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Mom Style, with Kristi Brooks

An episode of The Bitches Be Brave Podcast -Fitness, Health, Moms, Working Women, and Wine

By Bev & Heather
Being Brave is hosted by Bev and Heather - two down to earth, everyday working women, trying to raise a family, succeed at their careers, stay fit and healthy and still look hot. This sexy and saavy duo provides you with advice, expertise and discussion from top experts on a variety of issues, including nutrition, cleansing, detox, supplements, fitness, money, marriage and so much more. Together we can truly thrive and be our best selves. https://www.
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Find your light in the Chaos, with Robert Heath, Sr
In this episode, we discuss how to master your time, set boundaries and Interruption Proof your life! Learn the 5 steps to mastering your time. Robert Heath, Sr. is an engaging communicator and leading expert in Empowering Leadership. Combining the Leadership principles he learned as an Officer and Company Commander in the United States Marine Corps with the personnel development strategies he has mastered over 20 years of leading, teaching, and coaching, Robert works with leaders who desire to increase productivity, initiative, and follow through; reduce stress; and get the very best out of their team on every project, regardless of who they may lead. Robert received his JD, cum laude, from the University of Illinois College of Law. He also holds an MA in Teaching from Christian Brother's University, as well as BA degrees in Economics and Speech Communications from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He served for 8 years as a United States Marine Corps Officer and was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal for his leadership as a Commander of one of the largest companies in the Marine Corps. Robert is also the bestselling author of the book, "Why Can't People Just Do Their Jobs," Founder of the Legacy Empowerment Academy, and the President of Legacy Academy Press, LLC. Get a free E Book at Find Bev & Heather at:    Instagram: Bitchesbebrave    Facebook: Being Brave    Email:    Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
September 20, 2019
Follow your Heart, with Janine Finney and Lory Muirhead
Janine Finney and Lory Muirhead will inspire you with their quest to follow their hearts and find the jobs they would love. This is a must listen for anyone starting out, entering the workforce after a break, or wanting to find balance with work and home.  You can find Janine and Lory and on facebook book and Instagram.  Let us know what you think!
September 13, 2019
How to make Sh*t Happen with Sean Whalen
In his unfiltered and direct truth approach, Sean Whalen shares with us how he went from having everything in his life crumble, including his multi-million dollar business, bankruptcy, depression and divorce and turning to an empty bottle of alcohol and a gun in his mouth to becoming a massively sought after best selling author, speaker and founder and CEO of Lions Not Sheep. Listen to Sean's riveting story and how you can turn your life around and Make Shit Happen! MEETRZ app #seanwhalen #howtomakeshithappen #success #youmatter #bebrave #brave #bitchesbebrave #workingmom #workingmoms #fitmoms #love #wellness #bestlife #live #you #goals #podcast #fitness #mom #motivation #workingout #balance #workout #inspirational #aspergersmom #purpose #passion #bossbabe #moms
September 6, 2019
Life’s Curve Balls will come, what you do with it matters, with Bev and Heather
In this episode, Bev and Heather talk personal about the curve balls that life throws at you. It seems that when you least expect it or when things are plugging along as planned is when the obstacles will come. The difference is, will you let it get you down or will you rise above? Heather shares her recent health crisis with Malignant Melanoma and how sometimes you need to just stop and take care of yourself, whether you want to or not. This is an episode that everyone can relate to. 
August 30, 2019
Mom Style, with Kristi Brooks
Join Heather and Bev as they explore Mom style with Celebrity stylist Kristi Brooks.  She will take you through easy ways to update your look and move yourself to the top of list.  You can find some of the styles we discussed and more at  Let us know what you think!
