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9/18 Morning MASH

An episode of Jay Bird Watching

By Craig Borden/ Brendan Panikkar
Welcome to the Jay Bird Watching. We are here to bring you all of your Toronto Blue Jays news in one simple quick Podcast. We like to make these shows perfect for your morning commute.

We also bring you our most popular segments in our weekday show the #MorningMASH during the season. We also have the #WednesdayWallop to bring you all the latest in a group chat.

Not only do we have all this great recorded content but we will be live during select Blue Jays games. This way you can mute Buck & Pat to join in the convo with us here.

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More places to listen

To Shapiro, or not to Shapiro???
Brendan Panikkar and Craig Borden discuss the contract of Blue Jays President Mark Shapiro and how his track record has been thus far. All this and MLB news on this week's episode of Jay Bird Watching.
October 16, 2019
Blue Jays 2019 Twittersphere Highlights!
Blue Jays fans we call it quits for the 2019 regular season and dive through the Twitterverse to bring you the best headlines and highlights from the campaign. Craig Borden and Brendan Panikkar dive into the deep end to discuss all things 2019 Toronto Blue Jays baseball.
October 10, 2019
Hanging with Big Brother Kay
Blue Jays fans I hope you are prepared for a treat. Bobby Kay (Brother of Jays pitcher Anthony Kay) joins Brendan Panikkar and Craig Borden to talk all things Blue Jays. Bobby is a recently acquired Blue Jays fan but like his brother has already become a fun person to chat baseball with.  All this and more on this week's episode of Jay Bird Watching.
September 24, 2019
The Importance of a STRONG Finish
Jason Lee of JaysJournal.com joins host Craig Borden and Brendan Panikkar to discuss an eventful week in Toronto Blue Jays baseball. The Blue Jays won series' against the Red Sox and Yankees. Is this a sign of things to come or just a strong finish?
September 17, 2019
Zuech, Kay, and other surprises
Blue Jays fans we have all the latest for you and a surprise visit from Hayden Godfrey. Zuech, Kay and company are starting their Spring 2020 auditions early and Brendan Panikkar and Craig Borden are ready to discuss their early findings.
September 11, 2019
Blue Jays were once again no hit by Justin Verlander. The offense slows down in a an up and down week for the Jays. Brendan Panikkar and Craig Borden dive into the latest and recap some of the stand out performances to wrap the Minor League seasons.
September 4, 2019
He's here and it's Bo-Tastic!!!
We have another Totally Bo-Dacious episode for you Blue Jays fans. Adam Corsair of SouthOfThe6ix.com joins us to discuss all things Bo and this past weeks invasion of the west coast. Host Brendan Panikkar and Craig Borden bring you all the latest Jays talk right here.
August 27, 2019
These Kids Are Better Then Alright!!!
Craig Borden and Brendan Panikkar take a look at the Blue Jays system and how these kids are starting to take the ball and run with it! Get excited Blue Jays fans the sun is rising on what could be a heck of a dynasty.
August 20, 2019
Putting the AL East on Notice!
The Blue Jays were able to go 4-3 over the past week against the Rays and Yankees. Have the young Jays broken out of their shell to show their potential? Brendan Panikkar and Craig Borden dive into the trending upward performance and the 2020 schedule. 
August 13, 2019
Trade Fallout and all things Bichette!
Brendan Panikkar and Craig Borden are joined by Mike Paul and Alan Tisseman of RadioScouts.com to sift through the Toronto Blue Jays trade deadline moves. Plus we have the arrival of Bo Bichette and the Jays offense to discuss! All this and more on this week's episode of Jay Bird Watching.
August 6, 2019
Stro-Down or Trending Up?
The Blue Jays have traded Marcus Stroman as the end of an era truly ends and the youngsters are left to run with the team. We also discuss Bo Bichette's debut and all the other Blue Jays trade season news with hosts Brendan Panikkar and Craig Borden
July 30, 2019
Kendall Williams - Lets Go Buffalo - & the HOF
Brendan Panikkar and Craig Borden have a jam packed episode for you this week. We have special guest Kendall Williams who was the Toronto Blue Jay's 2019 2nd round pick. We also go into detail on our trip to Buffalo this past weekend and talk all the latest Jays news. All this and more here on Jay Bird Watching.
July 22, 2019
Shapiro/ Atkins trade luck!
