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Biz Secrets Exposed

Biz Secrets Exposed

By Fusion Biz Co
A revealing podcast full of unique stories and little known secrets, behind the success of influential entrepreneurs, change makers and small business owners.

Fusion Biz Co Founder, Ashley Matkovic interviews successful entrepreneurs and has them reveal raw stories of breakdown and breakthrough moments, their mindset hacks, their daily success habits, how they grew their business, social media and marketing growth hacks, and their unique frameworks and methods.

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Carissa Hill: How she built her first business to run without her, to focus on her zone of genius, and create two more multi 6-figure businesses
In this episode of Biz Secrets Exposed, Fusion Biz Co. Founder Ashley Matkovic interviews Social Media Coach, and multi 6-figure business owner, Carissa Hill. Carissa shares her rock bottom moment of having a staff member lying and stealing from her, and how she didn't let that stop her forging forward to go on and work herself out of her 3 stores, create two more businesses and take them to multi 6-figures, including a $750k+ launch! Carissa also shares how to get in your ideal clients heads, create binge-worthy content, plus her marketing and social media tips that are working in todays market, and how she manifested $360k to buy the rainforest next to her house! Listen in to Carissa's rock bottom moment, biggest win, juicy secret, industry tips and go-to mindset and self care hacks to keep you inspired to kick your business goals! ABOUT CARISSA HILL: Carissa Hill started a spray tan business from home when she was 21 and grew it into a chain of 3 stores that ran without her in them by the age of 25. She also launched her own wholesale range of hair extensions and got it up to 6 figures in 12 months. Carissa started teaching other salon owners how to use social media to get clients in 2014 and has helped over 4000+ entrepreneurs to double their businesses so far. Carissa is passionate about human connection, understanding people and running your business with love vs ego. She lives on top of Tamborine Mountain with her 2 sons and owns the rainforest next door (introvert life) Follow Carissa on IG: Join Carissa's FREE FB group:  To find out how you can get connected with powerhouse female entrepreneurs in Perth, check out Fusion Biz Co:
August 17, 2022
Em Gee: From a failed course launch to a $101k launch; and managing your mindset in biz
In this episode of Biz Secrets Exposed, Fusion Biz Co. Founder Ashley Matkovic interviews Business + Mindset Coach, Speaker & Best Selling Author, Em Gee. Em shares her rock bottom moment of having a failed launch (including receiving less than ideal feedback) to how she embraced an unstoppable mindset to go on and have a 6 figure launch in January 2022! Em also shares her tips and tricks for how to manage the launching rollercoaster of emotions, including some very practical advice on how to manage your mindset and limiting beliefs that crop up. Listen in to Em's rock bottom moment, biggest win, juicy secret, industry tips and go-to mindset and self care hacks to keep you inspired to kick your business goals! ABOUT EM GEE: In five years as a solo-preneur Em Gee has become a best selling author and international business and mindset coach to women all over the world. Her unwavering belief in all women to shine as leaders in their own fields, has led her to teach 'unstoppability' as a quality already there to be unleashed from within every single business owner she works with. As a mum of two young girls, Em Gee prides herself on being transparent, authentic and true to her values, all while scaling her business in ways not everyone expects. Thinking out of the box is her style, paving the way for others to do the same and get equally unstoppable results. Follow Em on IG: Get Em's book here:  Get in touch with Em: To find out how you can get connected with Em and other amazing female entrepreneurs in Perth, check out Fusion Biz Co:
August 03, 2022
Evelyn Burke-Shyne: Starting a business during covid; plus balancing personal and business life and why taking a step back is sometimes the best thing you can do
In this episode of Biz Secrets Exposed, Fusion Biz Co. Founder Ashley Matkovic interviews founder of ABS Succession Lawyers, Evelyn Burke-Shyne. Evelyn shares her story of how she started her business during the pandemic, and now enjoys more freedom and flexibility in her working life. She also gets really raw and shares about recent struggles in her family life has a flow on effect to her business, and how taking a step back was the best thing she could do for her mental health. Listen in to Evelyn's winning marketing strategy that won her 20 new clients, her go-to mindset hacks, and a juicy secret! ABOUT EVELYN: Evelyn is a lawyer with over 19 years’ experience in the focus areas of estate planning and estate administration. She strongly believes that effective, efficient and appropriate Wills and succession planning is vital for each and every individual. Evelyn founded her law firm in the midst of the COVID pandemic in August 2020. She works together with clients by educating them about the process, the documents, the options available to them and how to put those objectives into an appropriate plan. Get in touch with Evelyn: To find out how you can get connected with Evelyn and other amazing female entrepreneurs in Perth, check out Fusion Biz Co:
July 20, 2022
Carmen Braidwood: Why leaving her thriving radio career was the best thing Carmen has done for her creative freedom, health and bank balance
