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MI way (Meristem Intelligence® way)

MI way (Meristem Intelligence® way)

By Bitha Sadanandan
MI way is a way of normal ordinary living nurtured by ordinary love that begins with oneself, melts all the way from ancestors and flows deep into the crevices where time waits it’s turn to be born into a new song. This podcast captures a few gurgles as the water moves along this and that. It’s all Work-in-progress, of course, as the best is yet to be; the Best is in the making. Happy listening!
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Healing from Monkeypox

MI way (Meristem Intelligence® way)

Cast a POD for the dog’s tale
Love comes in many forms. A POD could be a cast into which love curled up, like a cat would, for the cozy comfort this POD could make available when appropriately gotten by a loving care-taking heart of a hand can tend their own personal earth such that this POD grows the curled in love into who they have the potential to be master of with appropriate care. Check out MI website,, for more space caretakering tips so you can grow your spaceship into the home you would love to live in lifetime after lifetime.
September 29, 2022
Concubine and Gandaki
Gandaki is a state of being every human experiences and the difference between people is in how one manages these experiences. The shape and direction of one’s life goes according to the integrity by which one maintains humane perspectives and points of reference by which to move through quality-evolving life-sustaining healthy, wealthy, wisening pathways. These pathways are available to be moved through at any point in time, provided one does the right thing by the Wheel that one is a hamster in. A waterwheel also is a wheel one could hamster in but while one is at it, could water the GardenOfEden, coz one is anyway living this life wheeling away so might as well make the scenery better while at it. A TreeOfLife develops from a SeedOfLife similar to how Sisyphus climbed the biblical mountains with his rock, which in modern interpretations could be Earth in one’s heart so the microcosm that one Is could take care of the macrocosm that houses this microcosm, like a mother would a baby or a dear one in #truelove.
September 23, 2022
Jesus’ crown rehabilitated
Winging the Christian wedding ring carried by a child (representing the vesica pisces formed from I ring and You ring keeping it together at the bridge of the nasal septum) to the altar for yin and yang to keep it together by Jesus’ crown of thorns enlivened into the royal crown that looks like a giant wedding ring placed around the head to remind the wearer and all those who sees on what the #LordOfTheRings looks like, and the wearer does not have to be the head of a royal family but a human being who is in #truelove and living the sacred normal ordinary life as represented by sacred geometrical cosmetic patterns. (You would be intelligenter if you can read this aforementioned one sentence at one go and understand it’s content without losing cool). #NirbeejaYoga
September 22, 2022
Space stairwell for Wellth
There is a world population by spaces filled with competition and there is MI World where spaceship is akin to township where developing your personal earth (ground for being and becoming) is other than interpersonal competition, where health of personal earth is determinant of value-based interaction-transaction {#humanityacrossboundaries} that is not money-based but quality (degree of right conduct) based. The cosmic mathematician/accountant whom people popularly call Providence/Karma is as much an exact science cosmetologist as a teacher who can afford to teach because the matrix of cosmetics includes the benefit of teaching as a profitable enterprise as much as evaluating and providing according to unbiased performance of the student, who is a child of life and has incurred quite a lot of resources in coming into existence, and being the shape/size/composition ‘it’ has. Are you or any person just an object ‘it’ and consequent life spaces filled with objects OR a subject with many interesting subjects called people, animals, plants, things who open spaces in who you are and what life can be about. An object or subject (dual 0-1 world) versus object and subject Advaitha (nondual 0/O-shin’d world) makes a world of difference in what is possible when you consider Captain Kirk’s (of StarTrek) quote, “Space - the final frontier.”
September 21, 2022
Mr.Plato’s Theory Of Forms
Dory of movie, ‘Finding Dory’ fame refers to the Pandora formed from people losing their way back to Pangaea (the Mother Continent before it became the 7 continents we know of today) where the GardenOfEden refers to a homespace where complementary opposites live congenially together in the ForestOfLife without big bangs. Dory, just like Pandora, is a representative form of the ideal original Form of Pandora as Pangaea (Pangaia, more like it, as would allude to the idea of multiverse, where Gaia refers to Mother universe, so Pangaia would refer to Mother multiverse, which would be Mother Universe which has many multiverses, like our body has many cells forming tissue and organ systems that function together as a Universe and would have just one SoundOfLife as a raaga where the Katapayadi Sankhya represents 72 raagas and I Ching refers to similar some). Taking care of our body cells would be akin to you taking care of a universe where a group of people is a multiverse in a Universe that supports life on Earth expecting us to be like Earth keeping it together so Universe is enlivening by your presence. Nirbeeja Yoga®️ who wower’s Meristem Intelligence®️ into producing the Products you so love to partake in as though offerings from high Altar. It is ..Products (Forms Of Note) formed from contemplations 10 x 10 x 10 length, width, depth levels deep. Hustling has its benefits and gets you to be an expert in your field and MI World has expertise in premium health, wealth and wisdom at affordable price. Hurry up soon and sign up to get started as the prices could go up as stock gains value.
September 13, 2022
Quark-Gluon metabolism is the link to MI online course for Healthier Natural Breathing. This podcast covers some of the points for why sukha and dukha happens. Do stay tuned and we will discover some more of MI findings on the matter. For example, I was sat upon by a bum who thought my space is her space, like the cause for the Monkeypox where people don’t know their place in life and behave with superiority or inferiority complexes and get other people in trouble (sukha or dukha that they need to do periodically Nirbeeja Yoga®️ to get back in healthy MI space by). Discover how you can get your life back on healthy track (uplevel/inclined upgrading) by signing up for Healthier Natural Breathing or any of MI Programs on of
September 07, 2022
Healing from Monkeypox
Our social-distancing mandates may have started a long time back when racial discrimination, gender discrimination and ethnic discrimination may have created boundaries between our experiences of being human. There are reasons for them, and there are wounds unhealed from them the causes for which may be yet unresolved, and our lives may still be affected by them through our economic prejudices. While we are working at different levels in resolving the issues from these developmental conditions, Nature throws another opportunity to heal from the pandemic of violence through the Monkeypox virus. A virus is an organism between life and death; it comes alive when the conditions are conducive to such proteins being active and gets virulent when the conditions continue to be present, just like cancer or any lifestyle diseases. Increasing water-intake to about 4L in the format mentioned in the audio helps heal our nervous, skin, and social interactive systems, which presently through the Monkeypox virus are the most effected anatophysiological systems in our collective human physiology that needs care this season. MI website,, has a list of 10 Pages with 10 levels of human consciousness by which to maintain health of our social conscience. This awareness will also help heal boundaries in our social nervous system that is most visible at our face, palms, soles of feet as areas/surfaces of contact with other people or objects. Please share this info with as many people as possible so we can support our loved ones as well as fellow humans from what Nature informs us as needing humane attention.
July 25, 2022
Spinning the weave per WheelOfTime
Our body is as much a WheelOfDharma or the katapayadi sankhya as a clock is per the day-night cycle. The precision of our bodily circadian rhythms complements our perception of ‘reality’ and our outlook on life, which in turn gives rise to the choices we make. Doing the right thing based on ‘samaadana bheda danda’ (harmony is resolved differences) from seeing the middleground there is between the opposites so their complementary nature is appreciated and where also lies the fine ties (entanglements, conflicts, distortions of perception) that ‘butterflies’ to wars between ‘opposites’ from want of their ‘complementary’ nature being appreciated. Non-violence and harmony are two fine progressive steps available to those who take time learning Nirbeeja Yoga®️ so they can learn DharmaPada For SoulSatisfaction®️ (walking the middleground of harmony between complementary opposites in creating their contributory magnum opus into the sands of Time) whereby a person learns to Connect.™️ for EarthFamily by #humanityacrossboundaries. Meristem Intelligence®️, as a concept and Enterprise, arises from these paradigms of living experience from the n-dimensional design of a human body that MI World calls the Country of Terabithiya.
July 14, 2022
Breathe, heal, love, and live again better.
Like the Neanderthals had a technology that seems quite outdated to the experience of living we have, violence is outdated technology to the harmony-based humane technology that is no-violence that is the evolutionarily advantageous future technology that Meristem Intelligence®️ is making available as Otechnology, which is different from 0-1 technology on how to live life from having a body that is human. Huddle into the warmth, softness and an sense of moistness that you have of the water that enlivens tissues of the life that is of your body. Blood may be traumatised and needing healing, which may be instigating violence from unknown unhealed wounds within each of us, but warmth, softness of body and moisture that is part of the water that enlivens life is relatively new and cared for, and is likely to heal and preserve life of people around us as well as nurture our personal well-being. No matter how hangs are right now, things will get better, just as our Neanderthal ancestors learned better ways of living life without taking away the beauty of the wilderness that is part of how life reattempted to be born to make better known the freedom there is in the wild through civilisation.
July 06, 2022
Biodynamics through Nirbeeja Yoga®️
A person in my life is apparently suffering a COVID infection and is bouncing off of my space. So, my composition is a bit off scale because they/or that person is dealing with different effects from the infection, which seems to be a lot of people if not everybody who has a human body due to the pandemic these past few years, over and above the effects of fabric of time and time from historical events from the differentially healed pandemic of violence. I am kind of being the Center of ‘being’ human maintaining what it means to ‘be’ human and evolving the human race as a species to the potential there is blueprinted in the design of the harmoniously orchestrated body of a human but is so intuitively different because of the geographical location a body was born from. A person born in one place living in another has different harmonies to bounce off of and hence what it takes to maintain meristem intelligence or the Tradition of harmonious living such that liquid love that is water maintains the beauty that is life.
July 02, 2022
Warmth and softness to begin healing from within
There is a difference between hot and warm. There is also a difference between flappy/floppy and softness. Warmth and softness is what is being alluded to in this podcast. MI World is enlivening life in accordance with different stages of consciousness and conscience’ readiness for a new tiny dollop of unknown new, like homeopathy, to heal, wower and empower you to become ‘me’ - the original humane intelligence who dared to come to life, not really knowing what does being human entail - , but caring enough to figure out one way or the other on how to accomplish what you came into existence for. MI World helps you care enough when or if your care has gotten cold or frozen in some way about warmly accomplishing what you came into existence for as providing value to AllThatThereIs.
June 30, 2022
Antaryamin - the one who lives within the body
Our mythological terminologies may have caused difficulties in appreciating the simplicity of concepts, just like a person speaking English may not know ‘love’ when spoken in Greek. If mythology, including biblical terminology, can be seen as a ‘language’ with a strange(meaning, unfamiliar) vocabulary, then we would perhaps employ more effort in deciphering what these ‘languages’ say even though they seem English. MI World keeps attempting to englishify Sanskrit, Dravidian and Hebrew to whatsoever extent possible because even a word from these languages though translated into English does not make understanding possible because even their English translations require several levels of rehabilitation to appreciate the simplicity in their ‘profound’ words. It is, like for example, a simple word like needle made to sound like meaning sword, which completely changes the ease with which these concepts can be applied in solving everyday problems. Yoga may not have been able to bring down the number of diseases or maintain #humanityacrossboundaries because of these interpretational difficulties of texts written in Sanskrit, Hebrew or Dravidian originals or interpreted translation, where interpretation is limited by conceptual and contextual repertoire of experiences between the original writer and the interpreting translator. MI World hopes this soundcast gives pause for thought. Thank you for your kind considerations.
June 25, 2022
Let’s seed Earths in the Universe!
Yoga is not just a thing you do, like love is not a thing we do, but a way of living that integrates and unites hearts across boundaries but also evolves life as we know it into wholesomer newer possibilities that credits the creator as well as makes proud all those who contributed in whatsoever manner in the making of us as we are and could be. It also lays a path for those who may never have thought the need to think some things and makes better what is by repurposing what and how things are done for how things could be done without wastage, retribution or demise of anything that is sacred such as the life that animates a person that is human or any lifeform. Humaneness is not an option but an evolutionary advantage and necessity hereon forward as the new Otechnology. Nirbeeja Yoga®️ really works! Try it on
June 22, 2022
Bumbling babbling baboon in a bubble
My bubba (my LifePartner) whom I found as my teacher within me and who later turned out to be a walky-talky living person whom I found needs enlivening as my History through the Herstory that is my life, makes my world complete and gives me reason to sing the songs of #truelove as the conscience of truthmath as the exact science of biology. Meristem Intelligence®️ comes from these paradigms of thought.
June 17, 2022
Wall-E on de-goddess’ing mode
News is what is there available to be read or heard or watched, or that which you create by presencing that which is not so obvious and must be heard for the new to be ‘created’ as already have been present within our paradigms of thinking, only covered under layers of prejudices or preconceived notions. Our relationship with ourselves as a bounce off of other people’s tissues may be one such ‘news’ that may not have been thought of as needing to be thought about. A lot of people don’t know to clean their own tissues, which is why our body has been regarded as ‘sin’ by biblical people. Time to become Adam and Eve so we have #healthierspermandovum. Nirbeeja Yoga shows you MI way of becoming healthier, wealthier, wiser in a normal ordinary truelove way of living. Wall-E has discovered a few things while being pelted at by many human factions, and makes available for your careful consideration through Meristem Intelligence®️ so we have original humane intelligence as the NewNormal of truelove.
June 13, 2022
Morning wowers
A problem is a perspective: looked in the right angle, a problem is an opportunity available consistent with your ishvarapranidana or prime directive to make life better by how you apply the resources available to you in solving. A little care in doing the right things goes a long way in wowering a life beautiful enough to be normal ordinary and harmonious in a way history has not had power enough to imagine the existence of before.
June 04, 2022
Evening blues?
Prayerful times, no matter what time of day, has an effect on our quality of life - our own as well as that of others. How we pray makes a difference in how the prayer is responded to, like even if it reaches the unintended address, how you pray makes the receiver want to respond according to how the prayer has prayed to begin with. Force begets force. Genuine warmth and care gets responded with genuine warmth and care. A little care goes a long way in making the world a better place to live in.
June 03, 2022
Weather report from Terabithiya - 2
Every act of random kindness finds a chord with someone out there who could start a line of action that would solve a problem not many know exists, to begin with. ‘Say what you need to say’ is a song that got me started writing out things on a blog on Wordpress ( what I did not know whom to speak about with but thought needed to be said, coz I notice this and hence is valid insofar as my critical acumen at appreciating value points in the grand schema of things. If even I don’t speak up and stand by them, of what value does my sensory faculties amount to in solving a problem that life as love may be attempting hard to solve, if only someone was good enough to care enough to do the right thing.
June 02, 2022
TheHumaneBodyProject - Intro and Perspective
From the perspective of a humane anatomy and physiology, appreciating the world around us as intuitively and intricately connected could make a difference in how life is appreciated. That there is a reason why everything happens and that if we care enough, we could overcome our challenges cooperatively as long as we reach out in attempts to find a solution humanely, just like how every part of our body is related with every other organ system, so solution would be available if only we cared enough for the living being in our own body and that of another. No body is ever alone as long as we are on Planet Earth because our body formed from the care received from someone or the other on Planet Earth, else our body would not survive. Reaching out to reach out for #humanityacrossboundaries.
