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Black Creative Handbook

Black Creative Handbook

By Kassandra Gordon
Kassandra Lauren Gordon is a jewellery entrepreneur based in London. This podcast is to support Black creatives and business people. sometimes there are so many challenges to unpack - just by being a Black creative. You are not alone. This is the Black Creative Handbook for you!
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74. How not to fail as a rapper with Bad Brown
In this episode, we learn about the craft of being an amazing rapper.   A great rapper can sound comfortable over a variety of sounds and production styles, and that comfort points to a mastery of many necessary skills—delivery, flow, clarity.  Bio:  I’m a rapper from Columbia, South Carolina. I currently live in Baltimore, Maryland which is where I got my start making music professionally.    Connect with Bad Brown:  Instagram handle: @bad.brown  YouTube channel:    To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon:    SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!    Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon:      Email:      Website:   Instagram:
June 27, 2022
73. How not to let your ego get in the way of your business with Marques Ogden
In the episode, we look a mental toughness in creating and maintaining your business.  Marques talks about how he supported his family from $8.25 an hour to an 8-figure business.   Marques Ogden is a former NFL player who is now the founder and CEO of Ogden Ventures LLC, an inspirational keynote speaker, three-time best-selling author (Sleepless Nights; The Success Cycle), business coach and consultant, and the co-host of The Lev & Marques Show; although his journey didn’t come easy or without unrelenting adversity.  After retiring from football, Marques pursued a career in construction and contracting.  At 27, he founded a construction company with fast growth but eventually went bankrupt, losing almost two million dollars on one project in 90 days. He pulled himself together during his darkest hours and got a part-time job as a custodian.   Marques rose to the top again with hard work and determination, using his struggles as inspiration to blaze his own trail forward. Now, he shares his powerful story to help others achieve success in their lives. Marques’ story and insights as a thought leader have been featured in top publications such as Authority Magazine, Forbes, and Sporting News.  As a speaker, he’s landed jobs with Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Goldman Sachs, and Intel. As a podcast co-host, he’s interviewed iconic guests such as Michael Strahan, Joe Namath, and Willie Parker Jr.  Marques hopes to continue reaching new levels in his professional career and positively impacting as many people’s lives as possible.    Show love and support Marques below:   Instagram: Facebook: Tik Tok: Youtube: LinkedIn: Website:    To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon:     SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!    Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon:      Email:      Website:    Instagram:
June 20, 2022
72. Finding success as an Afrobeat Artist with Teedeevee
Today we are looking into the work you have to do to be a successful artist.   Teedeevee shows if you put your mind to it. you can do anything! Teedeevee is an Afro-pop, Afrobeat Artist based in Lagos Nigeria. He is a Top International Afro-Beat musician, lyricist, composer, performer, and award winner of the Best upcoming artist in Africa in 2017. Teedeevee describes Afropop as African Music combined with popular hip hop music but with a heavier beat. One of Teedeevee’s recent songs KORE (the mantra of Hope) is about giving people hope during this time of Covid. The continent, like all others, has been hit hard by the virus and people's lives and livelihoods have been affected and income taken away, so a song to keep people’s hope alive is what he created. In his album Adventure, Teedeevee’s music transcends into messages of love and life.  Coming from Nigeria, Teedeevee struggled to balance both getting his law degree and his love for creating music that tells a story. In 2021, he successfully got admitted to the bar, and in the same year, released his album. Teedeevee is a dynamic and versatile artist, which has led him to have a majority of global influences and collaborations reflected in his work. His international break occurred in 2019 when he produced a song with a Lebanese producer. Soon afterward, he started getting recognition from International artists from different parts of the world including Sudan, Germany, and France.  Teedeevee’s influences come from his life experiences, most of which are reflection of the obstacles and challenges he and other people from the African continent go through before becoming successful.  Teedeevee’s success has come from being "stubborn" and resilient in believing that he will achieve everything he has set his mind to, in spite of the challenges he faces along the way. Through his music, he is able to encourage other people to follow their hearts’ desires.   Teedeevee is also an Attorney at Law. He graduated from the prestigious Faculty of Law at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and he’s admitted into the Largest Bar in Africa as a Barrister.   Support Teedeevee and listen to his amazing music     To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon:     SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!    Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon:      Email:      Website:    Instagram:
June 13, 2022
71. How to create a beauty and hair care brand with Dr. Kadian Pow
Today we delve into the essentials of creating a successful beauty brand. There are a lot of steps to take when setting up any business.  In an increasingly crowded beauty market, new entrants need to create a unique brand identity to succeed. if you want to create your new brand, just make sure you have everything you need at hand. You can't start packing the evening before a long journey. This podcast is a treat for you if you want to build a successful brand. Bio: Dr. Kadian Pow is a Jamaican-American ex-pat living in Birmingham, UK. She lectures in Sociolgy and Black Studies at Birmingham City University, where she teaches about Black Feminism, Popular Culture and Representation Discourse. She is also the Founder and Managing Director for Bourn Beautiful Naturals, a black-owned company create products for Afro textured hair and sensitive skin. Inspired by her academic theory and teaching, BBN’s ethos is grounded in centering the needs of Black people, whose needs are often incidental for many larger companies. “Black women are usually the most readily connected to their entire community, so if I’m addressing their wellbeing, I am also helping them address the wellbeing of their children and their families too. I’m proud that we are a family brand”. Just as the products themselves were based on herself, family and friends so is the brand’s playful tone of voice. Kadian fuses her Jamaican, African American and British cultures into the Brand’s identity. Social media handles: @bbnaturalsuk on IG, Tik Tok, Twitter; Bourn Beautiful Naturals on Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube Website URL: To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon: SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon: Email: Website: Instagram:
June 06, 2022
70. How to be creative with beauty with Natasha Glover
Today we are looking about being creative with beauty and beauty content. Find out how to look good online and in real life!  Bio: Natasha Glover is a solicitor, beauty blogger and founder of "by NG", a design-led social stationery subscription service to help bring a little bit of happiness into every day.  She is also the Hustle & Heels Customer Experience Advisor, offering advice and leading workshops on the Hustle & Heels platform. Natasha is the proud mother of two beautiful boys.    Instagram: @designbyNG @brownskindarklips @natashagloverofficial  Twitter: @brwmskndrklps  TikTok and Facebook: @brownskindarklips  LinkedIn:  YouTube:  Website: by NG - Shop Brown Skin Dark Lips    To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon:     SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon:      Email:      Website:    Instagram:
May 30, 2022
69. How to do self-care properly as a Black Creative with Danielle McDowell
