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The Black Tie Digital Podcast: Crypto, Blockchain, and Business

The Black Tie Digital Podcast: Crypto, Blockchain, and Business

By Todd Pierce
This podcast is about real world applications of blockchain technology and staying ahead of the disruption curve.

We discuss matters related to industries we currently operate in as a business - real estate, commercial trade, renewable energy and finance - and broader crypto / business / economic topics.

If you're involved in the blockchain / crypto space and would like to be a guest please reach out to: for a chat.
B.T.O.P Special: So what is CASSPR? (Crypto Asset Secondary Service Providers)
In this episode, we have Dan Wignall from MK Lawyers discussing what the government CASSPR paper means for the industry, timelines for changes and a broader perspective on where we are now and where we are likely to end up in this cryptocurrency market. 
July 14, 2022
B.T.O.P Episode #8: Institutional interest?
In this short podcast we discuss a few core topics: regulation and institutional interest.
July 05, 2022
B.T.O.P Special: Conversations With A Crypto Enthusiast Solicitor 🤯
This episode is an introduction to a series of podcasts we will be running together discussing the legal aspects of blockchain and crypto so you can be expertly educated. Dans background: 2007 – 2009 owned an IT company that provided network maintenance and upgrade services to the legal industry. 2011 - starting looking into crypto, ultimately ended up mining BTC with GPU and USB asics followed by Blade Miners – did this for several years. 2017 - starting mining BCH and BTC with a small butterfly miner then upgraded to a small farm of 8x Canaan Asic miners, resulting in me having to convert my home to 15amp wiring – very noisy time! 2019 - providing advice to clients on cryptocurrency tracing and recovery options, various IP advice provided to developers of MTL project. Spoke at Pitcher Partners National Conference on cryptocurrency tracing. 2020 – advising insolvency practitioners on cryptocurrency tracing claims (liquidations and bankruptcies), spoke at Pitcher Partners National Conference about the cryptocurrency recovery claims and use of ledger technology, various talks to law firms and insolvency practitioners on use of ledger technology, what is cryptocurrency and how mining works. 2021 - advising on NFT project to be released in next 3 months (licensing agreements, consultancies agreements, corporate structures, IP), advising clients on recovering cryptocurrency from trading platforms. 2022 - various cryptocurrency tracing claims, running a public examination against bankrupt with regards to their cryptocurrency trading activities, talks on metaverse and NFTs, Court applications for search and seizure of cold wallets/ seed phrases. Enjoy!
June 14, 2022
B.T.O.P Ep #6: Is this the end of crypto?
In this episode we analyze the sentiment in the market, discuss observations around retail investors/institutional and do a walkthrough of progress with the B4Real platform!
June 06, 2022
B.T.O.P Ep #5: The song & dance of CBA, how Bitcoin is different from crypto, how crypto is different from blockchain, and how blockchain tech can operate outside of 'currency'...
In this episode we discuss the market, the difference between Bitcoin, crypto and blockchain, and tokenisation of real world assets such as solar and real estate. 
May 23, 2022
B.T.O.P Ep #4: Updates on crypto conferences and discussions about the bloodbath in the crypto market
In this episode discuss our recent appearance at a crypto conference, the responses we received from the community and then our thoughts on the current bloodbath in the crypto market.  Aussie Crypto Conference: Crypto Roadshow: TBMG Expo:
May 17, 2022
B.T.O.P Ep #3: Twitter, Goldman Sachs, and Breaking Down Barriers To Real Estate Investment
In this episode, we discuss general updates, market news and a deep dive into some of the amazing transformations coming to the real estate industry and why these transformations are a big win for everyone.
May 09, 2022
Black Tie Official Podcast Episode #2: ETF Launch Turbulence, Real Estate Disruption & Neo Lending
In this episode, we discuss general updates, market news and a more detailed run-through of our B4RE Token. 
April 30, 2022
Our First Episode: News, Updates and Smiles
In this episode we discuss the new BTC ETC, ANZ stable coin and cover updates of the BT projects.
April 26, 2022
Real Estate Disruption: 7 Big Trends To Prepare For In 2022 & Beyond
In this industry report, we will unpack the current state of the market, the size of the opportunity, the 7 big trends that are coming soon and how you can navigate them for maximum returns. The overarching problem that is pushing people into crypto investment, with a (not) surprising end game relevant for real estate professionals... The largely unnoticed trend among millennials which presents a tremendous opportunity for astute professionals... How one big market disruption will transform the lending landscape with the big winners being buyers looking to secure funds and sellers looking for finance ready buyers... Exactly how blockchain will democratise real estate ownership, exposing real estate professionals to the demographic of neo-buyers... Plus more...
April 15, 2022