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Black Cloud Society

Black Cloud Society

By Rich Mosher
Black Cloud Society was born out of a necessity to fill a gap in ems podcasts. A gap that typically avoids the discussion of EMS culture and its need to change. While EMS Podcasts that cover clinical and educational topics are much needed, Black Cloud Society is a place where listeners can take a different point of view. A place where listeners can come and reflect on themselves, their peers, and their agencies; and hopefully be inspired to evolve. Not just evolve in their own mindset or practice, but to evolve the very Black Cloud that shades the culture of EMS.
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Fake it til you make it
Join us in this installment as we take a look at a syndrome that impacts an alarming number of people. We've all heard the statement and many of us have even muttered the very same phrase "fake it til you make it". Well in this installment we take a deep dive into impostor syndrome. What it is, where it comes from, and hopefully how we can not just overcome it, but even use it to our advantage. Theme song is licensed under: LICENSE CERTIFICATE : Envato Market Item ============================================== This document certifies the purchase of: ONE MUSIC STANDARD LICENSE as defined in the standard terms and conditions on Envato Market. Licensor's Author Username: leadsquid_NE Licensee: Rich Mosher Item Title: Cinematic Rock Trailer Item URL: Item ID: 31637498 Item Purchase Code: 36baeb2e-27d4-410c-a460-818b3653ebba Purchase Date: 2021-05-03 22:15:54 UTC For any queries related to this document or license please contact Help Team via Envato Pty. Ltd. (ABN 11 119 159 741) PO Box 16122, Collins Street West, VIC 8007, Australia
June 14, 2021
A Day of Remembrance
A somber tribute to remind us of those who paid the ultimate price and sacrificed so that we may have the lives and opportunities that we do. A tribute to the men and women of our great military who are gone, but not forgotten. 
May 31, 2021
Diary of the Infected: 6 Weeks Later
This week's episode hits close to home as over the last 6 weeks I have been recovering from having been infected by COVID-19. This week we talk about the symptoms I had, how it spread through my household and took the life of a loved one, and I also talk about a few concepts/controversies in patient advocacy. Join me this week as I delve into the deep void of my mind as I discuss just how the virus has impacted me not just physically, but mentally.
March 5, 2021
Lessons in Leadership
Join us this week as we host a returning guest for some deep insight and shared successes and failures along the never-ending road in leadership development.
September 21, 2020
Never Forget
Please enjoy this micro episode that pays tribute to the fallen. Never  Forget 9/11/01
September 12, 2020
The Chaos of COVID
Join in on the discussion during this installment as we talk about: what we know about the virus, tips and tricks to the initial care of the virus,  and little rant about essential employees and the state of the union during this time.  ***Disclaimer ***Due to the unapologetically honest opinions in this episode, some listeners may find a few areas of offensive content. Listener discretion is advised.
May 4, 2020
Life Lessons Learned in 2019
2019 kicked me around in so many ways. It was a year of many trials and failures but more importantly, lessons. Listen in this week as I discuss the six most hard learned  lessons that I gathered from what I call the 2019 experience.,
March 1, 2020
The Wrong Holes
An article published in the media recently, claims that the State of Rhode Island EMS is investigating and altering the course of airway management abilities among its providers, after it was discovered that 11 patient deaths had occurred after being transported to the hospital with unrecognized and misplaced endotracheal tubes. How this occurs is beyond my comprehension, but none the less, listen in this week as we discuss what in my opinion are some of the issues and concerns within the state, and even talk to a member of the Ambulance Service Advisory Board as we get the low down on this controversial situation and state of affairs in the Dept of Health.
December 14, 2019
Cracking the Code: The QI Conundrum
This week we discuss 3 types of QA/QI often used in EMS and healthcare, and look at some of  the issues often found in each. 
November 18, 2019
Everyone Goes Home
Join me this week on our first ever guest interview episode, where we discuss  issues in recent news surrounding physical attacks on public safety providers. Listen in as we discuss situational awareness, self defense, and handful of tips to making sure Everyone Goes Home.
September 19, 2019
The Morning After Pill
Join me this week as I get raw and real with you surrounding some lessons hard learned from my experience speaking at a regional EMS conference, and having to swallow the hard pill of realizing you were wrong in front of 200 people. 
September 16, 2019
Uncensored and Unscripted
Join me this week as we get into answering our first batch of listener submitted questions. This weeks questions will be answered straight from the hip and off the cuff, with an honest answer to some very good questions. Join us for some honest, uncensored and unscripted opinions that may even be the  inspiration for a few future episodes!
September 5, 2019
7 Steps to Reputation Rehab
Our reputation is one of the most important assets we as humans can possess...or is it? Join us this week as we discuss 7 steps to reputation rehab after suffering a potentially damaging setback.
August 14, 2019
Surviving the Shadows
This was a hard episode for me to record and publish because it takes a very vulnerable look into my own mind and my own daily struggle. Join us as we discuss the battles that we all face, and the shadows that a life of chronic stress can cast on our lives and how to  find the power to survive in our own minds.
July 11, 2019
The Top 3 Toxins Killing Your Agency and Your People
This weeks discussion delves into what I believe are the top 3 toxins that contribute and enable the negative internal culture that is so often seen in our agencies.
May 31, 2019
Welcome to the club
Join as as we discuss the mission and story behind Black Cloud Society, and why you belong here!
May 15, 2019
Launch Announcement Apr 29, 2019
An introduction to the Black Cloud Society podcast: what we stand for and why we're different!
May 1, 2019