In this episode, we look at how to take care of yourself. It is important to prevent burnout.   Today's guest is Danielle McDowell.   Danielle McDowell describes herself as a human who is passionate about igniting change in other humans. As a Resident in Counseling and Burnout Coach for Moms she supports women, couples, and families through trainings, coaching, and mental health counseling. Danielle is a proud HBCU graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Family Relations and Child Development and a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She's a lover of music and creative arts, a best selling Author, a mother to a crew of children, and soon to be "YaYa" because she's too young to be called anyone's grandma.    An intuitive and results-oriented leader herself, Danielle engages and leads her clients through dynamic and interactive transformations. She’s devoted to working with women, and couples from all walks of life. As a mother, she knows first-hand the difficulties that individuals face with managing their responsibilities while accomplishing personal goals. With a commitment to serve, she offers the community wisdom, encouragement, and supportive resources to help individuals meet their goals using a transparent approach. Her playful delivery style allows for individuals to gain wisdom without all the seriousness.   She prides herself in relaying a message to her clients that’s easily understood and provides real solutions to their everyday problems. Danielle aims to create a safe and non-judgmental therapeutic environment and welcomes your free expression and exploration. She maintains a collaborative approach and encourages her clients to remain curious as they work to achieve their goals.    Connect with Danielle.   Instagram @AchievableGreat  Facebook page @DanielleLMcDowell   Linked In Danielle L McDowell Website.    To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon:     SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!    Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon:      Email:      Website:    Instagram:
May 23, 2022
68.How to grow a fanbase as an independent music artist with CerVon Campbell
In this episode, we look at what you need to do to grow a fanbase.  Looking at the process. Exploring how to grind and shine.   CerVon's bio:  From South Carolina, CerVon is an artist known for his soulful sound and venting lyrics. Campbell is not only a singer/rapper but also a stand-up comic and songwriter. Favored for bending genres, Campbell has crafted mixtures of Pop, Hip-Hop, and R&B along with Alternatives, Indie, Country/Folk, Rock, and EDM throughout his discography.    Connect with Cervon : @sexmonkeylimodriver on Instagram   @cervoncampbell on tiktok & Twitter   cervoncampbell on Facebook     To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon:     SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!    Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon:      Email:      Website:    Instagram:
May 16, 2022
67. How to find joy and purpose being a creative with Emmanuel Enime
In this episode, we dig deep to be very intentional with our lives.   Emmanuel Enime    His bio is:   "My God-given purpose is to help you defend your joy".     Connect with Emmanuel here:   IG link:     To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on  Patreon:     SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!   Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon:      Email:      Website:    Instagram:
May 09, 2022
66. How to not to be put into one box as a creative with Dr. Egypt Iredia
In this episode, we look at how to navigate creative spaces being known for more than one thing. Dr. Egypt is a multi-passionate, healer, poet, writer metaphysician, and non-linear creative. She believes that minimalism, slow living, and living a spiritual, creative, and intentional life. Are powerful healing and transformative forces. She believes in using all of our wonderful gifts to show up authentically in our lives. Her mission is to empower people to live calmer, connected, conscious and creative lives. She writes at and her poetry can be found at Connect with Dr Egypt: To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon: SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon: Email: Website: Instagram:
May 02, 2022
65. How to be yourself online with Babszie Giwa
In this episode, we learn to embrace ourselves and work on our strengths.   Connect with Babs here:   Youtube:Babszie Giwa    Instagram: Christian_Movemaker   Listen to his podcast   To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon:    SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!      Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon:     Email:     Website:   Instagram:
April 25, 2022
64. How to present your brand effectively with Francetta Evans-Anfom
In this podcast episode, we look at how to shine online. Copywriting strengthens your brand image. Quality copywriting enhances your brand message and image, allowing you to be desirable to your target audience's point of view- no matter how big or small your company is.  Francetta Evans-Anfom is the woman behind Dats Muzik Creative Copywriting (copywriting agency) that caters to ethnic and black-owned, high-end Hair & Beauty, Health & Wellness, and other businesses + African inspired businesses and brands and ones that align with her ethos- diversity, individuality, acceptance, and inclusion.  With over 7 years of experience and knowledge, and an award finalist Afrobeat, Amapiano and House 'Best Music Blog' 2021, she is a web copywriter and blog post writer.  Our quote (kind of) is... "Let's help ethnic and black-owned businesses tell their story how they envision it and express their expertise online, whilst celebrating their culture and heritage.   Her motto is "Copywriting and content writing is creativity, strategy, and technology blended together to increase sales for your business. Culture and authenticity in a business is what makes you stand out. This is modern content marketing."   Connect with Francetta:  Facebook and Twitter @datsmuzik   Instagram @dats_muzik  Website:   To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on  Patreon:    SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!      Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon:    Email:    Website:    Instagram:
April 18, 2022
63. How to be a successful film maker with John Wayne S. III
In this episode, you learn all the practical steps to be successful in the film industry.  John's bio   John Wayne began his career in the entertainment industry over two decades ago. He got his start working on an independent film in the Art department as a PA. The film was director/producer George Tillman's (Soul Food, Barber Shop & Men of Honor) first film "Scenes for the Soul". After the production wrapped, he continued to work with George and his partner Robert Teitel on music videos and other projects. Shortly after that, Wayne partnered with a local director to produce music videos. They started out shooting low-budget music videos for small labels. This venture proved quite successful, they moved from producing music videos in 35mm film for $5,000 to budgets quickly escalating.  During this time he went to work as a publicist for Grammy-nominated music producer Steve "Silk" Hurley. He started once again off with little to no experience as a publicist and during his 3-year stint, became Director of International A&R. He set up and oversaw offices/agents in the United Kingdom and Japan. He facilitated distribution, production, publishing, artist, and record deals around the world. While at Silk, Wayne gained many contacts and built strong relationships. During this time he started JWS Productions Inc to produce music videos and TV commercials. Over the past decade, John Wayne has produced/directed over 200 music videos and 70 television commercials   John's latest film project  Ebony Hustle is about an ex-stripper turned private investigator. You can view information on the film at The film is currently available on Tubi, Amazon, Vudu, Sling, Peacock, and Hoopla. The soundtrack and score to the film are available on all music and social media platforms.     Connect with John:  Website:   Instagram:   To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon:    SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!      Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon:     Email:     Website:   Instagram: 
April 11, 2022