Brendan Panikkar and Craig Borden discuss the Blue Jays front office recent luck with trades as the trade deadline nears. They also discuss all things Bo BIchette and there soon to be Jay Bird Watching trip to Buffalo and Sahlen Field. Blue Jays fans at the game make sure you message us on Twitter @BirdWatchingGC to join us at the ballpark!
July 18, 2019
A Vladdy Kind of Night
Jason Lee of Jays Journal joins host Craig Borden and Brendan Panikkar to trot the bases on Vlad Jr's epic home run derby. We also talk juiced baseballs and all the trade rumors that will eventually lead to Bo Bichette's call up.
July 12, 2019
Offensive explosion and seeing stars!
Hosts Brendan Panikkar and Craig Borden discuss the Blue Jays recent outburst on offense and the coming All-Star break. We also discuss the state of the rotation and plenty of Minor League news and injury updates along with our mid season awards.
July 4, 2019
Vladdy Bombs, Ex-Rays, & possible trades with the Yankees?
Adam Corsair of Southofthe6ix.com joins hosts Craig Borden and Brendan Panikkar to discuss all things Toronto Blue Jays. Is Stroman going to the Yankees? Does baseball get a chance to return to Montreal? All this and more on this weeks episode
June 26, 2019
Wilderness of Dreams - w/ guest Zach Helton
The voice of the Bluefield Blue Jays joins hosts Craig Borden & Brendan Panikkar to discuss opening day in the Appy League along with the Jays budding future. All this and more on the latest episode of Jay Bird Watching.
June 19, 2019
It's a good thing everyone is paying attention to the Raptors!
The Toronto Blue Jays rebuild saga continues but the Toronto Raptors are the NBA Champions! #WeTheNorth and the Blue Jay rebuild is showing some steps in progress.
June 14, 2019
“We have nobody else” - Charlie Montoyo
This week we do things differently! Brendan Panikkar flies solo tonight to cover the rehabbing starters in the minor leagues, the Yankees series, the Diamondbacks series, and cover some key statcast stats for Blue Jays players. Craig Borden will hit you with a second episode on Thursday.
June 11, 2019
How the heck did we get here......
Craig Borden and Brendan Panikkar discuss the state of the Blue Jays season and where things are going. All the MLB draft coverage and the Skydome's 30th BDAY too!
June 6, 2019
Future Trade Chips & Let the Kids Play
Jason Lee of Jays Journal joins us to discuss Sam Gaviglio and all the latest Blue Jays news. He joins hosts Brendan Panikkar and Craig Borden to also discuss some future trade ideas that the Jays might hope to explore.
May 28, 2019
Getting Rowdy with quick pitches
Brendan Panikkar and Craig Borden are joined by Hayden Godfrey a writer for Jays Journal & the Lansing Lugnuts. We discuss all things Blue Jays, Vladdy, and the Stroman Quick pitch on the latest episode.
May 23, 2019
Vladdy Vicious!
Rich Birfer (@richardbirfs) of Evolution Metrix joins hosts Craig Borden & Brendan Panikkar to discuss the stat of the Blue Jays pitching staff. We also dive into the incredible showing by Vlad Jr. as we get a glimpse of how truly tainted he is.
May 16, 2019
O NO, We suck again!!!
Well Blue Jays fans it has been a rather rough week for the team all around. Brendan Panikkar and Craig Borden strive to put the pieces back together here on this weeks episode. Lets get it together Blue Jays you are better then this. #GameON
May 9, 2019
Vlad lust and a New Era of Blue Jays baseball
Craig Borden and Brendan Panikkar discuss the first game in the Vlad era of Blue Jays baseball and dive into how this team has a chance to be something special right now! All the trade rumors and news talk right here on Jay Bird Watching
May 3, 2019
Vlademonium Is Coming to Toronto!!!
Vlad Gurerro is coming to Toronto to make his Major League Debut this Friday. The Jay Bird Watching crew will be there will you? The Blue Jays offense slumps in a 2 game series against the Giants after destroying the A's in Oakland this past weekend. What is in store for this offense as the youth injection continues with their new star?
April 25, 2019
Quick Hits - Wounded Birds & Contention Possiblities
The Blue Jays rotation was dealt a serious blow as Matt Shoemaker is diagnosed with an ACL injury. With him gone for the season how do the Blue Jays replace the amazing work he was doing on the mound? Craig Borden and Brendan Panikkar dive into this topic in todays special show.