In this episode of Biz Secrets Exposed, Fusion Biz Co. Founder Ashley Matkovic interviews Confidence on Camera Coach, Carmen Braidwood Carmen shares how and why she transitioned from her restrictive career in radio to her life today as a small business owner, and how her bank balance, health and life have flourished since doing so! She also gets really raw and shares about her personal health battles, plus how putting the pressure on yourself to achieve no matter what can be detrimental.  A testament to her new path, Carmen now vulnerably shares her journey and her unfiltered self with her loyal community of followers. Listen in to hear Carmen's top three tips to boost your confidence when it comes to putting your face on video, plus her unique mindset hacks to get through the tough days as a small business owner. ABOUT CARMEN: Carmen Braidwood is a Confidence on Camera Coach, broadcaster (and proud poodle Mum) - with more than 20 years' experience in commercial radio and TV. Seen around Australia as a regular presenter on the Nine Network’s Destination WA, she’s also notched up appearances on Nine News, The Today Show, The Project and Today Tonight. As Australia's Confidence on Camera Coach, Carmen's programs and workshops help you trade awkward, unprofessional moments on camera for the polish of a broadcast professional. Perth radio listeners will know Carmen from her stints on 6PR’s Breakfast & Weekend Breakfast and a run of seven years hosting 96fm’s much-loved Breakfast Show. Follow Carmen @oncamerawithcarmen To find out how you can get connected with Carmen and other amazing female entrepreneurs in Perth, check out Fusion Biz Co:
July 06, 2022
Vanessa Geraghty: How Vanessa built her 6-figure business TWICE, by continuously showing up for her community, networking and fostering an unstoppable mindset
In this episode Marketing Strategist and Consultant, Vanessa Geraghty from Vivacity Marketing shares how she has recently gone through the toughest years of her life, facing some big life & biz challenges including a divorce, losing all her clients in covid, having her Instagram hacked, and not knowing when she will be able to see her family again. Vanessa shares how she came through the dark days, kept showing up for her community and has rebuilt her 6-figure global business. She also shares her top marketing hacks to set you up for success as we move into the new financial year; her mindset hacks that got her through the tough times, and also her networking tips! ABOUT VANESSA: Vanessa Geraghty is a Marketing Strategist and Marketing Consultant and is originally from Dublin, in Ireland. She moved to Perth in 2009, and she launched Vivacity Marketing in July 2017 in Perth, after being made redundant from her corporate marketing job. Vivacity Marketing is a boutique digital marketing agency and consultancy, which specialises in helping small businesses master their marketing, no matter where they are in their business journey. Vanessa’s agency helps clients with: • marketing strategy and planning • web design + copy • digital marketing including: SEO, Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Vanessa also works with start up small businesses with her 8-week online course Marketing School. Check her out here: To find out how you can get connected with Vanessa and other amazing female entrepreneurs in Perth, check out Fusion Biz Co:
June 22, 2022
Tracy Fryer: How she quit her job, built her freelancing business, and hired a team all within 2 years
In this episode graphic designer, Tracy Fryer from Design Studio Perth shares how she grew her business from zero clients to a team all within 2 years during a pandemic. She also kindly shares some of her business tips, her mindset hacks, and the wake-up call she needed to finally quit her job after 5 years of thinking about it. Tracy is a seasoned professional of working in creative industries, helping time poor and overwhelmed business owners who have no idea where to start, create an impactful and unforgettable brand, and get their time back to do more of the things they love. Check her out here: To find out how you can get connected with Tracy and other amazing female entrepreneurs in Perth, check out Fusion Biz Co:
June 16, 2022
Nikola Willis: How Nikola rebuilt her business and diversified income streams after the pandemic hit and she lost her 6-figure revenue almost overnight
NW Marketing was earning a healthy 6-figures with a team of five in 2020, then the pandemic hit and she lost her two biggest shopping centre clients, and had to let two of her team members go. In this episode Nikola shares her incredible story of pivoting and thriving when the worst possible situation hits. Including: How she rebuilt her business after losing her 2 biggest clients in COVID How she created 3 new income streams, including one passive income stream How you can get crystal clear on your WHY behind your business The steps to creating a winning offer and how to communicate it to your community Nikola Willis started NW Marketing with the goal of bringing her knowledge of marketing strategy to hard-working small business owners who on average did not have ready access to this type of marketing service. With over 22 years of marketing experience (the majority spent in the shopping centre marketing world), Nikola has a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience when it comes to working alongside small businesses to achieve the results they deserve! Check Nikola out: To find out how you can get connected with Nikola and other amazing female entrepreneurs in Perth, check out Fusion Biz Co:
June 15, 2022
Ezereve: From being told she wasn’t good enough to play music, to winning multiple music awards and turning her pain into purpose by helping budding musicians believe in themselves