August 23, 2019
What you want to know, but are afraid to ask about cosmetic enhancements, with Diane Allen
Today's episode discusses the topic of cosmetic enhancements and answers the questions that you may be wondering, but afraid to ask. Diane is the founder and owner of RefreshRx and she talks to us about everything that you've wanted to know about how to stay looking like yourself, but also feel your best. Bust the stigma and hype and learn what might be a good choice for you. Learn about how to care for your skin and slow the aging process. Learn about: -Injectable neurotoxins -cosmetic Fillers -Micro-needling -Microdermabrasion -Lasers -Chemical Peels and so much more..... Find Bev & Heather at:    Instagram: Bitchesbebrave    Facebook: Being Brave    Email:    Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
August 16, 2019
Our Favorite Things with Heather and Bev
On this latest episode of Bitches Be Brave, we discuss our favorite things! Things that either bring us joy or that we simply can’t live without, things that bring us happiness and balance. Let us know what your favorite things are that bringbyoi happiness right now. 🎙 Heather's Favorite Things: -Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar -Sweet Leaf Clear liquid Stevia -Skinceuticals CE Ferulic -Great Lakes Collagen -Audible -Magic Bullet Blender -DoTerra Essential Oils: -Mito 2 Max, Frankencense, Lavendar, Lemon, Peppermint, Grapefruit, and so many, many more Bev’s Favorite Things Rose Gold Birkenstock’s 💕Fab FIt Fun Subscription Box 💕Allure Subscription Box 💕 The Alchemist (Book) 💕 Audible with AirPods 💕 Find Bev & Heather at:    Instagram: Bitchesbebrave    Facebook: Being Brave    Email:    Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
August 10, 2019
Good Relationships Begin With You, with Tina Brigley
We talk with Tina Brigley, who is a Health and Life Coach. She is passionate about transforming relationships, and her mantra is “Any relationship begins with a relationship with yourself.” Tina shares her personal triumph with her own marriage and how she went from feeling stuck and depressed to confident and loved. She shares how she was able to mend her relationship after years of separation and lots of hard personal work to rediscover herself and find true happiness and love. This episode is sure to hit home with everyone. Learn how not to let issues from the past resurface and how to “recognize and let it go” Find Tina at: and on Facebook at: Tina Brigley Coaching Find Bev & Heather at:    Instagram: Bitchesbebrave    Facebook: Being Brave    Email:    Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
August 2, 2019
Eat Live Thrive Diet, with Danna Demetre and Robyn Thomson
In this episode, we interview Danna Demetre and Robyn Thomson, co-authors and well-known health & lifestyle coaches. They discuss their Eat, Live, Thrive Diet that is detailed in their book and their multi-faceted approach to total health transformation. They reveal how to unravel the mystery of why women gain weight as they age and they offer a sustainable plan to permanently lose pounds and inches. They discuss how to change habits from the inside out and how to customize a long-term eating plan to address your specific food sensitivities, carbohydrate thresholds, and personal likes and dislikes. Learn how to defeat your genetics as well as the clock and take control over you weight and body. Learn about their three-phase approach and how to successfully lose weight safely, but also how to improve overall health and energy in critical areas such as brain function, disease prevention and slowing down the aging process. Find Danna and Robyn at: Website: YouTube: Facebook: Lean, Healthy, Ageless ELT Academy Membership: Book: Eat Live Thrive Diet Find Bev & Heather at:    Instagram: Bitchesbebrave    Facebook: Being Brave    Email:    Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
July 26, 2019
Just, Breathe with Susan Axelrod
Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and uninspired?  Check out this episode of Bitches Be Brave and hear the story of how Susan overcame a breakdown and found the tools to find joy and confidence.  She is a motivational speaker, author, radio talk show host, and coach.  She shares her tools for finding your "okay".  You can find Susan on her website, and on facebook and instagram @susanaxelrod Find Bev & Heather at:    Instagram: Bitchesbebrave    Facebook: Being Brave    Email:    Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
July 19, 2019
FLEX, The Modern Women’s Handbook, with Annie Auerbach
Annie Auerbach is the author of FLEX, The Modern Woman's Handbook, Reinventing the rules for a smarter, happier life. She has worked flexibility for 20 years throughout her career and now she shares her research, wisdom and advice to women who strive to have balance in their lives with family, work, and self care. In this episode Annie shares her insights on:  - how to create FLEX in your life.  She will show you how to look at your routine and defy social norms (hint: working women typically do more housework than their partners).   -.How to know your body and the patterns of your relationships, and working out how to live, earn money and be happy in a way that is perfect for you and your unique talents.  -Listen how to make small changes with great impact.  Here is the link to Annie's book FLEX: Annie's twitter: annieauerbach instagram: annie.auerbach Find Bev & Heather at:    Instagram: Bitchesbebrave    Facebook: Being Brave    Email:    Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
