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Natures Playgrounds

Natures Playgrounds

By James Corden-Lloyd
Natures Playgrounds is bi-weekly, interviews sharing the ultimate adventure birding & other outdoor recreation experiences with the partakers connected to the worlds richest tapestry of natures playgrounds. Please visit If you would like to contribute to the show and help our micro philanthropy efforts, you can click on And buy a coffee or two, thanks very much.
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Cordenouterwear Safari Jacket#Season2Episode1
Welcome to Natures Playgrounds we create outerwear for the community we serve. Outerwear with purpose. Presenting the chosen man safari jacket, the chosen woman safari jacket, the Stirling Smock, the Julian double pocketed safari shirt, the Lauren double pocketed safari shirt, The Where Eagles Dare Jacket. For enquires please email or visit Instagram @cordenouterwear.#safarijacket#outerwear#apparel
April 11, 2022
Andrew Sebastian Founder & CEO Ecomy, Eco-Tourism & Conservation Society Malaysia #episode16
This week on Natures Playgrounds I Interviewed Andrew Sebastian Founder & CEO of Eco Tourism & Conservation Society Malaysia (ECOMY). He is a very accomplished Birder recorded a total number of 2,400 Birds worldwide. He Is a leader in Nature, the Environment furthermore as a premier nature/birdguide. He has over 80 guides in Malaysia attached to his formidable NGO. We spoke about his Vision & Mission for 2022, Intact forests, and his plans to accelerate his guides & rangers program. We also discussed plans of writing a treatment for a national nature TV show...
January 28, 2022
Adventure Birding in Rwanda with Muhire Damascene Director of Jacana Birding Tours#episode15
Today on Natures Playgrounds I interviewed Muhire Damascene from Jacana Birding Tours for the second time. We spoke about Nyarutarama dam, Mont Kigali Lake Kivu & the Western part of Rwanda. Including Mashoza Parike Forest Akagera National Park, the Papyrus Swamps and Wetlands of Bugesera. We also discussed Nyungwe Forest National Park, MUKURA GISHWATI NATIONAL PARK & the Lakes Burera & Ruhondo. In 2022 we will be implementing an Adventure Birding Tour alongside Jacana Birding Tours. Please visit for details on all our tours & guides & rangers profiles.
January 05, 2022
Nepal with Vimal Thapa Founder Nature-treks#episode14
Vimal is the Founder of Himalaya (NTH)  and has some 25 years of experience in Nepal tourism, mainly in adventure and nature-based tours. He is also involved in national social and conservation organisations such as Bird Conservation Nepal, Nepal River Conservation Trust and Umbrella Nepal with an electronic bird forum- Friendsofbird. We spoke about the Pokara region, Bird Conservation Nepal, & Golden Eagles..
November 25, 2021
Rainforest Connection(RFCx) Lawrence Whittaker Lead Field Installer.#episode13
Rainforest Connection builds devices called 'Guardians' that are installed high in the rainforest canopy to collect acoustic data from the rainforest. The NGO detects chainsaw & deleterious events in real-time and sends rangers an audio file to review verify and reference to 'action on' and deploy to the site under observation. This week I has the pleasure of Lawrence Whittaker joining me on the show. Lawrence is a professional tree climber and the lead field installer for Rainforest Connection.
November 09, 2021
Andrew Walker Birding Trip in West Timor, Rote & Sumba in Indonesia#episode12
We discussed Andrew's recent birding trip to West Timor, Rote & Sumba in Indonesia. We spoke about a few endemic species that he sighted and the pioneering aspect to his visit especially within rare species. Clearly an adventure birding paradise. He saw some wonderful endemic species, explored a couple of Islands and nationally rare birds along his journey. Adventure birding at its finest.
November 03, 2021
Rwanda with Muhire Jean Damascene, Director Jacana Birding Tours#episode11
We spoke about Nyungwe forest one of the best preserved montane forest in Central Africa. Akagera national park a remarkable story of revival as a protected area furthermore Cyamudongo forest that is only 19sq km. We also discussed Kigali as an exceptional birding area, Muhire also touched on how many endemic species their are in Rwanda. Muhire has owned Jacana Birding tours for five years and he is a leader in birding & nature related activities. We are honored to have him as our Professional Guide & Ranger exclusively for Rwanda.
