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RENEWables A Sustainability Podcast

RENEWables A Sustainability Podcast

By BioStar Renewables
RENEWables — a new podcast focused on the energy landscape of today. Everything from emerging renewable energy technologies to sustainability practices to why brands are changing the way they think, RENEWables is a source for current and dynamic conversation.

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RENEWables Episode 13: The Future of the Bioeconomy
This episode of RENEWables features tenured attorney and partner, Mark Riedy of Kilpatrick Townsend. With an impressive 45+ year career as an international project finance lawyer, Riedy focuses his practice in the renewable energy, chemical and infrastructure segments, helping clients structure highly-complex transactions — turning their projects into a reality. His in-depth regulatory knowledge guides a multitude of trade associations that champion the growth and extension of important governmental programs, which Riedy feels are critical to the future success of the bioeconomy. Hear how government incentives will help drive the development of renewable energy projects and why they should be valued and protected at the highest level. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Check out following trade associations Mark Riedy referenced during today’s show: American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE): Alternative Fuels & Chemical Coalition (AFCC): Clean Fuels Development Coalition (CFDC):
November 19, 2020
RENEWables Episode 12: Sustainable Brands
As a leading international organization, Sustainable Brands partners with brands to drive corporate innovation while addressing systemic social and environmental challenges AND create market value. This approach to using ‘business for good’ requires a new way of thinking and one SB strives to help companies achieve. In this episode of RENEWables, Director of Business Development, David Hopkins, explains how SB’s corporate membership cultivates a global community of brand innovators and serves as a strong connection point between local, regional and world-wide communities. Hopkins shares how SB has adapted its business model during the pandemic and leveraged the power of technology to continue bringing leaders together for curated, meaningful engagement — even announcing a special in-person event scheduled for June of 2021! Be sure to listen for how to secure a complimentary pass to SB’s upcoming Integrate Conference, an event helping CFOs and CSOs close the gap on achieving important ESG goals.
November 11, 2020
RENEWables Episode 11: Evolving With Today's Energy Market
In Episode 11 of RENEWables, Chuck Hurchalla, of Evolution Energy Partners, shares how the his lifetime of experience in the energy sector has culminated into his current role as CEO. As one of the Philadelphia’s fastest growing companies, Evolution’s focus on commodity risk management and engineering helps its clients reduce overall consumption and achieve long-term, permanent savings — a unique approach to managing the market. With partners like BioStar, Evolution aims for continued growth and to remain on the cutting edge of the industry. Hurchalla explains that the renewables and ESG movement isn’t going away and is more critical than ever. In fact, we’ll see it progress even further as organizations’ sustainability behaviors are measured and scrutinized.
November 5, 2020
RENEWables Episode 10: It's A Whole New Grid Out There!
With increased focus on renewable energy, climate change and the Grid, there’s more data than ever to measure the market’s future. In this episode of RENEWables, hear how two strangers, an industry expert and a top data scientist, launched a new partnership to merge energy and tech. CEO Sean Kelly explains how Amperon’s expertise in energy procurement helps retail energy providers, utilities, market operators and energy traders navigate the best fit for their profiles, with short- and long-term demand forecasting. Learn how its product, AmpRetail, combines real-time, smart-meter data with weather models to predict highly-detailed forecasting and market trends. The Grid is changing and accurate data science is the key to making businesses more sustainable.
October 15, 2020
RENEWables Episode 9: River-Borne Commerce Enhances Sustainable Cities
Join us for this interesting discussion and learn how Kansas City is maximizing one of the its greatest assets to ensure a strong future—From river-borne commerce to the streetcar to the development of the Berkeley Riverfront, this episode covers all things KC! Kansas City is doing some impressive things with transit-oriented development, responsible land use and smart-city growth. On this week’s episode of RENEWalbes, Krishan Purvis of Port KC takes a deep dive into one of the 17 UN Sustainability Development Goals and shares his passion for “Sustainable Cities.” He explains how the Port Authority of Kansas City is using a historical river system to redefine the importance of waterway transportation. River-born commerce has seen a dramatic increase in tonnage over the last several years as companies recognize it as an affordable, efficient and sustainable way to move product. One barge is equivalent to 16 railroad cars or 70 truck trailers, so utilizing the river not only reduces highway traffic but also greenhouse gas emissions.
