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By Nico Moran
Real Talk with Bitcoin Industry leaders, developers, miners, CEOs, artists, entrepreneurs, traders and toxic plebs. Some of the most interesting stories i’ve encountered going down the Bitcoin rabbit hole all these years are from everyday Bitcoiners that are not well known, I decided to give those fellow plebs a voice.

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(This podcast was initially called “CryptoKreamers” but since I only covered Bitcoin content I felt it would be appropriate to rebrand it to something that represented the content.)
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BVP | #028: Bitcoin & Central Bank Digital Currencies w/ Nik Bhatia
Join us today with Nik Bhatia, author of Layered Money and adjunct professor of finance at USC Marshall. Today we talk about Bhatia’s journey as a professor, his book, his 2021 Bitcoin experience, El Salvador, and the overall future of Bitcoin in our economy in relation to inflation. Bhatia’s story includes quitting being a bond trader to becoming a bitcoiner. He guides his students on how to participate in the fixed income industry, covering topics like CBDC’s - which Bhatia states, “only exist because of Bitcoin.” Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are the last grasp by central banks trying to compete with Bitcoin. Follow Nik Bhatia to Learn More! Check out the Bitcoin Layer Check out “Layered Money,” by Nik Bhatia
February 10, 2022
BVP | #027: Fighting Communism with Bitcoin ft. Tone Vays
Join us today with Tony Vays, live from Malta, a trader, analyst, & Youtuber. Tony was originally born in the Soviet Union and immigrated to America at the age of 10. After many years of school, he realized his true passion was trading & constantly dreaded going into an office. It wasn’t till much later in 2013 where he first found Bitcoin. Join us talking all things Bitcoin 2022 bull run predictions & why the government can’t get enough of controlling what other people do with their money. The truth behind communism coming to America. Follow @tonevay to Learn More! Check out Crypto Scam Podcast: Check out the Unconfiscatable Conference: Check out Understanding Bitcoin Conference Check out the Financial Summit!
September 18, 2021
BVP | #026: Venezuela & Bitcoin Satellites w/ @elsultanbitcoin & @shishi21m
Join us today with @elsultanbitcoin, “the satellite man” from Venezuela, and @shishi21m. El Sultán explains how he connected his old DirecTV satellite dish to the blockstream Bitcoin node orbiting earth and how these satellites work. These satellites prove the strength behind Bitcoins immunity, and its’ freedom enabling powers. @shishi21m touches on why these satellites are so important and how powerful tools can be. Join us in talking about all things communism, censorship, and deprivation in Venezuela… El Sultán is a perfect example of how Bitcoin helped him resist economic censorship and gain freedom. Follow @elsultanbitcoin to Learn More! Check out Ledn to Learn More! Follow @shishi21m to Learn More!
August 14, 2021
BVP | #025: Building Hardware Wallets with Lixin Liu, CEO of @KeystoneWallet (Formerly Cobo Vault)
Join my conversation with Lixin Liu - CEO of Keystone and former Head of Hardware at Cobo. Lixin created the hardware wallet - Cobo Vault - allowing people to take possession of their Bitcoin. However, Cobo wanted to focus on the growth of their exchange system and get rid of their hardware wallet. Lixin bought out his side of the business and is now on a journey to grow his new hardware wallet - Keystone Wallet, with plans of making a BITCOIN-ONLY Wallet coming soon! Join us in talking about China’s Bitcoin regulations and why most people in China use exchanges rather than taking full possession of their coins. Lixin believes, unlike India, China will NOT ban Bitcoin. I had a great time talking to Lixin - a hardware genius - about his plans with Keystone and the growth of his hardware wallet. I hope you enjoyed the convo as much as I enjoyed recording it! Follow Keystone Wallet on Twitter to Find Out More! Check out Keystone Wallet's Website Bellow!