62. How to make more money with a creative business with Lindsay L Sims
In this episode, we are helping creatives to get more money and to be strategic about it. We will learn step by step how to get more cash flow and create business systems.   Information about Lindsay   Lindsay Sims is an entrepreneur, educator, and coach with a knack for reducing entrepreneurial noise and increasing the digital literacy of small business owners. Her leveraged years of experience (including a PhD and her work as a Grow With Google Digital Coach) led her to developing a unique marketing program for small businesses. Now, she focuses her efforts as the Founder and CEO of 30 Day Funnels on providing small business owners of diverse backgrounds with no-gimmick, no-fad strategies to leverage their digital marketing so they can step away from overwhelm and get back to what they actually love.    Connect with Lindsay Instagram:  Email: Free Google Workshops:    To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon:    SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!      Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon:    Email:     Website:   Instagram: 
April 04, 2022
61. How to start a creative side business with Chris Williams
In this episode, we look at the necessary steps to create a successful side business. This podcast will help you in you are still in a 9-5 job and want to make more money.  Connect with Chris Williams here: Facebook:  Instagram: Youtube:  LinkedIn:  The side business challenge Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon: Email:  Website:  Instagram:
March 27, 2022
60.How to stay postive even when you feel at your lowest (with Debora Word Smiles)
In this episode, there are lots of doses of positivity and life lessons in how to navigate hardship in the creative world.   Information about Debora  I am Debora Words Smiles, a self-published author and podcaster who has a passion for people and endeavors to make an impact with my words and bring a source of healing and comfort to anyone who comes across my words written or spoken.  Now to enlighten you further, Naked Words Podcast was born out of my own life struggles, failures, mistakes and finding my purpose.  Naked Words creates a platform where reality is stripped bare and left uncovered to allow healing to take root.   Connect with Debora   Instagram: DWS (@nakedwordspodcast)  Facebook: (4) DWS | Facebook Youtube:  Naked Words Podcast - YouTube  Website: NAKED Words • A podcast on Anchor   To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon:    SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!      Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon:     Email:     Website:   Instagram:
March 21, 2022
59.How to speak your mind online (with no regrets) with Greg Lacy
In this episode, we are speaking with Greg Lacy from the 'Speak my p.eace podcast'.  Greg Lacy, host of the Speak My Peace Podcast, was raised in Compton, California. Up until his graduating high school he dedicated the majority of his life to playing basketball in hopes of one day realizing his dream of playing in college. However, while in high-school he soon learned those plans weren't going to pan out due to lack of preparation. So, he shifted his focus to enlisting in the military serving a term in the US Air Force.     After serving in the Air Force, Greg then revisited the idea of returning to school where he eventually earned a Bachelor's degree in Communications from St. John’s University - New York.  It was at St. John’s where the idea to start a podcast was formulated, realizing he had various topics he wanted to share his thoughts on but had no outlet to do so. Upon graduating from St. John's Greg returned home to Los Angeles where he began working as an Integrated Media Planner. During this time he has continued to grow his podcast speaking on a broad range of topics mostly centered around the idea of the experiences of Black people.    Connect with Greg   Instagram: Youtube:  To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon:  SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!    Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon:   Email:   Website:  Instagram:
March 14, 2022
58.How to get amazing PR as a creative! With Sherise Ford 'Six-Feet Publicist'
In this episode, we look at how to promote yourself as a creative, also, how to network intentionally.    Sherise's  Ford bio:  It all started as a pitch to Courvoisier. By the end of the conversation, Los Angeles native, SheRise Ford was in the door. The then actress, singer, and model landed the deal that opened the doors of her Beverly Hills boutique public relations firm, The SheRise Enterprise.  Since opening her doors, Ford has worked with a number of celebrities and brand partners on media consulting, event management/production, music video casting, public relations consulting, and social media management.    Her projects included providing media relations to rapper, businessman, Master P. and his son Romeo. Under her helm, the “It’s Time Kids,” an exercise campaign featuring Master P. and Romeo, was spotlighted on the Wendy’s Williams Show.  As a publicist for Will Claye, Olympic medalist, Ford coordinated his album release party for,  Look What You Created, in partnership with Red Bull and Hip Hop DX.   Ford, affectionately known as, “The Six-Foot Publicist,” has worked with Teck Holmes of Cartoon Network, cast film, and music videos for renowned artists — Charlie Wilson, Johnny Gil, and 21 Savage.  Recently, she worked as a producer with director Phillip Jackson on the Beats by Dre Olympic campaign, starring track and field sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson.   When she’s not consulting, Ford devotes a lot of her time to content development and is known to collaborate with a slew of podcast hosts. She is also a Los Angeles government official where she serves as a community activist and President of the North Hollywood North East Neighborhood Council.    Connect with Sherise:  Social Media:  Website:   To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on  Patreon:  SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!  Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon:  Email:   Website:  Instagram:
March 07, 2022
57. How to grow and nagivate difficult times as a creative with Mark V. Smith
In this episode, we look at the practicalities of navigating tricky times as a creative and building resilience.  Mark V. Smith explains 'THE PROCESS'. Information about Mark V. Smith: “Curator of a Bigger Vision Within,” Mark V. Smith specializes in speaking from his personal experience of trials and tribulations in life.  His desire to chronicle CHOICES and share the “journey” of his life, resonates with everyone at our core personally and professionally. With his podcast, "The Process", he outlines and breaks down SITUATIONS we all go through, and offers insight on methods to defeat the storms in life. Known for his clever use of acronyms within his messages, Smith gives listeners a way to remember key points as we GROW FORWARD. Mark's signature vision statement  “Your Why is Greater Than Your Situation Which is Part of Your PROCESS", gives us the perspective that we are always GROWING . Connect with Mark here: Website: Instgram: Youtube: Podcast: To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon: SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon: Email: Website: Instagram:
February 28, 2022
56.An Unfinished Man: Theatre play review- The Yard Theatre (Press night Spoiler Free)
Kassandra does a creative theatre review of the An Unfinished Man play.   An Unfinished Man  The Yard Theatre, Unit 2a Queens Yard, London E9 5EN  12 February - 12 March 2022 at 8pm   Get your tickets to see the play 
February 21, 2022
55.How to find creative people for success
This episode is to improve your social capital and to be successful. It can be isolating as a creative if you do not have creative people around you. If you have good creative people around you. You are more likely to be more creative and produce good work. Creativity improves your mood Creativity boosts your self-esteem Creativity improves cognitive function Creativity improves your social life Creativity alleviates stress and anxiety Thanks for listening! To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon: SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon: Email: Website: Instagram:
February 14, 2022
54.How to hire a creative team on a budget!