April 22, 2019
Morning MASH 4/22
Blue Jays pick up the sweep against the A's but lost a few key players in this bitter sweet victory.
April 22, 2019
Wednesday Wallop - Every fence but D-Fence
The Blue Jays have had a rough week as errors and inconsistent play best summarize the Jays first few weeks of play. All this an more as Craig Borden and Brendan Panikkar bring you all the latest Blue Jays talk right here. Plus Vlad watch!
April 17, 2019
Morning MASH 4/16
Blue Jays come back to steal a win from the Twins. Monster homerun by Teoscar Hernandez puts thr Jays on top
April 16, 2019
Morning MASH 4/15
The Blue Jays have a rough weekend against the Rays and will look to figure things out as the travel to take on the Twins
April 15, 2019
Morning MASH 4/12
The Blue Jays jump out to an early leas but let it slowly disolve through out the game and take a split in the series vs the Red Sox
April 12, 2019
Wednesday Wallop - Did the Jays drink Jobu's Rum?
The Toronto Blue Jays had a rough weekend in Cleveland as the bats continued to be silent. In game 1 against the Red Sox things improved. Is this the new version of Blue Jays Baseball? Craig Borden and Brendan Panikkar have all the latest news and analysis for you right here on Jay Bird Watching.
April 10, 2019
Morning MASH 4/8
The Blue Jays offense still can not catch fire as the get swept by the Indians
April 8, 2019
Wednesday Wallop - Trades, extensions, and loses oh my!
Craig Borden and Brendan Panikkar dive into the recent Blue Jays news of trading Kevin Pillar and signing Randal Grichuk to an extension. The Blue Jays have been pitching great but have not found their swing on offense in the early part of this season.
April 4, 2019
Morning MASH 4/3
The Blue Jays have a big day as the trade Kevin Pillar and sign Randal Grichuk to an extension. Unfortunately they are still looking to find their bats and lost onther one to the Orioles
April 3, 2019
Morning MASH 4 / 2
The Blue Jays got rocked to start the game but finally found their bats in the late part of the game. They come up just short of completing the comeback however.
April 2, 2019
Morning MASH 4/1
The Toronto Blue Jays split the opening weekend series against the Detroit tigers. great pitching continues to be the trend for the Toronto Blue Jays as the offense falls flat for another game. Check out our live gamecast at www.facebook.com/birdwatchingGC
April 1, 2019
Morning MASH 3/29
Blue Jays marcus Stroman takes on the Tigers but the Jays fall short on opening day
March 29, 2019
Wednesday Wallop - It is FINALLY HERE!!!
Regular season Blue Jays baseball is so close we can taste it. This recording of our live show to close out the Blue Jays Montreal series will get you ready for everything Opening Day related as the Jays hope to kick things off in style.
March 27, 2019
Morning MASH 3/26
Blue Jays kick off the Montreal series but they could not outlast the Brewers.
March 26, 2019
Morning MASH 3/25
Blue Jays prepare to head to Montreal with some new faces and get blown out in their last Florida game.
March 25, 2019
Wednesday Wallop - Hey it could happen man!
Brendan Panikkar and Craig Borden have fun discussing the latest Toronto Blue Jays News. They also talk roster news and all the fun and excitement as MLB Network visited Dunedin for the 30 Clubs in 30 Days segment. It is almost baseball season and the team is looking very interesting!
March 21, 2019
Morning MASH 3/19
Blue Jays are featured on MLB Networks 30 clubs in 30 days. Also the latest Jays news and they took a win from the Detroit Tigers
March 19, 2019
Morning MASH 3/18
Blue Jays take one from the Twins ok a Rowdy Tellez game winning homer
March 18, 2019
Friday Wallop - Blue Jays finding their groove!
Blue Jays fans should be getting excited as the team is showing signs of excellence and looking to prove everyone wrong as they grind out every pitch. Craig Borden and Brendan Panikkar discuss all of the latest Toronto Blue Jays News
March 16, 2019
Morning MASH 3/15
Blue Jays take a tie against the Yankees and Ken Giles attempts to light a fire under one of his teammates
March 15, 2019
Morning MASH 3/14 - Stroshow opening day
Morning recap of all things Blue Jays. Stroman dominates but the Jays fall to the Oriole's
March 14, 2019
Morning MASH 3/13
Blue Jays winning streak gets snapped but Aaron Sanchez blows through the Rays lineup
March 13, 2019
Morning MASH - Blue Jays have won 8 straight!