June 15, 2021
BVP | #024: Global Mesh Networks w/ @remyers_
Join my chat with Richard Myers - founder of Global Mesh Labs, who has successfully created a mobile mesh network that does not rely on the internet and offers “… an anti-fragile, decentralized alternative that can extend connectivity to places centralized networks can’t.” Myers, a software engineer and programmer, took the leap of faith and left his 16-year job to jump onto the Bitcoin wagon. His interests in the philosophy of decentralization and individuality behind Bitcoin drove him to open Global Mesh Labs. Join us as we talk about number stations, mesh networks, ham radio, and the history of technology and Bitcoin. I hope you enjoyed the convo as much as I enjoyed recording it! Follow Richard Myers to Find Out More! Check out Global Mesh Labs to Learn More! Check out goTenna to Learn More!
May 25, 2021
BVP | #023: Living off Bitcoin w/ @BTCsessions
I had an absolute blast talking to one of the Bitcoin youtube legends - BTC Sessions. Join us as we talk about how we completely lived off Bitcoin for a few years to get here today. Maybe at first, it wasn't too easy for our monthly incomes to take on Bitcoin, but it paid off. In this convo, we talked about the opportunity cost of spending Bitcoin, the new 2021 cycle, stacking, and future government and company policies. Hop on and join our conversation about the future of Bitcoin. I hope you enjoyed the convo as much as I enjoyed recording it! Check out BTC Sessions on YT to Learn More!
May 22, 2021
BVP | #022: Buying NON-KYC Bitcoin in Europe w/ @julian_liniger
I had a blast talking with Julian Liniger, CEO of Swiss application "Relai." As a former psychology major and MBA student, Julien worked as a banking consultant for many years. This made him realize how broken the financial system truly is, and that is why he "...came to bitcoin, a money that gives you freedom," says Julien. Being a former psychology student, he realized that for 90% of the population, Bitcoin is too hard to understand. Thats why he founded Relai, where they enable everyday people like you and me to buy Bitcoin. Ultimately, Relai hopes to be the world's most accessible Bitcoin investing app. I hope you enjoyed the convo as much as I enjoyed recording it!  Check Out the Relai App Below! Follow Julian Liniger to Find Out More!
May 20, 2021
BVP | #021: Turning Excess Energy into Bitcoin w/ @denverbitcoin
I absolutely love having a miner on the pod but this isn't any miner this is @denverbitcoin who currently works for Upstream Data Inc. a company that helps energy producers turn flared gas into Bitcoin. This changes the game, Bitcoin now sets a floor price for excess energy. We think that this will reshape how human society organizes itself, in the future communities will be built around cheap energy sources no matter how remote those sources are, very exciting times ahead. Hope you enjoy the Pod as much as I enjoyed recording it. Follow DenverBitcoin to Find Out More! 
March 30, 2021
BVP | #020: Fellow Plebs talking Orangecoin w. Bitcoin Kindergarten Co-Host @My_Livin_Truth
Had the absolute honor to have a chat with Optimus who I consider a true brother, we roomed together at BitBlockBoom 2020 not knowing each other and came out of the experience as truth Bitcoin Brothers. This convo we talk about Bitcoin Kindergarten and why educating noobs to the space is so important. It's always an absolute bast talking to Optimus and I hope you enjoy the convo. as much as I enjoyed recording it.  Follow Optimus aka: @My_Livin_Truth Join Bitcoin Kindergarten on Discord
February 14, 2021
BVP | #019: The Legendary Bitcoin Zoomer ft. @nikcantmine
Spoke with a good friend and a legendary pleb on Bitcoin Twitter, Nikcantmine. We spoke about his experience entering the space, working at Bitcoin magazine and how it feels working in Bitcoin. This was one of my favorite conversations especially after taking a month break. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Check out Nik on Twitter:  @nikcantmine
January 27, 2021
BVP | #018: The Truth about Bitcoin in Venezuela
The other day I commented on @danheld 's tweet about Venezuela and I was soon inundated by other Venezuelans commenting that the situation was different than what I was telling. I felt like it would be appropriate to invite all those that commented and the biggest names in Bitcoin Venezuela to actually describe what was the real hard truth about Bitcoin in Venezuela. I hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it and talking to these awesome Bitcoiners.  Check them out: Guillermo Goncalvez Espiga Javier Bastardo Juan Pinto Alessandro Cecere
November 26, 2020
