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Celebrating the complexity and the diversity of the Black experience
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We OUT! Its our final episode of Season 1....tune in!
Hear our reflections on Season 1 including what we've learned about ourselves, our sisterhood, and podcasting! We've also got very special commentary from some of our past guests and faithful listeners. You will even hear about how Robin used to be in a rap group and why she keeps salami and cheese in her purse. 👀We are also sharing some of our things to look forward to in Season 2! Elkin is looking forward to Monthly Virtual Happy Hour most. 🍸Cheers to a successful Season 1!
November 13, 2020
Post Election Chat
There are only 2 episodes left in our inaugural podcast season. Be sure to stay tuned for our ideas, thoughts and feelings on this unprecedented election. We will talk about OUR state...Florida, the need for better civic education and Robin will be sharing some funny and downright scary stories from her day of working the polls. And we 'gon cut up a lil bit too....cause we all need a good laugh...RIGHT NOW!
November 4, 2020
Podcast Mashup with Beautiful Humans Change
In this episode we get the chance to have a casual conversation with our friends Arin and Denisha of Beautiful Human Change Podcast. 
October 28, 2020
Black Folk Stuff- Ice Cube...Diddy...Politics...and more! - with Louis Lubin
So....this episode started with us talking about Ice Cube and transitioned to us ending with talking about the role of Black men AS IT RELATES TO Black women in this fight for equity. Join in for a conversation with our friend and brother, Louis Lubin. Fellas, pay attention to his "3 A's"....and sharing a personal account of the best gift anyone could ever give or receive ... WISDOM.
October 18, 2020
Antiracism and Universal Design For Learning with Andratesha Fritzgerald
How do we create an education system where EVERY child is given the opportunity to learn and operate in their genius? Well, @andratesham new book “Anti-racism and Universal Design for Learning” is our roadmap. Our conversation is thought provoking and full of wisdom that pushes us all to help “build expressways to success”. While though her work is primarily focused on education, the principles she shares can be used across all systems. Make sure you purchase her book. Give it to educators, organizational leaders, human resource professionals and parents. This is a must read for all anti racism practitioners. #UDL #AntiRacism #Inclusion #PowerSharing #BLM #POC
October 7, 2020
Justice and Redemption
Elkin and Robin are sharing their take on the death of Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the President's appointment of Amy Coney Barrett, the Breaonna Taylor and overall JUSTICE and REDEMPTION. Our special guest this week is Alana Stephens of DoingSorry.Com who shares her brother Patrick's story seeking clemency after reforming his life. The time is NOW to evaluate our criminal justice system and ask ourselves is it truly rehabilitative in nature or punishing while perpetuating more crime?
September 30, 2020
To Be Young Gifted and Black
Emmys are special. The award show gives us an opportunity celebrate the actors/actresses that help tell our stories. Stories that remind us what is and what can be... This week we discuss our favorite winners, shows, and speak with M. Denise Simmons of MDSimmons Productions. She is a creative, film director, wife and mom. This casual conversation gives insight into her journey into film and how her childhood experiences shaped her journey. Take a listen and be sure to share with a friend! 
September 23, 2020
Jetsetting Jasmine and King Noire On Sex, Parenting and Entrepreneurship
During the last couple of weeks, we’ve engaged in a multiple conversations about sex, but the one with Jetsetting Jasmine and King Noire is our favorite. We talked about cultivating 8 streams of income, parenting, love, pleasure and of course work centered on Black people. It was such a freeing conversation. So, make sure you listen to last week’s episode and get ready for some 🔥 with episode 14! Oh, and please follow @jetsettingjasmine and @therealkingnoire. Here at the #BITDpod we are fans! #sexualhealth #sexworkers #sexpositive #nofakeorgasms #entrepreneurship #education #blackpodcasts #intimacy #sexpositivity
September 16, 2020
September is Sexual Health Month
We are talking about our FIRST experiences with sex, sexual health, health disparities, and sexual pleasure. We are also announcing our VERY SPECIAL GUESTS for this month. Tune in and share with a friend! 
September 9, 2020
Pursuing Your Purpose
Add some words here please. 
