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Black & White & Read All Over

Black & White & Read All Over

By Black & White & Read All Over
Black&White&Read All Over is a podcast on Race, Gender, and Identity.
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S1:E3 - PRIDE, Carmen Maria Machado, and Carrie Brownstein Friendship Secured
RAO team secures friendship with Carrie Brownstein earlier than anticipated. Bailey gives us an update on LGBTQIA legislation while Donald reads IN THE DREAM HOUSE by Carmen Maria Machado. Patreon: Past Ten Project: This Podcase Will Save Your Life: Bailey's No Contact essay:
July 08, 2020
S1:E2 - Run the Jewels, White Fragility in the Publishing Industry, and Pierre Bourdieu.
RAO team discovers a new lead for securing Carrie Brownstein friendship. Donald meditates on the new album by Run the Jewels and racial structures in the publishing industry while Bailey continues the conversation on WHITE FRAGILITY. Support our projects and research here: Support the Austin family and help Carolyn kick Leukemia's ass! Sophfronia Scott's essay in Ruminate:
June 22, 2020
S1:E1 - White Fragility, George Floyd, and Color Blindness
RAO team asks Carrie Brownstein to be their pal. Also: Donald discusses George Floyd, police militarization, and how he approaches teaching during periods of heightened racial tension. Bailey goes over key terms found in White Fragility.  Support us on Patreon: Donald’s Sources Bailey’s sources DiAngelo, Robin J. White Fragility: Why It's so Hard for White People to Talk about Racism. Allen Lane, an Imprint of Penguin Books, 2019.
June 16, 2020
S1:E0 - Introduction
Donald Quist and Bailey Gaylin Moore give some riveting introductions. Also, a Patreon page for Read All Over and Donald’s and Bailey’s literary project, Past Ten! Support us here:
June 08, 2020