The Toronto Blue Jays have been a force over the past week and fan should be getting excited. The team is on fire on offence and took another 10-1 victory over the Twins Sunday. All the game action and all of the Blue Jays news right here.
March 11, 2019
Wednesday Wallop - Culture shock and Top Prospects
Ryan Di Francesco of Blue Jays Nation joins us to discuss all things Jays News and helps us wrap up our Top 30 Prospects Countdown
March 6, 2019
Wednesday Wallop - Jays games start and so does the drama
Craig Borden and Brendan Panikkar bring you all the latest Toronto Blue Jays news as Spring Training games kick off. Joined by guest Adam Corsair they will walk through all the latest and the continuation of their Top 30 Prospects Countdown
February 27, 2019
Quick hit - This weekends Starting Pitchers!!
The Toronto Blue Jays will be kicking off Spring Training with Ryan Borucki and Sean Reid-Foley on thr bump
February 21, 2019
Wednesday Wallop - I dream of Dunedin
Brendan Panikkar and Craig Borden bring you the latest Toronto Blue Jays news with special guest Callum Hughson. We discuss all things about the town of Dunedin. He is a frequent guest and put together an amazing article highlighting some of his favorite spots that we were able to chat about. That and the Blue Jays Top Prospects Countdown continues
February 20, 2019
Spring Training Predictions & Prospects 20-16
The Wednesday Wallop with Craig Borden and Brendan Panikkar and discuss Predictions and continue the Top Blue Jays Prospects Countdown with #'s 20-16
February 14, 2019
Top 30 Prospects Countdown #'s 25-21
On this weeks Wednesday Wallop we continue our Top Prospects Countdown with #'s 25-21. We also discuss Freddy Galvis and all the other Toronto Blue Jays rumors.
February 7, 2019
Blue Jays Top 30 Prospects Countdown #'s 30-26
Jay Bird Watching has compiled a list of the Toronto Blue Jays Top Prospects with the help of South of the 6ix, Prospectslive.com, and all of our contributors. Jason Woodell of ProspectsLive joins us for the just missed players and #'s 30-26
January 31, 2019
O Halladay! - Wednesday Wallop
We have a special dedication of this weeks Wednesday Wallop to the entire Halladay Family. In this bittersweet week the Blue Jays nation joins is with you for the Induction of Roy Halladay to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Our thoughts are with you as always. #DocForever 
January 24, 2019
You're Killing Me SMALLS! - Top Baseball Movie Countdown
What is the best Baseball Movie of all time. A discussion that is infinite-ably debatable with the amount of amazing movies but Zach Helton, Hayden Godfrey, and Adam Corsair get ready to drop the gloves on this debate to root for their favorite baseball movie in this Top 9 Countdown. 
January 19, 2019
Breaking News - Russell Martin Traded!!!
The Blue Jays have found a way to move Russell Martin to the Dodgers and get a few Minor League Talents heading back to the Jays. All the info on the trade and all the other recent Blue Jays News right here
January 12, 2019
Wednesday Wallop - The offseason strikes back
Brendan Panikkar and Craig Borden provide incite and a recap to the Toronto Blue Jays Off-season.
January 10, 2019
Blue Jay's NEW YEAR'S Resolutions
Hayden Godfrey and Adam Corsair discuss Toronto Blue Jays New Year's Resolutions. What little things could they do better in 2019 to get some more wins. Also news as Matt Shoemaker signs with the Jays
December 30, 2018
Wednesday Wallop - Winter Meetings Wrap
Brendan Panikkar and Craig Borden discuss the latest rumors surrounding the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Organization. They also wrap up the Rule 5 draft and the Winter Meetings.
December 19, 2018
Should be Blue Jays Hall of Famers and News
Blue Jays fans we have a treat for you as we assemble an amazing panel of writers. Ian Hunter, Ari Shapiro, and Adam Corsair join our host Craig Borden to discuss the latest lowering of the bar for the Baseball Hall of Fame. With the bar lowered what Blue Jays should be getting a better look at the hallowed halls of immortality. At that and you Blue Jays news right here
December 13, 2018
Breaking News - Expectations Tulo
Troy Tulowitzki has been released from the Toronto Blue Jays and we are all shocked! Craig Borden and Brendan Panikkar jump into the latest Blue Jays news
December 12, 2018
Wednesday Wallop - Non-tender deadline talk
Brendan Panikkar and Craig Borden talk the current state of the MLB free agent market after the recent non-tendered contract deadline. How does this affect the Blue Jays plans as the gear up for the winter meetings?