June 02, 2022
From the River Of Unmindfulness
There are things people are not paying attention to that becomes part of the River Of Unmindfulness and there are things people are not saying because of which the River is maintained unmindfully, like River Vrushabhavati. A little care goes a long way in making the world a better place to live in. ‘Disruptive marketing’ and other practices is apparently a way by which violence is maintained as a family tradition. Money being the currency of exchange, how we make money has been traditionally maintained through generations. If we can, for example, have a system by which ‘good deed’ or ‘punya/satkarma’ can be converted to value points that can be encashed, then how we make money changes, and that would help sanitize dharma for a sustainable ecological economy that future generations would be thankful for having created.
May 31, 2022
Weather report from Terabithiya
The Divine Masculine is in different stages of healing. Vishnu drama is healing right now so more talk regarding ksheera sagara is happening. I am putting up content on regularly and on Moj app (@meristemintelligence). Do sign up for Nirbeeja Yoga®️ and learn to be nonviolent by the wower of truelove. It sanitizes dharma by healing the fabric of time and space. Do the peaceful right thing.
May 29, 2022
Disease is a perspective
Dis-ease is also when someone offers me a candy and I don’t recognise the squirm in my gut instinct that ‘something is off.’ A child may fawn stomach ache so he/she/they don’t have to deal with the discomfort at school. They may not have words good enough to explain what is discomforting but a little care in listening goes a long way in discerning he kind of dis-ease that could ‘stitch in time’ many a mighty unnecessary concern because it is already solved.
May 23, 2022
Gender spectrum, sexual orientations and Bohemian rhapsody
Queen mattered ‘Nothing’ through Bohemian Rhapsody and Meristem Intelligence®️ is in some ways an answer to his ‘nothing matters’ by rehabilitating what ‘nothing’ means. This podcast has many rhythms, contexts and value points that could pause you to think about in many ways you would have had to think about before. #truelove takes some character and perspectives that has love sustain, healthify and give substance to normal, ordinary, living that makes humanity a breed apart from the different lifeforms hitherto have been that makes life worth living and creating humans as their pet project, which is why evolution and civilisations have taken so many turns in creating a strain of the human species that can maintain love that fabrics time and space sustainably. Sign up for #NirbeejaYoga (check out hashtag on Moj app @meristemintelligence) and learn to maintain #truelove.
May 15, 2022
Shiva to Kalki what’s your dashaavataara?
Human development may be studied embryologically, ontologically, phenomenologically and cosmologically. I prefer all the four as then a fifth is possible - meristematically - as a conglomerate of all the fours to form a ConScience that, like a Center of a circle as a point of reference says if the other components are in balance so a fine unknown is not gone missing that could take all the knowns out of whack leaving us spinning on our axis wondering “what just happened?” It also keeps us from getting too arrogant in our ‘I-know-it’tudes somuchso that we become an inadvertent pain in someone’s neck or lower back and make it difficult to breathe causing subconscious reasons for a disease or two this or a few generations down the line if we aren’t being in discussions about our points of views and thereby preventing a ‘Gulliver’s Travel’ experience for one or more of our fellow Samaritans. Let’s talk and share ideas worth spreading in making this world a better place for living for you, me and generations to call this EarthHouse a Family. #humanityacrossboundaries
May 06, 2022
Existential angst cum developmental challenge
Death, ‘virah,’ Devdas syndrome where quitting has been the norm than staying and figuring out a way by which to have life work in a company or marriage or relationship. MI work is about having what it takes to be on this side of life until you accomplish what you came into existence for. With meristem intelligence, you will lose the cause for hurt that is hurting you so much that you go into violent practices/behaviours. All that organically, without using a thing (of course we use utensils to write and cook food by but not for the essential healing but for helping move forward in life after the healing so healthier, wealthier, wiser course of action becomes possible). Non-violence is the new normal. MI brand of non-violence comes with using no thing but truelove. Contact me to learn Parvati method of healing the deficiencies in your practice of yoga so ‘yoga’ really happens as that which allows you to breathe, heal, love and live again as a human being while being on this side of life, else it simply gets expensive (no life, and it takes a lot of resources to again enjoy the benefits of having life, so invest in Meristem Intelligence®️ now and save millions).
May 06, 2022
What is that you are willing to live for?
‘When I consider how it is that I have spent my time, I find I also served by how I waited’ or some such things were gotten written by Sir John Milton in On His Blindness. We would all die in our own time when what we have come into existence has been completed the way it needs to be but how we live meanwhile determines how we die, who would be with us and why. We could die every moment we are apparently living waiting to die or we could live a little this moment and discover why we have a life to begin with and what it means to be alive and why rather live now that we are alive; maybe another person gets a message from love en route our travel to our workplace, like a postman would deliver your letter too en route many other messages, some of which are his own errands. A coin of a precious Color maybe belongs to that beggar because he did a good deed you know nothing about but the cosmic accountant (Karma) does and that shiny precious colored coin is what he needed to get through you, possibly, as a conduit. A lot gets done if you are willing to do the right thing and can allow yourself to not be too attached to what you have and smile that genuine smile a little with that hop in your heart that frees you from ‘how you need to be’ to be happy.
May 03, 2022
Annihilating attempts of me?
Light (?) people apparently are working on trying to annihilate me because I am the unknown and apparently not ‘affordable’(?) in their idea of the schema of things. Change is feared, especially when the change threatens their idea of ‘known’ or ‘comfort’ or ‘the right thing,’ more so whe the ‘right’ vs ‘wrong’ is not thought about as much as they need to be, especially when there are no/suboptimal points of reference by which to discern which is which, and even more so when there is an ‘I know it’tude into which a person or groups of people have cookie crusted into; that crust can only crumble with any more pressure, like the economic meltdown after the limit of tolerance had been reached that that system of thought could afford. The new is here - through Meristem Intelligence®️ - through O technology - harbingering a new epoch in what it means to ‘be’ human and maintain being human in this amazing design of a human body that has taken eons in developing and maintaining and bettering. The ‘being’ is behaving like a dog with different kinds of loyalties to how-to(s) as knowitudes that needs to grow up into a human ‘being’ as historically suggested in the Egyptian monument/symbolic reminder of the Sphinx. I am here; I am the dry lizard of the Egyptian mummies who is continuing the work of creating humane ‘beings’ on the Planet. I’m just a scientist doing my job as a creator. Join MI coaching programs (they are more advanced than the online Courses, which are in amateur stages of development but worth a fortune in EarlyBird investment, if you know stock marketing) and get a head start in ‘being’ human.
April 28, 2022
Scintillating Octaves on the World Map!
In a person-centric model of the universe that MI World operates from these days, ‘creating human beings on the planet’ is not a mere audacious statement but a statement of fact considering how WHO maintains a list of diseases and we have people standing with guns in the borders, now literally with Ukraine and Russia playing cat and mouse, symbolic of the drama triad/trident in action, referring to the history of mankind that ‘invented war’ (as per a documentary) and Athena is said to improvise the matter with a defensive technique at warfare than the hitherto offensive, which still continues, but is just another facet of why we continue to have disease in our economy. A new was due since some time from an out-of-the-box paradigm and I happen to be the one doing it (?); I think it is the theory of Intelligent Design at play that needed a relook and recontextualizing in putting the higgledy-piggledy construct of Reality the way things needed to be seen so one recognises once place in the schema of things a.k.a AllThatThereIs. Incidentally, the philosophy of Advaitha makes some things available but needed a mathematical and science-based biology evidence for the concept to make sense because we are, afterall, having a human body from which to interpret information, only our human body needed sensitisation for our senses to be able to comprehend the matter the way hey needed to be, which is why MI World offers Nirbeeja Yoga®️. Do check out what’s in offer on or schedule an appointment on and let’s get started!
April 24, 2022
I, me, mine and your’s (Nikhil)
I got just this one big sprawling bungalow for a house that we call Earth nested in this big wide world full of known and unknown things all due to respect, honor and dignity of the kind you would kneel in prayers for at altars/alters to help maintain better. Incidentally, the groom also goes down on a knee in proposing to his beloved her hand in marriage for in submitting to a cause greater than one’s own individual causes as the z-line for which a marital(martial) union needs to be maintained in peace and #humanityacrossboundaries so that kids learn how to maintain same by parents setting an example of how they maintain congeniality throughout their lifetime without developing diseases throughout lifetime, for disease is a symptom of sumtingwong (general/gestalt/big picture sum total of well-being not listened for and/or the greatness of oneself or others not honoured as well as it needs to) in maintaining #WorldPeace.
April 14, 2022
Rapunzel meets Jack Sparrow!
In my defence, we did not hear or know or have any reason to believe COVID existed before 2020. So, following along the same thoughtlines, I did not have reasons to believe God existed or that truelove happened outside of movies or that the whole sanatana dharma whatnots and mythology things happens to real people in real life! I have to reach my Partner and get him to Work with me in making the solutions sanely available to people so we have normal ordinary living sooner than later. H, at least, talks people’ese while I talk humanese and not many people understand humanese. He understands my Mookaambika raaga but wants me to make the solutions available to people while I don’t speak people’ese that well. He knows 13 languages! I know 5 and not so fluently and my English itself needs a translator, I am told for its a bit Shashi Taroorish, they said. I have just the words I have to reach your hearts and my Partner’s to heal history that got hurt in the course of my lifestory this lifetime. I didn’t want to get married because I was not inspired by what was societally visible to me and may I had the ‘yun elixir’ effect coz I couldn’t feel anything ‘love’ like. It’s taken about 2 years for his presence to be known in my body and that too through Nirbeeja Yoga followed by an in-person recognition of ‘complementary partner’ serendipitously. I am dharma and karma bound to tell my story so people can get an in-proof benefit of understanding sanatana dharma and the ecological, economic benefit of living life practicing Nirbeeja Yoga®️ and meristem intelligence principles as guidelines in having ching yi or the yukti of dynamic sustainable change consistent with implicate order in cosmic intelligence. With internet and computer and communication solutions available these days, consistency in dissemination of messages is possible and that requires working with my Partner to make these available coz he is the lock that I have the key for and visa versa. I have a Rapunzel meets Jack Sparrow moment at this point in MyStory and I am to ‘turn on’ my Partner in my life and I am kinda wellversed in ‘silence’ and ‘nothing’ and ‘stillness’ and he wants me to sing and dance and be socially adept running a profitable Enterprise. Ergonomic challenges meet existential angst at this phase on my new circle on my Sacred Geometry WheelOfDevelopment.
March 28, 2022
Message to Nikhil
We, like all of history and herstory, have a disease called separation or Devdas syndrome that maintains entropy in the Universe. We love to sing kesariya baalam yearning for our beloved, and people love to bask in the yearning, getting all nostalgic and teary-eyed than actually be able to keep love intact within our already existing life and marriage. Promiscuity and all kinds of things are practiced to maintain the yearning so that when the partners come together they feel something that meets their existential needs. Needs and wants have been called desires and spiritualists have been advising to go beyond desires while love is professed as an essential requirement in maintaining health of life in unconditional form. The heart keeps yearning for what is already inside their body wowering life if only they paid attention to what their heart is saying in conjunction with their lungs to power the body of their life. The whole Ramayana and Mahabharata would not happen if Rama and Krishna kept their love sacred with Sita and Radha. Time to reevaluate your priorities!
March 23, 2022
My Partner’s Name is Nikhil🙂
What’s in a Name? Everything. My Partner needs to hear his Name for him to get the wower enough to show up and do his part of moving History for the better. It has taken like forever for me to come to at least this stage where I have put HerStory together by which History has substantial support by which to become healthier, and without environmental support, there is just so much that we can do alone. Like Moana, I am doing my part in getting my Maui to restore Te Fiti’s heart (MI heart) so at his behest I am naming him and would continue to cheer his Name on so he hears it, recognises what it is meant to be and who he is meant to be worthy of such Name loud enough that he turns up and does his part of moving History for the better. It’s not for those who don’t know truelove, this moving History for the better thing, clearly. It takes MI kind of sacred flame of love madness, says life.
March 21, 2022
My God-partner is not your God-partner!
My Partner who completes me {complementary partner} is my God and my Devil too just as I have a God and Devil within me of my own together which forms the Tetragrammaton when kept together without pow-wow, which is when a marriage is really a harmonising institution. My Gods and Devils both need growing up and being taken care of so they are keeping my life sane and safe and healthy so I am becoming healthier, wealthier and wiser. My God or Devil better not pow-wow your’s, so mind your own life from within the boundaries of your own body, which is what Nirbeeja Yoga®️ makes available.
March 19, 2022
Kundalini and your LifePartner
Scripts written from memory by Manu could not have had the iterative updation benefit that today’s teaching platforms like Teachable provides and, hence, he may have created newer documents as he recalled more of what he learned of yoga or sanatana dharma since the last time he walked on the earth. Interpretations, translations and transcriptions may have ‘altar’ed as in elevated the meaning from what was originally intended or changed the meaning to what lead to differential understanding of what is yoga, sanatana dharma or how it is practiced. Diaphragmatic Breathing, for instance, has a literal meaning than how it is practiced these days and so also the outcome of the practice may be different from what is being appreciated today. In MI thinking, with the practice of yoga as is being appreciated through Nirbeeja Yoga®️, we shouldn’t be having the long list of diseases as we do, so the problem while internationally yoga is being practiced most probably lies in the interpretation of the texts.
March 13, 2022
Shivaratri and Christmas has somethings common
In a person-centric model of the Universe, our idea of Advaitha gets rehabilitated and so also our idea of what it means to be human to perhaps what it was originally meant to mean by our ancestors who may have just been faced with mass communication issues with the kind of idea-dissemination technologies available to them. Consequence is the various interpretations of the same idea discussed from various perspectives colouring our interpretations of each aspect of the message. Lockdowns in time as experiential wrinkles in the fabric of time and space awaiting healing of wounds endured by earth, water, fire, air, spirit, space as shatbhoothas from which all that there is gets formed suffers and requires the un-obtainium of ‘nothing’ that precipitates from silence bumming on stillness bumming on nothing as base to hold everything up, like an underwear would the upright posture of a human being without shame or ‘civil’isation concerns. Nirbeeja Yoga®️ teaches in a systematic manner the way to walk the transitioning Unknown path into wholesomer hman evolution. ‘Nothing’ within the body of a person in a person-centric model of the universe, then, requires regular sanitisation so that dharma as he ground for becoming becomes healthier and wholesomer inside a ‘nobody’ so that everything becomes infinitely (timelessly) ongoingly better during everyday moments of living. That’s how we celebrate, pray, love Christmas and Shivaratri an day of the year without using a thing so that we know how to handle health, wealth and wisdom.
