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The Business of Animation Podcast

The Business of Animation Podcast

By Cabblow Studios
"The Business of Animation Podcast" presented by Cabblow Studios is a podcast dedicated to helping budding animation entrepreneurs create their own financially sustainable businesses and personally fulfilling & enjoyable creative careers. Kabelo "Cabblow" Maaka is your host and a budding entrepreneur herself. Listen as Cabblow shares business lessons on the journey of building her own animation empire through Cabblow Studios. For more follow the @cabblow and @cabblowstudios on Instagram.
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Ep. 5 - Can a short film make money!?
Today's episode I break down some of the ways that we've been able to make money through our short film "3 Teaspoons of Sugar". This doesn't have to be an illusive process. What I've discovered is that it's more about trying different methods of making money and treating your film like a product that you can milk to your heart's content. ALL THE LINKS: BUY SOME MERCH ON OUR STORE: WATCH OUR SHORT FILM "3 TEASPOONS OF SUGAR": VIMEO ON DEMAND:  KWELI TV: _______ Follow @cabblow and @cabblowstudios on Instagram Have a happy day wherever you are in the world! - Cabblow
February 9, 2021
Ep. 4 - This is not cute // The blessing of not having a template
In this episode I talk about all the times when pushing to have a career in animation and start a business in animation is not easy. Essentially it's working without a template. It's not cute, it's "unfun" and just plain hard! There is a plus side to being a trailblazer, though, and making your own way path. You get to discover the true worth of the work that you do. You get to learn just how capable you are and you learn how to charge the true value of the work you put out there!! HERE COMES THE SELF-PROMOS: BUY SOME MERCH ON OUR STORE: WATCH OUR SHORT FILM "3 TEASPOONS OF SUGAR": VIMEO ON DEMAND: KWELI TV: THINGS MENTIONED IN TODAY'S EPISODE: - It's really useful for benchmarking potential salaries! Follow @cabblow and @cabblowstudios on Instagram Have a happy day wherever you are in the world! - Cabblow
December 3, 2020
Ep. 3 - The Independent Animator's Starter Kit
In this episode I share some elements (or tools or principles) that I believe would give you a good starting point if you were looking to break out into the animation business independently. This list is by no means a "one-size-fits-all" situation - nor is it exhaustive. I came up with this list based on my experience and observations. Always relate what I'm saying to your specific context and apply what's most relevant.  In the second half of the podcast I dive into the eco-system of the animation industry because there is so much more to animation than the actual production process of a project. Happy listening! Things mentioned in today's episode: The trailer to the graduation film that made me question my decision to do Animation: (Sorry I could only find it on Facebook, lol) The interview I did with African Digital Art: If you haven't seen our short film "3 Teaspoons of Sugar" you can buy/rent it on Vimeo on Demand: Keep up to date with the studio by following @cabblowstudios on Instagram. Keep up to date with the host by following @cabblow on Instagram. Have a happy day! - Cabblow
September 30, 2020
Ep. 2 - What EVEN is a business?! Let's DEFINE this thing!
Ok, so in the previous episode I shared why I started a business, but what is business exactly? Isn't it just a means of money exchange for products and services. I think, "Yes", but I'm also learning that it's more than just selling products or services. It's about something called "value" and that's what I'm talking about in today's episode. ... In continuing from episode 1 I thought the most logical place to start is at the beginning with a definition of business. I find that as I'm building Cabblow Studios it's important for me to actually stop and think about business conceptually before jumping into the practical stuff. As I am learning and gaining new insight I thought it would be good to share the knowledge gained so far. Happy listening! ... Things mentioned in today's podcast Strategyzer Business Model Series: Video Creators YouTube Channel: Creative Pep Talk Podcast:
April 26, 2020
Ep. 1 - Why did I start an Animation Business?
Maybe you're toying with the idea of starting your own studio and you're looking for a valid reason - I'm willing to bet that you already know the answer and might be afraid that it's not valid enough. Well, in this episode I share the very simple and short reason why I started Cabblow Studios and the long story of how that came to be.  You don't need an extensively substantiated reason to start, all you need is a reason that is is compelling enough to you and that's what makes it valid all on it's own! (Preaching to myself) Things mentioned in this episode: In early 2019 the youth unemployment rate in South Africa was at 55,2%, scary! Here are some links to the research by Statistic South Africa: Link to the summarized infographic: Graphic explained:
February 20, 2020
Ep. 0 - The Business of Animation Podcast Prologue
A little prologue before the first episode of the podcast introducing Cabblow Studios - the company behind the podcast, the host Kabelo "Cabblow" Maaka and the overall purpose of the podcast. Things mentioned in today's episode: Cabblow Studios: @cabblowstudios Our first short film 3 Teaspoons of Sugar - Tour dates coming soon We have merchandise from our short film on sale on the Cabblow Studios online store - looks like I launched it on time for the podcast after all :)
February 20, 2020