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Bitcoin to the People

Bitcoin to the People

By Bitcoin to the People
Bitcoin to the People is a podcast about....bitcoin! We speak to experts from around the world on topics of mining, personal finances, personal sovereignty, nation state adoption and building a parallel economy. Whether you are a bitcoiner or haven't stacked your first sats, you'll learn something new and probably get a few laughs.

***This podcast does not provide financial advice.***
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There's Bitcoin and Everything Else

Bitcoin to the People

Bringing Bitcoin & Crypto To the Bronx
Julio Barrios & Drew Richards are the duo behind Bronx Crypto. They work by day as surgical technologists and use their free time to educate and build in the Bronx to educate on crypto, Bitcoin and financial markets. I love their mission to empower the Bronx, drive inclusion and make it fun!! Tune in to hear: Their message to NY about Bitcoin mining Crypto and Bitcoin as a means to unite The power of local community building with everyday people Check out their website to see their courses, events and community offerings.  And make sure to follow them on: Twitter Instagram
June 16, 2022
Bitcoin is Hope For Hyperinflation with Dea Rezkitha
Bitcoin means different things to people around the world In this new episode we spoke to a VERY special bitcoin leader Dea Rezkitha about what Bitcoin means to Indonesia Colonization & how it impacts Indonesia to this day Importance of educating every single person you possibly can on bitcoin How Bitcoin is changing lives & offering hope We learned a lot and had a great time speaking with this 👑 Make sure to check her out on Twitter 
June 09, 2022
Personal Sovereignty, Being Your Own Bank With Bitcoin & Hot Takes with Lili from Foundation Devices
'A soft spoken woman with an absolute savage mindset in the best way possible' is how Isaac described this episode when editing and I couldn't agree more.  Lili is the head of business development at Foundation Devices, which provides Bitcoin custody solutions. She has an impressive range of experience having emigrated from Lebanon, starting her career in investment banking & ultimately shifting her career towards trading on her own & now working Bitcoin. We spoke about the current market conditions, going viral on Twitter for hot takes, how to EASILY acquire no KYC bitcoin, becoming a truly sovereign individual, the problem with buying on exchanges and of course, what her biggest concern is about Bitcoin. I LOVED this episode and have so much respect and love for Lili from following her on Twitter and getting to meet her in Miami. She's a gem and I think anyone tuning in will learn a lot from this episode. Follow her on Twitter & IG
May 19, 2022
**You Don't Change Bitcoin, Bitcoin Changes You with Logan Bolinger of Think Bitcoin
Logan Bolinger is a dad, Bitcoiner and an attorney. His professional experience has taken him from teaching, to corporate finance law & now working in employment law. Logan got curious about Bitcoin in 2017 and took the route many of us take. Altcoins, trading & ultimately selling some Bitcoin and regretting it. In 2020 that all changed. With the pandemic and many tumultuous societal changes, a wild stock market & an economy that didn’t match the all time highs, he dove deep down the bitcoin rabbit hole. He stated that what was different this time was the quality of the information that he discovered and watching history play out in real time that had him commit to learning and hodl’ing. What struck me most about our conversation was Logan saying, for most people Bitcoin is going to challenge your fundamental beliefs. We spoke about how some of our beliefs from politics, to ESG, personal finance, capitalism and investing have all shifted, because Bitcoin made us think really hard about seeing all sides of a story versus blindly following a narrative. Logan also has not allowed for his love of the bitcoin journey cloud his mind from what he thinks could always go wrong. Yet he is still a committed believer. I loved this conversation as it made me think, laugh and also affirm that it is ok to change your mind about things that not many people will agree with and that's ok. You can follow Logan’s work here: Twitter Substack
May 12, 2022
The Future is Bright with Bitcoin with Guest Natalie Brunell
Who is Natalie Brunell? Natalie Brunell is the founder of the Coin Stories Podcast and Talking Bitcoin. She is a podcast host, educator and media commentator in the Bitcoin space. She’s also a contributor to Bitcoin Magazine & frequent Fox news guest where she schools the MSM on Bitcoin. I always learn a lot from Natalie and this episode was no different. We discussed: Her humble beginnings emigrating from Poland Watching her family struggle growing up Witnessing 2008 completely wipe out many middle class families, including hers Seeing the same trends across the country as she developed her career in media Connecting the dots from the stories she reported on and the money system Looking to learn more from Natalie? Here’s where you can find her: Talking Bitcoin Website & Newsletter Pod Twitter YouTube Instagram
May 05, 2022
Earning Passive Income With Bitcoin Mining
Kent Halliburton is the COO of SazMining. Sazmining connects investors to renewable energy mining facilities in a simple, fully managed experience. Sazmining’s vision is to transform how people relate to money and energy. Enabling regular people to participate in mining ensures a bright future for Bitcoin. In this conversation with Kent we spoke about what Sazmining unlocks for consumers and how they are actively working to move the energy conversation forward. We’ve learned a lot from this conversation and we wanted to share a few things that are discussed in the episode. Bitcoin mining has become more and more accessible and we are noticing from customers that it’s not only attracting pure bitcoiners but also people who are looking for passive income streams. Non Bitcoiners on social media platforms and the MSM often use the energy consumption of Bitcoin as a negative talking point; Proof of Work is too expensive, it’s not good for the environment, it’s mined often by non-renewable energy etc. Kent mentioned his most valuable two datapoints that he always uses in these discussions. BTC