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The Burrow with Birdee

The Burrow with Birdee

By Birdee
A Kookaburra lives in a burrow up high in the trees. Here in this space we explore GROWTH, in the many forms that may be, strengthening our beaks (voice) and bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). Swoop in and take rest here, listen to the many sacred songs being sung...
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Who is Birdee and wassup with her Burrow?

The Burrow with Birdee

Protection & Boundaries - how this looks for me.
Here I speak of my experience with protection & boundaries and how I implement this energetically and physically - especially with family members!
May 30, 2021
Like moths to a flame, babe.
The more you amplify and illuminate your energy working through your limiting fears and creating deeper states of divine peace, power and prosperity within yourself - the more moths are attracted and enchanted by your Light. However, there is nothing to be afraid of here - you are the most powerful thing in every room/space. As always, I speak about managing and perceiving your energy and being conscious of those around you in your environment. Who are the moths? Who are the butterflies?
May 30, 2021
Conscious connections or people pleasing?
I share my experiences with bringing awareness to the ways in which I and others are wired. This allows me to CHOOSE whether to withdraw my roots from these soils and find new growth elsewhere or to stay. How are the connections around me affecting me? Do I feel pushed and pulled to do the bidding of others or is it my own conscious choices?
May 10, 2021
Feeling the feels, my darling? I thank you.
I THANK YOU for being here with me. 🙏🏼 this is beautiful if you’re in #BearMode 🐻
May 10, 2021
‘you are not a machine, you are a Garden’ darling!
I saw this written in chalk in a friends home and I adore it! Here I speak on relationships in our life being like weeds or flowers as well as energy management, the sacred act of resting, cycles and growth.
May 10, 2021
Tend to the roots of your flower, darling. 🌹🦋
Here I soften and give some more perspectives on observing your partner (flower) or your own self and seeing if your roots are truly being nourished. Perhaps the flower needs deep connection & care, rather than for you to take flight to the next flower.
February 22, 2021
You are the Butterfly, the relationships in your life are the flowers 💐
I’m talking energy management, energy perception and the connections or relationships in your life. How to know when they have ended and to begin flight to the explore the next....
January 19, 2021
Are lions surrounding you, deer?
This is touching on the people around us that may have stagnant and/or distorted energy. That dim us rather than illuminate us. Pay attention. Place boundaries for your self to ensure you are managing your well being and not getting bitten or entirely consumed. Sooth your self and slow downnnnnnn. Trust in the divine’s lead for your life and let what is for highest good of all to unfurl....
December 8, 2020
We all sprout from different seeds and grow YOUniquely.
Just as in nature there are countless species and differences amongst the plants and trees. Many different properties, healing abilities, uses, etc. Some are safe for animals to eat, some are toxic. Be curious and accept the differences between the different kinds of plants/trees among us (human beings). If we remain open and aware we don’t really get surprised when we experience something poisonous - we learn to put it back down, move along and don’t frikin touch it again. Ha ha
December 8, 2020
The Tree of Me Analogy - let’s draw!
Explore the glorious Tree symbolism and draw yourself a chakra tree with me! I explain each section of the tree and how it’s symbolic to me of each energy centre. This gives you an idea of your chakras and their flow. I’d love to see your drawing over in Birdees Garden Facebook group if you want to come share - let’s dig in....
December 8, 2020
Who is Birdee and wassup with her Burrow?
Here I introduce myself and how I adore the bird symbolism within my name. Also, why this space is called the Burrow - koo-ka-ka kah!
September 7, 2020