In this episode, we will explore how to hire a creative team on a budget. If you want to get to the next level and be successful- you need to build a team.  Trusted people to help you out.  If you are looking for web developers, graphic designs, people to help you with sales, create/edit content, etc- this episode is for you.  You need to figure out how to train people, put in systems, and monitor your return on investment.   Thanks for listening!   To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon:   SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!   Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon:   Email:   Website:   Instagram:
February 06, 2022
53.How to find a quality mentor to be successful!
How to find a quality mentor to get you to the next level. Finding good mentors to help you in your business or creative practice is not easy. Mentors encourage and enable another person's professional or personal development. A mentor can help focus their efforts by setting goals and giving feedback. Mentors show a passion for their job and enjoy the opportunity to help you perform your role more efficiently and productively with their guidance. Thanks for listening! To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon: SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon: Email: Website: Instagram:
January 31, 2022
52.How to be super intentional as a creative?
In this podcast is another solo episode of Black Creative Handbook. Sometimes as creative, we are not super intentional, and sometimes we just want to go with the flow. Today we are talking about “How to be super intentional as a creative”. 5:38 How did I come up with this content today? 7:15 Be careful of the media and the technology. 10:31 Building bridges of friendships. 13:56 How do you communicate visually? 16:23 How to be super intentional as a creative? Thanks for listening! To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon: SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon: Email: Website: Instagram: Black Jewellers Network:
January 24, 2022
51.How to improve your creativity as an artist?
In this podcast is another solo episode of Black Creative Handbook. Being creative is hard sometimes, and it is really important to document from idea to execution and have a finished product because sometimes you can get lost on ideas and cannot produce anything. If you want to do something creative, it is important not just to have an idea but, how to actually execute them. So today we are going to talk about “How to improve your creativity as an artist”. 04:58  Preparation/Planning Stage 07:12  Incubation 12:07 Verification/Evaluation Stage 14:52 How are you going to market your product? Thanks for listening! To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon: SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon: Email: Website: Instagram: Black Jewellers Network:
January 17, 2022
50.How to creatively express yourself with Emmanuel Phillips
In this episode of Black Creative Handbook, we have Emanuel Phillips. Emanuel Phillips is a Digital Artist that was born and raised in Germany and his parents are Nigerian. He lives in Germany since he was 14 years old and left in the summer and to study in London. Emanuel loves art and poetry, and he used to do traditional art but got enticed by digital art and it fascinated him in the past. “ Poetry and Art are two of my favourite elements of expressing myself in words and in colours. It sends a message of what my eyes project and what my mind throws at the audience. “ 01:26 Tell us about what you do? 03:05 The idea behind his painting. 04:03 Why did you choose Jellyfish? 05:36 Tube or Bus? 06:55 Red or Yellow? 11:32 What is your favourite meal? Breakfast or Dinner? 12:51 What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self? 13:58 What is the difference between being an Illustrator and a Digital Artist? 17:50 How did you hone your craft? What are the steps? 24:35  What part of Germany did you grow up in? 25:08 How was the transition coming in as an adolescent coming to the UK? 38:57 How does your art, poetry or your drawings help you with the loneliness of the transition on coming to the UK? 48:34 How do you embody everything and goes into your art? 52:43 What are the type of tools you use to perfect your crafts? 54:27 What is the best testimonial someone said about your artwork? 1:02:45 How can we find you and your artwork? Follow Emanuel on his Social Media accounts: Website: Instagram: Tiktok: Thank you for listening!
January 10, 2022
49.How to improve your creative direction with Jungel Queen
In this episode of Black Creative Handbook, we have Esther Phillips. Esther Phillips is also known as Jungel Queen is a creative designer who specializes in creative directing. Working on projects to empower people to become a better version of themself through visual arts and technology. 01:19 How would you describe your creative practice? 01:49 If you can describe your creative heritage in one word, what would it be? 02:14 Toast or Cereal? 02:27 Blue or Green? 02:42 Braids or Twists? 03:52 Tube or Bus? 04:29 Cushions or Pillows? 04:39 Android or Apple? 05:02 What advice would you give to your 20-year-old self? 05:54 What projects are you working on right now? 07:07 What do you mean by interior set designs? 08:33 What is the method/process you use in creating some of your creative direction? 10:13 What do you do next to get your idea into realization? 11:52 How can you make something on a limited budget? 13:34 How do you collaborate? 17:36 How do you describe your music and how do you get into it? 21:02 What is your process of turning things into a business? 25:29 Where do you think you’re gonna be in 3 years’ time? 26:29 How do you connect with your target market/audience? 30:14 When are you dropping your EP? 31:00 What comes first, the lyrics or the production? How does it work for you to create your EP? 31:29 Do you have a creative concept on how to style your album cover/physical stuff for your album? 32:52 Which do you think is your strongest skill set? 33:31 How do you visually produce mood boards/concept boards? 34:18 What is the biggest compliment/testimonial you received about your work? 35:33 How can people find all of your creative endeavors? Where is the best place to find you and connect with you? 36:17 Why the name Jungel Queen? Follow Esther on her Social Media accounts: Website: Instagram: Thank you for listening!
January 03, 2022
48.Why you shouldn't do a vision board!
In this podcast is another solo episode of Black Creative Handbook. Today is talking about “Why you shouldn't do a vision board!”. What is a vision board? It is a collection of items such as pictures, magazine clippings, words, and quotes that visually affirm your goals and anything that inspires and motivates you. It is essentially a fancy name for a goal board or dream board that enacts the power of visualization. 1:33 What is a vision board? 2:14 Vision boards don’t work on their own. 3:36 Need’s assessment. 4:58 Evaluation of your life. 7:09 How do you make sure you look after your mental health? 7:59 Your routines. 9:08 How to become more strategic? 10:39 Breakdown of strategic things. 12:04 Be careful who you work with. 15:08 Writing down all steps. Thanks for listening! To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon: SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon: Email: Website: Instagram: Black Jewellers Network:
December 27, 2021
47.The Art of Pivoting
In this podcast is another solo episode of Black Creative Handbook. Today is talking about “The Art of Pivoting”. Pivoting means changing the direction or strategy in your business or your creative practice. The main goal of a pivot is to help a company improve revenue or survive in the market, but the way you pivot your business can make all the difference. 01:26 What is a Pivot? 01:38 Why is it important to Pivot especially as a Black Creative? 03:00 Do not panic or be hard on yourself. 04:35 Where do you wanna be? 06:50 Align your Customers/Audience when you are Pivoting. Thanks for listening! To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon: SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon: Email: Website: Instagram: Black Jewellers Network:
December 20, 2021
46.Why you must watch the King Richard film now!