BVP | #017: What it takes to launch a Bitcoin exchange ft. Danny Scott CEO of CoinCorner
On today's episode of the BITVOLT Podcast I found out what it took to launch a successful Bitcoin exchange: CoinCorner Danny Scott the CEO has been in the industry since the very early days and gave us an inside scoope on what it was like to work in the early days of Bitcoin, he also runs a cool little side hustle called where you can by any type of Bitcoin related sock you can think of.  This episode was really eye opening for me and I'm sure you will enjoy it as well.  -Nico
November 19, 2020
BVP | #016: The Cory Klippsten origin story; the CEO of
I had an awesome chat with Cory Klippsten the founder of, a place where you can DCA sats on the daily. We spoke about where he thinks Bitcoin is heading, how he ended up creating Swan and his career beginnings in amazing companies like Google and McKinsey. I am absolutely positive you will enjoy the convo just as much as I did.  Find out more about: SwanBitcoin Keep up with: @coryklippsten on Twitter
November 13, 2020
BVP | #015: The first Venezuelan private Bitcoin Mining Pool ft. Juan Pinto from Doctor Miner
On today's episode I sat down with Juan Pinto from Doctor Miner. We discuss the current political situation in Venezuela and how people are using Bitcoin to survive everyday life. We also discuss Doctor Miner's future plans to launch the first major latin American mining pool. I hope you enjoy the episode and learn what it takes to mine in Venezuela.  If you want to find out more about Juan & Doctor miner checkout the links below! Juan's Twitter: @beachainbtc
October 26, 2020
BVP | #014: How a device called Tune saves you 10% in Mining Electric Costs ft. CEO: Jim Owings
Tune is a passive inductive filter that filters currents from non-linear loads out of the electric panels within buildings. Tune filters out any frequency of current that is not the 60 Hz fundamental wave-form to save you money by reducing your mining electricity bill.  Checkout their website to find out more info: How a device called Tune saves you 10% in Mining Electric Costs
September 28, 2020
BVP | #012: "Sh*t Posting on Twitter Saved my Life" - @My_Livin_Truth
Absolutely loved this conversation with a Bitcoin Twitter Legend: Optimus Fields aka @My_Livin_Truth. We talked about how Bitcoin has personally affected our lives for the better. Also our hard journey through life to get to this point all thanks to the orange pill.  I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did. 
September 21, 2020
BVP | #011: Down the Bitcoin rabbit hole with Developer: @itsLIRAN
One of my favorite episodes, sat down with a real life buddy of mine: Liran. We really went down deep in this one. Hope you enjoy it just as much as I did. 
September 15, 2020
BVP | #010: Talking Bitcoin & Ice Cream w. Developer Isaac Weinbach
(This episode was recorded before we rebranded to BITVOLT) We explore Isaac personal journey down the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole We found out where the best Ice Cream in the world is ;) If you want to go find out more about Isaac's Company: They start, build, and partner with internet businesses. Check them out at
September 03, 2020
BVP | #009: Creator of the famous Honey Badger logo ft. Yves Bennaim
I spoke with Yves Bennaim the creator of the famous Honey Badger logo thats been used by CoinKite, Cryptocloaks and countless others in the Bitcoin community. I asked him why he made it open source for the world to use and we talked about the importance of having a logo that only bitcoiners can understand the significance of you because of Opsec.  I hope you enjoy the convo as much as I did!   Download the Honey Badger on GitHub:  Find out more about Yves:  #Bitcoin #HoneyBadger #YvesBennaim
August 29, 2020
BVP | #008: CoboVault ft. creator Lixin Liu
CoboVault is the only hardware wallet that is completely air-gapped by design. It has no USB plug-ins, it is powered by battery and can only interact with data through an SD card. It physically cannot be connected to a computer which truly makes this one of the coldest hardware wallets around.    I talk to Lixin Liu; the creator of the device about what his design philosophy was and asked him some difficult questions from other hardware wallet manufacturers including NVK the designer of the COLDCARD wallet.   Enjoy :)
August 24, 2020
BVP | #007: Finding Truth through Bitcoin ft. John Vallis
Had the pleasure to get to know John Vallis. Our conversation went off topic many times but It was still interconnected with bitcoin somehow. We explored how bitcoin has created a new way of being or political identity which we coined 'Bitcoinism'. We really go down the rabbit hole in this one, hope you enjoy!