July 12, 2019
Clever Girl Finance with Bola Sokunbi
There is so much good information in this episode! We talk with Bola Sokunbi, author of Clever Girl Finance is a Certified Financial Education Instructor, finance expert, speaker, podcaster, influencer, and the founder and CEO of the personal finance platform for women, Clever Girl Finance. Bola shares her personal story of how she managed to save over $100,000 in just over 3 years after graduating from college. Bola shares her tools and resources to kill debt, save money and find wealth. We discuss so much in this episode: - Discovering your core values and goals around money - Credit cards -Retirement -College Funds- -Why your spending habits make you rich, not your salary - Credit cards- the good, the bad, and the ugly - How to build an emergency fund and how much you should have in it! -How to create a budget - Teaching your kids about money. Resources: Find Bev & Heather at:   Instagram: Bitchesbebrave   Facebook: Being Brave   Email:   Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
July 5, 2019
When Life Takes You Off Track, Bev & Heather
It is the 25th Episode and we share our stories of balancing work, kids, life and our health. We laugh at the craziness of life with kids, parenting boys vs girls, life decisions and much more. We reminisce over our first 6 months of podcasting and our goals for the future. Don't miss this episode to catch up and hear what's is to come on the Bitches Be Brave Podcast. Find Bev & Heather at:   Instagram: Bitchesbebrave   Facebook: Being Brave   Email:   Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
June 28, 2019
Aging In Reverse, with Natalie Jill
Check out this episode of Bitches Be Brave where we sit down with Natalie Jill, Fat Loss Expert turned high performance coach. Today she shares how she has gone from the corporate world to creating a globally recognized brand helping people across the globe reach their health, business and life goals and step into their best version of themselves..  She shares the insights of her recently released book "Aging in Reverse" and what she has in the works to come. Hear her secrets on looking amazing, getting ripped abs, balancing being a working mom, wife and creator and host of the top ranking podcast "Leveling Up, Creating Everything From Nothing". Natalie is a fun, inspiring and truly authentic brave badass and we just loved our chat with her and we know you will too.  Also we are giving away a FREE copy of her book "Aging in Reverse" and here is how you get a chance to win it!! ✅Listen to our interview with Natalie Jill ✅Leave a rating and review on apple podcasts ✅Go to our Instagram @bitchesbebrave and like our post about this episode and tag two friends who will love the podcast too! Find Bev & Heather at:  Instagram: Bitchesbebrave  Facebook: Being Brave  Email:  Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
June 21, 2019
The Healing Power of Energy Medicine, with Jessie Mellor
Jessie Mellor, is a Ph.D in Educational Psychology and after experiencing a tremendous medical trauma, she was introduced to energy medicine. Hear her incredible story and how energy medicine has changed her life and brought her the realization that it is the missing piece to the comprehensive care puzzle. She is one Brave woman and strong mom who is changing lives. Learn how to recognize, release and replace and so much more. This is an emotional episode, but one that you will not want to miss.  Find Jessie at: Facebook Group: Energy Medicine For Growth Mindset Other References: -Energy Medicine Yoga- Lauren Walker -The Eden Method: Eden Energy Medicine, Donna Eden -The Hate You Give "Talking to your Kids about sex", Laura Birman. Find Bev & Heather at:  Instagram: Bitchesbebrave  Facebook: Being Brave  Email:  Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
June 14, 2019
Making Time For You, 6 steps to self-care
6 Steps to making time for you and improving your self-care. Rediscover the person that you were before you were a wife and a mother.  1. Schedule time for what makes you happy: Working out, going on a walk, biking, etc. 2. Quiet time: time to meditate, reflect, plan or just to relax 3. Get enough sleep! 4. Eat Healthy 5. Get away with friends once in a while. We deserve to take the time to make ourselves happy, less stressed, and better to everyone around us by making time to better ourselves.  Find Bev & Heather at:  Instagram: Bitchesbebrave  Facebook: Being Brave  Email:  Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
May 25, 2019
Sex Talk with Isiah McKimmie
Isiah McKimmie is a Couples Therapist, Sexologist, Sex Therapist and Tantra Teacher. She is Australia's most qualified Sex and Relationship Expert and she shares all of her juicy advice on creating loving relationships, deep intimacy and wholehearted sex. This episode will address practical tools for relationships and sex and to techniques on how to reconnect with your partner and reignite intimacy.  This is an episode full of exposed secrets, laughter and fresh ideas- you will not want to miss this! We dive dep into: -What is Tantra? - Can you recreate a spark between a couple who are experiencing a decline in their sexual desire for one-another? -Getting out of your head and back into your body to experience ultimate pleasure -The "M" word........Yep, we go there! -and so much more! Find Isiah at : Her podcast is Wholehearted Love, Sex & Intimacy: Instagram: Isiahmckimmie.sexologist Facebook: Isiah McKimmie - Couples Therapist + Sexologist Facebook Group: Whole Hearted: Love, Sex & Intimacy Find Bev & Heather at:  Instagram: Bitchesbebrave  Facebook: Being Brave  Email:  Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