In this podcast is another solo episode of Black Creative Handbook. Today is talking about “Why you must watch the King Richard film now!”. The story is about Richard Williams and his two daughters, Venus and Serena; which Richard has a vision of her two daughters becoming tennis global superstars. 03:14 Why did this film impact me? 06:38 It is always important to have a vision. 08:22 Write it down. 08:52 How to articulate your vision with conviction? Thanks for listening! To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon: SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon: Email: Website: Instagram: Black Jewellers Network:
December 13, 2021
45. How to build your visual portfolio (Johannes Agboifo - Multi-Disciplinary Artist)
In this episode of Black Creative Handbook, we have Johannes Agboifo. He is a black British art student Based in North London. Currently studying architecture whilst freelancing in photography, videography, and filmmaking. His work primarily focuses on fashion and street photography, analogue, and digital videography some of which are featured in this portfolio alongside commissioned shoots for various brands. His personal projects are street photography, artistic documentaries on debauchery and hedonism in the life of everyday London youth, and creative short films one of which placed top three at the Bomb factory art foundation artist film foundation where it will be screened. 1:17 What does your second name mean and where does it originate from? 1:38 Tell me the meaning of your first name. 2:35 Do you want to say a few sentences about yourself? 3:19 Can you name those big known people you used to work with? 12:28 What do you mean by a clear narrative? 13:49 Nike or Adidas? 15:20 Toast or Cereal? 15:34 Jam or Peanut Butter? 16:03 Underground or Bus? 17:42 What advice would you give to your 11-year-old self? 19:14 How did you get into the beat of music and architecture life? 25:10 What is your process from idea to getting it done in filmmaking? 29:20 How do you communicate to DOP? 33:00 How do you pitch your idea to collaborate? 38:14 How do you create your stuff? 44:58 How do you start shoots? 49:25 What does jewellery means to you? 51:35 What was the best testimonial Johannes received from his client? 58:34 What do you think of being a Black Creative? Follow Johannes on his Social Media accounts: Instagram: Vimeo: Portfolio: Soundcloud: Thank you for listening!
December 06, 2021
44. How to be a cultural producer and work with brands (Yaw Owusu - Creative Consultant)
In this episode of Black Creative Handbook, we have Yaw Owusu. He is a Creative consultant who architects projects that integrate music, culture, and content production, delivering long-term impact for creatives, brands, organizations, and communities. He is a member of the Liverpool City Region Music Board and is one of the leads of the Liverpool City Region Black Music Action Group. In 2011, Yaw set up creative consultancy agency Nothin But The Music (NBTM) which has gone on to program and curate several key music events and projects with clients including MTV, BET, Liverpool International Music Festival, BBC Radio 1 Academy, MOBO, Boiler Room, Sound City, The Brit School, and the Competitor Group. 01:25 - More about Yaw, and what he does. 04:24 - Where does Yaw from? 05:40 - FYI, the people of Liverpool are talkative. 11:16 - What advice would you give to your 16-year-old self? 13:04 - What did you eat for breakfast? 14:45 - What is Yaw’s definition of “Artist” in 2021? 16:36 - How did Yaw get into Music? 22:01 - How did Yaw become successful in music in this era? 31:48 - How did you transition from a small project to a big one? 33:10 - How to organize events for beginners. 40:52 - How did you develop your “taste” in music? 52:06 - How do you don’t get lost in the “noise”. 57:10 - What is the best testimonials Yaw received from his client. 1:10:55 - “Always pay attention to the person when you are 10-years-old because that is who you are meant to be” Follow Yaw on his Social Media accounts: Instagram: Linkedin: Thank you for listening!
November 29, 2021
43.How to be successful in 2022!
In this podcast is another solo episode of Black Creative Handbook. Today is talking about how to have a mega successful 2022! In these unprecedented, very confusing political times, we know that odds are against us. But we are resilient, and we will eventually get there, we will thrive. Because what we produce is Greatness and the world needs IT. Benjamin Franklin once said “Failing To Prepare Is Preparing To Fail”. Let’s be that early birds! Thanks for listening! To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon: SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon: Email: Website: Instagram: Black Jewellers Network:
November 22, 2021
42. How to create safe spaces for Black women (Founder and Host of Talks with Ada B Podcast)
In this episode of Black Creative Handbook, we have Ada B. She is the Founder & Host of Talks With Ada B talk show and radio show, a series of conversations that pivot black women and; the black family, embracing all our similarities and differences; to encourage healthy dialogue within the community and beyond.   01:58 - Tea or Coffee? 02:42 - Tubes (Underground) or Bus? 03:53 - Android person or Apple person? 05:05  - What advice would you give to your 12-year-old self? 07:12 - All about Talks With Ada B Podcast. 12:01 - What things come up when she talks to women in Ada B Podcast? 17:05  - Black women collaborating and off lifting each other. 21:11 - Different Black experience which was raised IN and OUT od London 21:49 - Advice to people to find their Black Women Community. 26:05 - Why put the “Black Women” (niche) in your platform? 33:36 - Lightbulb moment over the past year. 35:40 - Best things a listener said about Ada B’s Podcast. Follow Ada B on her Social Media accounts: Instagram: Twitter: Spotify: Thank you for listening!
November 15, 2021
41. How to to shine in the jewellery industry (Lezlie Bailey - London based FGA Gemologist)
Lezlie Bailey - London based FGA Gemologist In this episode of Black Creative Handbook we have Lezlie Bailey. A Bermudian gemologist based in Hatton Garden. Lezlie has called for Black Jewellers to join a platform that promotes Black businesses, called ‘The List’. In just over a year she’s grown the list to 375 jewellers from all over the world. Lezlie states ‘As a Black woman working as a gemologist in London, I absolutely love my job but I have not had the smoothest of entries into the trade…If, as panel member, I could channel these negative experiences into the change that the industry desperately needs I’m more than happy to do so if it prevents people like myself from having repeat experiences. 0:40 - What is a FGA/Gemologist? 4:56 - What advice would Lezlie give on her fourteen years old self? 9:10 - How did Lezlie get into the Jewelry Industry? 14:05 - What is your favorite stone, and why? 17:10 - As a Gemologist, how creative are you with gemstones? 26:48 - Reasons why the same type of gemstones varied in price. 37:00 - The List. 41:26 - Black Jeweler Barriers. 51:07 - Light Bulb Moment. 53:56 - Gemological Qualification is NOT cheap. 58:20 - What does Jewelry mean to Lezlie? 1:03:01 - Piece of advice for Black Creatives from Lezlie. 1:05:08 - Positive Feedback for Lezlie as a Gemologist. Follow Lezlie on her Social Media accounts: Instagram: LinkedIn: Thank you for listening!
