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The Black Black Podcast

The Black Black Podcast

By HB Ridley
Comedienne @HBFromKC discusses her views from a comedic Black perspective. From pop culture, to lifestyle, to just flat out Black-a$$ opinions, each episodes goal is to be and showcase one thing: BLACK. in other words, the $%&! gonna be BLACK Black.
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let's address the Black Elephant in the room
i never really went into detail about the absence of one of the Black Black podcast hosts. well, today i will. this is the only and FINAL time you will hear about me speak regarding the split. if you have questions, they probably won't be answered. pray about it.    love yall,  HB xoxo
May 26, 2021
The Canceling of BLACK Budden.
"What else do you want your listeners to know?", asks Anchor.  well, that Joe Budden is an abusive nasty ass nigga who doesn't deserve anymore clout or opportunities. hit play to find out why. -HB
May 17, 2021
Black #IStandWithTheMothers, Black voting rights
Mothers of slain brown and Black boys are uniting to fight against the "leadership" that claims to represent Black people in America. these women deserve to be heard. Black voting rights in GA are horrible right now, why are they attacking Black folks rights?! *RHETHORICAL*
April 07, 2021
Black Action Packin Jaxn.
yeah i changed the name from what i said in the episode, so what? he a nasty ass N!GGA, yall! hope yall enjoy this RARE messy episode cause sometimes, we all just need to realize somewhere in the world, someone has it worse. YIKES. link to UNWINEWITTASHAK youtube channel, referenced throughout this episode: 
March 30, 2021
Black stomp out, Black Twitter steaks
Oh snap we switchin’ shit up! We have one host on hiatus, and one host going forward! Tune in as they discuss Kirk Franklin and the great Black Steak Debate.
March 16, 2021
Black church. Black hurt. ep 1
On the pilot episode of the Black Black podcast, hosts @HBFromKC and @KxngBajan reminisce about the Black church and church hurt. As they discuss they discover not only that the church should do more, but so should the christians who fill the pews. Catch @HBFromKC and @KxngBajan discuss their views from two different Black perspectives. With one host being Black American and the other being Bajan (Barbados), each episode will show that even though our Black experiences may be different, they are still one and the same across the diaspora. From pop culture, to lifestyle, to just flat out Black-a$$ opinions, each episodes goal is to be and showcase one thing: BLACK.
October 06, 2020