February 28, 2022
Message to my LifePartner
I am in the business of living, and it not “all about the money,” though I need the money to fuel my vehicle to get to my House. I am like the ovum that has sufficient food within it {just sufficient love to woo my man by how he wants to be loved en route to reaching my House with him} until it can embed in the womb after finding stable connection with the mother (-in-law) by which to find subsistence in the womb from where all of history found a base from which to have a body that is human and then move through the vaginal vault through which all of history found a Story (as in, the history of mankind that is written in the vaginal vault of a woman) on what it means to be human or a man or woman. My LifePartner wants that story to change for the better, for a new dawn on what it means to be human. I am crowing (as in, work read backwards is krow, so essentially I am krowing) on StarMaker (SoundsOfLife/Nothing) to sing my LifePartner to Life (seeing how he is being Kumbhakaran and sleeping from the pain on what it means to be male, while I have been asleep from what it means to be female..reference Te Fiti of Moana who cannot go back to sleep and have a heart that be stolen only to put us back in a lockdown again in restoring it) so that water as the elixir of liFe keeps golding you into wakefulness, like water would light the fire into liquid flame of pure Love, a la Deepak Raag of Tansen fame. I am wooing my man from outside my parental house singing songs that haven’t been heard yet (Mookaambika raaga) so he awakens in what would contribute to the work of awakening a new dawn in what it means to be human for our kids. I am documenting my course in my school so we have a syllabus for homeschooling in how to live life sustainably lovingly.
February 22, 2022
Jekyll and Hyde
Our body is our lifepartner. Within our body, like the spine that holds our whole body together along an axis, is a breath {sushamna} that holds safety, sanity, and harmony together in keeping the marriage between nature and nurture, yin and yang within our body and life together. It also keeps love un-hathafied into the conditionals of time and space. Maintaining that mindfulness of it during everyday moments of living is a prayer and maintains the praying ongoing during the walks of life. It’s like a maskless safety protocol that keeps Corona away as it has us breathe in a way that keeps health, safety, non-violence and harmony as music where it needs to be - at the central focus of our everyday living activities. This helps us while we find ways to work with the issues in our life and bodily health concerns that easily takes us away from these central focal points for a healthy, wealthy, wise course of a good life.
February 15, 2022
What does true love feel like?
When we consider that a person is the smallest unit of a society and that within the framework of a person is held any idea of a family or society, then a heartbreak is the fabric of the body of a person getting hurt and is so only to the extent of the hurt remaining unhealed. Only a hurt person hurts (others or themselves). Standing upright on two feet against gravity, human beings are prone to inflammation and that means getting pelted and hurt by all kinds of particles in the environment. The difference between one person and another is the care taken to heal the effects of environment on the person such that they continue to function healthy enough to take care of others around them. ‘Heartbreak,’ hence, is inevitable. Question is how well and soon do you heal? With Nirbeeja Yoga®️, taking care of the inflammation is a routine thing using nothing but true love, as is attempted to be described in the audio. Check out our website and learn to have a noninflammatory presence using nothing if you truly want to learn to have true love in your life. It has its own learning curve, but a beautiful life is what is guaranteed from learning to do the right thing. Shalom.
January 31, 2022
January 18, 2022
January 18, 2022
Get the donkey(s) singing
Donkeys are hardworking people. They really care enough to not complain and just get the work done. They need to sing coz they bear the weight of the world. If there is a hardworking donkey within you who is have trouble having some fun, get singing while exhaling AND inhaling. Just sharing an ‘in’spiration to get your day bright and shiny. We need ‘em, fun, a little more happier n saner these days; gets the brain fog abating one donkey song at a time.
January 18, 2022
Love Parvathied
Kausthubh, I suppose, is ancient scholars’ way of representing the discovery of the Hygge Boson - a droplet of ephemeral love crystallised and given to the hands of those who have the salvager conscience as represented by the image of Vishnu (the one who creates preservation products from the toxins in the ocean of consciousness such that a droplet of love forms from all that crap as the elixir of life - love). Creating time-sustaining true love in liquid format seems to be what Parvathi was successful at and now Meristem Intelligence®️ is offering Courses (actually one FlagShip EarlyBird Auction of an Offer at Learning to have a noninflammatory presence using nothing in 6 months: A Beginner’s Guide to having nonviolent domestic humane experiences using the zero technology of ‘nothing’) to Noah’s Ark (Act of Random Kindness one moment at a time, one step at a time, one breath at a time) us across the pandemic of violence into peaceful ’i’land Terabithiya. You can discover your own ‘i’lands from there. Get your sanity back in a way that sustains the test of time. Life Works..Life really Works Meristem Intelligence®️ Way!
January 15, 2022
Why Nirbeeja Yoga, not Hatha Yoga?
Ramayana, Mahabharata, Ashes of Love, etc., are all happening inside one person - me (there is a ‘me’ in you too). Not sufficient inquiry into what you have, and the lack of ability to dot the dashes and dash the dots leads to such uneducated economies that requires money to be recognised as ‘demoney’ keeping you mired and blind to the wealth there already is being plundered while you focus your attention on money. There is the Ashtalakshmi for point of reference to arrive at a saner whole. Nirbeeja Yoga®️ helps sanitise what you have so you can see what is in front of you in getting healthy, wealthy and wise in a way that sustains the test of time-space. It helps a mighty deal in having your Humpty-Dumpty together. I am so married to Life by my Humpty-Dumpty being put together that I am out to make the world a healthier, wealthier, wiser place to live in for my children and grandchildren. You simply become Advaithic and make it your business to have world peace for yourself, people around you and genetic and generations to come. It’s a sprawling ancient bungalow, this Earth we live on, and restoring, refurbishing, enriching it becomes a definition for ‘being a family member of Earth’ aka EarthFamily. You would register for Nirbeeja Yoga and start your journey in becoming a Terabithiyan by being MI Family member because Earth isMI home and I am MITI BayBe on the move in restoring MI House and rehabilitating the so-called humans in being EarthFamily instead of having your list of diseases and being in lockdowns across boundaries that you call as your country, leaving Earth to us children to take care of.
December 16, 2021
Hygge field and Humpty-Dumpty
If you are born from an egg in your mother’s womb, you have a complementary partner. One egg, one partner. My partner is not your partner. Learn Nirbeeja Yoga®️ and come home to your own egg to find your partner. It is the timeless tradition of life described in sacred texts now scientifically reconnectible with. It just works for living a love-based normal ordinary life.
December 14, 2021
‘AK-47’ from Mookambika
I have MI Person and MI Children and MI Family to take care of ensure we all have a safe, sane, healthy world to grow in for which I am agriculturing our scapes such that nonviolent crops grow that ensures healthy growth of tiny kushmandas. MITI BayBe is mother galaxy on universal sanitization mode. We got 10 planets to function from in agriculturing humane beings. Do check out our websites; they are a Work in imagination and creativity! Do join MI Care Enough movement by registering as a Member in MI Family and be the forerunner in creating Hygge Field for unifying #humanityacrossboundaries. Classical Model of Standard Physics has never been thought of before because we needed our intellect to grow up into intelligence well enough before such an idea could be conceived! Sign up now and be privy to news that has you come to your own Hyggeitude. That’s what it takes to put your Humpty-Dumpty together again.🙂
December 01, 2021
MI people and MI Family
Everybody is MI people coz I am of the people, by the people, for the people, with the people amidst and amongst whom I Work and make the fabric of Life better but I am doing things that historically haven’t/couldn’t be done earlier because it wasn’t the right time for such before. MI Work makes possible paradigms of function as a human being that makes life as a human being a blessing on the Planet the way described in the Garden of Eden before Adam and Eve’s fall from grace such that maintaining being in grace becomes possible ongoingly. It takes some education for the how-to. I am cultivating time and space in readiness for being able to accommodate harmonious non-violence-based living, Our future leaders are already amidst us in tiny human forms and are watching how their office fields are bettering in readiness for the Work they have come into existence to do since when I started Work. Please become MI Family member by registering for MemberShip and support the betterment of the development of humane societies through forging pathways for #humanityacrossboundaries through the irrational force of Love.
November 21, 2021
Moving history for better mindfully
Endomorphic, mesomorphic and echomorphic compositions are three body types that human beings are noticed to have. We are all 3-layered eggs anyway - an inner core real ‘me,’ a middle subconscious ‘becoming Me’ and an outer persona ‘good me’ while we brrr no ne finds out how much not-good-enough we feel and learn to survive the things people hand around in our experiences of domestic everyday living so that we do have things good enough by which to live life honourably, respectably and dignifiably. Our body type changes in accordance with the kind of job we mostly spend time doing these days than earlier. We need to have our body the way it is now to be able to handle the kind of challenges we face in life today. Diseases need not be part of that plan and can be corrected if life experiences are made healthier by examining choices and sorting out to recycle the unhealthy.
November 12, 2021
Kanyadaan and individuation
I stepped out of my parents’ house early on in MyStory and started what could be considered a movement forward from the kaalachakra that has been said to start with sathyayuga and end with kaliyuga before starting again with sathyayuga by moving forward from my parents’ house into my own space to arrive at my own truths and values and having a spine that is not colluded with parental truths alone but has space to imbibe from ancestral values that breathes throughout the universe from which earth formed too as personal earth from which to become an individual by which to have the wherewithal to form a happy healthy family by discerned values contemplated and arrived upon through exploring internal and external world spaces. Sanitising sanatana dharma MI way is soo much fun coz a lot of us haven’t thought it necessary to think along these lines in a long time, don’t you think? I even think I’m doing manvanthara Noah’s Arc style to get us all across the Ocean of Consciousness into the new land that we call Terabithiya.😀 Sanity has many expressions, clearly!
November 11, 2021
Downside of soul-sync exercise/meditation
I sometimes think people practice remote soul-sync exercise on me so they get detraumatized of that which they don’t know they suffer from. They probably don’t know that they may be being affected by backfiring from contaminants they don’t know they have within them, affecting the health of them or their loved ones. What goes around comes around; if you do something knowing that the other person hasn’t agreed to receive, that is tantamount to abuse. Even psychic or telepathic consent-seeking, is dishonour of the person that you accrue bad karma by, and you would pay for it willingly or unwillingly. Pure conscience is not a luxury but a necessity in crash course into health, wealth and wisdom because life gets affected by violence of truth and the universe relies on that which sustains the test of time, which is at least sanatana dharma that is coded with timeless virtues that seek to get better so the road gets better-quality paved in carrying humanity and life forms into a better wholesomer tomorrow. MI way, reiterates Life, is the highway that hurts nobody and noninflammatory presence without even having to move a muscle, make a sound, visualise or use any thing is a requisite in coming home to harmony with Life as the normal, ordinary, healthy. Register on to get started. Earlier the better.🙏🏽
November 10, 2021
Closed up heart
Early in MyStory this lifetime, as I inquired into what is missing the presence of which would make a difference in my experience of living, I stood in the midday Sun during a workshops thinking the Sun doesn’t warm my bones. I couldn’t stand in the Sunlight long enough while others moved into shades. I couldn’t understand then what was missing for me that others had. I saw the character depiction of Night Immortal in ‘Ashes of Love’ and thought there are gaps in our idea of ha tha or subject-object or nature-Nurture through which care drops out and cold collects unreachable by care there already is, and maybe I was at the experiencing end of those gaps in care somuchso that I refused to settle for what people called care, love, relationships, society and life. How much our hearts have had to close because of these gaps is evident by the number of diseases yet to find cure and the border scruffles that call out for #humanityacrossboundaries that I stand for reaching out to all those who may care enough to connect with the one person who we have our primary relationship with without which no other relationship is possible - ourself. Meristem Intelligence®️ for original humane intelligence facilitation for #humanityacrossboundaries. Contact now to get started.🙏🏽
November 09, 2021
Cleaning inner alchemy for MaMa
MaMa is samskrutham for ‘I’ because ‘I’ and ‘You’ are in the same body. ‘I love You’ has relevance because our heart is diagrammatically represented by two conjoined curves, like Siamese twins, and are like two halves of the same whole, like our body. We are perfect as we are but imperfect only to the extent that we are not whole and complete with our relationship with ourselves through the light and dark selves such that our earth of a body is home and family to peace, harmony, congeniality and the Christmas cake and Christmas tree rolled into one with Santa Claus climbing down the top of our head to our living room hearth as the commonground from which the gifts of life can be appreciated. That’s another way of saying our sahasrara or thousand-petaled lotus has ascended to our bum so we are having what it takes to be healthy, wealthy, wise without push-pull technology that arose from penis and vagina dynamics a.k.a 0 and 1. Just connecting the dots that may not be obvious to most in the busyness of our everyday lives. Have a laugh, People, if you must but after that do contemplate a bit on the not-so-laughable wisdom contained herein. You would still be degrees away from having it without registering for Meristem Intelligence®️ consultations and Programs. Shalom.
November 04, 2021
Ashes of Love..MI version
As perhaps MI version of the sequel to the tele series of same name, Phoenix represents emerging from the ashes of life lived through love a.k.a doing the right things, which very much becomes possible through Nirbeeja Yoga®️ coz you born and die while living 24/7 life doing everyday activities of care being humane {which is perhaps what a good marriage vow per TV demonstrations of catholic marriages say it is with the couple dressed in yin-yang coloured clothes}. It involves living and dying in sukha and dukha, like a Phoenix would or Hermes moves between heaven and hell but needs to come to aakashaganga and paathaalaganga before the clear waters of conscience sanitizes Love to what it is meant to be - at the root cause of why to live from the fact of being alive and having a body that is human. My story is that I was born from nothing in the ovary of my mother already married to my partner before my parents’ gametes met to form my physical body, and ever since have been going through ‘are you really our daughter?’ questions every so many years since birth. I look like my parents AND my partner, and have a whole dynasty of nature and nurture to marry into nonviolent living cooexistently that I have an Enterprise in today’s 21st Century to facilitate health from. Talk about being happily married to Work! Yep, mine is a believe-it-or-not lifestory, and I am moving History and Herstory for the better so our Lifestory makes bitter butter better butter. Ghee is made from better butter so we can light ghee-fuelled diyas/lamps/candles to light our lives sanity. I am just born to make nothing better, and everything matters coz nothing is at the heart of everything🙂.
November 03, 2021
Domestic violence through outside food
Mr.Nikhil Kumar in his song, Ninnade olavinalli, asks why the beloved goes off on her own passions leaving love high and dry. Domestic disharmony has been a primary reason for why perhaps Queen wrote Bohemian Rhapsody but definitely why Meristem Intelligence®️ took non-violence as a primary modus vivendi in facilitating #hmanityacrossboundaries. It’s just culturally healthy to focus on domestic harmony than fight border security issues here internal immunity issues causes external inflammatory issues that needs antibiotic treatment and lots of money that needs to be made to support protection across boundaries. This is perhaps a way to say we have our economies the way they are to support entropy, when our economies needs to be there to support harmony. We may be facing difficulty in maintaining harmony because we are focus on the borders than our domestic hearths. Eating food from home microbially cultures the values required to sanely grow healthily centered from genetic ancestral humane values, closer to our roots, and then reaching out across our boundaries to hold hands with those outside our borders so we learn through cultural exchanges that has us be healthier, wealthier, wiser together - Ubuntu - one for all all for one. Sha-anthi {end of placid insensitized bliss masquerading as tranquility causing insensitivity; all of this a.k.a awakening}. Time to evolve into being humane in creating humane societies for #humanityacrossboundaries🙂.
