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Bite Size Biographies

Bite Size Biographies

By BiteSizeBiographies
Bite Size Biographies is the podcast where people share the story of their life. Our goal is to encourage everyone to tell their life story. If you want to share your story on this podcast visit
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"Living On Purpose" - Dr. Ken Keis. On Purpose Author, Speaker, Educator
Dr. Ken Keis shares his experiences growing up on a dairy farm in Canada. Ken details how he went from studying farming in school, to simultaneously owning his own cattle while working a job in dairy farm equipment sales. After waking up at 5AM and working late into the evening every day for 5 years, upon self-reflection he decided to start a second business and gradually transition to a new career in sales training. Ken couldn’t have known that a chance meeting at a luncheon would change the course of his life, and lead to him eventually completing his Ph.D and becoming the owner of Consulting Resource Group. Download a free copy of The Quest for Purpose at Dr. Keis is the owner of Consulting Resource Group Podcast highlight: Some Kind of Brown,
February 17, 2020
"You Matter" - Kate Wallinga. Psychologist, Podcaster, Mom
Kate shares her journey to becoming a Psychologist, from attending her own parent’s highschool graduation as a baby and frequently moving as a young child, to an abusive near-death experience at a summer camp, through suffering further abuse as a freshman in college, to eventually finishing her final papers while breastfeeding. Kate has a doctorate in Psychology and describes multiple positions she’s held including an internship at a psychiatric hospital, and caring for inmates at a prison, discussing the unique challenges each job presented. Kate talks about how she dealt with multiple serious health concerns like contracting an infection which put her into a coma and caused partial vocabulary aphasia. She describes how ongoing medical and emotional challenges led to her feeling isolated and depressed, how she dealt with those feelings, and how when she began a podcast as a hobby it brought her community, interaction, and a place where she utilizes her breadth of knowledge. Kate's Podcast Ignorace Was Bliss can be found at or @iwbpodcast on social media. Podcast Highlight: Up All Night,
February 3, 2020
Lisa - Artist and Homebody
Lisa discusses life as a Canadian raised in a culturally Indian household, and reflects on what it was like to be called "exotic" and regularly asked about her ethnicity. She explains how she went from a materialistic teen to having an epiphany in high school and realizing that she wanted her life to be less focused on physical possessions. Lisa talks about what it was like to deal with depression for multiple years while attending college, how her depression gradually subsided, and the freedom and happiness she discovered when she moved out of her family home and began living on her own. After being driven crazy by the commute and time required from a standard 9-5 office job, Lisa found a solution to regain her time and her sanity. Podcast Higlight: Songbirding,
January 20, 2020
Chalet Jean-Baptiste – Professor and Author
Chalet shares what it was like to grow up in Brooklyn, New York and witnessing the effects of the crack epidemic which gripped her community. She shares stories of growing up in a strict household with high expectations and excelling in school, sneaking out and clubbing as a young teen, and stories of close-calls and tricky situations. After leaving for college at sixteen she became a successful young professional earning $60k/year, however after relocating to Dallas, Texas found herself struggling to make ends-meet on as little as $1,000 a month for a family of four. Today Chalet lives in Virginia and is a Professor, as well as the author of Black Dresses Stain, ReLive, and most recently Black from Scratch. Visit Chalet’s website at
January 6, 2020
Michael Rivera
Michael discusses growing up in Hong Kong, discovering his passion for Archaeology, the difficulties he faced going to college half a world away in an unfamiliar culture and society which at times made him feel unwelcome and marginalized, how he turned those challenging feelings into connections and friendships, and much more. Listen to his podcast The Arch and Anth Podcast at  or on your podcast app of choice.
October 28, 2019
I talk with Ash about her life, from Detroit to Texas and beyond. Ash opens up about the culture shock of her move, when seeking help for medical needs were answered with religion, what affect alcohol had on her life, and how she ultimately found personal and professional fulfillment.
October 12, 2019
Bob aka Rob Jung
"I’m a storyteller. Sometimes, I put those stories on paper. That makes me a writer. When they get published, I become an author. But, essentially, I’m a storyteller." - Rob Jung,
September 30, 2019
Bite Size Biographies - Coming Soon
Bite Size Biographies is coming soon.
June 16, 2019