October 9, 2020
RENEWables Episode 8: How Technology is Changing the Energy Market
Hear from an energy broker who’s career in the oil and gas market has evolved as much as the market itself. Mike Nemer of eRENEWABLE has brought new technology to the sustainability space by offering his customers a real-time, online auction platform for PPA (Power Purchase Agreements) and VPPAs (Virtual Power Purchase Agreements). As corporations continue to set lofty ESG goals, trading virtual energy products, as well as bundled and un-bundled RECs (Renewable Energy Credits) are helping companies achieve their “green” needs. Learn how a new company is bringing a new focus to the renewable energy sector.
October 1, 2020
RENEWables Episode 7: Sustainability and the Automotive Industry
In this RENEWables episode, Bobby Sight shares how Ford continues to develop sustainable technologies to achieve their RE100 goals by 2023 and how Rob Sight Ford continues to evolve its dealership to ensure success in the automotive industry. Don’t miss this car-talk conversation between two friends! Listen in and subscribe!
September 25, 2020
RENEWables Episode 6: Microgrids Bring the Power
In this power-packed episode of RENEWables, Duncan Campbell, VP of Project Analysis at Scale Microgrids, gives us a comprehensive breakdown of microgrids and how they differ from other distributed energy projects. A holistic microgrid approach, which includes solar, battery storage and generators, create systems that equal more than the sum of their parts — achieving the economic, sustainable and resiliency benchmarks customers are coming to expect. Understand the basics between co-generation and tri-generation and what happens to the heat waste created from behind-the-meter power projects. This is a timely and conversation that underscores why resiliency is driving fundamental changes in the U.S. energy market. Click "Follow" so you don't miss an episode!
September 22, 2020
RENEWables Episode 5: Sustainable Stories From Within
In Episode 5 of RENEWables, we spotlight a BioStar employee who’s sustainability roots run deep, both personally and professionally. Entrepreneur Chrissy Coughlin has a tenured career building relationships from Washington DC to LA, with small to large companies alike — flying the green flag high and sharing the good-natured work organizations are striving to achieve. “Sustainability” means something different to many, but corporations are intentionally shifting the focus to prioritize specific goals from to top down. This is an interesting conversation you won’t want to miss! Click "Follow" so you don't miss an episode!
September 22, 2020
RENEWables Episode 4: ABC's of the Energy Market
In Episode 4, Andrew shares the basics of the U.S. electricity market, the differences between regulated and deregulated power and the entities that deliver that power. He covers demand response and distributed generation and how customers are leveraging the technology to off-set their power load and create revenue. Whether you're green to understanding the nuances of the industry or well-versed in the space, you'll find this conversation worthwhile! Click "Follow" so you don't miss an episode!
September 22, 2020
RENEWables Episode 3: Solar Today
In Episode 3, Lila Ontiveros of Freedom Solar, explains why consumers are finding such value in transitioning their power off the grid to a renewable resource. If you're new to understanding the benefits of Solar, you won't want to miss this episode. Tune-in and learn more! Click "Follow" so you don't miss an episode!
September 22, 2020
RENEWables Episode 2: The Purpose Advantage
In Episode 2 of RENEWables, author Jeff Fromm unpacks what it means for brands to have Purpose Advantage and how by focusing on specific consumer benefits, brands can create distinguishing attributes and increased marketshare.  Smart strategies = Meaningful action = Long-term, positive effects. Click "Follow" so you don't miss an episode!
September 22, 2020
RENEWables Episode 1: Air Quality
In Episode 1: "Air Quality", President & CEO of AtmosAir™ Solutions gives us an inside look at how air purification systems are fighting coronavirus head on. Schools, hospitals, sports venues and big corporations alike are taking important strides in delivering clean, safe indoor air to all of those who enter their facilities. Click "Follow" so you don't miss an episode!
September 22, 2020