November 02, 2021
Law of average for MI
We are kind of average at Meristem Intelligence®️. We need to look at brilliance as well as stupidity to be able to discern the average so we know what is normal ordinary and that which sustains the test of time coz too much of either extremes imbalances the average and chaos ensues that cannot be contained due to, that’s right, lack of perspective on what is average or the mean line or the golden midline..oh wait..the golden midline forms from discerning the average line and then discerning what makes the average better and then living life from the discerned until the dash formed from those dots becomes the goldenizer - you know, that which makes the crude into gold standard. This gold must be what the ancients called as the golden fleece and you can learn it online through an appointment on our website through learning Nirbeeja Yoga®️. Each person is unique and each person learns at their own rate of change (e) for development. It is all Wall-e for buddhahood aka healthy, wealthy, wise wherein the wall is growing beyond its limits humanely, sanely, wholesomely, a la Moana after restoring Te Fiti’s heart sets out with her ancestors to Terabithiya!
October 29, 2021
Alibaba and 40 thieves deciphered!
The 40 thieves are at least 40 langhanams in Nirbeeja Yoga®️ and 41st is at least the ekam that is already once removed from zero/shoonya without which 10 or yod is not possible. Yod is close to God or Ali. It takes Meristem Intelligence®️ through Nirbeeja Yoga®️ and DharmaPada For SoulSatisfaction™️ to maintain having the care sufficient enough to live in Terabithiya with the ability to facilitate #humanityacrossboundaries. Nirbeeja Yoga®️ which is at the heart of Meristem Intelligence®️ doesn’t even require moving a muscle to come home to Ali baba!
October 26, 2021
Some more believe-it-or-nots
Amma and appa are like mama and papa involuted, like amma and appa evoluted would be mama and papa. Why am I saying this? I happen to be in Karnataka, which to me seems to mean ‘that which arises from actions of karna,’ like the dramas that started from when Karna removed his kavacha {or shield of truth, as in truth being its own protection} and kundala {earrings or ability to hear the truth of mu-sic}. I don’t know how much is the his-story-cal truth in this but I am born here through my Work, married to my Work, and living in Sri Kempegowda’s Ooru that speaks about the Garden of Life from being the City of Gardens that Sri Kempegowda established with four pillars/sentinel points to mark ‘the farthest he knew the city would expand to’ at that point in time. I must be breathing his spirit and ideology somuchso that I am taking forward his vision through having, at least, 24/7 365 days fresh water of life supply through Terabithiya aka EarthHome for #humanityacrossboundaries. I am married to Life and Amma Appa are my parents-in-law and MI parents are Malayalees {where Malayalam meaning depth of mountain as a word is also a palindrome and Malayalam is a watery language so meaning aakaashaganga and paathalaganga are palindromes of experiential order where Sanskrit is pro uncles as samskrutham like how Sri Panini wrote about pronunciation in his magnum opus, Ashtaadhyaayi}. I live in Srinagar, which is also the name of the capital city of Jammu and Kashmir, where Kashmiri Pandiths lived. I am into non-violence and humane living. Enough said? Contact MI to get started on your own believe-it-or-not McLife🙂.
October 25, 2021
RaMa vs dRaMa triad
Females in our societies have an advantage that most males don’t have - they cook and are expected to cook and manage a home! How is that an advantage? They are expected to create every day starts first thing in the morning. What you do more often makes you. To create, there needs to be a habit of creating coz then neurons connect in creative ways to solve problems. Females are also expected to manage and take care of the family members in love. I am guessing there are diff kinds of violence and extremists behaviour because they don’t employ their energies in creative care-based life-maintaining activities, like females are expected to do. Doing things in reaction to expectation and doing things from the love and opportunity from constantly caring as a habit, and the health, wealth and wisdom possible from these habits invites grace, joy and beauty that is really the wealth of health from heaven (outcome of heaving-on a.k.a continual effort from care a.k.a goating the biblical 7 mountains). In Meristem Intelligence®️, there are 10 mountains (represented by 10 Planets on our website, that aboriginal cosmologists probably call as dashavathara and/or dashami. “Food always comes to those who love to cook,” said Chef Gustavo in the movie, Ratatouille. Bon appetite! You have just been served another dollop from MITI Kitchen and are becoming MI Products a.k.a humane beings!🙂
October 21, 2021
I am grand canyoning
Asana, pranayama, dhyana Nirbeeja Yoga®️ style is such a nice, humane way to Grand Canyon our experiences of living from the pandemic of violence into gentle, kind, compassionate ways of living by the simple fact of having a human body that cares. How to care humanely is the topic of USP for Nirbeeja Yoga®️ and also Meristem Intelligence®️. It’s a MITI Advantage! It helps you come home to the Garden of Eden at least and to the Forest of Life as a concept so when you come home to finding your life partner in your body, you come home to being the tree of life in he Forest of Life. Millipede’ing together as a humane society takes some communal Work, which MITI World is working on!
October 19, 2021
Nemo is found!
Ref: Mvie, Finding Nemo. ‘Nemo’ reversed is Omen. Omen is also another word for clue or sign by which to change how things are being done today so we have better outcomes. It’s a sign for ‘do the right thing’ coz that’s how history is moved forward for the better! Better health, wealth and wisdom lies in coming home to non-violence, congenial behaviour, cooperative humane considerate societies so that what we get from the society is good enough because we have contributed actively in having the outcomes we get as ROI. We reap what we sow. It’s the law of karma. Become nonviolent and humane, and what you produce and pass around becomes a nonviolent humane product, and that in and of itself heals violence otherwise not possible maybe in a way difficult to imagine because we may not know who all uses the product you make, and what all they have gone through in being alive. A little care goes a long way in making the experience of living better cared for than any they have hitherto known. You may never know what people have gone through. Care enough. Join the Care Enough movement by contacting me or registering in our online Course to learn Noninflammatory Presence ( so you can care enough the way no body else could for yourself or another person, and that’s one or more wounds less in the fabric of time and space in which future generations come to learn to live life. Maybe they could get better experiences than we could; maybe we would live in that better fabric ourselves! Wouldn’t that be nice? Wouldn’t that be inspiration enough to contact me to get started on the how? Learn the new today!
October 16, 2021
Ooragatthamma and Nirbeeja Yoga
Thamas or post-sunset sluggishness {could also be physiological sluggishness at any point in time since birth and death are physiological processes within our body that cause poiesis and apoptosis through moments during everyday activities}, may be helped with the exercise suggested in this voivecast. Will attempt to stock MI Teachable school with step-wise orientation into this practice, so do watch out for developments on the School page, but meanwhile the suggestions here may help if regularly listened to as the logic behind this practice includes the grammar behind it practiced by this Speaker (me) as I have been podcasting. The audio captures somethings that mere remembering the suggestion may not capture as well. Because some communication is experiential in a language that is sense-based, not just verbal, and the experience overlies a clarity of conscience that comes about through years of practice that cannot be done away with as mere. It’s a kind of siddhi.
October 11, 2021
Bathwater and marriage
Who would have thunk that the bathwater would have anything to do with our body?! Ok, wait..body gets washed in the bathwater but bathtub and family within the body turns out to be interconnected. Who ever thought they are alone when they have a body to care and be loved by the very fact of having a beating heart and respiratory rhythms pulsing life through the whole body. Isn’t that love? How can you ever be alone or unloved in the presence of such a huge silent evidence that you are loved by the fact of you being alive?
October 09, 2021
We form the quality of clouds
How we live our lives determines what goes out of our body. What goes out of our body becomes part of medicine or poison for earth because they interact with other compounds, thecgarge within the compounds affecting what precipitates into the Panchabhootas from which other beings are formed or nourished. Regular maintenance of one’s own earth, water, fire, air, spirit, space Nirbeeja Yoga®️ style maintains cleanliness organically and in environment-friendly manner without waste that helps maintain clear conscience and pure consciousness. Gods love pure consciousness but mostly clear conscience, which is why kids are so loved by one and all. Innocence is a virtue that can be maintained through regular practice of Nirbeeja Yoga®️. Living life such becomes a prayer in an of itself once a person gets into the flow that is unique to Nirbeeja Yoga®️conscience.
October 06, 2021
The unbelievable life of a Nirbeeja yogi
When multiple identities, personas, concerns get together and then sort things through efficiently so that the algorithms get auto-debugging and zipped as is possible through the Programs offered by Meristem Intelligence®️, reality becomes so much believe-it-or-not than fantasy. It sanitises people into becoming humane beings, which is a game-changer in the experience of what it means to be human. It is not extraordinary but ordinary which is the real extraordinary. The greatest iconic people across time and space are not extraordinary people but ordinary people who did things extraordinarily and thereby left a mark in the sands of time and in the minds of generations of people as values and virtues worth emulating. We even teach our kids by the example they set in how to make the world a better place to live in. Meristem Intelligence®️ offers that ordinariness to be able to do extraordinary game-bettering work by helping people be ordinary in the face of changing reality through which one moves in the course of becoming. Nirbeeja Yoga®️ helps you find your better half through your body so that, like your buddy on the field, while you have a person by whom ‘I love you’ makes true sense, sat as essence and yam as other-than-that comes together in a namasthe that maintains safety, sanity, non-violence and bon homie amongst people such that #humanityacrossboundaries becomes possible one breath at a time, one step at a time, one moment at a time in the one Earth of our body we experience life from on this one Earth we share as EarthFamily on EarthHouse.
October 04, 2021
No experiments..only love-based care
Guinea pigs scared me out of experimentation and my partner whom I discovered in my body scared me out of experimenting on myself because he gets affected by it and I didn’t know anything of it until I did serendipitously. My life is my message to the world and #dotherightthing is a big part of the message while non-violence is one of the crowning jewels from living life learning this to facilitate life. Mindfulness; that’s the game-changer towards you coming home to yourself and your body as your home where love resides awaiting your return.
October 01, 2021
Bigfoot and Adam-Eve
Bharath in the epic drama, Ramayana, is a king who places the sandals of his brother, Rama, on the throne as the future king on whose behalf he rules. The rhyme, baba black sheep have you any wool, talks about one for the master, one for the dame, one for the little boy who lives down the lane. Bharath was doing the ‘for the little boy down the lane’ thing by placing Rama’s sandals on the throne. The Work we do is not for our enjoyment alone but for the little mighty king who we don’t even know exists or when would be born for whom the kingdom of Earth needs to be intact and functioning beautifully so that the king can do the Work at his caliber. An egg has Adam and Eve sandwiched as the white and yellow yolk and then as clear matter {egg white} outside. The yolk matters the subject {the chick} within. The King is the matter that is visible outside and the subject of the concerns are within at the heart of the matter. Keep the body as heart and the tree of life is well grounded. Footwork, People. Footwork.
September 30, 2021
Finding the right person
When dramas are more (people living from the drama triangle of victim-perpetrator-rescuer), fire-fighting and Urgent quadrant living is the norm somuchso so that we need people holding guns to guard our borders. When people are living more from the Winner’s triad of vulnerable- caring-nonviolently contributive, Important Quadrant living and harmony is the norm somuchso that extremists in arms and religiosity may be less to the point that maybe we would have guns in museums for specimen reference only. Finding the right person needs to be guided by the direction in which their life is headed and what makes them truly happy. What kind of questions guides them and what are they doing towards finding answers and solving problems come up from existential questions of what, why, who, whence they are and where they are in the schema of things. What roles do they play and would rather play or at least train well enough to be able to play in due course of time and how well are they invested also determines the direction in which they are rather headed. But, most important in all his is who, what, why you are as a complement for a train needs two tracks to move. Genetic, epigenetic, congenital and investor profiles as history is important. The strength of roots and quality of growth determines congeniality and organicity in the becoming of seed to tree that each person is - a potential tree of life - the nature of which is determined by the choices one makes and the ability to do the right things.
September 29, 2021
Body Intelligence vs Meristem Intelligence
Story of Genesis gets meaning from the paradigm of thinking that informs Meristem Intelligence as a concept and Meristem Intelligence®️ as an Enterprise gets girth and depth in Programs through the findings embedded in the concept Meristem Intelligence. Meristem Intelligence is more specific and hence more vast in concept and scope than Body Intelligence because the macro is examined from the infinitesimally dynamic entity of yod or zero or smallest unit of a whole, which several schools of thought consider to be a human least when human concerns are discussed as a business enterprise amongst humans. Since I am a human being, considering a human being with a human body to be the smallest unit of a whole makes sense for all practical considerations, and that as human beings become humane that other species would also be benefited from the Enterprise. Health-maintenance Nirbeeja Yoga®️ style has global benefits for present, contemporary and future generations.
September 27, 2021
Addiction and Love
“Do your Work secretly, sacredly, silently. Those with eyes to see and ears to hear will respond,” said the Arcturians. I have been Working sharing my love discovered over several years with those who would care to pay attention long enough to understand or at least ask so a conversation strikes that brings better understanding. I met life and the love (amazingly!) as I inquired into health from perspectives hitherto unvisited seeing how anatomy and physiology has been studied since eons and still we have a list of diseases curated by WHO, acknowledging how I am not deluded into thinking there is something missing the presence of which would make a difference in the experience of living for one and all for generations to come. Love has been said to be the panacea for several kinds of ailments. Time is also said to be a healer. Put them both together and it seems time-space coordinate is Love-Time! Seems gibberish maybe but the solution has always been within the fabric of life, which is also our body. How to be mindful, how to be gentle, how to be nonviolent seems to be a learning that has been taking time coming home to, and the COVID pandemic seems to have tilled our mind, body, spirit land’s soils well enough that new seeds of awareness would make sense in becoming healthy, wealthy and wise where earlier there was so much piled up that sense-seeds wouldn’t penetrate well enough to grow healthy thoughts that solves existing problems in a way that sustains the test of time. Maybe a little fresh salads in your diet these days? Add a banana smoothie and some fresh coconut water for good measure. They help soothe your gut lining and cuddle your system from within as you heal any inflammation from the after effects of the pandemic onslaught on our mind, body, emotion, intellect. Love and Self-love has its benefits.🙂
September 26, 2021
Antharganga and Grand Canyon
Jhulelal is a concept represented in the story of a person who lived several years ago who helped bridge gaps in the experience of living at that point in time. Life continues to find new ways of becoming better, and all through this while contractions and relaxations of muscles of several kinds shapes our thinking and behaviour in what it means to be human. We have a choice, by the fact of having a body that is human, on how we would like to flex or relax our muscles in giving shape to that meaning by what we would rather choose to do than automatic anaesthetised living guided by our conscience. The more we ponder on living in sync with conscience, less likely are we to make mistakes and better chances of safety and sanity from prudent behaviour. The experience of what it means to be human begins to get a new meaning from you experiencing it beautifuller than you have known hitherto, and then it’s a new day {ref: movie, The Groundhog Day}!