November 08, 2021
40. How to make sure you are ok
 In this podcast is another solo episode of Black Creative Handbook. But first, let me ask you one thing today - How are you? What do you feel? Have you checked yourself lately? If not, this episode is perfect for you and for all the people who're struggling on being okay. Having an affirmation can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. When you repeat them often, and believe in them, you can start to make positive changes and a better understanding of yourself can overcome your current challenges. Thanks for listening! To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon: SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon: Email: Website: Instagram: Black Jewellers Network:
November 01, 2021
39.How to maximise and repurpose your creative content (Founder of Black British Bloggers Network)
Mariam Bashorun - Founder of Black British Bloggers Network In this episode of Black Creative Handbook we have Mariam Bashorun, Founder of Black British Bloggers Network, a not-for-profit organisation creating community and opportunity for Black British online content creators. Mariam thought of the Network as a means to connect with her peers, and since then got into a resource for passionate creatives, where they can access sketch materials, attend events and find brand collaboration opportunities. Mariam grew up in Northwest London which is a pre-dominant black environment for her at the age of eighteen. Black British Bloggers Network has been around since 2015 and started as a Facebook Group to connect bloggers. Let’s hear more of Miriam’s journey. 1:50 - What is the origin/purpose of the Black British Bloggers Network? 5:24 - What advice would you give to your 18 year old self? 8:21 - Why is Black British Bloggers Network a not-for-profit organisation? 12:33 - Blogging in 2021 15:30 - Keys to have a successful blog. 17:27 - Challenges of Black Bloggers. 24:44 - How does Lockdown (Covid-19) affect Black British Bloggers? 27:11 - Tips on how to increase engagements. 37:49 - Manage EXPECTATIONS. 41:22 - How to get Brand Views and Partnerships. 48:50 - How to Repurpose Content? 53:00 - Story behind Mariam’s Hoops (earrings). 53:50 - Lightbulb Moments of the last 18 Months. 57:30 - One of the best responses from a Blogger/Content Creator about the flatform. Follow Mariam on her Social Media accounts: Instagram: Twitter : Patreon : Thank you for listening!
October 26, 2021
38.West London Musician, Artist, Singer, Rapper and Producer
 In today’s episode we have Xadi, a west london musician, artist, singer, rapper and producer. We talk about a lot of things that involve on creative process and I know that would surely help you as well so let’s hear on this podcast on how he achieve all of this skills and his creative process: 1:30 - Why do you name it West London? 2:08 - How did you get into music from childhood? 3:05 - How did you learn guitar from youtube? 4:15 - How did you get into comedy? 9:35 - Transition on being serious to music 10:55 - What type of advantages do you get at university? 13:38 - How did you feel that you’re gonna be a musician? 23:55 - how did you keep on going on your journey? 25:47 - Do you produce your music as well? 27:40 - Talking about collaboration 31:22 - Talking about the song on Spotify 34:08 - What comes first when putting up the project on spotify? 39:30 - How did you curate yourself as a brand? 47:19 - Talking about the treatment 49:05 - Relationship with fashion 51:03 - Talking about jewellery 57:02 - How did you get yourself into Radio? 1:01:33 - Best thing that someone said about your song 1:04:00 - Musical Influencer you love and best performance you perform Let’s support Xadi social media accounts: Instagram: Spotify: Youtube: Thanks for listening!
October 18, 2021
37. Solo Episode: The Power of Consistency
 In this podcast is another solo episode of Black Creative Handbook. We’re going to talk about the power of Consistency. Why are you struggling Consistency? And how you’ll improve being consistent. This one is a secret going to success so it’s Thanks for listening! To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon: SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon: Email: Website: Instagram: Black Jewellers Network:
October 11, 2021
36. Sara - Owner of Sarabi Crochet
 In this podcast we have Sara from Sarabi Crochet, it’s a  handicraft in which yarn is made up into a patterned fabric by looping yarn with a hooked needle. She started her business about 3 years ago and has been doing crocheting for 7 years now. It all started watching it on youtube and now became her business. Also, she said that she really enjoys collaborating with local black creatives and having fun. Let’s listen to her story on how she come up with this passion and turn to her business: 10:58 - How did you get into crochet and make it a business/brand? 16:37 - What is your process when it comes to your client? 24:38 - How much pressure do you get with creative people? 26:34 - Importance of the meaning of the ring in consultation 31:33 - What is the most ambitious design you’ve made? 36:32 - How many hours have you spent working on the piece? 39:11 - What are the people misconception about Crochet 42:35 - Best testimonial you’ve had 45:19 - Why have you called it Sarabi? Let’s support Sara social media accounts: Instagram: Thanks for listening!
October 04, 2021
35. Solo Episode: Staying Focused
 In this podcast is another solo episode of Black Creative Handbook. We are going to talk about Staying Focused. You know that it is really hard at first to be committed and focused on one thing so let me give you advice on how you’ll do it. So now, get your paper and ballpen ready because you're gonna hear an important lesson that can change your life forever. Thanks for listening! To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon: SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon: Email: Website: Instagram: Black Jewellers Network:
September 27, 2021
34. Ksoul - Multi-genre Singer Songwriter
 In today’s podcast we have Ksoul, a multi genre singer and songwriter in Hillington East London. She is a half  German and half Jamaican and a young talented woman in the game and her voice best describes contemporary jazz, neo soul and blues with the outgoing r&b genre. A fun fact about her is that she grew up listening to Erykah Badu, Amy Whitehouse and Beyonce. In 2020 her Kitty Khat reached over 11,000 streams on spotify organically. Timestamps: 5:39 - How do you feel comfortable expressing yourself in your music? 8:42 - When does the healing come? 10:04 - How do people feel about your sounds? 12:00 - Tell me how music heals? 13:38 - Who inspires you to make music? 16:20 - When did you start performing? 19:44 - What is your favorite place to perform and why? 21:55 - What are things you are navigating these days? 22:48 - What marketing did you need for success? 24:38 - How did you network to form a relationship? 28:57 - How did you come up with a visual brand? 30:55 - Describing the creative process 36:53 - Talking about the next video to upload 38:31 - Talking about the collaboration with Vogue and etc… 41:08 - How did you create Spoken words and poetry to your music? 42:40 - Meaning of Liquid Motion and what’s the intention for that song? 45:23 - Best thing that someone said about your music 47:08 - Talking about jewellery Let’s support Ksoul social media accounts: Email: Instagram: Twitter: Snapchat: Tiktok: Spotify: Youtube: Reddit: Thank you for listening!