December 5, 2018
Hot Topic - AFL Prospect talk w/ ProspectsLive.com
Our guests Jason Pennini and Jason Woodell of ProspectsLive.com join us to Discuss the Toronto Blue Jays Prospects performances from the Arizona Fall League.
November 29, 2018
Blue Jays 40-Man Roster talk - 100th episode!
New biweekly chat with Brendan Panikkar and Craig Borden bringing you all the Blue Jays chat that you can handle. This week we talk the just released 40-Man Roster and more! Segment title will be incoming and we love suggestions.
November 21, 2018
Breaking News - Diaz Traded
Our guest Adam Corsair of Southofthe6ix.com joins us to talk about the Diaz Trade and other off season Blue Jays news
November 17, 2018
Hot Topic - Blue Jays Off-season Predictions Part Deux
We have our encore performance as we discuss more Toronto Blue Jays offseason predictions. Brendan Panikkar of Jays Journal joins us to discuss what the near future could bring for Jays fans.
November 7, 2018
Hot Topic - Blue Jays Off-season Predictions
We had the pleasure of having country singer / JaysJournal.com writer Chris Henderson on the show to discuss predictions for the Blue Jays off-season.
November 5, 2018
Bird News - Blue Jays Manager Watch Continued
Hayden Godfrey of Jays Journal joins our host Craig Borden to discuss the so-called final five manager candidates.
October 25, 2018
Fan Chat - Our guest Alicia Legge (@legge_alicia)
We have our first fan chat here on Jay Bird Watching with Alicia Legge of St. John's Newfoundland. We had fun and talked everything Blue Jays baseball. Find here on Twitter @legge_alicia
October 11, 2018
Hot Topic - Blue Jays Manager Watch 2018
I had the pleasure of talking all things Blue Jays manager hunt with Hayden Godfrey (@haydengodfreyy) of Jays Journal. Join us and make sure you are a part of the conversation on Twitter @BirdWatchingGC. More Hot Topic and FAN CHAT episodes coming to fill you Blue Jays offseason blues.
October 6, 2018
9/27 Morning MASH
The Blue Jays wrap up their last home game with a win! John Gibbons last home game as the Jays manager.
September 27, 2018
9/26 Morning MASH
The Blue Jays become the 100th victim for the Houston Astros as they pick up their 100th win of the season. Errors doom the Jay in the loss
September 26, 2018
MiLB Interviews - Bluefield Blue Jays - Zach Helton
We have the voice of the Bluefield Blue Jays, Zach Helton, join us for a season wrap up of the Jays season in the Appalachian League. Great conversation with a talented annoncer.
September 25, 2018
9/25 Morning MASH
The Blue Jays could not complete the comeback against the Astros.
September 25, 2018
9/24 Morning MASH
Blue Jay's take a loss to split the series against the Rays
September 24, 2018
9/21 Morning MASH
The Blue Jays come up huge in the 9th to steal a victory from the Rays. The youngsters are finding their groove in the Big Leagues
September 21, 2018
9/20 Morning MASH
Estrada pitches his heart out but the Blue Jay's miss out on the sweep of the Orioles
September 20, 2018
9/19 Morning MASH
The Blue Jays come back to win against the Orioles despite some bad luck on defense.
September 19, 2018
9/18 Morning MASH
The Blue Jays stay hot behind Ryan Borucki and pick up another win. The Baby Birds are heating up!!
September 18, 2018
9/17 Morning MASH
The Bleu Jays take 2-3 from the Yankees and the Fisher Cats are Champions!
September 17, 2018
9/14 Morning MASH
Blue Jays get swept by the Red Sox but the baby Jays continue to well.
September 14, 2018
9/7 Morning MASH
The Blue Jays make history but fall short of the win. The Minor League teams play well in the playoffs as the Fisher Cats run away with another victory.
September 7, 2018
9/6 Morning MASH
The Blue Jays rock the Ray's in a big win for Aaron Sanchez. FisherCats take game one off the Eastern league playoffs
September 6, 2018
Episode 81
Blue Jays take another shutout loss to the Rays. We also help you prep for the Minor League playoffs and offseason
September 5, 2018
9/4 Morning MASH
Blue Jay's and Stroman continue to get crushed by the Ray's. Full Minor League recap
September 4, 2018
8/31 Morning MASH
All Minor League Blue Jays fun for you this morning!