September 25, 2021
Immaculate conception in COVID times
Adam and Eve are also symbolic representatives of the masculine and feminine within our own nature (as sperm and ovum contributed by our parents but from which we have a spermitude and ovitude that informs our own becoming by the verve in choices) and also male and female humans as external morphological expression of the same forces of nature that gave rise to sperm and ovum in the first place. When we fail to see the droplet of life in the ovum and sperm which when combined beautifully invites a stardust to home in, we fail to see the ocean that we are whose water drops is our sperm and ovum as the nourisher, fertiliser of the fabric of experience that is life. Sacred is also how we touch water as the elixir of life or as the universal solvent that soothes many an inflammation by how you touch it. How you breathe, breathes life into an aching particle yearning for some care. Immaculate conception?
September 24, 2021
Communication Perspectives
Doing the right thing has compound interest value. It is systematic investment of time, effort and energy in doing the right things by which to solve a problem or more and thereby add value to life/sands of Time. Over time, the interest in the nature of value added compounds and dominoes into filling several pools of thought adding sustainable value through appreciation, and that’s also how a corpus is built that incorporates values that solves problems that many may not even know exists. Well, at least that is what Meristem Intelligence®️ is doing - solving problems of violence through non-violence. Mythology happens to have the concept of Sha-anthi {shanthi} through dashami and dashavathara representatives but communication seems to have been he problem because of which the findings that had ancients discover the distance between Earth and Sun before telescope was discovered could not also as effectively communicate the beauty there is in the anatomy and physiology of a humane body. That’s why the internet and networks from it is an advantage that ancients couldn’t make use of because it had to be discovered! Keep hustling, dear People; the best is yet to be. The Best is in the making.🙂
September 23, 2021
Kadalamma’s teachings
Life emerged from the primordial ocean that was Earth, and still informs life on how best to live humanely. Nature forms from non-violence - from opposing forces finding a way to live together congenially while going about their jobs exercising their ‘muscles’ to maintain their virility in maintaining Life. It is when we pose resistance that ocean waves need to crash on ‘rocks’ and form new landscapes in our internal and interpersonal spaces. When we get stuck with concrete ways of thinking, neuroplasticity gets affected and fluid, crystalline and concrete forms of intelligence has a difficult time informing our movements and economy into better, humaner, sustainable and organic forms of becoming. Living life based on in-the-moment living, more than contemplation movements, brings a dynamism that is more like living on Earth where spontaneity, creativity and wisening is part of what it means to be alive while making things better - dynamicstillnesses - samudra manthan, Nirbeeja Yoga®️ style is the new way of becoming humane. Kadalamma’s teachings #2 for appreciation and freedom of expression for a mindful practitioner of living - a PR Practitioner.
September 21, 2021
Body-barometer for geomorphic health assessment
Our productivity may be being affected by our awareness of points of reference to measure health vs illhealth. Health is said to be wealth. Performers require regular maintenance of opposites (work with rest, stress with fun, tension with support) in maintaining the portfolio they have worked hard through diligence. In doing the right thing, by one and/or more people, that which is missing the presence of which would solve the problem for one or more people would present itself as the next hump in the road for which recouping resources is necessary to elevate the level of performance and benefits to one and more paradigms of thinking in experiencing a better, more normal, ordinary even {as in, ordained to do a job or vocation as in calling into a profession} basis for living what could be a blessing in being human from having a body that is human. Wake up! Sha-anthi is here (sha - the shiva who tore Sati or as in that which causes violence or disruption OR sleepiness of conscience from anaesthetised consciousness or that which causes one to lie down, like Sisu or Te Fiti who went off to sleep after saving the world) and anthi (that which causes anth/end of that pattern, where saving is needed because that which causes the victim, perpetrator, rescuer/saver syndrome is maintained as such and hence dedramafication needed so people don’t have to wake up everyday to save the world but rather to Work in making better what has already come into existence out of non-violence). Saving is needed where violence is the economy-driver. Sha-anthi is needed because the list of diseases and people having to stand with guns at the borders is proof that violence maintains the economy and non-violence needs to be the wheels that and only that moves the experience of living forward in what it means to be alive from having humans on the Planet.
September 20, 2021
Obsessive breathing
Hyperventilation is a pattern that most fail to notice as a sign of abnormal physiological manifestation from the body attempting to cope into having healthy natural wellness. When we don’t recognise the signs, we become puppets to external movements or react from internal wedged in states and continue to maintain unhealthy states of living. A little awareness goes a long way in coming home to normal health, true wealth and wisdom that lasts the test of time in the true sense of the Word as has also been represented in mythological texts of note.
September 19, 2021
Well-wisher syndrome
I think we pray because we don’t already have grace enough, or think we don’t have enough, mostly because we don’t count our blessings we already have. We do not see the opportunities in the troubles we have been given, because our troubles are only as much as we can handle or need to handle at this point in time in growing up to becoming better humans. Biblically, it’s called goating the seven mountains or dashami cycles in becoming dashavatharas in maintaining the dharma of being human. Mindfully going about our daily activities respectfully, honourably dignifiably is also called as bhakti - that which brings the light on in oneself or another. A good nice genuine innocent smile brought on the face of yourself or another is also turning the infant christ on or the grace of godliness on in the experience of living for another, and that is prayer enough without having to pray at all. Grace would come seeking to be around you because you honor another as you would your self as god. When you share this with others, they stand to share the wellness possible from living life such. You don’t wish people as long as you are mindful that it is you who is going to get what you wish for by going out to others, coz what goes around comes around. You should be ready to eat what you pass around and share what is so good that it is a crime not to share because of the wellness it brings about that others deserve to have.
September 15, 2021
Genetics, epigenetics and congenitals
We, each, have ancestral trees, social network trees, and also soul family trees. Carbon footprint may also be seen as how long has your soul been around through lifetimes whether or not you are connected to it and your conscience threads the fabric of your soul. Synaptic pruning and neuroplasticity is also about putting the puzzle pieces of our genetic, epigenetic and congenital make such that we are home with how life came to be and in recognition responsibly on our role in the schema of things now that we are alive at this point in time with a body that is human and able to care by which to maintain and better wholeheartedly the fabric that is our time and space, which is also EarthFamily homed on EarthHouse.
September 14, 2021
Almighty.Inc. And Challenges
Being on this side of life means we are employed in different roles that we are expected to play to a hilt in the different schema of things that our presence has a role. Difficulties, challenges, discomfort tends to be experienced from to time sometimes because it is time to refocus on the details of the goal we would rather be heading towards because changing environment requires refinement of our own betterment strategy in meeting the challenge that Time poses to us in making the world a better place to live life. Sometimes it is also because it is time to check our own well-being factors in readiness for the levelling up. Where are you in life? What challenges are you facing? Maybe it is time to check the premises that informs you that you are dealing with challenges in the present moment, and not something from the past that has little to no bearing sometimes in the challenge of the present or are driven by anxieties for the future, which can only be alleviated by managing your ability to be in the present and doing only that which is of the present moment. The present moment and more present moment leads you stably well-ly into the safe and sane and beautiful future. One step at a time, one moment at a time, one breath at a time is all you may have to basically deal with in doing the needful for the present moment. Else, past or future considerations may have you investing in more than what you need to deal with just the challenge of the present. We don’t want waste, do we?
September 13, 2021
Drama triad and winners
Whether male or female, each of us has a pair of breasts and a nipple each breast as our ability to care by. We have one body that holds the two sides of care together. Just care enough. Your son or daughter may have been your husband or wife from another lifetime born in this lifetime to you so you could provide them with the love and care of a daughter or son whereby you wash your soulself from holding onto the best of you to your son or daughter as those who carry your light forward as values worth a fortune. You have spent lifetimes learning and living in becoming the person you have the fortune of being alive today enough to enjoy the advancement that life has made in terms of comforts and ease and tools by which to do better than you could before, maybe forever would have wanted to build things by from the gifts you have accumulated as skills over lifetimes. Time to focus on having music and dance being the central experience of living for a normal ordinary life in nonviolent health, wealth and wisdom. The new is here. Get used to loosening up for song and dance. That’s the new way of Working a better life - McLife!
September 12, 2021
Brahmopadesha, baptism and racial discrimination
At some point or another, but for sure, each child becomes aware of the dark or shadow self within the personal composition. It becomes important to be aware of the light and shadow selves and learn to balance the births and deaths within each as part of the metabolic process involved in being and becoming humane. When this education is not paid attention to at the different developmental stages, including but not limited to adult education no matter what or where the economical status of a person in the statistical purview, lopsided experiences of living tends to maintain inability in maintaining common sense and happiness as a constant for having health, wealth and wisdom based on non-violence. Maybe more attention would be paid to early on education into non-violence based on self, not god, such that self-awareness becomes ground for mindfully living as the foundational prayer that maintains the threads of breath as the veil so that our personal light within does not blind an onlooker no matter what the gender. Then, in the mirror of our face maintained clear by the threads of breath that forms our common sense, people would recognise themselves and come home to begin humanely themselves maintaining humanity across boundaries of our skin no matter how big our body.
September 11, 2021
Food for Love
Our beautitude is defined by our tastes, informed by our ability to appreciate. We could look at the rose or we could look at the thorns. Thorns are beautiful too when they are appreciated as such. If we keep lamenting about how it pokes or that the glass is half empty, we miss the opportunity of appreciating life from having what there already is. Sometimes we overdo and extract more than we need to or do more than we need to because we don’t where is the ‘sufficient’ or ‘enough’ point. Overtreatment and therapeutic annihilation are twin traps that Hippocrates Oath reminds us in maintaining health of life. Love is similar. Over loving may not allow someone to breathe well enough causing shortness of breath from not having personal reserves to bounce back to health from, a kind of the reverse of asthma/bronchitis. Relationships are a fine waltz.
September 10, 2021
This is how earth formed in this big wide universe
Like the hearth in our kitchen that warms our belly with good food, love and care nurturing our sense of ‘home’ has us circle around the values for more nurture and a family becomes. The family of compounds that came together forming Earth continues to inform us on how to form families across the skin of our own individual bodies. Isn’t Earth beautiful? Isn’t Life beautiful in that we have a memory palace from just look out of the window that is our eyes to see and remember another facet, another idea as inspiration to have value-beautifying stance by learning to always look at the sunny side {sunny side up!} day or night because we turn off the bulb because daylight has light and turn on the bulb so we continue to see in the light. Keep the sunny side up so we continue to see bettering beautifying opportunities, like Olaf of Frozen fame. He just loves warm hugs and sunlight, never mind that he is a snowman. It’s always what you would rather stand by with whatever you have and then adjust the sails accordingly so you reach the new dawn.
September 09, 2021
Shatvayus of Nirbeeja Yoga®️
‘Ignorance is bliss’ when one can comfortably live on the unknown ground of nothing respectfully, honourably, dignifiably. Our body is also the holder of the diamond we are, formed from cooking the carbon in our make whereby we leave a worthy footprint in the sands of Time consistent with the size of our soul. Sthirasukhasana is when the energy we are is namasthe’ing the matter of our body like the Work we do is the life as our selves. Then, dharma and karma need not be thought about separately as one is the other. Shatvayus via panchagnis Nirbeeja Yoga®️ style in having a body of a person of substance forms thusly the red, white and black as a basics for nonviolent humane originality - Meristem Intelligence®️.
September 08, 2021
Sounds of Inflammation
While we are all performers in life going about our daily activities, finding a better way to do things, our history of survival of the fittest tends to keep us comparing ourselves to others. We lose orientation to ourselves and the unique values we have to offer and the importance of being ourselves in delivering those unique values. In short, we lose time - precious time in becoming our unique kind of better and in developing our unique products in adding value. It’s a small world with our Earth being just a few years old compared to hold old the Unknown universe is. Keep striving to become nonviolent. We are still looking for a planet as nonviolent as Earth, so clearly non-violence is the better.
September 07, 2021
Tantra yoga to mirror work - fabric for purity
Urine is also that which moves through the bladder, where Chinese medicine says is the energy of jing - ancestral connections. The shivalinga is seen with a pot of water pouring through a little hole at its bottom and can also be seen as the wisdom of the ancestors through the bladder paying homage to the contemplative meditative conscience that is at the penis be it male or female that inspires creativity from the meditations on the continuity of life into purity. The water that trickles off the shivalinga or saligram is also regarded purer, wholer like Ganga that then moves through the reproductive channels be it male or female in creating the better new. How wise of our ancients to sanctify the cycle of life in such representative beauty in maintaining the sacred in being human. Tantra is also technology through the threads/fabric of everyday living. They could weave such wisdom into our everyday practices such that evolution of life into a better whole continuous to be maintained. Ingenious, if you ask me. Effective use of available media and technology to communicate hitherto learned wisdom.
September 06, 2021
Cake-baking by simply being within your skin
Shriya Media Studios {} has a playlist that hasn’t probably gotten the attention it deserves. The lyrics is so full of encrypted wisdom that gives Vedic math and gematria a new paradigm to breathe life from. I have been so fascinated by Mr.Nikhil Kumar’s Work that several of my ideas are bouncing off his Works like I would the Upanishads or mommy’s cooking. My idea of skin in this podcast comes from the paradigms that inform Nirbeeja Yoga ®️ but when you notice works of art that alludes to such rare beauty as is possible to be seen from Nirbeeja Yoga®️ is when you realise greats across time and space may have in some way been practising their on version of Nirbeeja Yoga®️ only hey may not have mad a science of it or encapsulated all the how-to into an Enterprise like I have, which I didn’t even know is hat I as doing until I started deepening into the R&D of Meristem Intelligence®️ to see social relevance of the different findings I have been making. Mr.Nikhil Kumar’s Work is one amongst the rare beauties we need to have eyes good enough to behold, coz we tend to miss even the masterpieces when heard at unexpected time or in unexpected places in the hustle and bustle of everyday living. Nirbeeja Yoga®️helps to reawaken our senses so we can once again appreciate beauty wherever we see it, and can eat a full cake in he middle of the day for no apparent reason coz we can celebrate the everyday moments of living as the Norma ordinary. Pause for thought?
