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BitDevs LA is a community in the Los Angeles area for those interested in discussing and participating in the research and development of Bitcoin and related protocols. RSS -
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StratumV2 and Next Gen Pooled Mining with Daniela Brozzoni of Slush Pool
Daniela Brozzoni who is a talented young Bitcoin developer who works at Slush Pool on the Braains OS team. Before joining Slush Pool Daniela was an intern at Blockstream and has also contributed to the Bitcoin Dev Kit project with implementations of branch and bound coin selection and hardware wallet interface (HWI) support. Daniela will be telling us about the Stratum v2 protocol, a next generation protocol for pooled mining. **Sponsor** River Financial - The best place to buy, sell, and use Bitcoin for the long-term investor. Use this link for 2 months of 0 fees:
January 26, 2021
Bitcoin Dashboards with Clark Moody of Cryptowatch | BitDevsLA
This month we have the pleasure of hosting Clark Moody. He develops and maintain a popular web-based Bitcoin dashboard that many use to gather the latest information on the Bitcoin network including mining difficulty, fees, and even the Lightning network.
November 20, 2020
Discreet Log Contracts DLC from Suredbits | BitDevsLA
This month we have the pleasure of hosting Ben Carmen and Nadav Kohen from SuredBits. SuredBits is a Bitcoin company and one of the driving forces behind developing Discreet Log Contracts (DLC's) for Bitcoin. Ben and Nadav will break down how they work and how this new technology can usher in a new era of multi-sig applications. **Speaker Links**
October 23, 2020
Satotious- Funding the Web with the Lightning Network | BitDevsLA
Satotious is a Lightning company that provides a new way of monetizing online content by giving users the choice between ads or micropayments. They hope to create a circular economy of online payments running on the Lightning Network which will generate more mainstream and widespread use of Bitcoin whilst ensuring maximum user and creator privacy.  CEO Ruby studied Journalism and Drama and is interested in decentralization and preserving the free web. CTO Christophe studied Computer Science and has experience working in blockchain tech.
September 22, 2020
RGB Protocol: Bitcoin Lightning Smart Contracts | BitDevsLA
Join us for another Socratic Seminar via Google Hangouts! This month we have the pleasure of hosting Pandora Core, one of the main teams developing the RGB protocol. RGB is a second/third layer smart contract system, that can work on Lightning Network and allows the use of digitalized assets over it.
September 22, 2020
Photon SDK with Tankred Hase | BitDevsLA
This month we have Tankred Hase present on Photon SDK, a high level library for building bitcoin wallets with react-native.
September 22, 2020
Segwit/PSBT vulnerability (CVE-2020-14199) with Luke Dashjr | BitDevsLA
his month we have Luke Jr who is a Bitcoin Core developer and the person who proposed a solution to implementing Segregated Witness(SegWit) as a soft-fork.  He will be covering the recently discovered SegWit vulnerability that Trezor disclosed in this blog:
September 22, 2020
Wallet Libraries with Alekos Filini of Magical Bitcoin | BitDevsLA
This month we have Alekos Filini who is the main developer behind the Magical Bitcoin project and also a contributor to other notable bitcoin projects such as Elements and the LNP/BP standard library. The Magical Bitcoin project aims to build a collection of tools and libraries that are designed to be a solid foundation for Bitcoin wallets, along with a fully working reference implementation wallet.   Twitter:
September 22, 2020
Attacking Bitcoin with Amiti Uttarwar of Xapo | BitDevsLA
Join us as we host Amiti Uttarwar who is a Bitcoin Core Contributor at Xapo. Amiti discusses various attack vectors for the Bitcoin network and how they are addressed. Twitter:
September 22, 2020
Coin Selection with Mark "Murch" Erhardt of BitGo | BitDevsLA
Join us as we host Mark "Murch" Erhardt who is a Software Engineer at BitGo! He wrote his Master's Thesis on Coin Selection which has been merged into Bitcoin Core. He is also an avid contributor and moderator of where people can ask technical Bitcoin questions and the answers are crowdsourced by experts.  
September 22, 2020
Sats Back with Will Reeves of Fold | BitDevsLA
Will Reeves talks about Fold App, Lightning Pizza, and incentivizing Bitcoin mass adoption through stas back rewards.     Homepage:  Twitter:  Attend Our Meetup:    *Sponsors*  River Financial: The best place to buy, sell, and use Bitcoin for the long-term investor. &  Square Crypto: Funding open source development for Bitcoin.
September 16, 2020