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The Bitcoin Reserve Podcast

The Bitcoin Reserve Podcast

By Bitcoin Reserve
The Bitcoin Reserve Podcast provides education on all things Bitcoin; from technical subjects like Proof of Work, to recent news on adoption & the journey to becoming the next world reserve currency. Bitcoin Reserve is a non-custodial brokerage that helps clients buy from €10 to €10M+ of bitcoin.
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Ep #13: Prince Philip - Monarchies & Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Reserve Podcast

Ep# 17: Kalle Rosenbaum - Author of Grokking Bitcoin
Kalle Rosenbaum is the Author of Grokking Bitcoin, a book that helps you understand the technical details of bitcoin in bite-sized pieces. He joins the Bitcoin Reserve Podcast to discuss: -Proof of Work vs. Proof of Stake -Why are there more developers on ethereum than bitcoin? -Why is bitcoin fundamentally different and more important than the "crypto" space? -Bitcoin development philosophy -What happens when the last bitcoin is mined? -What are the benefits / tradeoffs of liquid bitcoin? Kalle's Twitter:  Kalle's website: Buy bitcoin with Bitcoin Reserve:
September 16, 2022
Ep #16: Turning waste into bitcoin - Mark Morton of Scilling Digital Mining
Mark Morton is the Managing Director of Scilling Digital Mining, which is Ireland's first bitcoin mining company. The Bitcoin Reserve team and Mark discuss the fascinating concept of using anaerobic digesters to turn agricultural and other waste into bitcoin. -The process of turning animal waste into energy for bitcoin mining -How farms can be Ireland's "gas fields" -How bitcoin mining can help Irish farmers -How bitcoin mining is beneficial for our world, despite what the media and central banks claim about its energy use -Why bitcoin only? Scilling Digital Mining - Website: Buy bitcoin with Bitcoin Reserve:
August 24, 2022
Ep #15: The USD - backed by bitcoin? Guest show w/ Ansel Lindner
Ansel Lindner is Host of the Bitcoin & Markets podcast, as well as Co-Host of Bitcoin Magazine's show, Fed Watch. He joins the Bitcoin Reserve podcast to discuss: -Could the USD eventually become backed by bitcoin? -How is inflation actually created? -The Federal Reserve's psychological impact on the markets. -The Eurodollar and its relationship with inflation. -Why the US could embrace bitcoin. Ansel's Twitter: Buy bitcoin with Bitcoin Reserve:
August 15, 2022
Ep #14 - How can stablecoins help bitcoin adoption?
In this episode of the Bitcoin Reserve Podcast, we discuss: -What are stablecoins? -What are the use cases for stablecoins? -Do stablecoins compete with Bitcoin? -Do stablecoins help with Bitcoin adoption? -How does Liquid USDt differ from all the other stablecoins? Buy Bitcoin, Liquid Bitcoin, USDt, and Liquid USDt with Bitcoin Reserve: Bitcoin Reserve on Twitter:
July 26, 2022
Ep #13: Prince Philip - Monarchies & Bitcoin
Prince Philip Karadjordjevic of Serbia & Yugoslavia is the heir to Crown Prince Alexander, and is the second grandson of the last King of Yugoslavia, Peter II. He joins the Bitcoin Reserve Podcast to discuss: -How bitcoin can improve society and government -Monarchies adopting bitcoin -Free private cities -Democracies on a fiat standard vs. monarchies on a bitcoin standard -Bitcoin maximalism; why bitcoin is different Philip's Twitter: Buy bitcoin with Bitcoin Reserve:
July 06, 2022
Ep #12: Liquid Bitcoin - Everything you need to know!
In this episode, Bitcoin Reserve is joined by Blockstream developers Matthew Haywood and James Dorfman. We discuss: -What is the Liquid Network/Liquid Bitcoin?  -How does Liquid Bitcoin work?  -How is Liquid Bitcoin secured?  -How is Liquid Bitcoin decentralized?  -What are the tradeoffs of Liquid Bitcoin?  -How is Liquid different from Lightning?  -How Liquid helps with confidentiality.  -Issuing assets on the Liquid Network. Matthew Haywood's twitter: James Dorfman's twitter: Click here to buy Liquid Bitcoin with Bitcoin Reserve!
June 29, 2022
Ep #11: Pierre Corbin
Pierre Corbin is the Director/Producer of a documentary called, "The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin". He joins the Bitcoin Reserve Podcast  to discuss how the world ended up in this debt-based economy to begin with, why bitcoin is so resilient, what the future could be for bitcoin adoption & more. Pierre's Twitter: Buy bitcoin with Bitcoin Reserve: 
June 21, 2022
Ep# 10: Knut Svanholm - The moral case for bitcoin
Knut Svanholm is the author of three books: -Bitcoin: Sovereignty Through Mathematics -Bitcoin: Independence Reimagined -Bitcoin: Everything Divided by 21 Million He joins The Bitcoin Reserve Podcast to discuss: -The moral case for bitcoin -How fiat currency is legal counterfeit -The true scarcity of bitcoin -Why bitcoin will cause governments to compete for their citizens -Digital scarcity cannot be replicated Knut's website: Buy bitcoin with Bitcoin Reserve: 