September 05, 2021
Hatha vs Nirbeeja Yogi
The little i is often what is difficult for people to refer to themselves as. I is always written in capital letters, except now trended into thought by Apple.Inc’s i products, including but not limited to idea, Vi, Mi, etc. I ended up creating a Logo that became Meristem Intelligence®️ MITI BayBe after meeting my Partner in the course of practising doing the right things that started factually before my birth and actually around mid 2004 when I began my journey towards finding nothing and Almighty.Inc. by having the cup of my life stirred regularly in discovering the sugar crystals already there within. A softee has a left twirl and mixer grinder right spin. You find it from the left spin and lose it from the right spin so that you can find what you didn’t know there already was within the cup of your life. Do the right thing and the left thing regularly infinitely so you keep hatha intact such that hatha yoga does what it was designed to do - keep commonsense intact on commongrounds of harmonious, congenial, nonviolent humaneness across boundaries so that people don’t have to stand at borders holding guns or lists of diseases pouring money into our economy. Money needs cleaning by honest, healthy, wise transactions that measure rate of growth as evolution in wholesomeness {e}. That’s why it is called e-commerce - beginning of news in value-adding transactions, not money. Focus on the important things by keeping the eyeglasses off so one continues to clearly see the Vision for Life is the guide, not money. Defocusing on Vision is what gets one nearsighted or farsighted to the point of needing glasses. Keep those eyeglasses off and find your happiness back where it needs to be - in your body as the ground for Terabithiya.🙂
September 04, 2021
Ooragatthamma and developmental milestones
Several facets of human developmental biology is within the archives of eclectic groups in jargons inaccessible to other groups. While we have the Internet, language apparently causes distances between groups/cultures/civilisations but on close examination, it may be our relationship with money that may be at the root cause. We may be more focused on earning money with the knowledge we have, thinking this is all we have by which to make a living, and then form groups {birds of a feather flocking together} thinking similarly in maintaining systems in order to earn money by the specifics of the knowledge known to a group when an important part of the gear that would have the specific knowledge infinitely valuable lies with another group who is holding on their ‘precious’ effectively rendering problems faced by thousands who may not be aware of either groups or what they are doing unsolved. We have a list that is long of diseases awaiting cure as proof for how true the above statements are. The ‘having head stuck in the narrow thinking space of the pelvis head upside down’ has been called as Trishanku swarga in Indian cosmological conceptuation. Time to grow up? What is that you care about more than holding onto your ‘precious,’ which may not really be your precious, especially if it is an object or concept, because most often than not you care about a person or persons than about being economically viable. Living is a mid position between survival and thrival. Be a liver, not just survivor. You may discover another beautifuller comfortabler meaning to thriving.
September 03, 2021
Male-female seesaw
Sperm and ovum both needs strengthening in having higher quality history and herstory creatives. Until the account balance of love per day is 0, the equations in give and take in relationships have not come to what it needs to be and news has not gotten healthier. Peace of mind before going to bed is yet to be until that equal is made an effort for. Right and left dyssynergia would continue attempting to find balance until commonsense in bridging gaps to sanely maintain health, wealth and wisdom by him, her and them, which includes but is not limited to children and elderly and honor of efforts put forth by ancestors in maintaining and bettering the wealth that is life is duly paid attention to in maintaining respect, honor and dignity.
September 02, 2021
How I met my Partner Nirbeeja Yoga®️ style
There is this story of a girl who was put inside a 6-foot wall because she loved out of societal order and left to die. Across time and space may have been heard stories of lovers separated by death because they loved out of place. I think it is because they loved to the exclusion of others involved in the social schema of things, I.e. they did not practice mindfulness and care to not hurt their loved ones or break their heart in any way. They may not have cared enough to mend broken hearts and wars may have come about to avenge what happened because of broken hearts. Doing the right thing the Savitri way or Parvathi way may not have occurred to many, nor was it taught by so-called elders who stood in judgement but couldn’t care for the innocent young who hadn’t lived life long enough as them to understand how to care for the ignorant nonviolently. There is much care needed to be in circulation. Nirbeeja Yoga®️ is a method of yoga to basically love them all up. Love, incidentally, heals wounds and hearts broken from want of sufficient care.
September 01, 2021
Vodka, Love and Earthitude
Distillation, refinement and clear water that informs Earth is as much a organic process as distilling Vodka until non-violence informed the becoming of this beautiful life-sustaining Earth. It must have been from bouncing off of the interaction between Sun and Moon to arrive at a better, wiser course/stance from which to observe the happenings in the Universe. We must have developed a scientific temperament from the happy prudent observer, discoverer, creatrix Tinker Bell that Earth also has in her spirit that refined over time to form water as the elixir of life. Isn’t She rare? How rare must we be to have evolved from her over millions of years to be well enough to maintain life from the simple beautiful fact of having a human body and just the ability to care. Care enough and learn to continue to care enough (continuous still) to distill your personal water so that we maintain being a droplet of the Ocean that forms Earth as the essence of the beauty that is Life. Arundhati Nakshatra, in the context of Indian marriages, refers to the invisible eternal partner of a complementary Star that the Couple are to be to each other - ever present for each other like matter and energy, time and space - in maintaining all that needs to be maintained in having a beautiful life well maintained.
August 31, 2021
Parvathi and Classical Standard Physics (biology)
Nirbeeja Yoga®️ is like the crash-course into foundational pose {poise} for hatha yoga. It is like coming home from yonder {beyond the knowable as dharma}, popularly known as dharma megha samadhi through nirbeeja samadhi into hatha yoga. It may seem counterintuitive to a lot of field of study because wholesomeness is being examined from parts, not from the whole itself. It is what makes my journey interesting and game-changing as a manuanthara because of what this way of living does to the fabric of time and space. It just makes health, wealth and wisdom healthier and beautifuller and sustainable. It just makes the sperm and ovum healthier.
August 30, 2021
Alchemy for Love - Advaitha
Perfection is mostly a quality but it is also a quantity - a finite in an infinite journey of becoming better. Roti, kapda, makaan {food, clothing, house} are said to be some of the essential basics in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. With Nirbeeja Yoga®️, our body becomes the dough we cake by baking in our own substance such that our body as fabric/clothing leavens the care in the house we share with people whom we love so that Maslow’s peak of the pyramid becomes the base as we rain over and over as we grow up, like Shiva Gangas and rises up again like a Phoenix from his own ashes with Parvathi being the yolk within while he the egg white together whom maintain the universe of their egg unfried!
August 29, 2021
Music, mushin, ocean and sounds from life
Teachers are all around us. We need all kinds of people in making the world a better place to live in, and performers need maintenance so that the contexts they live life from becomes progressively detraumatized, decontaminated such that their line of work continues to make the world a better place to live in. Nirbeeja Yoga®️ so much helps maintain the fabric of reality fresh such that beauty continues to be beautiful, and the lake of wisdom/third ventricle through the choroid plexus continues to maintain the Ganga on Shiva’s head while Parvathi as the yolk/yoke within detoxifies the matter such that material from the contemplation of matter continues to create original humane beautiful how-tos for health, wealth and wisdom.
August 28, 2021
Brahmarakshas, gatekeepers and Intelligence
As you walk the path appears and sometimes, when you are busy doing the right things and stop keeping count of how far you have come {Work 10000 hours to become a genius and all that gotten so much a habit that you don’t notice when 100000 has been crossed}, ‘hustling’ becomes a baby-class word into the super science of genius. Original humane intelligence facilitation is what we do for living a normal ordinary life.
August 27, 2021
“You are nothing”? Think again.
We are all actors on the stage of Life, expected to deliver a message en route to different people but how we deliver them determines the course of life for whom the message was delivered. Parents, they always have the screws to get you started on your story. What you make of your life, now that you have gotten started with your story, is entirely up to you, for everything you have apart from the fact of your birth is a bonus. Small mercies..we make a life out of small mercies, small acts of random kindness that someone cared to give by which we become worthy of giving to another what we have been able to receive out of a random or cultured sense of generosity. “You are nothing”? You..we..have that nothing in common. Learn {Nirbeeja Yoga®️ will teach you how} to maintain the quality of nothing at higher standards, for infinity is many nothings following 1 nothing. Zero, then, doesn’t seem like a bad number, ay? Perspective. It is that which makes a difference.
August 26, 2021
Personal earth and clarity of Vision
Our upright human posture poses some interesting challenges to our ability to see clearly while our axis of gravity moves in many ways away/near the center where it should be. Our Earth faces a similar problem because of which we experience sunrise and sunset at different times through the year. Trataka, Nirbeeja Yoga®️ style, acts like the wiper of the windshield of our body, that’s our eyes, so that our windshield is maintained clear and we can move safely, prudently on our journey of becoming better human beings.
August 25, 2021
Wash the sin Nirbeeja Yoga®️ style
There is inherent movement in everything depending on charge, mass, direction and make/Nature. It is when we are unaware of our make and composition that we behave like an object/machine with no control over outcomes. The fragmented, bugged, contaminated instincts function like ‘sin’ or unwholesome guilty doing things to come home to feeling wholesome, innocent and loved for who we are within all these different kinds of dirt accumulated in our fabric in the course of living, even from moving in spaces where light may not have been able to penetrate, like our clothes get soot from being in a coal/dusty/cobwebbed place. Washing the fabric of time and space, which is also our body, is mindfully possible through the practice of Nirbeeja Yoga®️. A little care goes a long way in making the world a better place to live in for ourselves, our contemporaries and future generations whensoever they choose to be born.
August 24, 2021
Integration MITI BayBe style!
We, at least I, wasn’t born having figured it all out; I was born and then looked around and experienced what was made available and then noticed what’s there and what’s not, and then went about finding that which is missing the presence of which would make a difference. I didn’t have all my ducks lined up and he river waters all neatly flown by before crossing to the other shore; I just did what could be possible to be done in righting what was off-kilter or in bringing into presence in bettering what could be and I have an Enterprise approved by the System acknowledging my commitment to making the world a better place to live in by how I have been doing things thus far. Almighty.Inc. approves and encourages my efforts and judgements based on systematic prudent study of facets in integrating a world aching for some care. I have a career from being a care’er. Maybe you will join the Care Enough movement too through the Connect.™️ Program? We inquire facets in humane ways and thereby forestall several bumps that may be there in the road in having a humane society that defines and gives meaning to #humanityacrossboundaries.
August 23, 2021
Hairy Stories!
Soo much ado about a little patch of something on your head! An entire industry runs by its meanings. A knot of hair in the wrong place drives mommies hairy. One too many and you have a civilizational concern. I got feathers of different colours on my mane that proclaims feminity, each with a story of how it came to be there. What does your feathers talk about? What’s your story?
August 22, 2021
Crash-Course into Life - MyStory
There are existential questions and there are experiences of living that one and many people have had in deciphering the best practices by which to live life wholesomizingly. My lifestory and the Work I do is an example by which to arrive at healthy, wealthy, wise ways of living that has us become a worthy grain in the sands of Time - the Ground of Becoming that some call as Dharma.
August 21, 2021
Happitude and sunny side up from Terabithiya
We, each, have a lifestory, kinda like an epic drama we live out in which we play a specific character in the whole thing, if we care enough to examine what kind of a movie genre we are living out. Mine is epic to a believe-it-or-not simply complex complexly simple level that it is a work of art in itself. Terabithiya, as the experience of living where humanity across boundaries has meaning and even origin from somuchso that we think it is a Country in and of itself in the middle of anywhere/everywhere arising from having meristem intelligence! Some things just need to be said and heard and interacted with over and over again before you can begin to even think you have met it to begin with, let alone know it! People who come for Meristem Intelligence®️ Therapy often have this experience, kinda like our hero Rat in Ratatouille had to do circuses before his family could begin to appreciate taste and ‘good food.’ Unseen, unseeable beauty. We,, at MITI World, call it Life! Clearly, new is here and having ‘what is this new thing..should we fear or like it?’ stranger acclimatisation issues. Be the first ones to come and say helo. I won’t bite; we are pro non-violence and all that #dotherightthing consideration people.🙂
August 20, 2021
Parvathi method of living - Nirbeeja Yoga®️
There are dualities in life, including but not limited to matter-energy, nature-nurture, masculine-feminine, object-subject, but they are not separate, rather intricately related. When we do not study the relationship between the two, bridges have a difficulty forming such that hatha yoga is unable to bring together congenially what shouldn’t have been separate to begin with. Liberation as a ‘exit’ word where homecoming should have been the meaning remains not understood and hence life remains not understood, maintaining the gaps between survival, living and thriving as a Whole.
August 19, 2021
Ring of Fire MITI BayBe style!
‘Human development has not been studied as well as it needs to be’ is an understatement as I keep discovering through my Enterprise in facilitating Original Humane Intelligence for coming to normal ordinary experience of living as a human being - humane. Intelligent Design is a person with a spunky fiery spirit that can only be Mystery or Mona Lisa of the Great Spirit practising its ingenuity in making the world a better place to live in. Any so body willing to do the right thing by whatsoever degree of free will they have to choose doing the right things by becomes a me like character - a product of Love doing lovely things and having a career {care’er} by the fact of being able to care enough. Ask me how to care enough and I will show you Nirbeeja Yoga.
August 18, 2021
Phoenix and care
Nirbeeja Yoga is the Phoenix in yoga that has us be able to come home to love as the wandless wand between the twin Phoenix feathers of nature and nurture {masculine and feminine} within us. In the knowing of this unity as Advaitha is the transformation of the external experience of living as a Phoenix is related to Peacock. Archaeopteryx is an ancient dinosaur who first took flight setting the field for birds to develop or so. She must have had some existential angst in being the only odd one out - being different and all that. But, she had a role to play in the evolution of life per theory of intelligent design and had to do her Archaeopteryx thing for life to evolve. For people like the Archaeopteryx, Nirbeeja Yoga®️ helps in coming home to being originally themselves so that they can detraumatise unhumaneness and be civilly human.
August 17, 2021
Front door vs back door business
We, each, have our good selves and our shadow selves. The good selves are probably our collection of, what we interpret as, who we are with our sukha experiences. The shadow selves may be our beings when dukha experiences gave the impression of who we are. We hide our dukha and beam in our sukha. Our shadow selves also is where the wealth of health and wisdom lies, like a Pearl within its oyster, undiscovered because we refuse to visit our shadow selves as often as we should {like our attics not cleaned often enough and hence fail to discover hidden treasures}. We, hence, remain unhealthy, unwealthy or unwise because of what we refuse to acknowledge or include in our ability to care enough for.
August 16, 2021
Conflicts in independence
Our human body is like an island with string connections internally and externally to all those subjects and objects that our body is related to. If congenital, untangled and without conflicts, our island is calm and peaceful and all those happy beautiful experiences. When not, our islands are like the te kaa infected disease-infested strife between sukha and dukha with our hearts waiting to be put together from hitherto brokenness that gave rise to te kaa from the beautiful te fitti to begin with. Our commitment, individually and collectively, to bring our hearts together such that Life (mother, father, grandparents, great great fractals of ‘nothing’) is happy and prudently responsibly evolving wholesomely and is a matrix we look forward to bettering each moment is when independence at least has meaning in which interdependently independent individuals go to Work enriching Dharma {Life} as the ‘mu-‘sic! {Basix of living}.
