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Black Girls Chatter

Black Girls Chatter

By Shaela and Alicia McLeod
Black Girls Chatter is a weekly podcast about two sisters continuing the conversation around race and everyday life. Our conversations range from personal stories to Black history and education.
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BGC 11: Covid Carding
In this episode Shaela and Alicia dive into the history of carding in Canada, and how Doug Fords latest announcement on April 16th affects the BIPOC community.
April 19, 2021
BGC 10: Natural Hair Movement
Alicia and Shae share their stories transitioning to natural hair. They cover the different hair types and the history of the natural hair movement. 
April 12, 2021
BGC 9: Racist Sayings Part 1
Do you know the origins of what you're saying? Could some of the things your saying inflict unintentional harm on others around you? Listen to Shae and Alicia cover 5 racist sayings, their origins, and alternative things to say. 
April 06, 2021
BGC 8: Q&A
In this episode Alicia and Shaela answer some questions submitted by listeners. Questions include:  1. What is race? 2. When is it appropriate to use POC vs. BIPOC? 3. How were Black women excluded from feminism? 4. How was it like growing up mixed? 5. How was it like growing up in Peterborough? 6. When did you first realize you were different? 7. Can you explain colourism?
March 29, 2021
BGC 7: Mascots
In this weeks episode listen to Shaela and Alicia discuss BIPOC mascots and how they affect the community they are depicting. The sisters focus on Aunt Jemima and The Lakefield Chiefs
March 22, 2021
BCG 6: I Said Good Day
In this Black excellence episode Alicia and Shaela talk about Mum Bett / Elizabeth Freeman and W.E.B Dubois
March 15, 2021
BGC 5: Environmental Racism
Alicia and Shae dive into the concerning topic about Canada’s involvement with environmental racism and how that damages BIPOC communities immensely
March 01, 2021
BGC 4: As They Should
In this Black Excellence Episode Shae and Alicia cover Viola Davis Desmond and Afrofuturism. 
February 22, 2021
BGC 3: Black Stereotypes *Trigger Warning
TRIGGER WARNING* This episode covers some sensitive topics including physical sexual assault / rape/ murder Alicia and Shaela dive into the foundational alignment of the stereotypical representation of Blackness and how this representation has affected the day-to-day life of Black individuals globally, in a historic and modern day sense.
February 15, 2021
BGC 2: Did You Know?
In this episode Shae and Alicia focus on great Black accomplishments, ranging rom Elijah McCoy and his contributions to the railway system and the origins of astronomy. 
February 09, 2021
BGC 1: We're Back
Alicia and Shaela are back for their return to the podcasting world. Their breakout episode covers the difficult topic of internalized racism, and the power of using a stereotype to your advantage. Listen to Alicia and Shaela unpack the influences from their childhood that created internalized racism within themselves. The sisters describe internalized racism, how it affects their community and the how powerful influences such as NWA and Meg the Stallion have gained power from negative stereotypes.
February 01, 2021
2. BGC: Canada Day??? Ft. Mkons.
The celebration of Canada day has been a controversial topic that arises each year. Black girls chatter and special guest Mkons discuss the roots of Canada Day and why more people should stop and think about its meaning before celebrating.
July 01, 2020
1. BGC: Micro-agressions and Misogynoir
Listen to 4 black girls chatter about micro-agressions and misogynoir, Shae, Donnamae, Alicia, and Nichol dig deep into their daily lives as black women and the struggles that have come with their intersecting race and gender, while providing context from the past.
June 21, 2020