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The BizmomCoaching Podcast

The BizmomCoaching Podcast

By Alta Christie
All things Mom-Boss. Moms growing their businesses while raising kids. Our aim is to show all mom-business owners that they are not alone in their business journey. We all have the same struggles, fears, and a higher purpose with our businesses. Here we inspire and empower.
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MOMS BUSINESS OWNERS STORIES – A Mom-Boss interview with Social Media and Digital Marketing Expert, Shyla Collier.

The BizmomCoaching Podcast

A Mom-Boss interview with Empowerment Coach Tanya Meessmann
Today I share a Mom-Boss interview with mom and Empowerment Coach, Tanya Meessmann. Tanya Meessmann and she is the owner of Girl Shaped Flames and she is all about inner FIRE / empowerment and Confidence That she knows exists in each and every young woman, especially teenage girls. She empowers these young women to discover their own unique potential and strength by becoming more confident so that they can reach their dreams and full potential. Not only is her business model extremely encouraging and motivational, but we can learn a lot about Her business offers and how she does business as a mom. Time Stamps: 0:00  Intro 1:35 - How Girl Shaped Flames came about. 6:00 - Business impact and purpose. 10:55 - Her three courses and how they support each other. 21:10 - Overwhelm and time management. 29:00 - Business automation. 36:25 - Tanya’s powerful motto! 39:40 - Get hold of Tanya 41:00 - Ending
October 22, 2020
MOMS BUSINESS OWNERS STORIES – A Mom-Boss interview with Sales Coach, Ryann Dowdy.
Today I share a Mom-Boss interview with mom and Sales Coach, Ryann Dowdy. Today I interview Ryann Of Uncensored Consulting. She helps women to sell in a way that feels good to THEM! We talk about: How she ended up specializing in sales. Selling equals helping, what gives her business purpose and depth, sales is a skill set that you can learn. How developing A repeatable process can remove the stress and negative emotions around sales. How having specific ways to present your solutions and discussing money takes the pressure off. Why selling effectively can eliminate a large portion of the overwhelm and frustrations. Business growth by investing in acquiring sales skills from an expert. Social media and Selling. Mom-business life integration. Time management. What drives her in her business as a mom business owner. Effective ways to grow a business.
October 05, 2020
MOMS BUSINESS OWNERS STORIES – A Mom-Boss interview with Social Media and Digital Marketing Expert, Shyla Collier.
Today I share a Mom-Boss interview with mom, Social Media and Digital Marketing Expert, Shyla Collier. Premiere Social Media is your one-stop shop for digital marketing worldwide.  They specialize in social media management, social media training, website design, graphic design, networking groups and more!  We talk about: How it all started Shyla.   The impact her business has, the higher purpose that her business has. Being a Social Media Expert, Best-selling Author, Networking Group Founder and Marketing Queen, all the hats she wears and how she manages  to do it all. The power of Facebook groups, networking and nurturing. Frustrations in business. Business investments. Time management and effectively managing time while being a business owner and mom. Social media Overwhelm, outsourcing social media and training to manage it all effectively.   Get hold of Shyla Collier Social Media and Digital Marketing Expert  Facebook: Website: Instagram/LinkedIn: Premiere Social Media  Phone (Arizona): 480 525 6275  Email:
August 25, 2020
A Mom-Boss interview with Mindset Coach & Expert, Brenda Jones
Brenda coaches overwhelmed mompreneurs to "stop the yo-yo" and end self-sabotage by releasing the mindset blocks that hold them back and activating their inner superpowers so they can maximize their impact and influence to manifest their kickass vision board lives using the BELIEF COaching™ Method + Certification Program. We talk about: What the Belief Company has to offer, the many obstacles within our journeys, two big ones are imposter syndrome and fear.   Brenda’s business journey, entrepreneurial roadblocks, how to turn mindset roadblocks into opportunities and stepping stones to guide you to your dream life.   The power of Perspective. The role of mindset in order to impact  others with our businesses. The BELIEF coaching method, especially with regards to moms empowering themselves to be able to integrate their business and family lives effectively to manifest your vision-board life. Finding that balance when we do the inner-work.   Mindset and the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship, frustrations and set-backs  Resources needed to acquire your dream life, the tools to unlock them, overcoming the mindset-block of investment in yourself.   Organizational and Time Management in business and how mindset work and tools help moms to gain control over their time better. Business clarity, focus, control and enough time. What is most important to you and what inspires Brenda.
August 05, 2020
A Mom-Boss interview with Business and Mindset Coach, Nicole Laino
Nicole is the owner of two businesses and attests that you can be a mom and run multiple businesses if it is done right.   She is the founder of Hilo, which is a business and contact management program for entrepreneurs and she is also a business and mindset coach at Nicole Laino Coaching.  She teaches female entrepreneurs how to build a business systematically while building the life of their dreams from the inside out.     Her businesses are set up in a clever, strategic way so that they complement and enhance each other, while also serving her clients.  Smartly, both businesses serve the same niche.  She is able to use her Hilo CRM (Central Reservation Management) system in her own coaching business, but her clients can also implement it into their own businesses to save them a lot of time and frustration. Her insights and view of business is enlightening and she believes that there is always a way to make the things that you believe in, and that matter to you, a reality!
