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Bitcoin Rehab

Bitcoin Rehab

By Karo Zagorus
UNHINGED. UNCENSORED. Bitcoin Fireside Chat.
Bitcoin Rehab is about rehabilitating society out of the fiat world, pushing people to save more and live a better life outside of the reach of inflationary money that destroys society. The show is hosted by Karo Zagorus, interviewing, talking and generally hanging out with hardcore bitcoiners who are the hodlers of last resort. Come and sip your Margarita on the beach as we go on about fixing the world one step at a time with Bitcoin.
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btc_Viking and BTChap Afternoon Book Club
I sat down with Viking and Chap to talk about Books and learning in the Bitcoin space! Come and listen!
October 10, 2020
Geri and BTChap: The Views of a Normie Insider
A few weeks ago we sat down with with BTChap to talk to Geri who is an insider working at a bitcoin related company in Hungary. We had a pretty interesting conversation about his views and observations relating to bitcoin. We can say this was a good way to see how normies outside see our space who do not fully interact with bitcoin yet, but until the floodgates open. Hope you guys enjoy the show!  Link to the participants profiles: No sponors were included in this episode.
August 18, 2020
BTChap aka Mr. Honey Badger: Improving our lives and health with Bitcoin and the Rolex Watches
I saw down today with BTChap to talk about stuff related to mental health, happiness and overall well-being. You can find BTChap on Twitter at Our current sponsors: and
August 18, 2020
Hodling Erik aka BTC_Viking: High Time Preference, Veganism and Shitcoins
I sat down on discord with Erik to talk about his views on High Time Preference and discuss his own life experiences. You can find Erik at @btc_viking on Twitter. Sponsors for today's episode are: and
August 16, 2020
The Bitcoin Furries - Experience, Bitcoin Tips, Money, Life Experiences
Historic episode. Bitcoin Furries came together to discuss Bitcoin, their experiences and their views! Come and listen to it! Participants:
July 25, 2020
FF2K - PPP Loans
Fartface2000 comes to tell us about the ongoing PPP loan crisis in the United States and how he views the ongoing problems within business and society. Also buy some bitpiggies here! -> You can find FF2K on Twitter following this link: If you like the show consider sending in your questions via voice message, will add them to the show and if you really like it consider donating via the Lightning Network to keep the show going! :D
July 18, 2020
Episode from the Padded Room
The best start ever.
July 16, 2020