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Black and Bipolar

Black and Bipolar

By Toni Wooden
This podcast is about my experience as a black woman that has navigated around my life with Bipolar type 2 with psychosis(I hear two voices daily). I want to break down myths and stigmas around people with Bipolar disorders. My experience is not the only experience when it comes to black women and having a mental disorder. However, I want to give a platform to people like me to talk about our experiences and share with the world who we are and how we navigate everyone and everything.
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Black and Bipolar: Why is resting so hard?
Hello everyone thank you for joining the second season of Black and Bipolar Podcast. To start the season off this is not a new year new you episode. I am very vulnerable in this episode. TW I do talk about the ideation of self-harm. I do not know how everyone else feels but sometimes I feel like I have a hard time trying to rest. This is not to say it is impossible but sometimes it is hard to rest. You have pressures at work or at home and you think you are doing the right thing but you can never really be sure. So join me as I talk about how I struggled with understanding how to rest for myself.  As always if you would like to donate you can do so through these below: Venmo: Toni-Wooden Paypal: antoinettewooden Cashapp: $Antoinettewooden  
January 21, 2022
Black and Bipolar: Pathways to Healing Part One with Nieisha Deed
Warning this episode does have *SW* discussions We all manage our Mental illnesses differently and that is ok. In this episode, we get to know Nieisha Deeds and her Journey. In this part one of the episode we really dive in what it is like to become diagnosed in this world as a Black womxn. We talk about harmful ways we express ourselves differently. Nieisha is the founder of Purespark which you can find on Instagram @yourpurespark  Twitter @Deednieisha she holds weekly wellness peer support groups that anyone can join through Eventbrite and on her website at Listen to us as we go over the first step of Nieisha journey then follow us on part two to really dive into more healing ways.  You can also check out our website at Follow on Instagram @blackandbipolarpodcast    Twitter @blackandBipolarpod 
May 20, 2021
Black and Bipolar: Setting Boundaries
Hey guys,  I really want this episode to give off how I was feeling. The importance of setting boundaries. I am not feeling the best that it may seem like a one-take but I did this episode several times haha. Just because I am mentally ill does not mean I cannot set boundaries or cross boundaries. Unlearning that we do not need to respect boundaries because they are family, friends, co-workers is an old habit and should be stopped.  PLease do not forget to like, subscribe and share.  We also now have a website at  Make sure to follow me @blackandbipolarpodcast on Instagram 
April 24, 2021
Black and Bipolar : Explaining being Black to White people
As a black person, I am so annoyed every time I have to explain that I am black to a non-black person. If I say I have had a racist experience or that I have to prove that I went through it. That I a black woman with mental illness has to prove that I have it. It grows tiring. I am tired of always explaining to non-black people that I am black and I go through this experience.  If this episode resonates with you please share this episode on your social media and tag us @blackandbipolarpodcast on Instagram so we can shout you out! We love everything you guys have shared so far so thank you so much! 
March 10, 2021
Black and Bipolar Working in White Spaces Special guest Saskia Dure
This episode focuses on how we as Black femmes/women are treated as we cannot express any type of emotion just to be strong and happy. We don't lean into our emotions when we are sad we are sad. When we are mad we can be mad. Here I want Saskia to explain what that looks like. She also gets a chance to talk about what she does to help black femmes gain this understanding.  Trigger Warning **Suicide is discussed** Instragram:  @Theangryblacklifecoach Twitter: @ANGRYblkLIFEco
January 16, 2021
Black and Bipolar Surviving the Holidays
Join myself and Melissa in talking about the exhausting trails we all have to face when going through the holidays. We talk about how it was for us growing up and how 2020 has given us some new insight. We have come so far in our journey with the holidays. We talk about our triggers and what has kept us going. Our unhealthy traits we give off to our family.  As always Black and Bipolar Podcast accepts donations for new equipment to keep going also for ongoing therapy Toni gets.  Donations:  Venmo: Toni-Wooden Paypal: Antoinettewooden
January 12, 2021
Black and Bipolar Comparing worlds with Special Guest Sagardeep Singh
In this episode, I get the privilege of talking to a Mental Health advocate that manages Bipolar type 1, PTSD, GAD and BPD. We also get to explore how the world views mental health through the complexities of gender identity in a masculine toxic world that we all know about or refuse to acknowledge. Join Sagardeep and me as we compare our worlds while dealing with Mental health disorders.  You can follow Sagardeep Singh on his Instagram page @from.a.bipolar.mind Follow @blackandbipolarpodcast for more updates on our episodes Resources: 
November 21, 2020
Black and Bipolar Quitting my Job
This episode was a tough on! Did you know quitting your job while having a mental disorder can cause panic attacks??? I did and I still did it. Was it selfish? Maybe. Do I regret it? Come and find out how I am dealing with leaving my job and my Bipolar type 2 with psychosis. Make sure to follow me for all my updates on Instagram @blackandbipolarpodcast Resources: This podcast is 100% donation-based if you have please share!  Venmo: Toni-Wooden PayPal: Antoinettewooden
November 07, 2020
Black and Bipolar in a Relationship
This episode me and partner open up about our personal relationship and how the up and downs you can still navigate a relationship with a mental illness.  It is not easy being open about being mentally ill but if you do find a partner or friend that can make it safe for you it makes it easier for you to do so. My partner Melissa Nieves Rivera opens up about our tests and trials.  Follow us on instagram: @Blackandbipolarpodcast  @nievesrivera_m Resources:
October 02, 2020
Black and Bipolar with Friends - Special Guest Briana Jay
When I first started hearing these voices was in middle school I started to notice these episodes I was having with my mental health was taking a big toll on my body. I reached out to my same age friend about 15 years old to talk to her about the voices to let her know what I was going through. I did not expect a lot to come from it I just wanted to feel heard like I wasn't disappearing. Have you ever felt unheard? Do you have someone special you can share all your fears with?
September 09, 2020
Black and Bipolar taking Medication
Have you ever felt unsure of taking medication? Or have you doubted that you even needed help in the first place? I am talking about my first experience with taking medication and how it felt when I thought the people close to me could help me. My doctor took my voice my business partner told me to power through it. Have you ever felt so alone that it feels like you are drowning? You are not alone. There are communities that you can talk to.
August 27, 2020
Black and Bipolar in Quarantine
This episode talks about how I navigate through my world while in Quarantine. What were my initial thoughts how did I deal with a psychotic break. It was interesting making this episode because I have come so far with all the work I have done as a Black woman with Bipolar. I am taking steps everyday to overcome the obstacles.  Sharing is caring! So Like, Subscribe and Share.  Resources:
August 14, 2020
Introduction to Black and Bipolar
I wanted to explain who I am, why I am doing this and what this podcast is going to be about. I am so excited to share my experience with you all that I felt it was time. I have been through an interesting journey and it still going but now I am ready to share it.  I want to let people who may be going through what I went through that they are not alone. I have included links share them and use them for information:
August 05, 2020