August 18, 2020
BVP | #006: Exploring the depths of the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole ft. @Coinicarus
In this Pod I sat down with my buddy Phil aka Coinicarus. We talked about his Bitcoin journey, his custom node cases, Egyptian mysticism and much more. We really went deep in to the rabbit hole in this episode. Hope you enjoy!   Follow Phil on twitter if you want to find out more about his cases and awesome books!  @Coinicarus    Don't be sour, Like & Subscribe   #Bitcoin
August 10, 2020
BVP | #005: Bitcoin's deeper meanings ft. @KISbitcoin
'Keep it simple Bitcoin' makes tutorial videos for Coldcard, Wasabi wallet and many more bitcoin related stuff. His goal is to make it easier for people entering the space to deal with the more complex wallets and softwares.  Today we dove deep into why Bitcoin means different things to different people and why that’s important Hope you enjoy! Twitter: @BITVOLT7 @KISbitcoin Don't be Vanilla Like & Subscribe  
July 30, 2020
BVP | #004: SwanBitcoin ft. CEO Cory Klippsten
First colab with 'Fun with bitcoin' and 'BTC Kindergarten', we talk to Cory Klippsten CEO of about the future of Swan and why swan is one of the best places to dollar cost average into Bitcoin today. We spoke about Paypal's recent announcement of getting into the industry and what it means for crypto.  Enjoy :)   Signup for Swan today and start buying bitcoin today seamlessly:   SwanBitcoin Follow us on twitter:   @BITVOLT7  @Coinicarus  @CryptoKreamers  @SwanBitcoin  @coryklippsten @My_Livin_Truth  @nikcantmine  Don't be Vanilla like & Subscribe 
July 28, 2020
BVP | #003: Foundation Devices & CryptoCloaks ft. their CEOs Zach Herbert & Rick Brrrr
Had the pleasure of speaking with two legends, Zach Herbert the founder of Foundation devices they make exclusively Bitcoin only hardware wallet called 'Passport' and Rick Brrrrrr the CEO of CryptoCloaks which make the best 3D printed merch on the planet, wether its a housing for your node or a honeybadger art piece for your living room Cryptocloaks is the place to go. We spoke about the security of Foundations new upcoming hardware wallet release that has the security of a Coldcard but the easy of use of an iPod. We also got the inside scoop of a new secret project that CryptoCloaks is working on called project Apollo and much more! Last but not least of course we found their favorite IceKream flavors ;)   Buy a Foundation hardware wallet:   Buy the dankest 3D printed bitcoin merch:   Follow us on twitter:  @BITVOLT7  @CryptoCloaks  @FOUNDATIONdvcs  @zachherbert   Don't be Vanilla, Like & Subscribe
July 23, 2020
BVP | #002: Lucho Poletti Bitcoin's Propagandist
Bitcoin is obviously winning the meme war against the dollar. It does that with much better Bitcoin propaganda. I talk to one of the artist behind the dankest art and the dopest memes, Lucho Poletti. Of course I also found out his favorite Ice Kream!    Check out Lucho's Art:    Check out Citadel:
July 22, 2020
BVP | #001: Ethan Vera, JP Baric & Bitcoin Hashrate Derivatives
I talk to Ethan Vera CEO of Luxor Mining Pool & JP founder of the about how mining pools are using derivatives to hedge the risks of mining. They also brought up how traditional financial institutions are showing tremendous interest in purchasing these future derivatives products because the yearly ROI is very attractive. Last but not least of course I found out what their favorite IceKream is ;)   Check out the best Mining Pool on the Market:  Check out the best mining store & Bitcoin Mining Hosters:   Follow us on twitter:  @BITVOLT7  @ethan_vera   Don't be Vanilla, Like & Subscribe    #Bitcoin #BitcoinMining #BitcoinHashrate
July 21, 2020