May 17, 2019
Adrenal Recode, with Christa Orecchio
Christa Orecchio is a clinical holistic nutritionist and the founder of The Whole Journey. Christa's passion is helping people live their best life by using food as medicine to address the root causes of issues. She is the author of The Whole Journey Food as Medicine Cookbook and Healthy Life Handbook, co-author of the Anti-Inflammatory Diet with Cheryl Tiegs, and co-author of the best-seller How to Conceive Naturally and Have a Healthy Pregnancy after 30. She is also a nationally syndicated show host of 3 health and wellness shows. Christa is also the creator of The Adrenal Recode, Kick Candida for Good and Gut Thrive in Five.  In this podcast you will hear: How  your adrenal, thyroid and digestion are impacted by your nervous system The six pillars of the Adrenal ReCode and Christa's prescription to balance stress hormones The importance of carbohydrates What are the ideal ratio's of Protein, fat and carbohydrate What is metabolic chaos and how to fix it. What is emotional re-patterning Find Christa at: or Find Bev & Heather at:  Instagram: Bitchesbebrave  Facebook: Being Brave  Email:  Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
May 10, 2019
The Ups and Downs of Decisions and Diets, with Bev & Heather
Heather and Bev discuss the painful agony of making decisions and how to BE Brave when you need to make tough decisions. You will relate as they discuss some of the ups and downs of life. Find Bev & Heather at:  Instagram: Bitchesbebrave  Facebook: Being Brave  Email:  Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
May 3, 2019
Healthy Within, How to Reprogram Your Brain, with Divya Kakaiya, Ph.D, M.S.
Divya Kakaiya, Ph.D. is an Integrative Psychologist and a true visionary in the field of brain conditions and she shares how Neurofeedback can train the brain and help to re-wire the brain. She discusses the environmental factors that are affecting our brains, including technology and the increase in ADHD since the launch of the Iphone and Ipad. She shares how meditation (just 5 minutes a day) can help to reshape the structure of the brain and bring calm into the body. Learn how to prevent addictions and substance abuse in our kids and how to create more calm in your life. This is an episode that everyone can benefit from, you won't want to miss it. References:,, Find Bev & Heather at:  Instagram: Bitchesbebrave  Facebook: Being Brave  Email:  Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
April 19, 2019
Protecting Our Kids In A Digital World, how much is too much, how to go from mean to mighty, with Katey McPherson
This episode is MUST to listen to if you have kids or teens. Katey discusses how this generation is the least courageous and resilient of all times, and we need to look at how we parent our kids to change this. Parents need to model good digital behavior for our kids and set blocks of time that are digital free. Before our kids get a device, we need to identify: What is the function desired?, What is the value of the device? and What is the desired outcome? We need to create boundaries and restrictions with our kids and show them that we support them, so they will come to us when there is an issue. Learn why not all screen time is bad. Kids want us to listen, strategize and give them tactical solutions. We need to learn to acknowledge their needs and offer support and understanding. Criteria, markers for digital success: Grades, Behavior, Social/Emotional wellness Katey tells us that If we do 1 thing: Randomly check our kids phone, Have a central charging station - NO Phones in the bedroom (parents too!).  To improve communication: The No Trouble Bubble, Tech Night Tuesday and Crash & Tell For more information on how to stay on top of apps and social media, check out Katey's recommendations: Websites:, Documentaries: #Being 13, Screenagers Books: Glowkids, Untangled, Saving our Sons, The Self Driven Child, IGEN Routers: Apps: BARK Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: Bitchesbebrave Facebook: Being Brave Email: Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
April 12, 2019
Taking Back Control Of Your Life, putting yourself first, pushing yourself, with Sharon Chisholm
Sharon Chisholm, International award winning coach shares her insights on how to uncover the blocks that are holding you back. Learn how to identify where your beliefs come from, decide what is important, choose your priorities based on your values, what is fundamental to your wellbeing and go from there. Having the courage to say I don't know everything..........You grow when you push yourself outside of your comfort Zone. You don't want to miss this episode! Find Sharon at:   My site link is My Facebook page is My Facebook group is Find us:  Instagram at: Bitchesbebrave  Email:
April 5, 2019
It Takes A Plan, healthy support, intermittent fasting, Keto and more, with Carley Jennings
Carley Jennings is the founder and owner of Carley's Kitchen and she shares her expertise and knowledge on how to make eating simple, convenient and fun. Planning and consistency is key to help eat healthy with busy lives. We know you will love her as much as we do.