June 01, 2022
Ep #9: Unless you self-custody, you don't own bitcoin
In this episode, Michael, Andrew, John, and Adam discuss the importance of self-custody. Some of the main topics are: -Historical examples of financial censorship -Best practices for self-custody -"Not your keys, not your coins" -The several kinds of bitcoin wallets you can use -Using multi-sig to secure your bitcoin Buy bitcoin: Bitcoin Reserve's Twitter: 
May 19, 2022
Ep #8: How do we handle KYC?
In this episode, we discuss our views & approach towards KYC requirements as a bitcoin brokerage. Nik, Michael, and Andrew talk about: -How Bitcoin Reserve handles KYC. -Pros and cons of buying bitcoin through KYC and no-KYC. -Preserving customer security/anonymity as much as possible. -Bitcoin's resilience against confiscation, regardless of how it's purchased. -The specific types of individuals entities who need to buy bitcoin through KYC, such as family offices, companies and HNWI's. Buy bitcoin: Bitcoin Reserve's Twitter: 
May 09, 2022
Ep #7: Niko Jilch - Journalist becomes Bitcoiner
Niko Jilch is a financial journalist & speaker. He's an expert in financial markets, monetary policy, macroeconomics and fintech, and he recently launched his own online media platform aimed at bringing bitcoin to the masses in the German language. Niko shares: -His story of being a journalist and becoming a Bitcoiner -What the German and Austrian bitcoin community is like -His thoughts on CBDC's -How bitcoin disempowers legacy financial systems Buy bitcoin with Bitcoin Reserve: Bitcoin Reserve's Twitter: Niko Jilch's Twitter: Niko's website: 
April 27, 2022
Ep #6: Guy Swann - Debunking bitcoin FUD
Guy Swann is the Host of the Bitcoin Audible podcast, and he's also "The guy who's read more about bitcoin than anyone else you know." He joins the Bitcoin Reserve team to discuss: -Tether FUD -Fungibility FUD -Privacy FUD -Bitcoin maximalism -How he got involved with bitcoin Buy bitcoin with Bitcoin Reserve: Guy Swann's website:
March 27, 2022
Ep #5: Aleks Svetski - Bitcoin is Changing Politics
Aleks Svetski is Host of the Wake Up Podcast, as well as Co-Founder of Amber, a bitcoin exchange, wallet & micro-investment app for the US & Australia. In this episode, we discuss why Bitcoin fundamentally changes how politics is conducted, the remnants vs. the masses of society, and the long-term outlook on how Bitcoin shapes sovereign living. Buy bitcoin in Europe at  Aleks' social media & podcast: Amber: 
March 18, 2022
Episode #4: Bitcoin vs. Crypto with Bitcoin Gandalf
(This is a recording of our weekly Twitter Spaces) In this episode we speak with Bitcoin Gandalf, Managing Director of BTC Times. We discuss the fundamentals of why Bitcoin is superior to altcoins, what decentralization really means, why Ethereum is centralized and much more. -Info- Bitcoin Reserve - Website: Bitcoin Reserve - Twitter: Bitcoin Gandalf - Twitter: BTC Times: 
March 11, 2022
Episode #3: Free Private Cities & Bitcoin with Peter Young
(This is a recording of our weekly Twitter Spaces) In this episode we speak with Peter Young, Managing Director of the Free Private Cities Foundation. This foundation aims to create cities where government is offered as a service. Citizens of Free Private Cities sign a real social contract - a bilateral agreement for the protection of their life, liberty & property. -Info- Bitcoin Reserve - Website: Bitcoin Reserve - Twitter: Free Private Cities - Website: Peter Young - Twitter: Free Private Cities whitepaper, written by Titus Gebel:
February 25, 2022
Episode #2: Does Bitcoin Have Privacy Problems?
(This is a recording of our weekly Twitter Spaces) -Info- In this episode, we are joined by Moritz Wietersheim, Founder of Specter Solutions. The company develops a suite of open source Bitcoin software solutions, with a specific focus on privacy and security. In this episode, we discuss the current state of Bitcoin privacy, and also the potential for future improvements. Moritz Wietersheim - Website: Twitter: Bitcoin Reserve - Website:  Twitter:
February 09, 2022
Episode #1: Fiat education vs. Homeschooling - Raising Kids During Hyperbitcoinization w/ Daniel Prince
In this episode, we are joined by Daniel Prince, Host of The Once BITten podcast. Daniel is a Bitcoiner who decided to take his children out of the fiat education system and opt for homeschooling - or as he calls it - self-directed education. Daniel talks about the reasons, the results, and the mental & practical hurdles involved in such steps. (This is a recording of our weekly Twitter Spaces) -Info- Daniel Prince - Website: Twitter: Bitcoin Reserve - Website: Twitter:
February 04, 2022