At 15 Ezereve was told she wasn’t good enough to be playing music, so she put her dream on hold for 10 years. Now she spends her days playing paid gigs, winning awards, helping budding musicians believe in themselves through Gig School, and creating the first instant online booking service for booking live musicians in Perth (Champagne Agency) Ezereve also shares: How she broke through to make this her full time gig and her advice for budding musicians Her advice for business owners on how to juggle it all – 4 kids and 3 businesses! Her biggest WIN in business and her lessons along the way Ezereve is one half of Champagne Wedding Duo, who won first place in the Bride’s Choice Awards 2021 for live wedding entertainment in Perth, as well as first place in the national Australian Wedding Awards 2021 for live wedding entertainment! The duo performed at over 100 weddings in 2021. From an overflow of enquiries, Ez and Reilly started Champagne Agency, the first agency to have an instant online booking system for live musicians in Perth. They have also started Gig School, providing workshops and coaching for up and coming musicians. Ezereve is also a mum of four with her own solo projects, and has raised $50K for charities through her music. Ezereve was the voice of the recent Karrinyup Shopping Centre Christmas radio jingle, and has featured as a soloist for the Perth Symphony Orchestra! To find out more about Ezereve: To find out how you can get connected with Ezereve and other amazing female entrepreneurs in Perth, check out Fusion Biz Co: 
June 14, 2022
Kate De Jong: From an unexpected $9k tax bill to her best ever launch with 90% conversion rate
Kate De Jong is the Founder & Director of Inspired Business specialising in Business & Marketing Strategy Consulting. In this raw interview Kate shares how an unexpected tax bill of $9k had the potential to send her bankrupt, but being able to use the power of her mindset she was able to create her best ever launch with a 90% conversion rate. Kate is passionate about helping women to start and grow thriving businesses they love. After spending nearly fifteen years as a corporate Consulting Engineer in Environmental Engineering, Kate stepped out on her own in 2014 following a life crisis, to start her own coaching business. She's never looked back. Kate now spends her days teaching other women the skills and strategies required to thrive in business, so they too can make great money doing what they love. Find more about Kate here: To find out how you can get connected with Kate and other amazing female entrepreneurs in Perth, check out Fusion Biz Co:
June 13, 2022
Tara Clark: How mum of 4, Tara built a successful MUA biz to work around her kids
Tara Clark is the Founder and Lead HMUA of Black Lash Makeup and mother to 4.  She received her first qualification in Makeup Artistry over 20 years ago but only turned her devotion to cosmetics into her full time gig after the birth of her son, Finn. In this interview, Fusion Biz Co. Founder Ashley Matkovic asks Tara to share: How she not only survived, but thrived in the pandemic in an events industry. How she got featured on the cover of FIVE Wedding and Bride Magazine issues. Her top mindset hacks, her advice for the tough times, her breakdown moment and her breakthrough moment. Black Lash Makeup's mission is to help women feel comfortable and confident wearing makeup and understand that feeling beautiful is about being the best version of you. They provide services for Branding photography, Special Events and Bridal as well as private lessons and workshops. Find out more here: To find out how you can get connected in Perth, check out Fusion Biz Co: 
June 12, 2022
Stephanie Gorton: Cultivating a Badass 6-figure Business Mindset (even during a global pandemic)
Fusion Founder, Ashley Matkovic, interviews Business Coach Steph Gorton, a 2-time six figure business owner who was able to quit her day job just 9 months after launching her first business, and has now coached 100+ start up business owners to believe in themselves and go for it too.  This interview is straight talking mindset GOLD, a must listen if you’re feeling like the fear and doubt are stopping you from achieving what you know you're capable of. We chat: Strategies to deal with the rollercoaster of emotions that being a business owner brings - guilt, comparison, fear, failure, people pleasing.  Steph’s personal feelings and mindset journey during the Coronavirus. Practical tips to create new subconscious belief systems. How you can ditch the FEAR and start SHOWING UP the way YOU want to. How to deal with friends or family that aren’t as supportive about your business as you’d hoped. Steph’s book recommendations to strengthen your mindset.  Steph has just launched her Purpose & Profit Mastermind: check it out Become a Fusion member and join these interviews live:
August 03, 2020
Loren Trlin: Shifting Levels of Consciousness - Coronavirus EXPOSED
Ever wondered what’s unfolding in the world during this pandemic on an energetic/spiritual level? Fusion Founder, Ashley Matkovic, interviews Abundance Coach, Loren Trlin for a fresh perspective on how we are shifting levels of consciousness, and how, as business owners, we can make the most of these new world opportunities. How she went from serial business starter, to quadrupling her coaching business. Her thoughts on what’s really happening with the Coronavirus and a collective shift in levels of consciousness. How we can shift from a fear mindset into an opportunity mindset. Some practical tips to stay grounded amongst the chaos. How we can make the most of the new world opportunities. The incredible opportunities for new business owners right now. The key principle to continue charging confidently for goods & services during a pandemic.
July 21, 2020
Denise Duffield-Thomas: The Money Mindset of a Self-Made Millionaire
Fusion Founder, Ashley Matkovic, interviews 3-time author and self made millionaire Denise Duffield-Thomas.  Listen to find out: How life changed for Denise during the Coronavirus pandemic. Handling our money stories that are being triggered during a pandemic. How to ditch the guilt, and be more chill. Denise’s personal money mindset journey, including the money stories she’s had the reshape to become a self-made millionaire. The most common money mindset blocks that female entrepreneurs come up against. Denise’s advice for people marketing their businesses during times of crisis. Current challenges Denise is facing. Denise’s new book subject EXPOSED. How to raise your prices confidently. How to raise kids with a positive money mindset. How a simple childhood birthday tradition could inhibit your kids dreams coming true!
July 13, 2020