August 31, 2018
8/29 Morning MASH
The Blue Jays take one on the chin as the lose to the O's
August 29, 2018
8/27 Morning MASH
Morales does it again in a BlueJays loss to the Phillies. All that and a MiLB recap for you here on the Morning MASH
August 27, 2018
8/21 Morning MASH
Morales powers the Blue Jays to a win. All the Jays news and a farm report.
August 21, 2018
8/20 Morning MASH
Blue Jays get rocked by the Yankees over the weekend but we have a full recap and Minor League News for you.
August 20, 2018
8/14 Morning MASH
Blue Jay's lost a close one as their rookie battery looked pretty good in their debuts.
August 14, 2018
8/10 Morning MASH
The audio file was corrupted for the MLB portion of our show today - Thanks sprint network! We have all the Minor League report ready for you to go. Blue Jays beat the Red Sox!!
August 10, 2018
8/9 Morning MASH
#Blue Jays lose another to the #RedSox. In the Minors Vladdy Jr. is on full display with the #Bisons. Hit his first Triple A homer
August 9, 2018
8/8 Morning MASH
Blue Jays lose an odd one to the Red Sox Tuesday while the Minor League teams flex their offensive muscles.
August 8, 2018
8/7 Morning MASh
What do the Blue Jays do with the rest of their season ?
August 7, 2018
8/6 Morning MASH
Blue Jays take a lose in the final game of the series vs the Mariners but had a great home weekend in Seattle as the Jays fans invade Safco Field
August 6, 2018
8/2 Morning MASH
Blue Jay's struggle and get swept by the A's but the Minor league system rakes in the runs.
August 2, 2018
7/30 Morning MASH
Blue Jays ride a solid start by Borucki to victory. Lourdes Gurriel Jr. Picks up his 11th straight multi-hit performance in the win. Vladdy is coming to buffalo!
July 30, 2018
Breaking News! - Osuna traded to the Astros
Blue Jay's strike a deal with the Astros and swap closers. Jay's send Osuna for Ken Giles and some prospects
July 30, 2018
7/26 Morning MASH
Jay's get rocked in extra innings by the Twins. Oh Yeah trade talks are kicking up and I got to visit the Bluefield Blue Jays. All the Jay's news you can handle and all the fun about my trip to Bluefield
July 26, 2018
7/25 Morning MASH
Jay's can not get Borucki a win and the Minor league teams struggle
July 25, 2018
7/24 Morning MASH
Bullpen day proves to be disastrous for the Blue Jays as they fall to the Twins 8-3. All your Jays news and a Farm Report for 7/24 right here
July 24, 2018
7/23 Morning MASH
Jay's come back in glorious fashion to sweep the Orioles. Bisons get plenty of power from their battery in their latest win.
July 23, 2018
7/11 Morning MASH
Blue Jay's take a big bite out of the Braves in a great game led by Marcus Stroman
July 11, 2018
7/9 Morning Mash
July 9, 2018
7/5 Morning MASH
The Blue Jays get rocked in the 5th inning as the Mets run away with this ball game. The MiLB report does not get any more fun as the system gets blanked on the 4th of July.
July 5, 2018
7/4 Morning MASH
The Blue Jays cap off a great come back on a Lourdes Gurriel homer! Solarte got the party going with a game-tying 3-run blast. Jays Win!
July 4, 2018
7/2 Morning MASH
Blue Jays lose a close one in extra innings. The Lugnuts continue to roll all over the Midwest League as the pick up another win
July 3, 2018
Your 2019 Toronto Blue Jays Opening Day Roster
Craig Borden and special guest Hayden Godfrey during the most recent LIVE game cast had some fun looking into the future. What would the Blue Jays roster look like on Opening Day 2019 if they had what they have currently? You can find Hayden's (@haydengodfreyy) writing on JaysJournal.com
July 3, 2018
7/1 Morning MASH
July 2, 2018
Live Show!! 6-30
Jays kick off the Canada Day weekend in Walk OFF fashion! A solid start from Gaviglio is topped off by a Grichuk 2-run blast and walk off bomb by Justin Smoak. Jays win!