March 29, 2019
Mom Guilt or Guilty, the College Scandal, what drives a mom there, why all the guilt, with Bev and Heather
This weeks episode features Bev & Heather discussing the College Scandal, what mom's do for their kids and the mom guilt that we all experience. 
March 23, 2019
Discover Your Strengths, what drives you, are you following that drive and coupling it with your dreams, find out more with Karen Biebuyck
Karen Biebuyck, Founder and Principal Consultant at Strengths Advisors shares how to identify your strengths and those of others to be the best version of yourself.  To take your Strengths Finders Assessment go to: Instagram: Bitchesbebrave Website: Email:
March 16, 2019
21 Day Cleanse, with Nykki Hardin
Nykki Hardin, formulator of 21 Cleanse shares her knowledge and expertise on detoxing and cleansing the body and the emotional and spiritual connection.  Find Nykki and the 21 Cleanse at Log on for a free 30 min psychic reading
March 9, 2019
Investigate YOU! How to heal and stay well with Reed Davis, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
On today's episode, Reed Davis, Founder of the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) Certification Course shares how you can be your own health detective and learn how to uncover the root causes of your symptoms. Learn the secret to discovering dysfunction and imbalances in your body. Find a FDN Practitioner near you: Environmental Working Group: Find us at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave Email us at:
March 1, 2019
What you want to know, but are afraid to ask your Gynecologist, with Dr. Steve Drosman
This weeks guest is Dr. Steve Drosman, OB/GYN who talks about the questions that you want to know about your health, hormones, libido and more. After listening, you will definitely question if your Ob/Gyn is right for you. Find us at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave Email us at:
February 23, 2019
Put Your Oxygen Mask on First, with Mary Kay Mullally
MaryKay Mullally, a transformational life and wellness coach, shares her wisdom empowering women to create results and to find their best happy self.  You can find more about MaryKay at and #bossupwithMK. We did not have enough time with MaryKay and hope to have her back to answer your questions. You can find Bev and Heather at  https://www.
February 15, 2019
Victim or Victorious? With Noelle Agape
Noelle Agape, Founder and CEO of Infinite Wellness is a Health and Wellness Counselor, Transformational Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner and International Motivational Speaker who shares the issues that women face that block them from living their highest version of themselves. Noelle talks about how to stop hiding and start mastering your mind to live your souls purpose. Contact Us: Instagram Page: Bitchesbebrave Facebook: B Be Brave Email:
February 8, 2019
If life gives you limes, what do you do, getting off track and navigating back
New month, new goals......Time to reflect, redirect and refocus goals and priorities. 
February 1, 2019
Road Warriors with Bev and Heather - Traveling with our losing your mojo!
Hear about tips for keeping balanced during business travel and hectic times.
January 26, 2019
Learning to Fail and get to Success, with Bev and Heather
Bev & Heather discuss how failing is part of the path of success. They discuss the 5 Love Languages and how to discover what motivates you.
January 20, 2019
The imposter syndrome and how to step out of your comfort zone, with Bev and Heather
Bev & Heather talk about Imposter Syndrome and how to step out of your comfort zone and Be Brave! These are two friends, mom, career women, who love health, wellness, and wine. They raising the bar for Brave Woman and moving away from guilt.  Join Heather and Bev on your journey. #mom #family #bosslady #health # wellness #selfcare #noguilt #loveyourself #bebrave #bitchesbebrave #wine
January 11, 2019
You, 2.0 with Bev and Heather - What are your nonnegotiables??!!
On this episode of Bitches Be Brave, Bev and Heather discuss saying good-bye to chardonnay and hello to Kamboucha. They discuss the Keto diet, cleansing, detoxing, and colonics. Have fun and laugh with Bev and Heather as they support you and your vision for a better you.
January 2, 2019
All about us with Bev and Heather - New Years Days Goals, Cheers!!
B*****s Be Brave is hosted by Bev and Heather- two down to earth, everyday working women, trying to raise a family, succeed at their careers, stay fit and healthy and still look hot.  This sexy and saavy duo provides you with advice, expertise and discussion from top experts on a variety of issues, including nutrition, cleansing, detox, supplements, fitness, money, marriage and so much more. Together we can truly thrive and be our best selves.
January 1, 2019
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