July 29, 2020
A Mom-Boss interview with Occupational Therapist, Lisa Westhorpe
Today I share a Mom-Boss interview with mom and Occupational Therapist, Lisa Westhorpe. Lisa is an Occupational Therapist that supports women during their motherhood journey and helps them physically, but also emotionally to parent pain free.   We talk about: Her passion for supporting women during their motherhood journey and helping them physically, but also emotionally to parent pain free. The immense need for moms who need physical and mental support during motherhood, which can be especially beneficial to moms who want to work or who have a business to run.   Her motherhood journey and the impact of her business. Overwhelm with the physicality’s involved in motherhood but also the emotional aspects and how she makes it work in her own life. Business frustrations and how it is dealt with. Her advice to moms about investing in their own needs. Organizational and Time management. Her higher purpose and mission with her business. How to get started in your occupational therapy journey.
July 22, 2020
A Mom-Boss interview with Business Coach/Strategist Brittany May
Today I share a Mom-Boss interview with mom, business coach and digital strategist, Brittany May. Brittany is a business coach and digital strategist from Simply Happy Life and she helps women streamline and create smarter systems to scale their business without putting more hours in. We talk about: 01:35 – Helping female entrepreneurs streamline their businesses, ditch the overwhelm, and have more time. 03:05 – Time Management and Mom guilt. 03:55 – Business journey sprouts from own experiences. 04:45 – Business does not mean work all the time. Family first. 06:00 – Business Purpose and impact and the ripple effect. 07:05 – Mom-Boss life advantages, flexibility and the lifestyle you want, corporate work and career ladder. 09:40 – Business and family integration. 13:20 – Time management, organizational skills and business systems = Clarity, focus and control. 14:30 – Overwhelm, Overthinking, Prioritize. 16:04 – Overcoming business struggles. 17:08 – Business Investment, mindset. 21:03 – Business purpose and inspiration. 22:35 – Social platforms. 24:45 – SYSTEMS! 25:45 – Brittany’s contact information. 26:02 – FREE Training - Cut your time in HALF.  Cut your time in half FREE Training: Use code: BIZMOM (value $197)
July 14, 2020
A Mom-Boss interview with Copywriter Morgan van Eck
Today I share a Mom-Boss interview with mom and copywriter Morgan van Eck. Morgan is a mom and loves helping mom entrepreneurs discover their unique brand voice and messaging. She helps her clients discover how to stand out in their field and then develops copy that helps them shine We talk about: – Copy can be fun, creative and fresh. – Bringing out your unique voice in your brand through copy. – Branding, brand voice and messaging. Differentiate and align your brand messaging. – Taking control of your own journey, advantage of an own business, inner strength and building a dream. – Business/Mom-life integration. – Business Frustrations. – Business Investment, family help.– Organizational, Time Management and Business Structure.– What is important and inspirational in life as a mom-boss. – Finding business community, connection and support online. – Growing an efficient business as a mom: automation, repurposing, batch content, avoid burnout, networking, call to action.
July 09, 2020
A Mom-Boss interview with Language Coach Moriel Fishman
Mom-Bosses inspiring each other through our journeys! A Mom-Boss interview with mom, language expert and coach, Moriel Fishman.  Moriel is a language coach and she teaches people to acquire language from natural sources as opposed to textbook style learning.  We talk about: – Mindset, and strategies are important to enable learning. - Trying and testing new ideas until you find what works. - Going through something yourself is important to understand the challenges so that you can help others. - Clarifying your offer by talking to your Audience! - Content is more important than fancy business tools/hardware investments. - Advantage of being a mom business owner. - Slow progress is OK sometimes for us moms, we are moms first! - Clarity and the big picture. - Mom-Business life and stress. - Time Management. - HELP for moms and the effect on our kids. - Our purpose, Family and Impact.
July 07, 2020
A Mom-Boss interview with Nutritionist Holly Doll
Mom-Bosses inspiring each other through our journeys! A Mom-Boss interview with mom and certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Holly Doll.  Holly Doll is a certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant focusing on helping women regain control and balance over their hormones.  We talk about: – Her main offer, a four-week reboot. – The term “mom-preneur” and alternatives – What do moms love the most about having their own business, selling their programs location independent, work-demand and mom-guilt.  - The importance of business Clarity.  Starting a business with no plan B, quitting and job stress.  – Business frustrations. – Business-life integration. – Business investments. – Time management, organizational management and help or outsourcing. – General – What’s important and inspirational in her life.
June 24, 2020
What BizmomCoaching is about
Hi there!!  I am Alta Christie, CEO and founder of Bizmomcoaching!  I am a Mom and Entrepreneur and my biggest passion is my three young children.  Everything I stand for is for the good of my kids.  My background is building successful businesses from home and I help other moms who feel stuck or overwhelmed in their businesses to escape procrastination and burn-out by implementing effective structure into their businesses, so that their businesses can grow faster while they have more time.
June 23, 2020