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Bioscope Brasse

Bioscope Brasse

By Jody Felton & Ross Solomon
Two brasse (friends) from Cape Town, South Africa, talk about movie news, reviews, shorts, and a little bit of kak.

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The Twilight Saga
You asked and we delivered! We touch on the Happiest Season trailer and some news but we know that's NOT why you're here. In this GIANT-SIZED episode, we go hard & deep into the angsty world of the Twilight saga.  Find out who's team we're on as we take an objective look at the shenanigans of edible Edward, jacked Jakob & basic Bella! So you'd better hold on tight spider monkeys 'cause things get hairy as we try to maintain a sparkly disposition. Remember, we did this for the brasse. Shot for listening! 00:00 It starts here 01:55 Happiest Season trailer 05:49 Bloodshot 2 announced 08:17 Constantine 2 announced by Peter Stormare 10:18 Lethal Weapon 5 announced by Mel Gibson 13:03 Spike Lee to direct Viagra musical 16:01 The Twilight Saga review Instagram: Email:
November 25, 2020
TOP 6: Movies Based on Books
The TOP 6 is, once again, in your bek! This week we talk about our top 3 picks for movies based on books, which include comic books, so Ross can also play with! Stay for the encore with our favourite Sean Connery Retromendations because he died. Shot for listening! 00:00 It starts here 01:19 Jody's #3 The Godfather 05:07 Ross's #3 The Crow 10:17 Jody's #2 The Shawshank Redemption 15:12 Ross's #2 Road to Perdition 20:14 Jody's #1 The Exorcist 25:50 Ross's #1 30 Days of Night 31:59 Retromendations Instagram: Email:
November 18, 2020
Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm
Wawaweewa! It's another jam-packed episode for your ore! This week we chat about the trailers for the Michael Bay-produced Songbird and the Mel Gibson starring Fatman. We also talk some kak about James Bond: No Time to Die stream shopping and the death of iconic actor, Sean Connery. Finally, for dessert, we have a review of Sacha Baron Cohen's controversial Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm. And just when you think it's over we hit you with a special segment called Shoutouts & Dedications where we give props to our day ones. Shot for listening! 00:00 It starts here 00:50 Songbird shorts 04:28 Fatman shorts 09:14 James Bond stream shopping 12:30 RIP Sean Connery 17:54 Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm review 41:30 Shoutouts & Dedications Instagram: Email:
November 11, 2020
TOP 6: Most Disappointing Movies
Where's the TOP 6? IT'S IN YOUR BEK! This week we get emotional as we each discuss our Top 3 picks for movies that disappointed us the most. We end on a high note though, with our Retromendations being movies that exceeded our expectations and took us by surprise! Shot for listening! 00:00 It starts here 00:59 Jody's #3 TENET 04:54 Ross's #3 Star Wars Rise of Skywalker 09:56 Jody's #2 Iron Man 3 14:58 Ross's #2 The Last Airbender 22:30 Jody's #1 The Dark Tower 29:23 Ross's #1 Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice 36:07 Retromendations Instagram: Email:
November 4, 2020
Hubie Halloween
Who cares about Halloween?? We do, kind of...not really.  In Episode 4 we chat through the trailers for Pixar's Soul and Chadwick Boseman's final film Ma Rainey's Black Bottom.  We also talk some k*k about a Furiosa film WITHOUT Charlize Theron, Space Jam 2 script leak, Fast & Furious franchise ending after 11, Chris Pratt being named The Worst Chris, Jared Leto's Joker returning for The Snyder Cut and we end it all with a review of Netflix's latest Adam Sandler offering; Hubie Halloween. Shot for listening! 00:00 It starts here 00:55 Soul Trailer 04:20 Ma Rainey's Black Bottom Trailer 07:40 Furiosa film casts Anya Taylor Joy instead of Charlize Theron 09:26 Space Jame 2 script leak 11:11 Fast & Furious ending after 11 films 13:24 Chris Pratt is The Worst Chris 15:51 Jared Leto Joker returning for Snyder. Also, he has a cult. 18:46 Hubie Halloween review 27:34 What's up with Adam Sandler? 36:45 Rating  Instagram: Email:
October 29, 2020
TOP 6: Popular Movies We DO NOT Like
It's the TOP 6 in your bek! Yes, yes, we know this episode is longer than usual but we promise it's worth it... or not. Listen to the entire thing then decide.  The conversation gets spicy this week as we discuss popular or "good" movies that we HATE. We know hate is a strong word but this time it's appropriate. Shot for listening! 00:00 It starts here 01:29 Ross #3: Avatar 07:20 Jody #3: The Harry Potter films 14:07 Ross #2: Bohemian Rhapsody 21:07 Jody #2: Goodfellas 27:02 Ross #1: Joker 33:50 Jody #1: Shazam 36:49 Retromendations Instagram: Email:
October 21, 2020
Enola Holmes
Aweh! It's Episode 3! This week we share our useless opinions on trailers for Supernova, The 355 & Borat: Gift of Pornographic Monkey to Vice Premiere Mikhael Pence to Make Benefit Recently Diminished Nation of Kazakhstan, we discuss Covid movie delays, Scream 5, Lion King 2, Jamie Foxx returning as Electro for Spider-Man 3 and we top it all off with a review for Netflix's Enola Holmes. Shot for listening! 00:00 It starts here 01:45 Supernova Trailer 04:06 The 355 Trailer 07:31 Borat 2 Trailer 11:46 Covid movie delays 13:28 Avatar sequels complete filming 13:38 Scream 5 filming soon 14:32 Lion King 2 16:07 Too many sequels & reboots? 18:07 Jamie Foxx returning as Electro 20:54 Enola Holmes review Instagram: Email:
October 14, 2020
TOP 6: Best Use of a Song in a Scene
It's the Top 6 in your bek! You know when a certain song in a movie just takes a scene to the next level whether it be epic, intimate, violent, or funny? Well, that's what we discuss as we each look at our top 3 picks for the best use of a song in a scene. There are some surprises in this one. Shot for listening. Instagram:
September 30, 2020
Episode 2 in jou mag in! We've changed things up a little and adjusted the format of the show. This week we discuss the Dune trailer, The Batman Covid delay, Fast 9 going to space, possible new Bond cast and we review Christopher Nolans new thriller TENET. Shot for listening. 00:00 It starts here 01:00 Dune Trailer 05:37 Batman Covid delay 06:46 Fast 9 going to space 10:13 Tom Hardy to be new James Bond rumour 13:48 TENET review 26:34 TENET SPOILERS! Instagram:
September 30, 2020