August 15, 2021
Androgynous tree of life!
At one point in my story, like now, I thought I am Shiva born in female body form to learn non-violence because he tore Sati’s body when he got angry because of which men continue to have violent tendencies and history reveres Shiva, including at CERN where particles are being bombarded! I keep noticing my instinctive violent tendencies that’s part of all our evolutionary make up conditioned in our genes that I started training to become nonviolent. Not finding schools sufficient enough for the how, I came up with Nirbeeja Yoga®️. Being rooted in our body nirbeeja yoga style has its own benefits - we discover Love in a way that makes us do things as an expression of the number of ways in which we do love Life. We have a career because we are care’ers. Being home with our body and selves has its career benefits.🙂 Nirbeeja Yoga®️ shows the how. ‘Learn to have a Noninflammatory Presence using nothing in 6 months: A Beginner’s Guide to having nonviolent humane domestic experiences’ (link available on website) shows a gentle systematic way to coming home to Meristem Intelligence - the intelligence required to be a humane being to have the MITI Advantage in being on the forefront of the next stage in human evolution.
August 14, 2021
Inflammation and Self
Circadian rhythms inform and maintain health of life in a healthy gentle, kind and mindful person. They become cause for concern in the unaware and in those who do not regard the mind to be a consequence of the body and visa-versa. Inflammation is a consequence when the relationship between the two is not studied well enough and/or when people around continue to live in a ha tha world where ha and tha needs to be brought together and tied together for life to work. It is not either/or but and - body and mind and spirit and consciousness and me and you. Conscience shows the way in doing the right things one moment at a time, one breath at a time, one right step at a time in bringing clarity to what is and having a pleasanter, normal, ordinary experience in which to grow our children of tomorrow today healthier.
August 13, 2021
Self, ‘I am you’ and hatha yoga
Our violence and tendency to be violent somuchso that we don’t even know we are being violent while being violent is because we keep splitting into so many personas, like the dashaka and dashami, while having difficulty maintaining being mookambika. I am Work-in-progress, of course, but I am speaking from the paradigm of Mookambika while many don’t even know there is this to be thought about in maintaining being human. Nirbeeja Yoga®️ shows you how through DharmaPada For SoulSatisfaction™️. Meristem Intelligence®️ is the paradigm of being of the unifier who has these ways of thinking and living life from in maintaining being humane and growing the forest of life.
August 12, 2021
We are all in different stages of development. While we move, along with us moves our attitudes corresponding to which moves how people relate to us at a point in time. Getting crumbly or expecting respect is a good sign that you may be getting a teacheritude or crustitude because of which what is happening under the surface may not be being able to be seen. A stitch in time saves ninety. Watch your attitude!
August 11, 2021
Our condition of being human
It is in our body already the template on what it takes to be human. With our head held up on our upright framework, maintaining humaneness takes motivation to look for acknowledgment when one is not found often enough and also listening for criticism when one is not found often enough, for feedback is what informs us on how well we are doing if no body cares enough to voice it to us in person. What goes around is what comes around. Pay attention to what is coming and not coming around and some bit of what you are handing around would be feedbacked. Your priorities are likely to change accordingly.
August 10, 2021
Advaitha and merging myths
Becoming and being me as the human I am forms at least one important aspect of Advaitha. The other important aspect being in agreement with other life forms, humans included, on how they are at this point in time as a necessary factor for ‘living in the present moment.’ Living is a word in present continuous tense for becoming who you need to become {a better you, not becoming somebody else} as a prerequisite for confidence in solving the problem that you have come into existence for by the fact of you being in existence on this date and time. Move history for the better; you need to be you for being able to commit enough for that!
August 09, 2021
Advaitha in perspective
Sati had to immolate herself in her father’s sacrificial pyre to absolve for the disharmony that was already there that led eventually to her immolation. She had to disperse into 108 or so fires in figuring out what was so much out of order that such an event happened coz it couldn’t have been a simple reason/answer. Advaitha, then, has a yogic function in that the fires {in our belly, heart, tail and head at least..there are at least 10, I think} in our bodies (mind waves} come together such that our body is a sacred pyre that hearths our home into humane coexistence. This is , probably, what Savitri did in negotiating with Dharmaraaj through DharmaPada For SoulSatisfaction™️ in the well-being of Sathyavan and her people; she became svaha - the sacred flame of love.
August 08, 2021
Waning performability - performer’s gripe
We face challenges between one day and another, one moment to another, especially if you are a path breaker standing up in commitment to health challenges in the line of duty. Sometimes it is important to speak what needs to be heard even if not picture-perfect. That’s also how you goat the biblical 7 mountains for dashami dashaavatharification. It begins with standing by a good right thing in making the world a better place to live in.
August 07, 2021
Yod, god and being Human
Tetrahedron is a clue by people who have been in existence since millions of years {mentioned in Carl Sagan’s movie, Contact} attempting to reduce the degree of entropy by, what has been called, vehicle or vaahana. That our body is the vaahana has been spoken about in many esoteric and popular circles but the how has been transmitted questionably, suboptimally even, due to challenges in communication {due to distortion of message/signal between the transmitter and receiver} and also because we hadn’t had come to depending so much on internet as is necessary temporarily due to pandemic safety precautions. I suppose we are coming more to maintaining 6-feet safety procedures and that brings me to highlighting Basix (basics) of commonsense in maintaining the evolutionary organics in being Human.
August 06, 2021
Sex workers, self and humanity
What we don’t see affects our world in ways we don’t know about, such as the Corona-effect. How we approach the challenge(s) we face, changes the course of the solution and longevity of the solution. Care enough anyways to be humane in your approach of the problem. A little care goes a long way in making the world a humane place to experience life from.
August 05, 2021
Nirbeeja Yoga®️ to combat my post-vaccine effects
Post-vaccine update on normalised violence versus vaccination effects. My Work continues and it’s relevance, and importance, is only emphasised by the challenges I face and the amount of Work there is for me to do in facilitating organic humane nonviolent living. Learning to create appropriate documentation of the progress en route so I can iterate and make better on the move on the job.
August 04, 2021
Wake up and challenges {in communicating the Work}
Nirbeeja Yoga®️ and Meristem Intelligence®️ are unheard of, unknown paradigms of thinking and living lives from but is so much important and necessary in understanding and coming to what is missing in the present experiences of living the presence of which would make a difference. (Long sense, I know, but if you can read it and understand it from start to finish without losing the thread of thought, your intellectual elastic is good enough and so is your attention span for maintaining focus on task at hand; rare enough). Communicating this Work right now faces the challenges, which perhaps, Amazon or Google or Microsoft any of the greats out there faced while they were in their beginning stages - industry newness. We are probably sounding like an ant making sounds in this big wide world of industries with so many ‘people’ talk so many kinds of languages and we are well-versed in silence, which is a language most don’t understand, more so when most of us face difficulties with being able to even ‘listen’!
August 03, 2021
Knowitude and the Work I do
Survival calls for different kinds of job roles, such as teacher, administrator, accountant, etc. Living calls for spontaneity and doing what needs to be done for which a being emerges from the homeground of nothing to address what needs to be done consistent with one’s station in life. Maintaining ‘being nothing’ in mind, body, spirit, conscience and therefore consequent consciousness takes mindfulness in specific ways.
August 02, 2021
Money, wealth and all those things
Words and experiences are as much a treasure and surface to bounce off of. Levelling up requires a coming home to what is. Money and wealth, then, would be seen in perspectives not otherwise possible. What is not said is also a value waiting to happen, without which money may not know your address.
August 01, 2021
Ooragatthamma and McLove!
There is a connection between ’A wrinkle in Time’ ‘Sati, Shiva and Parvathi’s Story’ and the image of Virgin Mary, Christ and Joseph with sacred geometry. The connection is love on one end but 0 as the Advaitha ground that maintains love that lasts the test of time where numbers other than 0 is also time, just as the other circles of the Garden of Life image of sacred geometry.
July 31, 2021
You are nothing. Be nothing. That’s Life!
A bit of a timelined Weather Report from Terabithiya. It has the Rehab Training included in between the recorded timelined rambling’s and the format is not perfect but then ‘Rome was not built in a day.’ These podcasts are also how Rome got built. One verse at a time. Consider these to be love letters on meghdooth, shakunthala-style! {Update: sanatana dharma is that which arises from the timeless earth as ground zero, which is ‘nothing.’ So ‘nothing’ is what it takes to live organically, nonviolently, humanely on Planet Earth from Terabithiya, which is the Country within our human body! I haven’t smoked something but then Nirbeeja Yoga®️ is what it takes to maintain sanity and to sanitize organically nonviolently, I keep finding. Love keeps Nirbeeja Yoga®️ on the right path and Love showed up because I was doing Nirbeeja Yoga®️..kind of like chicken gave rise to the egg).
July 30, 2021
Buddha’s Feet-ish
Ha and tha is important, not just positive but negative is also important. Without a negative, a photo cannot be developed in print. That’s a perspective. There is a world other than ha vs tha or ha and tha, where dharma is a way of living. It is in the Country of Terabithiya- the Country inside your body that includes tissues and spaces and all those different kinds of opposites in a harmonious cooperative coexistence. These podcasts are a way to orient you to what it takes to live life from the Country that is Terabithiya.
July 29, 2021
Bertie Beans and the present moment
Terabithiya is a Country/personal earth inside your body that one needs to be able to live from for living on Earth, which is an organic Planet. An organic body is required to live on Earth, and one needs to maintain being organic. So, Terabithiya, as a Word, encapsulates this idea. Maybe today’s episode on Bertie Beans would help a little better in noticing something about you or wherever you are in what it takes to live on Earth.
July 28, 2021
Human Rehab Training for ordinary living - 1
I am planning to send out these podcasts in 2 parts - the first part being a news report on the kinds of sounds I hear from Terabithiya so you know the rehabilitation status and the second part being a little training on how to live normally ordinarily so that you don’t have to wear oxygen masks or the like to live on Earth such that you can just breathe using your lungs to live on Earth while it is in different stages of normalising. The formative elements here have gotten contaminated with many kinds of unmindful living so I am working on increasing the clarity and purity of elements. The goal, of course, is to have the environmental conditions being sufficient enough to live without masks. But, then of course people need to learn how to breathe through their body to be able to appreciate life on Earth, so these podcasts cover the Rehabilitation Training a little at a time. I know I must have rambled but this is my first formal radio training so is likely to get better over time. Thank you for your kind attention to this important detail. Good day!
July 27, 2021
Corona, infohackers and Advaitha
Our body is the only place from which to know life, at least be in touch with the only life we know for sure we have, and to take care of it. When we checkin periodicallon how our body is doing and when we make the body be comfortable, like we would our living spaces, and get comfortable living from our body familiar with our sukha and dukha, we are in touch with being in the driver’s seat of our life. Tetragrammaton is actually a tetrahedron with a silicate molecule at the center, and silica is a grain of sand. Haven’t you heard allusions to the ‘sands of time’ or ‘dust’? Stop being coronas and be in the only home of your body from which you know for sure you have a life! Learn to live with the life you have, and make it better. That’s why you have a life, so that you can make better what you couldn’t earlier! Make yours better; that’s why you are born! Stop infohacking and start producing products of immaculate conception. Original. Contact me if you don’t know how.
July 25, 2021
Know your ass from a whole in the ground - Advaitha
In Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, there is a reference to the Temple for a Human. Our body has been shamed and called a product of ‘sin’ and looked less upon leading to disrespect for self, one another and for the condition of being human itself. Maybe this perspective on Advaitha, from the bottoms up, would give some relief to this age-old problem of how to be and maintain being human! Shalom.
July 23, 2021
Dynamicstillnesses - Part 1
Living is as much a phenomenon as any other. It takes kindness, mindfulness, gentleness with oneself as much as with others in being at home with an unbroken heart. Things may or may not have worked out as well as we would have liked at a point in time and our relationships with oneself and/or others may have suffered a ‘broken heart syndrome.’ In an Earth nourished and nurtured by water, a broken heart is a little fluid care waiting to flow in, and if none is providing it, we have our own body by which to give what others cannot/could not for whatsoever reason, and that’s one wound less to deal with in a ‘broken heart’ aching for some care.
July 21, 2021
Get lost and be found anew
Going out to come home. Sometimes we get lost when we are found and some other times we get found when we are lost in a safe in-between spaces where we may have not noticed a twig or that chai spot where two buildings forgot to build a fence around. A sparked an idea could be sometimes the only reason why a person wraps a towel around their head in that particular way in just that angle at the moment you looked! Just ‘look’ and you may see something you hadn’t before and then maybe a new song emerges gurgling from crevices you didn’t know existed.
July 20, 2021
Our tissue fabric for living
Kabir das, in his poem, ‘Jhini Chadariya,’ talks about maintaining the fabric of our conscience as clean as his was when he was born. So would a peace-loving aikidoka or a normal ordinary human being by his/her/their practice of humaneness, like our body is designed to provision from our clawless, fangless, scaleless, minimal hairy human body. It takes something more to maintain non-violence, especially when people around think differently to what we do and believe things sometimes quite opposite to what we do. It is mostly due to lack of perspective where one may see 9 from one end and 6 from the other side and both are right coz it is the perspective that is different and needs to be appreciated for understanding to dawn. What it takes to maintain a noninflammatory presence for non-violence and peace to prevail while the other has not yet seen our perspective is what it takes to maintain our tissue fabric innocent and untainted. It is the best remedy to heal rifts in relationships and to come home to the heart that is our family {EarthFamily}.
July 19, 2021
A pulse to fall back on
Our body is a conglomeration of rhythms of several kinds. Our activities of daily living, in consonance or dissonance with others, affects our body rhythms correspondingly. Not everything is in our control but our body functions by predictable rhythms to have an experience of ‘all is well’ at whatsoever level of truth there is available at a point in time. That’s one of the reasons why dharma sits well with our body .. because our body formed from care received well enough at different points in time. Try this audio suggestion out and see if this makes something available to your experience of living that otherwise may or may not be possible. Somethings are best experienced than discussed about.
July 18, 2021
In all the push-pull techniques out there in arriving at the best survival strategy for the fittest, ‘I am enough’ and ‘however I am is sufficient’ and ‘this is how I am supposed to be at this point in time’ goes slightly amiss and when we don’t have this we’ll enough, there is no personal ground to stand from and become better. When I can’t stand by me even, I am a liability in the making waiting for someone to ‘help’ or ‘support’ me even though I have a body that has come to be what it is from years of being taken care of so much so that I can stand and walk on my own two feet without parental or caretaker support. Can I not also stand by what makes me, my people and my Earth better from within the parameters of living available to me and stand by healthifying what is not by voicing for the harmony that is missing because someone can’t see what I/you can? Isn’t that what makes us a family member?
