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Marketing Soundbites

Marketing Soundbites

By Rachel Howe
Bringing you the best in local marketing. A podcast about bite sized media strategies and local marketing with your host Rachel Howe of Bite Sized Media.
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Google My Business
In episode 5 of the Marketing Soundbites podcast, we talk about a very important local marketing tool: Google My Business. Tune in to learn the importance of it for small businesses, how to set it up, and some important factors in getting it to stand out and rank higher in the search results.
July 3, 2019
Marketing like it's 2019
Stop marketing like it's 1985! Just kidding...or am I? In this episode, I break down four ways you can start doing better marketing. It's 2019 people!
June 4, 2019
Nextdoor: an up and coming local marketing platform
Nextdoor is a social networking service and app that’s been around since 2011, yet most business owners don’t know it exists. Learn what it is and how this underutilized platform is great for hyper local marketing.
May 30, 2019
What's the best way to drive leads and conversions?
In this episode I tackle the endless debate: what's the best way to drive leads and conversions for a business? Tune in to hear my five things you need to have in place. Hint: one of then isn't even SEO and you know how much I love SEO 😉
May 29, 2019
Welcome to Marketing Soundbites
Welcome to the first episode of the Marketing Soundbites podcast. Tune in and subscribe for local marketing tips!
May 24, 2019