June 30, 2018
6/28 Morning MASH
Blue Jays lose in walk off fashion to the Astros but there was plenty of fun in the Minor Leagues last night. Check out all the news here
June 28, 2018
6/25 Morning MASH
Blue Jays win in a 10 inning game and plenty of awesome Minor League News for you here on the show
June 25, 2018
6/22 Morning MASH
BlueJays did an early hole and come up short of a comeback against the Angels
June 22, 2018
6/21 Morning MASH
BlueJays hold on and take a win from the Braves as the minor league teams head to extra innings wins!
June 21, 2018
6/19 Morning MASH
We talk Blue Jays news for the day. Plenty of trade rumors and injury updates. The Dunedin Blue Jays take a double header sweep from the Mets
June 19, 2018
6/18 Morning Mash
Jay's sweep the Nationals!!! Who saw that coming? The Bisons take another win as the Fisher Cats and Lugnuts pour on the offense.
June 18, 2018
6/15 Morning MASH
Donaldson on his way back the the Blue Jays and a full Minor League recap
June 15, 2018
6/14 Morning MASH
Blue Jays get swept by the Ray's and the Minor League players continue to produce. When is promotion time for these guys!
June 14, 2018
6/13 Morning MASH
Jay's take another loss in Tampa as the offense could not back up the laboring Jamie Garcia's performance
June 13, 2018
6/12 Morning MASH
Blue Jays drop another one at the Trop but the Minor League teams keep winning. In fact the Lugnuts already clinched a playoff spot!!!
June 12, 2018
6/11 Morning MASH
BLUE JAYS take the sweep as they best the Orioles for their 4th straight win.
June 11, 2018
6/8 Morning MASH
Blue Jays walk off the Orioles on a Diaz single in extra innings. Lots off offense throughout the Minor League system on Thursday
June 8, 2018
6/7 Morning MASH
Blue Jays and Yankees get locked in a pitchers duel but lost it in extra innings. The Lugnuts take down their main competition in another win while Vlad Jr. will be sitting the next few days for the FisherCats
June 7, 2018
6/6 Morning MASH
The Jay's take a lose in the late innings to the Yankees while the Djays and Lugnuts rake in runs in the Minor Leagues
June 6, 2018
6/5 Morning MASH
The Dunedin Blue Jays win a close one and the Jay's drafted a few new guys to add to the system on day one of the MLB Draft.
June 5, 2018
6/4 Morning MASH
Blue Jays snap their losing streak and take one away from the Tigers. I got to visit the Fisher Cats in Binghamton for their double header but to many close losses in the Minors Sunday
June 4, 2018
6/1 Morning MASH
Blue Jays may have had the off day but the Bisons and Lugnuts win in glorious walk off fashion. Live show this evening on mixlr.com/birdwatchinggc Join our broadcast and haslve some fun Jay's talk
June 1, 2018
5/31 Morning MASH
BlueJays get swept by the Red Sox but the Minor League teams all won! Check out all the latest news
May 31, 2018
5/30 Morning MASH
Blue Jays get rocked by the Red Sox again but the Minor League teams continue to roll and provide a bright look at the Jay's Future
May 30, 2018
Afternoon Rant - Blue Jays let's shake up this roster
The Blue Jays are in need of a shock to the system to kickstart any playoff hopes. How do they do that? Here are @Craigers1221 's ideas to fix things now!
May 29, 2018
5/29 Morning MASH
The Blue Jays drop another one to the Red Sox as Aaron Sanchez loses form in the 4th inning.
May 29, 2018
5/24 Morning MASH
Blue Jays drop an early lead to the Angels. Taking a loss in spectacular fashion. The Fisher Cats continue to roll over the Eastern League.
May 24, 2018
5/22 Morning MASH
Off day roster rant and a minor league report. Bisons rake and the Lugnuts edge out a pitchers dual win
May 22, 2018
5/14 Morning MASH
Blue Jays stumble and lose another one to the Red Sox on mother's day. Cavan Biggio continues to rake for the Fisher Cats
May 14, 2018
5/11 Morning MASH
#BlueJays take one on the chin as the #Mariners offense rolls over Happ and the Jay's offense. All the @MiLB teams played great though!