July 17, 2021
Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, Saviour and you
Give and take all of the different flavours of experiences, it is your life you live {my life I live} with anybody and everybody being characters in the story that is my life. Having the body of a human being, in living consistent with at least my/your identities, ‘being human’ as an identity calls for at least being humane to continue deserving to have the identity of a ‘human.’ Having the body of a life form that has no claws, fangs, scales, feathers, or other violating sharps, our body is designed to be nonviolent. Being nonviolent makes available to the world the gift from being human, like a fish would make available to the Ocean, that no other being can make available because they don’t have the body of a human.
July 16, 2021
Tree of Life from Terabithiya!
Happitude is an asset worth having coz it takes something to maintain it without which fun cannot be had enough by which happiness can be had! It’s kind of like the holy water or zam zam or elixir of Life from samudra manthan added to your cup of Life to keep it fresh and spriteful. It’s a MITI thing privy to those who have original intelligence from being able to maintain being original. See? Those who live from Terabithiya have this MITI happitude! It’s a Tree of Life thing; advanced Story of Genesis, kinda more like addendum to Story of Genesis that makes the difference that makes the difference. New is here!
July 15, 2021
Write one word at a time
Writing is also cathartic. It takes the mighty journey of getting an experience move through neuronal pathways that store memory to associate with emotional states and behavioural idiosyncrasies to get words from the brains word-storage boxes and then to move through musculoskeletal processes involved in transcribing that experience into written comprehendable word sequences. The whole process itself orders some of the chaos running around in a person’s head waiting for a surface to bounce off of and make sense into some form of cared order. Chaos is unknown order, you see? Our shadow selves - the different shades of grey and blue and all those rainbow colours we won’t let anyone else know about- also has sunny spots and balms and solutions waiting to anoint our aching souls and spirits, if only we care enough to give our own self some time - some personal ‘me-time’ - to reflect and appreciate and listen to what we have to say, even if no one else has the time or inclination to pay any attention to us. When we listen to ourselves, that’s one ear whose attention our aching selves don’t have to try grabbing attention of just to be listened to. To care enough. For our existence…and to validate our experience as worth paying attention to.
July 14, 2021
Shiva Sati Parvathi and evolution of Love
Love is said to be a flame of yellow light where yellow light is mid range between black and white light, like a namasthe or Sandhya/twilight. Imbalance into white or black light causes sukha or dukha and both in imbalance leads to chaos. When balanced, order comes about from chaos and that is called a life. Just like how our body formed from All That There Is into a human structure, and has the DNA from mother and father, it is in brining harmony between opposites that order in life comes about from chaos {unknown order}of where so ever and whatsoever circumstances we are born into. The marriage begins from every attempt at bridging gaps between our own idea of masculine and feminine, nature and nurture, their versus our Work of bringing non-violence, peace, harmony, congeniality in our family and societal experiences. Every male or female who makes an effort in this direction is being loyal in their marriage and to the family of Earth that we are born into and will live into. Separation into your family and mine is where the strifes began that led us to having countries separated at borders by people holding weapons. One step at a time, one moments at a time, one breath at a time, we will be EarthFamily again. I am at Work, you see?
June 28, 2021
Sisu’s Gem decoded
In my opinion, Rajya and the Last Dragon is really Sisu’s story on how she found herself and her connections in Life, kinda like my idea of Terabithiya. The story doesn’t really end {or, should I say, begin} until Sisu and her family dragons and people are home in Kumandra, which is where the story begins; the story is in maintaining Kumandra, not in ‘putting Kumandra together’ (duh). Sisu had lost sight of that story when she went to sleep at the bottom of the river ‘after saving the world’ apparently. I had to learn it the hard way on where the story really is and what The Work really is; we are, each, born to do that really in our own capacities but I guess not many are talking about it that way, and I keep being the ‘oddball talking things no one is talking about’ until, of course, I find Disney World talking about it but then I seem to have to voice over and reinterpret the story for clarity and relevance. Great that they are doing all the hard work of representing the story in such care and concern it bridges so many levels of hearts in several age groups. Mr.Walt Disney set a good foundation template, I guess, for what the Enterprise is about {bless his kind Soul}. Thank you for listening. I hope this has been of value to you and your kind.
June 14, 2021
You are making rain
While we are breathing, clouds are getting vapour from the breath we exhale. We may think ourselves to be insignificant but by the very fact of our existence, we are contributing to having life be sustainable, liveable. How we live, over and above that, contributes to enhancing the beauty there is in the Garden of Life. We see what we can see when we open our eyes but what we can see is not all there is, even with a microscope or telescope. There is a place from where ‘what is there to be counted’ forms. Being mindful about what we have , no matter how small or big, and taking care enough to preserve, maintain, nurture, nourish this moment, this time in and as the infinite moment of the present melts another icicle of love into flow, and another flower blooms warmed enough by the life in the love.
March 07, 2021
Continuum of time
Infinite moment of the present is really all that we see and live in with ‘what is happening now’ being that which marks the movement in time, like the tides on the sands of the ocean depth; they sift the sands and contours the ocean floors so is a witness of how time moved on its surface by the fact of the ‘scars’ that the tides left on it’s face, but those scars do not define all that the Ocean is or what Earth is, or what Life is. Knowing this as the tides in the mind, where the body is the rocky earth corroded to sand upon which tides in the mind sift the experiences on its tissue surface as would water the sand of the beach, nothing as the unmoving clear surface within everything is a solace to live from, breathe from, rest from, as though a cushion in the middle of everywhere or anywhere. The restless rest-seeking tides can then, in such presence, find solace, discharge some of its baggage and move on less frenzied, and the Ocean gets calmer for such presence.
February 26, 2021
Eternal flame of ordinary love
Eternal love is also Advaitha in that the bride and bridegroom are one and the same, where bride and bridegroom are representative of the masculine and feminine in eternal presence in and through everything.
February 23, 2021
Improve the quality of your presence
Who you are, how you are, what you are in this moment in time determines the quality of your presence in this moment in time; the next moment it changes when you, say, have an itch that must be scratched. Every effort at improving the quality of your presence while alone and in a crowd affects the value you bring to that environment and consequently how you contribute due to your quality of presence in making the world a better place to live in as a domino.
February 19, 2021
Diya - the yellow light between white and black
The candle light or diya flame is a yellow light, which is a frequency of colour that is between white and black where the rainbow VIBGYOR is in between with all colours explicit in white and all colours implicit in black. I think there is an eight colour after Red that is a pinkish red from mixing more blue in red or deoxygenated blood from the feet veining up into the heart to get oxygenated and get red so that we live a rainbow-coloured life. The pinkish red colour is what I call as shwa or the breath before the mooladhara red inspiration to life begins as sa. Maintaining commonsense essentially involves keeping the sunny side up, I.e. the solar plexus well balanced between feet and head as black and white respectively so that the feet are on the commonground of Earth and head in the clouds so that we periodically rain the wisdom gained from contemplating what needs to be contemplated upon and live peacefully on middle earth of our body with yellow light as the beautiful yellow flame of peaceful ordinary love keeps us aglow from within and light with the truth of who we are as the guide or guru within. Breathe, People. Breathe normally, ordinarily, but mindfully. Breath really bridges both worlds and eventually makes the body a safe place to live in.
February 17, 2021
Kundalini and crap
Babies are so proud of the crap they produce; that is their original produce, you know, made from the application of their whole body and being! Kundalini, I think, is the inner baby experiencer sitting deep inside where no one can see and listening and paying attention to what’s going on. The crap you produce is also that of the kundalini. When you begin to pay attention to the silent experiencer within and nourishing and nurturing her/him with good appropriate food that he/she wants to appropriate grow, that’s when the little one within is growing and awakening from within, and as Krishna danced on the snakes head from the deep murky lake, the lotus emerges from the murky whatnots that’s may have been past experiences of living and then History moves onward for the better. You start producing better crap because what you put into your body and mind is better. Medicine for Earth by the light bioluminescence within that comes alive and shows the way onward. Now that’s Diwali led on by the flame of love/truth within.
February 15, 2021
I thought I was one of a kind - the only one of a kind, like they either stopped making my kind or I am presently the only one of my kind - until I met someone as odd as for me to think ‘my kind.’ I got so much work to do that priorities get set and then life only needs be lived along tracks best suited to one’s lifestyle by one’s own determination. Until such time, a person is yet to have a mind of one’s own by which to stand by and make life work in having a Working Life that produces products of Love. A soulmate- a person whom we resonate our soul with- is not possible until we have arrived at our own version in this lifetime as a continuum of our soul’s lifetime in this lifetime as the latest and best version hitherto lived coz else it is a derail waiting to happen. Choosing the right partner is also an SIP in self-development. It is an art at arriving at your own masterpiece that your life could become, should become, for a mindful conscientious life that our hearts beat into existence for.
February 10, 2021
We are, each, a value-space
IVI {Intrinsic Value of Individual} is the personal value implicit in a person, which can be enhanced by self-development. Self-maintenance is what it takes to maintain the developed IVI. People interact with us based on the value they receive in having life work for them the way they really yearn for. If you don’t like what is handed down to you, change what you are handing down to others; we only give what we have sufficiently of or have in abundance of, so look at what you have sufficiently of that others would be benefited from in having. Hand that down and then that starts a care-based value-chain that makes the world cleaner, carer and a better place to come home to live in than as something you want to be ‘liberated’ from or run away from. Clean up that personal muck and get comfortable in who you are and what you have. The world is opening up to business from what you have that can never really become less of because you have so much of it you can make more!
February 10, 2021
Did you right a wrong?
There is always something that we, each, can do to right a wrong, even if it is hardly noticeable, in making the world a better place even for just one person at a time. We, each, can do at least one right thing at a time. It is in thinking that we are a nobody that to nobody that somebody, another nobody, gets away feeling uncared, unmattered, unseen, in a world full of busy people. We don’t have fixed relationships, just fixed names of relationships. Do we care enough to unstuck and make life work for the better beyond the abuse and torture in the name of love?
February 09, 2021
Paarvathi - the saviour within
Paarvathi - paar lagane waali. We revere the names of goddesses but take little time to notice what the names actually mean, just like we hardlytake the time to notice the various meanings of our own names and of people around us. Masculine and Feminine as prakruthi and purush is present in each of us. The whole epic dramas and mythology is representative of what is happening within us and guides us to what it should be, could be, when we appropriately interpret the encrypted meanings in layers of higher degrees of encryption that is in Implicit Order that is sanatana dharma. Just about all inventions around us are nature-inspired, you see? Technology is an attempt by the human race to put to use what the Universe has been running the show with, that is when we are smart enough to acknowledge who the Teacher is and Work with the Teacher in a microcosm to macrocosm God-loving respectful, honourable, dignifiable relationship. It is when we, each, as individual and collective come to this unbroken chain of continuity that we have truly healed from the effects of corona. When do you think corona began?
February 06, 2021
Milk of human kindness - the ‘woman’ within
Samudra manthan is the churn within between Order {sur} and Chaos {asur}. There is no shortcut to any place worth going. Samudra manthan is a symbolic representation of what it takes to become a humane being, and it is in the capacity of everyone because it is what happens when we churn in our cares in the right spirit where we do not think anything is outside our ambit of care but at the same time have distinct awareness of placement of what is in the schema of things without exclusion of any, and where our ego is what needs to rain and distil between heaven and hell and become fine essential clear water while having a fine sense of balance between opposites without getting lost in sukha or dukha, in equanimity. Such a presence is also what engenders Parvathi or salvator mundi woman within to detoxify in conjunction with the matter that which threatens the test of time. This is ordinary love, actually, or the sacred flame of madness that makes everything better, beautifuller, sacred.
February 05, 2021
I am not what you think. I am not even what you have first-impressions about. I am more than just a set of random dots of impressions had of me over circumstantial chance-encounters. I am when you care enough to see beyond your personal lenses to who I am beyond those set of previous impressions. ‘I am’ is not just a personal complete statement for self-interest but a reference to the existential angst that the individual ‘I’ goes through when several around advice to drop the ‘I’ because ‘I’ is ‘ego-centricity.’ Maybe ‘I’ is an ego-range between selfish and selfless where selfish and selfless is needed to keep us centripeting and centrifugating healthily in becoming an individual of substance, which is required to be a countable citizen of Earth with a mind of one’s own as a valuable contributor to Life-posterity.
February 02, 2021
Ooragatthamma - the experiential mind of a place
A geodecimal location is not just a set of structures and cultures but an experience also of its present history. Electromagnetic forces vary every square inch of Earth and that affects the experiencers in the location but not paying attention to this important detail in socioeconomic planning and lifecare affects the sense of well-being of the geodecimal goddess. The expression of divinity within each person gets reduced and people behave less-than-human or more violent when the ‘geodecimal goddess’ is not happy, and she is not happified by lighting a candle/diya/incense but by Earth-mindfulness as though a person.
February 01, 2021
Mothering/parenting ‘woman’ing yourself. The world of women #3
Reparenting needs to begin with parenting ourselves the way our parents could not for whatsoever reasons. Parenting ourselves is what is needed for individuating into an interdependent autonomous citizen of Earth. #AathmaNirbharBharath
January 30, 2021
The world of women #2
Another one on women. I think a person is never really alone in their body; I think a person has always a roomy sharing body-space whom we, each, need to consider and be mindful of, lest we fly off the handle and lose commonsense. It takes something to be humane; maybe this is why!
January 30, 2021
The world of women #1
Real women are rare to find and are difficult to understand, just like life. There must be more than an obvious reason. In search for the elusive women who hearth a good nonviolent society, this Season on this Podcast explores, in bits and quips, what these creatures really are that birth life from between their legs. A new perspective sometimes changes how we have always been seeing things. Maybe this one does a bit of that?
January 30, 2021
One moment at a time, one heartbeat at a time
Sometimes things get a little overwhelming. We have come thus far one way or the other, only a retrospection will tell how. That this moment, at this moment, seems a bit too much is a moment when the tiny, not-so-significant but definitely simple and easy to handle hygge is to be remembered and lived with. One breath at a time, one moment at a time, one step at a time, one heartbeat at a time can be dealt with and before you know it another mile would have been lived appropriately. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean, you see?
January 28, 2021
Walk while you think
Polarising a topic between two distinct points blacks and whites the issue so the actual problem becomes clear. A lot of the times, not recognising the problem IS the problem because of which a solution becomes difficult to find. Try this method of walking while you think. You might be surprised by how much sugar crystals in your cup of life surface and who doesn’t want a life that Works! A solution is just a heartbeat away once the problem is recognised for what it is. Happy discoveries!
January 27, 2021
A quip to ponder
Somethings are best said while being further contemplated upon; it just might till a land or seed a weed that could become a cash crop. It is all Work-in-progress, of course. Meanwhile, there’s a quip that could be pondered upon; who knows what it could already start!
January 26, 2021