October 29, 2021
Kwesiga Christopher from Bird Finders Uganda#episode10
Today on Natures Playgrounds my guest was Kwesiga Christopher from Bird Finders is Uganda. We spoke about Bwindi National Park & Kibele Forest. Furthermore what a majestic country with nature on a grand scale, a profusion of brilliant birds & wildlife including the endemic ' Ruwenzori bouble collared Sunbird & the Gorillas. We also discussed how Winston Churchill proclaimed in his book my African Journey Uganda as the 'Pearl of Africa.'" for magnificence, for variety of form and color, for profusion of brilliant life- bird, insect, reptile, beast - for vast scale Uganda is truly the Pearl of Africa. We also touched on the explorers of the Nile Speke & Burton as the Nile begins near Jinja Uganda on the north shore of the lake. Please visit & visit to get in contact with Christopher.
October 20, 2021
Climate Intelligence #Episode9
In this age of data, knowing what's important is paramount, at Bird Ranger we try and uncover some of these gaps, our work starts where open source material stops. The Climate Intelligence space is relatively new, big data, science and technology are the pillars behind the industry. But added value can further arise from its synergy with people. We are building up a global connectivity of Guides, Rangers, Industry Leaders & strategic alliance partners. Asset grade insights via the podcast show natures playgrounds, spot on insightful reports and in the field technology driven initiatives are all are scope of work. For more information please visit
October 19, 2021
Natures Playgrounds Podcast Outro
Listen 🎧 to ‘natures playgrounds’ a podcast on Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts,  Breaker, Castbox, Sticher, Overcast, Radio Public for bi-weekly interviews sharing the ultimate adventure birding, the trailblazers in the world of nature & other outdoor recreation experiences from the partakers connected to the richest tapestry of natures playgrounds.
October 12, 2021
Topher White Founder of NGO Rainforest Connection (RFCx)#Episode7
American Technologist Topher White uses mobile phones to create a network of forest ears that can report illegal activity as well as live-stream the sounds of birds & wildlife in remote regions such as the Amazon, Central America and Asia. We discussed forest preservation and Rainforest Connection technology to protect it & how they support the local groups in the forests to share intelligence through acoustics, apps and mechanisms to respond. Local groups are key especially indigenous rangers. We spoke how to deploy bird rangers network of guides & rangers under a direct partnership, climbing trees, and how to make a difference. Furthermore the recordings for birds with their 'guardians of the trees' eco-acoustics tech & and how they can work with Birders.
October 05, 2021
Birding in Flores & Papua or formerly Irian Jaya Indonesia with my guest Andrew Walker#episode6
We spoke about his recent trip to Flores in Indonesia where he observed the Flores scops owl a species that was lost for almost 100 years! the rare Bare- throated Whistler, the chestnut -backed thrush. We also discussed Papua or formerly Irian Jaya, Thailand & Taman Negara in Malaysia.
September 19, 2021
Birding in Iran with my Guest Sajad Zareian on Natures Playgrounds. #episode5
We spoke about the Iranian Birding Club Raptor Count, the Steppe Eagle, furthermore the top province for Birding in Iran Khuzestan. We also discussed conservation projects, the highest peak in the middle east mount damavand, the hycanian forests, the caspian sea coast, the alborz mountain range and the central desert of Iran.
September 05, 2021
Natures Playgrounds continuing the series on Nepal with Vimal Thapa.
We spoke about our combined adventure birding tour in 2022. We also discussed the birdsong of the blue whistling thrush, conservations projects & the Snow leopard.
August 27, 2021
Interview with Vimal Thapa from Kathmandu Nepal
We spoke about what is his favorite Himalayan Bird, and other birds he regularly sites. We also discussed his favorite trek the Annapurna trek. Furthermore the best times to visit Nepal for adventure birding..
August 06, 2021
Bird Ranger
Am out everyday for at least 3 hours adventure Birding, am in johor Malaysia at the moment, so the environment is lowland forests, plantations & small reservoirs, the tapestry of birds here, right now at a place called Impian Emas include White-Bellied Sea Eagle, Blue- throated bee eaters, yellow vented bulbuls & black Headed Munias, scaly breasted Munias to.mention just a few..
July 15, 2021
Welcome Nature Lovers & Birders.
James shares his passion for the great outdoors & nature, in particular Adventure Birding.
June 28, 2021