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Weed Like to Talk

Weed Like to Talk

By Blackbird
Your pals Hal + Jamal are bringing you a big gay look into the world of weed. Hear stories about the history of cannabis and cannabis culture, things happening in the industry, and new brands, products, dispensaries - whatever Weed Like to Talk about!
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To The Source+ Reno

Weed Like to Talk

Social Weedia
In this final episode of Weed Like to Talk Season 1, your pals Jamal and Hal wrap up the season with an episode all about weed in the media. Most specifically, social media. As the legal cannabis market remains restricted, cannabis companies continue to struggle to use traditional and modern media without hurdles. Blackbird has a long history with unexpected profile deletions and suspensions, and we use this episode to talk about that experience. You can tune in to hear what to expect for Season 2 and an in-depth breakdown of Jamal and Hal's fandom for Lady Gaga. Which album do they think is THE ALBUM of Lady Gaga's career? Listen to find out. Thanks for supporting Weed Like to Talk in our first season, we will be back with more soon! Cannabis to you at
April 29, 2021
About the History of 420
You've heard 420, you probably say it all the time if you're a big weed fan, but do you know where that term came from? There are a lot of stories out there and your pals Hal and Jamal bust through the myths to tell you the real story. Hal educates Jamal on Dead Head culture and Jamal once again breaks into song. Tune in to hear what Blackbird is doing to celebrate 420 and how you can enter at a chance to win some cool prizes.  Shop brands and retailers near you on Follow us on Instagram at @shopblackbirdgo
April 07, 2021
About This Week in Weed
Cannabis has been in the spotlight for many reasons this past week and your pals Hal + Jamal wanted to break down all the news. Biden fires White House workers for past cannabis use, Justin Bieber sings about getting weed in California, Seth Rogen sells out of all his expensive table lighters and Ellen Degeneres likes to drink Cann. We discuss the 3-part docuseries by Vanity Fair and PAX Labs and you can watch that here. Listen to the end to hear the crazy story about Cinnamon Toast Shrimp and some scary food encounters from the past. Shop brands and retailers near you on Follow us on Instagram at @shopblackbirdgo
March 24, 2021
To The Source+ Reno
Hey Reno! There's a new dispensary in town and they are here to make waves. On this episode we chat with Randi, the General Manager at The Source+ Reno and get the inside scoop on what this dispensary is all about. Are you in the Northern Nevada area? Order from The Source+ Reno on today and get 20% off your order with the code "RENO20".  Order now here - Follow Blackbird on Instagram -
March 10, 2021
Weed Like to Listen
In this special potcast episode for Black History Month we wanted to highlight the voices of Black cannabis professionals across the industry. In part one of this episode we spoke to Seun Adedeji, the CEO of Elev8 Cannabis. As a 27-year-old Nigerian immigrant with only a high school diploma who has made his way to the top of the industry. Part two of this episode features messages from cannabis professionals who called in and shared stories of joy and success with us. We hope you will give this episode a listen and support the incredible people who shared their stories with us.
February 26, 2021
to Evelyn LaChapelle
Today's potcast is all about cannabis and the injustices of the War on Drugs. We speak to Evelyn LaChapelle about her work with Last Prisoner Project and her personal experience with incarceration. In 2013 Evelyn was convicted on 3 charges related to her minor role in a cannabis distribution operation and was sentenced to 87 months in prison. Now released, she has dedicated herself to righting the wrongs of the War on Drugs.   Check out our Be Good People merch line that directly supports Last Prisoner Project here  Find cannabis near you at Follow Blackbird on Instagram 
February 17, 2021
To The Happiest Hour
In this episode of Weed Like to Talk, we catch up with the founders of The Happiest Hour, cannabis-infused mixers that remind you to clink, drink, and be happy!
February 03, 2021
About the Science of the Plant with Bea Martinez
On this week's episode of Weed Like to Talk, Jamal and Hal talk with chemist and head of Extraction from Las Vegas-based THC Productions Bea Martinez. Learn about some of the science behind making the cannabis products you love like edibles, topicals, and concentrates. Find cannabis near you at Follow us on Instagram at
January 20, 2021
About What We Learned in 2020
Everyone who lived it knows that 2020 was a DOOZY! Now that we've made it through, Hal + Jamal get reflective and share the lessons and silver linings that came out of this past year. What did we do to get through it (besides smoking a lot of weed)? What were our biggest lessons and takeaways? What do we recommend we take into the new year with us? Listen in to find out. 
January 06, 2021
About Dabs and Christmas with Eka Bajwa
We have Blackbird's very own dabber extraordinaire Eka Bajwa ( aka Reno's No.1 Dab Daddy, the Dabberito, or BongRipBajwa) on today's pod to tell us all about dabs, concentrates and how to keep chasin' that high. In true holiday spirit, Hal, Jamal and Eka waste no time getting into memories from Christmas' past, projecting into Christmas festivities in the future and going all in on reviewing Hulu's new queer holiday movie, The Happiest Season.  Order cannabis now for pick-up or delivery at Learn about Blackbird's business offerings at Blackbird's Instagram account was deleted... AGAIN. We would appreciate your support as we rebuild our account - follow us at @myblackbirdgo Follow Haleigh - @hayreehoff Follow Jamal - @truegayicon
December 23, 2020
About Staying Chill & Staying Connected with Geraldine Mae Cueva
Hal + Jamal speak with chillanthropist Geraldine Mae Cueva about her journey into the cannabis community and the different ways she's found meaningful connection within this industry. This episode gets deep into social equity in the cannabis space and how we as professionals in the industry have a big role to play in the pursuit of justice for all those who've been affected by the war on drugs. Order cannabis now for pick-up or delivery at Learn about Blackbird's business offerings at Blackbird's Instagram account was deleted... AGAIN. We would appreciate your support as we rebuild our account - follow us at @myblackbirdgo Follow Geraldine - @ohhmygeeg Follow Haleigh - @hayreehoff Follow Jamal - @truegayicon  
December 09, 2020
About Danksgiving
On this episode we have fellow Blackbird team member Will Tupou join us for a fun conversation all about the Thanksgiving holiday. We find out that Will has A LOT in common with Hal + Jamal and give you some product recommendations that will go perfectly with your holiday feast whether you are spending it with family or in highsolation alone.
November 25, 2020
About Our Favorite Weed Memories
You asked questions, we got high and answered them. We talk about weed suppositories, expose some high school secrets, and talk about our dream jobs being fulfilled at Melissa Etheridge's cannabis farm. Make sure you follow us on Instagram @blackbirdgo_ to ask us your questions for the next round of Q & A. 
November 11, 2020
About the Very Queer History Behind Cannabis Legislation
Your pals Hal and Jamal discuss the stories of Harvey Milk and Dennis Peron and how their activism led to the legalization of cannabis in the United States. Interested in learning more on this topic? Read more about it on Discover. 
October 28, 2020
About Your New Pals Hal + Jamal
In this first episode of Weed Like To Talk you will learn a little bit about your podcast hosts Haleigh Hoff and JamalEdeen Barghouti and what we do for work at Blackbird. Hal + Jamal will share how they have (almost) known each other for a very long time, how they both love working in cannabis, Reno, NV and Natalie Imbruglia's 'Torn'.
October 12, 2020