least resistance that means the personal path your guides are leading you on because they know you so insanely intimately! It is not the path of no resistance. You will have limiting beliefs, unexpected circumstances. Shit happens. It's life, it's the path, and it's ok! It doesn't mean you are doing things wrong. You are inspired to take steps for many different reasons and every time you do you are gaining valuable experience. Whether it works out as you anticipated or not, you can trust it is still moving you forward on your journey. It is cliche but oh so important to remember. This life is not about the destination. You only spend a limited amount of time at the summit of the mountain. Your life is lived on the path, the winding and twisting it how you see new places, meet new people, share ideas. Growth doesn’t happen at the point of success or the manifestation of something, it happens in the preparation. Following your guides takes a measure of faith and trust, trust that the seemingly bizarre detours or disappointing road blocks have a greater purpose than simply to make you crazy. Now you don’t have to adopt that belief, but it makes the journey a hell of a lot more enjoyable when you do. When you lean in to trusting that you are on the path of least resistance, not no resistance and see challenges as beneficial verses detrimental that’s the sweet spot.  When you really embrace being happy on your way somewhere versus the idea of toughing it out until you reach the goal, you get to be happy a lot more of the time. And isn’t that what we are ultimately striving for? If you are ready to test this out for yourself, sign up for the free Joy Challenge here! You can also follow me here -->
March 9, 2020
Law of Attraction - It isn't just Abundance Gospel
In this episode Billy Alice shares all about Law of Attraction! The Law of Attraction is the Law of Vibrations, the Law of Energy.   ● Where your focus goes, energy flows.  ● Like attracts like.   ● The vibration you put out into the world IS always what will be reflected back to you.    Everything you experience in life is like tuning into a specific radio station. The reason why your life experience is what it currently is, comes from your beliefs about life. Your beliefs and your thoughts are the tools we use to tune our radio dial.  The Universe broadcasts EVERYTHING on EVERY station ALL. THE. TIME. When people talk about the Universe being abundant, that isn’t just a platitude to make you feel better and give false hope that there is an abundance of good stuff like money and sunshine. It literally means the Universe is INFINITELY abundant. Science tells us that everything is energy, break it down small enough and that is what all of our existence is made of, energy in different forms. Science also says that the amount of energy, kinetic and potential, that is within our known Universe is unknowable, it is infinite. The other nifty thing science has discovered is the 1st law of                thermodynamics, also known as the conservation of Energy.   “​Energy can not be created nor destroyed, it can only be transferred or transformed from one form to another. ​ ”   If everything is energy, and the Universe is flush with all this energy, you can comfortably conclude that the Universe has abundant ways to transform the energy it holds into whatever you are asking for vibrationally.  Law of attraction is not an “Abundance” gospel, it is simply the Law of Energy in the Universe. Everything exists all the time, either as manifested physical energy or as potential energy, and the Universe is emitting this energy on every frequency all the time, and just by existing you are tuning into this cosmic energy and receiving from it based on your own personal vibration. Whether you mean to or not.   If you are ready to test this out for yourself, sign up for the free Joy Challenge here! You can also follow me here -->
March 6, 2020
Living outside the Box with Coach Rochelle Bohannon
Professional Business Coach Rochelle Bohannon joins me to discuss her journey toward building a life and business outside of the box, and how she now also supports others envision their own unique paths. The first “activation point” for most people is becoming aware of and then breaking free from the belief system that their life or business must be a certain way or fit a specific niche (6:50).  This “illumination” of realizing that other methodologies are possible opens the door for you to define what you want and to follow your own feelings and throughline rather than a tagline (8:15).  “So many of us have a throughline that we think we have to put into a box, but it’s a line . . . lines will not fit into a box” (8:20). “Action will bring you more of what you want” (13:17), but only if you first know what you want!  Answering foundational questions about your goals and placing yourself within the vibration of mentors and a like-minded tribe (15:04) are key to mindful action and energetic momentum. “If you don’t have what you want in those zones, it’s ok to borrow somebody else’s” (15:14). On a day-to-day level, this consists of answering the question “What do I need to start my day?” (18:05 ) and creating a flexible morning ritual from actions such as drinking water, exercising, breathing, visualization, and dancing (a favorite of Rochelle’s).  Consistently showing up for yourself through this daily practice grows and magnifies your positive forceful energy.  “You have to really just trust that if you just start, it will all come together” (21:55). Rochelle concludes with a reminder that the people we look up to are not “special” in unattainable ways.  They are just making choices aligned with their goals, and compounding those actions and results (22:50).  You can do the same thing by putting “yourself in a really cool circle where you feel alive and watch your whole life change” (23:28). All the important links! Billy Alice Links  
March 6, 2020
What's it all about??
Hey my beautiful Sciencey Spiritualist, it's me Billy Alice! This episode is my introduction to you, what the purpose of this podcast is, why I created it, and a brief bit about my own winding spiritual path!  If you haven't already, PLEASE come join the conversation in my free Facebook Group You can also follow me here --> Thank you for being a part of my tribe! I am excited to be on this journey with you. 
March 6, 2020