September 2, 2020
Mental Health in the Black Community
"Mental Health is not the absence of Mental Illness. It is the PRESENCE of positive characteristics that we often neglect." - Dr. Lauren Josephs. This week, Elkin and Robin will be discussing Mental Health in the Black Community, particularly their own journeys, accessibility, and affordability. Tune in to hear all about it and be sure to like and share.
August 26, 2020
Listen to Black Women: On the Primary Elections and Building Power
The political primary elections have passed and THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. Black Women are showing up and showing OUT at the polls and in many areas of politics. Join us for a discussion of how Black Women have been the leaders for social change for decades if not a century. Be ready for a discussion that highlights some pioneers you may NOT be aware of and to learn tips for how to be inclusive of all Black women.
August 19, 2020
5 Reasons Why I Do NOT Have To Support YOUR Black Business
We know it's Black Business Month, but there's some stuff we gotta talk about, family. Come on in here and take a listen. It's a fun and...well different kind of mini weekly episode. 
August 13, 2020
Get Out Of Your Own Way! - How to be Successful In Business
Join us as we discuss entreneurship vs. intrapreneurship and things we have learned along the way! Robin shares her experiences as a business woman of 20 years and Elkin discusses newly embarking into the consultant field. We are also joined by Dr. Lauren Josephs, entrepreneur and research scientist who also is a SUCCESS AND MINDSET COACH for women. She gives specific pointers to women in business so we can learn how to GET OUT OF OUR OWN WAY! She is droppin' gems y'all!
August 7, 2020
When LOSS leaves you feeling LOST.
We are BACK with our weekly mini episode. With so much LOSS and many of us experiencing LACK...loss of jobs, lack of food, loss of homes, lack of healthcare, loss of loved ones....we want to share with our listeners how we have navigated this in the last few weeks.
July 29, 2020
Vote Like Your Life Depends On It....Because It Does!
As we celebrate the life and legacy of Rev. C.T. Vivian and Congressman John Lewis we are reminded that the work that often changes communities and pushes the boundaries of our current society, will not always initially make us immediate heroes, but will eventually leave our mark as cultural icons. This work is necessary so that freedom is not just an idea but a reality for all. It is our consistency in fighting the good fight, doing the hard but good work and getting into "good trouble" that sets the talkers apart from the doers. Our special guest this episode is Monique Worrell, candidate for State Attorney for the 9th circuit. Listen as she informs us of the importance of this role in our criminal justice systems and shares her specific ideas for how we can reform our system to better serve us ALL.
July 18, 2020
What's your FAVORITE childhood TV show?
Storytelling is important, and representation MATTERS! Black culture IS STEEPED in oral tradition and now moreso than EVER it is important that WE TELL OUR STORIES via Black media. Join us for a little trip down memory lane as we share some of our favorite childhood television shows, HOW they have impacted and shaped our lives and even some of our current favorites as adults. Elkin also shares how and where you can find her first documentary, "Faded Conversations" which focuses on Black males and mental health.
July 15, 2020
Are You Taking Care of YOU???? - Mini Episode
As we CONTINUE to live in and THROUGH challenging times we want to know how YOU are taking care of your mental AND physical health. COVID 19, political and social unrest, financial and food insecurity...we are dealing with A LOT. Make sure you take care of you, FIRST. Join us for a convo about what we have learned and what we are DOING to preserve OUR WHOLE SELVES.
July 7, 2020
Halfway Thru 2020! - Bonus Epsiode
2020 has thrown us a HUGE CURVE BALL...and we are halfway through the year...bit TODAY has been a GOOD DAY! So, even with ALLLLLtaht we have been our best Kendrick Lamar voice, we are shouting from the rooftops....WE GON' BE ALRIGHT! 🖤✊🏾
July 1, 2020
Bandwagon Activists: Is there such a thing?
Take a listen to our candid conversation about the surge in activism in the last few months. Why are so many now becoming a part of the movement? We will talk about letting go of ego and what active roles one can take to be a part of social change. Our special guest, Mr. Russell Drake local Community Advocate, Leader and Strategist will share some insight on his journey in activism as well. Like, comment and share with a friend!
June 30, 2020
Get to Know Us
Just a quick preview to learn how this thing got started and a little about your hosts.
June 20, 2020