May 11, 2018
5/10 Morning MASH
#BlueJays find their offense in a win over the #Mariners. Three doubles led to a big inning and the Victory
May 10, 2018
5/9 Morninh MASH
#BlueJays got no hit by James Paxton and the Mariners. The Lansing Lugnuts found their offense again in a win
May 9, 2018
How do the Toronto Blue Jays handle their talented youth
We discussed the Toronto Blue Jays and how they're talented use from their minor league system will help them go to the playoffs
May 8, 2018
5/8 Morning MASH
Vlad continues to impale Eastern League hitters and the Fisher Cats continue to roll! All things #BlueJays on the #MorningMASH
May 8, 2018
5/7 Morning MASH
Blue Jays finally win one against the Ray's on Kevin Pillar rushing home on a wild pitch
May 7, 2018
5/4 Morning MASH
Blue Jays split the double header. Solarte and Donaldson are on fire and powered the offense. Vlad Jr. Continues to destroy pitching in Double A
May 4, 2018
5/2 Morning MASH
May 2, 2018
5/1 Morning MASH
May 1, 2018
4/30 Morning MASH
The Blue Jays ended their losing streak and were able to beat the Texas Rangers. Devon Travis was optioned to Triple-A Buffalo prior to the game.
April 30, 2018
Excerpt from the Jays Journal Podcast - Patrick Murphy
Craig Borden had a chance to catch up with Patrick Murphy of the Dunedin Blue Jays. Here is the excerpt from the latest edition of the Jays Journal Podcast. Full Episode Link --> http://www.blogtalkradio.com/jaysjournal/2018/04/23/jays-journal-podcast--april-23-the-value-of-april-perspectives
April 30, 2018
4/27 Morning MASH
April 27, 2018
4/26 Morning MASH
The Blue Jays lose a close one to the Red Sox. Aaron Sanchez was spectacular and Solarte hits another bomb!
April 26, 2018
4/24 Blue Jays Morning MASH
The Blue Jays had the off day but we have a full Minor League Report ready for you. We also discuss Josh Donaldson's pending return and how the team could handle it.
April 24, 2018
4/23 Blue Jays Morning MASH
The Toronto Blue Jays had a rough weekend in the Big Apple but they still hung tough against the Bombers. The Fisher Cats continue to assault the Eastern League.
April 23, 2018
4/20 Morning MASH
The red-hot #BlueJays were cooled off by the frigid air in NYC last night. The @FisherCats continue to roll in the Eastern League. All your @BlueJays News on the latest episode of the Morning MASH
April 20, 2018
4/19 Morning Mash
There is something about this team that should have everyone excited as the #BlueJays continue to roll with their new look lineup. The crushed the Royals to take the 3 game sweep! #SolarteDanceParty #LetsGoBlueJays
April 19, 2018
4/18 Morning MASH
The #BlueJays dance party is in full swing as the swept the #Royals for the Tuesday doubleheader! We have all your Jays News here on the Morning MASH every weekday
April 18, 2018
4/17 Morning MASH
The Rogers Centre is in need of surgery to avoid a trip to the DL, but we are here for you on the Morning MASH by @BirdWatchingGC. More off days for the Blue Jays system as the weather stinks everywhere! Vlad Jr. continues to impress for the Fisher Cats as he is named player of the week. #BlueJays News every weekday.
April 17, 2018
4/13 Morning MASH
#BlueJays had the day off but the Minor League teams played. The Bisons and D-Jays lost some close ones and the Lugnuts went nuts with the offense.
April 13, 2018
Game Cast Recording - Blue Jays vs Orioles 4/11/18
Bird Watching Game Cast brings you all the action and the wonderful Blue Jays talk you can ever handle. Listen in to the action that occured on the BirdWatchingGC from 4/11 as the Blue Jays took on the Orioles.
April 12, 2018
4/12 Morning MASH
The #BlueJays lost to the Orioles Wednesday evening during our live cast but the Jays still walk away with another series win! We also discuss The Buffalo Bisons domination of the Paw Sox and other Minor League News. Join us for everything Blue Jays baseball!
April 12, 2018
4/11 Morning MASH
What a night for the #BlueJays a near no-hitter and Osuna is now the youngest closer to pick up 100 career saves! Catch up on all the #GoJays News on the Morning MASH! Live show tonight as well!
April 11, 2018
4/10 Morning MASH
The #BlueJays bats were alive and well on Monday! Check out the latest Morning MASH by @BirdWatchingGC for all of your #GoJays News. Jays Win with a big 9th inning. Bo + Vlad lead the charge on offense for the @FisherCats
April 10, 2018
4/9 Morning MASH
#BlueJays News to start your work week. The #GoJays won the rubber match against the #Rangers. We also bring you a farm report where the @FisherCats are 4-0 to start the season!
April 9, 2018
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