Courtship Code

Courtship Code

By Black Muslim Singles Society
Black Muslim Singles Society brings to you it's podcast on topics related to single life, courtship, and matchmaking from the Muslim perspective. Hosted by Zara J.

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Wear your age with honor Ep7
Episode 7 is all about wearing your age with honor! We're giving you 5 tips on how to wear your age with honor and confidence during courtship and single life. follow on Instagram @blackmuslimsinglessociety
October 1, 2018
What do they want? Ep6
What qualities are the opposite sex seeking? Listen to this episode to learn the top 3 qualities both sexes are looking in a long term partner. Follow on Instagram @blackmuslimsinglessociety
October 1, 2018
Creating Your Courtship Code Ep5
Do you have a courtship code? Today we'll be discussing how to develop your personal code and the 4 phases of courtship. Follow us on Instagram @blackmuslimsinglessociety @blackmuslimsinglessocials @_zaraj_ Enroll in matchmaking
September 17, 2018
Courtship vs Dating Ep4
Episode 4! We're discussing the difference between courtship vs dating, especially for Muslims singles with marriage, and how to shift from a dating mindset to a courtship one. We also shared how to shift your actions for better results. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel Favorite and Listen on the Anchor App **** Let us know you're single>> Men click here>> Women click here>> Instagram @blackmuslimsinglessociety @blackmuslimsinglessocials @_zaraj_ Facebook Black Muslim Singles Society
September 10, 2018
Does Past Equal Future? Ep3
Special guest and one half of That Clay Couple marriage counseling duo, Hasan Clay, joins us to discuss the impact of a person's past relationship behaviors on your potential courtship or marriage. Instagram: @blackmuslimsinglessociety @blackmuslimsinglessocials @_ZaraJ_ Follow that Clay Couple on IG @thatclaycouple
September 4, 2018
Haters Won't Get Your Process Ep2
Favorite this podcast for New episode notifications! This week of Courtship Code we're discussing exactly why your haters won't get your process and just how real the Glow up will be. Follow us on Instagram: @blackmuslimsinglessociety @blackmuslimsinglessocials @_zaraj_
August 27, 2018
The Scarcity Mindset Ep1
Let's discuss the scarcity mindset and how it's showing up in your life and effecting how you navigate the opposite sex.
August 22, 2018
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