September 20, 2021
33. Solo Episode: Why did I change the Created for You Podcast to Black Creative Handbook?
 This podcast is a different one because you'll only listen to me - a solo episode of Black Creative Handbook. I’m going to talk about my mission to serve black creatives, give value, and align my vision. Changing the name of the podcast is like getting a clear vision of my purpose which is giving an impact to the world by using my voice. 2:05 - Why did I change the Created for you podcast to Black Creative Handbook? 5:32 - Fear, Sum Cost, Amplifying Multiplying 6:00 - What is Black Creative Handbook? 8:16 - Talking about Sum Cause 11:44 - Talking about Amplify and Multiply Thanks for Listening! To support this channel/content and to help keep it going, please put support Kassandra Lauren Gordon on Patreon: SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! Connect with Kassandra Lauren Gordon: Email: Website: Instagram: Black Jewellers Network:
September 13, 2021
32. Briana Pegado - Creative Producer and Director
In this episode of Black Creative Handbook we have Briana Pegado, she is a creative producer, director, co-director of a different organization and based in Edinburgh. She’s supporting business, organization, creative industry, community enterprises, community led, black led, clear led. She got this kind of work because she came to Scotland and came to Edinburgh in 2010 with the intention for sustainable development in international relationships . Currently she is the creative director of a creative film festival and a co-director of an organization called We Are Here Scotland. Even when she was a kid she knew she had this creative side. Let’s all be fill in of this inspiring story of Briana: 3:14 - Talking about the Organization 7:20 - About the Film Festival of colors 13:41 - Advice about having an emotion 19:45 - Talking about Racism 20:36 - About Asian Hate 24:13 - How does someone get into creative directing or producing? 29:15 - Main barriers for people of colors in 39:47 - Knowing your worth 40:22 - Tips for beating  Impostor Syndrome 42:40 - Relationship with the jewellery 44:22 - Values about Sustainability 46:35 - Best thing that someone said about you Follow Briana on her Social Media accounts: Instagram: Instagram: Thank you for listening!
September 06, 2021
31. Anne Lexee -Fashion Model, Creative Artist and Owner of Durags Cell
In today’s episode of Created For You Podcast we have Anne Lexee, a fashion model, creative artist and business owner. She's a spiritual kiddo from the Caribbean, born in Paris and moved to New York 6 months ago to get her master degree. She went through different studies: international trade, communication and finally fashion. In fashion she found her balance through the creative process. She learned a lot about herself and this experience totally changed her mindset regarding the future – “I was ready to do me for me” was her takeaway. She is indeed a brave woman who’s fearless to conquer her passion. She transitioned and found her heart in Arts. Do you want to walk in her creative journey? Let’s listen to her podcast interview now! 3:07 - Describing the creative process 6:05 - Talking about modeling 10:50 - How did you get to Nylon Japanese publication? 12:10 - Explaining what she do for Nylon Photoshoot 14:25 - Talking about fashion 17:59 - Inspiration what she’s wearing 21:29 - Talking about make-up 23:41 - Describing the Durags brand 29:31 - Talking about the face mask 31:40 - Talking about the Indigo plantain 44:00 : Giving advice for self-care 45:58 - Best thing that someone said to your modeling and creativity Follow Anne’s Social Media: Instagram: Duragcell: Indigo Plantain: Youtube: Indigo Plantain Website Duragcell: Website Indigo Plantain: (coming by the end of May 2021) Thank you for listening!
July 12, 2021
30. Vontelle Eyewear - Luxury Black-Owned Eyewear Brand
In today’s episode of Created For You Podcast we have special guests. Yes, you’ve read it right! We have two guests for today’s podcast. The CEO of Vontelle Eyewear Tracy Vontelle Green and the COO Nancey Flowers Harris. They founded their company in 2019, the company produces luxury bespoke eyewear that has unique African, Caribbean, and Latin Print design and textiles. The concepts of why Vontelle’s founded is one of them lost their expensive eyewear within the same year and focus their efforts on making their next purchases on Black-owned brands. After searching high and low for glasses that were stylish and had an ethnic flair, they realized it simply did not exist. That is when Tracy suggested to start their own line and Nancey booked their fate determining trip to Paris. Due to their experience in losing their sunglasses, the company offers a unique protection for consumers by providing a one-year/one-time replacement warranty from date of purchase if your eyewear is lost, stolen, damaged, or broken.  Excellent! They establish their business by their owned experienced. Who would have thought that our own experienced will lead you serving a lot of people who is struggling too with finding the right sunglasses for them and having perfect solution for issues about losing their glasses. Also, are you planning to do business with your bestie? Maybe you want to hear the Vontelle eyewear Company’s journey because they turn their relationship into a business level too. Let’s listen to this interesting conversation: 3:00 - What advice would you give to your 10 years old self? 3:54 - What are you curious about right now? 6:57 - What’s your journey to get where you are now? 9:13 - How does it work working with your friend? 13:45 - Describing the design concept 22:19 - What makes your experiences as Black luxury business unique? 26:36 - Talking about customer scope 29:53 - Talking about sunglasses 31:54 - How do I know what glasses fit me? 36:25 - How do you make sure that things are not too much? 39:02 - Best thing that someone said to your design Follow Vontelle Eyewear on their Social Media Account: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Linkedin: Thank you for listening!
