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The BL Clinic

The BL Clinic

By Reefpicker
Two queer men, a doctor and a nun, discuss the latest news about BL and diagnose the ailments and virtues of currently and past airing series.
Toxic Masculinity in BL: Toxic semes, toxic ukes and toxic producers
Sister Unity and Dr. Jose are alarmed at the number of cases of Toxic Masculinity Syndrome (TMS). Most of the cases that we have seen at the clinic are the toxic Semes who want to subdue the Uke to their will. However, some TMS cases have good prognosis, like the Transformative Toxic Masculinity. Others, have terrible prognosis, like those in which the entire production is toxic. Join Sister Unity and Dr. Jose as they discuss the latest cases of Toxic Masculinity, from Cutie Pie to Secret Crush on You, while taking a look back at the first cases, such as Love Sick and Love by Chance!
May 08, 2022
I told Sunset About You / I Promised You The Moon
The most famous patients that have ever been admitted to the clinic come in for an in-depth battery of diagnostic tests. The clinic also diagnoses Teh with worst-boyfriend-ever-syndrome, Oh gets a shout out from Dr. Jose and Bas gets a shout out from Sister Unity. So join us at the clinic as we poke and prod the internal organs of this highly praised Nadao production and we tell you about our favorite moments, the unexplained plot holes, and the exquisite lyrical cinematography of this fan favorite.
March 30, 2022
Bad Buddy
Join Sister Unity and Dr. Jose, as they analyze the recently finished Bad Buddy. Sister Unity dissects the story structure, while Dr. Jose looks at the core organs of the last episode. Listeners should be advice of some minor use of foul language, as Sister Unity gets excited about this one.  The clinic Staff apologizes for the delay in releasing this episode. We hope to have our next episode up a bit sooner than the usual 2 weeks to make up for this one-week delay.
February 23, 2022
The Best (and worst) Series, Moments, and Actors of 2021
Over 100 BL series, shorts, and movies were released in 2021 (according to some sources). Together, Sister Unity and Dr. Jose watched many of the most popular ones, and some obscure ones. In this episode, they look back at the entire year and pick what stood out and what was best forgotten in the year 2021. Find out which series was the worst of 2021, which series were crowned as best, and which cast was the hottest cast of the year. Also, on this episode, Dr. Jose ponders an important question: who has the best legs in BL? Sister Unity comes up with a scientific study to answer this question once and for all.
January 24, 2022
Uke Reticence
In the first part of the podcast, Sister Unity and Dr. Jose discuss some of the listener's comments on the "Sex in BL" episode. Afterwards, Sister Unity and Dr. Jose do the rounds, discussing the problem of Uke Reticence to sex and how it is a common diagnosis in many Thai BLs we have admitted to the clinic. 
January 01, 2022
Sex in BL: Is it really necessary?
In this episode Sister Unity and Dr. Jose discuss the history of sex in BL, its prevalence in series as of late, and whether it is needed or not to tell the story of BL couples in love.
December 03, 2021
7 Project: The BoomPeak Episode
In this episode we discuss news about Jeff Satur and Gameplay coming back to KP. We also discuss the controversial OhmNanon kiss and we admit to the clinic Episode 6 of 7 Project, vs. Love, which is also the BoomPeak episode. Sister talks about living in New York, I mention a game of Corn Hole and we discuss at length Boom's legs and Peak's lips.
November 01, 2021
Latest news and Review of Episode 1 of 7 Project (SantaEarth)
On this episode we talk about some current news, including the MikeToptap controversy. We also discuss the first episode of the 7 Project anthology, Will You Be My Love?, staring Santa and Earth (Cooheart). PD I had a microphone issue. I promise I will never use this microphone again! So if my voice sounds a bit nasal, is not because I was sick but just that I was using a new microphone that clearly wasn't up to task.
October 12, 2021
Golden Blood
What ailments did Golden Blood showed from the very beginning? Why did Sister and Dr. Jose had so many issues with this series yet loved it at the same time? Join us on this episode of the BL clinic to find out!
October 12, 2021
Lovely Writer
Lovely Writer enters the BL Clinic for diagnosis. The chart shows strong vitals: acting and directing are very good, but there is a third element that we had not even thought off. Find out what element we missed from the vitals and why Lovely Writer almost flatlined towards the end. PD Sister Unity had a major issue with the computer. Instead of using the microphone he had on his headset, his computer was recording from its internal microphone. We thought about recording this episode all over again but decided to keep it as is because we thought the discussion was really good! Our apologies!
October 12, 2021