is 0.5% of Total energy consumption 58% of Bitcoin energy is sourced from renewable energy. It makes him ask the question why environmentalists are so focused on the smallest part of energy consumption. The reason why Kent is a big advocate of Bitcoin mining is that it allows plants to be more efficient and monetize their energy better. A couple of talking points on renewable energy: Renewable energy like wind and solar is volatile so we actually need more renewable energy sources A standing power grid needs stability hence why nuclear and storage (batteries & hydrogen) is important to complement the volatility The most important point is that Bitcoin helps consume and monetize unused energy otherwise known as curtailment. We also asked Kent if there’s any positives in this energy conversation and one thing that we both agreed on was that Bitcoin forces one to understand what money is and what electricity is and how it’s generated. That will help people’s and especially politics understanding of electricity and thus help climate change ultimately. Coming from solar energy and selling panels in California he understands this conversation well. At the same time what people don’t understand is the efficiency of generating and storing energy. And how stability and efficiency is the true win. Finally we asked Kent if and what Bitcoin’s biggest risk is that worries him. He mentioned that a speculative attack based on short selling would be a potential risk for now. Especially if government keeps spending/printing to short sell bitcoin. However, eventually bitcoin supply will dry up and then there’s no stopping Bitcoin. Website: Check out details for their pre-launch here Make sure to stay up to date with them on: Twitter, YouTube & LinkedIn Learn more about Bitcoin mining for regular people on their podcast
April 28, 2022
Get Off Zero As a Couple + Bitcoin Mining For Everyday People
This week I chatted with Brian Harrington, who is a husband, dad, & hardcore Bitcoiner.  We talked about : - Incrementally getting onto a Bitcoin standard as a couple - Mistakes made on the journey - The importance of working as a team (outside of obvious reasons) In the second half of our chat, we discussed Bitcoin mining for normal, everyday people (i.e. plebs).  We covered all of the basics anyone would need to get started mining on a budget.  Things like: - What numbers to calculate before getting setup to know your profit margins (they will vary based on energy costs) - Where to purchase mining equipment for different budgets - How to find out your current energy costs BEFORE you get your next bill & crunch the numbers - Why Bitcoin mining, no matter how big or small the operation is important for your learning journey and the future of the network. Lastly we briefly touched on Bitcoin IRAs. Brian is a product manager at Choice, who offers Bitcoin IRA's and the ability to earn free sats in your tax advantaged account. I can't give you financially advice but I can tell you, I REALLY like Choice. I really enjoyed this chat and learned a lot from Brian, as I do from following him on social media! Twitter and Instagram @brainharrington.
February 20, 2022
Bitcoin is Love
There is no shortage of hatred, violence & hot messes in the legacy systems of politics & finance. Bitcoin offers some alternatives, for those interested in a new way of solving old problems.
February 13, 2022
There's Bitcoin and Everything Else
Red flag alert! Grouping in Bitcoin with NFT's, Ethereum, Doge etc is not an accurate way to understand Bitcoin. In this episode we'll dive into why Bitcoin is a cut above, a once in a species type of invention like fire or electricity. And how to talk about this with your spouse in case they are acting like they want a $2 million jpeg.
February 02, 2022
Your Money On a Bitcoin Standard
Bitcoin is down over 50% at the time of recording. And that can be a great thing if you're willing to do your homework. In this episode we discuss: How to figure out where / if Bitcoin fits in your portfolio (NOT financial advice) Bonds and fiat being pretty much mathematically guaranteed to go to $0 (yea, GUARANTEED) How to define, prevent and repair using this easy framework (for your money AND marriage, friendships etc) Financial advisors & pros who tweet about Bitcoin: Jim Crider and Tyrone Ross Enjoy and remember, millionaires are made in down markets. Grab your partner and use the time to learn something new together!
January 23, 2022
On Becoming a Throuple with Bitcoin
I said Bitcoin NOT crypto is probably not the best way to bring up Bitcoin to your spouse. Buttttt encouraging learning, critical thinking and having real world examples of why Bitcoin is world changing tech def works. Join us in our living room to discuss that journey and how Bitcoin helped us regain some disempowering conversations about money into hope, fun and memes.
January 01, 2022
Down the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole - Phase 1
Changing up your financial strategy takes honesty & courage. To try new things, let go of old ideas and go against the grain of what's worked for you up until this point.  Enter- Bitcoin (and crypto). This is an actual new world that we dove into last year and are now completely immersed in.  This episode just scratches the surface of our journey.  A few takeaways: 1. Calculating your net worth 2. Identify your high interest debt to be paid down 3. Remember- holding an asset forces you to pay closer attention to it. We DON'T give financial advice, this is just food for thought (doing versus planning to do). Here are some of the resources mentioned in the episode: Books - The Bitcoin Standard Podcast - The Pomp Podcast Course - Bitcoin For Everybody Enjoy!
December 19, 2021
No One Likes a Drama Queen (or King)
Money in any marriage can get emotional. Not just the sappy kind, but the disconnected, bored and know it all kind, too. It is crucial, especially in this fast paced changing world that you use metrics that matter, keep it simple and let both of your voices be heard.
December 11, 2021
Marriage and Money is a JOURNEY
In this episode, we go into our origin stories, our financial ups and downs and why we decided to create this podcast. We've lost & made money, made good & bad decisions and have definitely learned a lot about working as a team and long term thinkers / investors. Enjoy!
November 28, 2021