July 05, 2021
29. Tiffanie Cross - Creative Singer
In this episode of the Created For You Podcast we have Tifannie Cross also known as Ms.Cross. She is born and raised in San Diego and grew up in Aspotolic Church; singing in various children, youth and adult choirs. A little background about her is that she got her first professional singing opportunity from the artist then known as Tonex (now known as B.Slade), for his live DVD recording of Out The Box. She was 16 at that time and after graduating from the University of San Diego, with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Communications, she decided to pursue music and move to Los Angeles in 2011 and the rest were history. But it all started there. And in February 2018, she released her first single and music video entitled "Simple Love" on YouTube and all digital streaming platforms. Along with singing for major artists, she produces and writes her own music, telling her own stories about her life in hopes that it can help others. Indeed, your passion will lead you to your own destiny and purpose. Want to learn tips on how she gets on where she is now? Let’s listen to her journey now.: 0:38 - Talking about the freedom and healing 5:17 - What made you want to become a recording artist? 8:06 - Talking about the life as an artist 9:48 - Describing the music or sounds in 3 words 11:55 - How do you use healing with music? 14:00 - Describing the creative concepts and meaning 19:28 - Advice for people who’s having a hard time 23:55 - How’s pandemic affected your creativity? 25:08 - Talking about learnings on working with famous artist 28:40 - Talking about the favorite song to perform 29:35 - Describing how it feels to perform 30:08 - Talking about Authentic and Vulnerable 31:120 - Best feedback you received when you are performing 33:32 - What’s your next step after pandemic? Follow Ms. Cross Social Media Accounts: Website: Instagram: Twitter: Youtube: Thank you for listening!
June 28, 2021
28. Neo Music - All female crew of R&B platform
In this episode we have the group Neo Music, it’s led by an all-female crew of R&B and Soul lovers who birthed the idea for the UK R&B/Neo-Soul/Jazz scene, to have a home to showcase their talents. Forming life at the beginning of COVID-19 Neo Music started on Instagram writing mini-reviews on past and present releases and quickly caught the attention of these artists, its peers within the scene. Establishing itself as a publication of music and all things entertainment leading into the broadcasting of R&B/Neo-Soul and Jazz music, the small team of Neo Music being evolving to be a hub for the UK R&B/Neo-soul/Jazz scene and recognised as one of the platforms championing rising talent to not only be seen but heard starting with, Neo Music Vol. 1 This podcast episode is unusual conversation because it’s not a 1 on 1 session interview. I have a group of girls interviewing and it’s fun because we’re gonna get to know them and their creative side on how they founded this relationship. These lovely girls are on fire! So don’t miss it: 2:18 - How is Neo Music founded in quarantine? 3:25 - What makes you create the group? 4:13 - What is the difference with Neo Soul and R&B? 5:30 - What’s the alternative R&B mean? 8:31 - How does Neo Music work? 9:30 - Talking about the next collective 13:20 - Describing being the R&B 15:53 - Is there a happy R&B song? 16:46 - What is the essence of R&B 2021? 18:25 - Talking about your audience and listeners 19:00 - Describing aesthetic 23:27 - Talking about self care for artist 27:34 - Talking about the image 33:35 - Talking about the promotion 35:25 - What’s A&R mean? 38:34 - Talking about management 44:41 - Best thing that someone said about your music Follow Neo Music on Social Media: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Spotify: Youtube: Website: Email: Thank you for listening!
June 21, 2021
27. Kene’h Oweh - Host of By the Fire Podcast details mythology and folklore
In this episode of the Created For You Podcast we have a special guest, Kene’h Oweh and usually known as “Ken”. She is a pharmacy student who has a growing interest in Black mythology and the relationship between morality and folklore told as children. She enjoy dancing as a hobby and has been able to use the podcast as a reason to read more stories from non-Western authors. She’s a Nigerian born in Britain and she is the host of By the Fire Podcast. The podcast details mythical creatures and folklore from across the Black diaspora. She was dissatisfied at the lack of mythology originating from Africa and the Caribbean, as well as the Americas. This led to the genesis of By the Fire Podcast! Since then, she’s been able to increase her knowledge on mythology and have had guests on the podcast including an author, a blog writer and horror enthusiast. What a fascinating journey, right? This conversation is so lovely. Don’t miss it! Let’s listen to this unique content and interesting gems: 2:02 - Why did you decide to do this podcast? 4:48 - How people can get deeper into mythology and folklore? 9:20 - How can we start to learn mythology and folklore? 11:16 - What family stories of mythology told you as a child? 11:55 - Talking about the cats 12:37 - What’s the difference between mythology and folklore? 16:05 - Describing myth and mythology 18:05 - How to make folklore today? 19:15 - About myth 27:23 - How did you make context in your journals? 28:25 - Is there a latest example of people using mythology in a very interesting way? 33:15 - What’s your favorite mythology and folklore story? 35:39 - Best feedback that someone said about your podcast Follow Ken’s on Social Media: Blog Website: Instagram: Facebook: Tiktok: Twitter: Youtube: Thank you for listening!
June 14, 2021
26. Jessica Cole - Owner of Roccia Jewellery (African Culture Focused Jeweller)
 Jessica Cole, the owner of Roccia Jeweller in London, joins us on this episode of the Created For You Podcast. Her jewellery business focuses on african culture and the majority of her pieces are handmade. A little background about her is that she has always been interested in jewelry and craft products, and she enjoys going to markets on the weekends and purchasing one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry pieces. She also enjoys learning new things and loves to learn about jewellery design in free resources like YouTube and Google. You don’t find your passion. You grow it. Undoubtedly, our guest for today has an interesting story to share because she turns her hobbies into her passion and you can never stop a person with a clear vision of what she wants. Inspiring! If you are just starting out your business, you might find this helpful for you. Ready to listen to it?: 1:48 - Why African culture important? 3:29 - Talking about the culture 7:55 - Describing the creative process 9:50 - Where do you get your inspiration from? 12:25 - Talking about the process of creating beads 13:50 - What type of music are you listening to when making jewellery? 14:40 - What jewellery are you wearing right now? 15:05 - Describing the symbols of anklets 16:58 - Explaining the semi-political piece of jewellery 18:28 - How is it being a black jeweller in the UK? 20:00 - Talking about London Market 22:23 - Reasons why you choose anklets 25:54 -  Best thing that someone said about your jewellery Follow Jessica’s Social media: Check out our new cowrie shell collection: Website: Email: Mobile: 07787772098 Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Tiktok: Youtube: Coming soon - Jeweller in the making Thank you for listening!
June 07, 2021
25. Victorious “Darius” Smith - Creative artist, dancer and blogger
 In this episode of Created for You Podcast we have Darius Smith, A.K.A Victoryforu, a British blogger, dancer, video creator and aspiring entrepreneur. A little background about him is that at the age 9 years old, he danced in front of 8,000 people in Slovakia and his parents believed in his talents 100%. His parents have both come from creative industries that have influenced how he has been nurtured. In addition, Darius is the youngest trustee for Oxfordshire Youth. He has performed on BBC One's 'The Greatest Dancer' with his Dad, DJG. He is the only person of colour on the board of the charity, Project Trust. He was asked to style models at a blogger's presentation at London Fashion Week Men's in October 2016. Darius has been passionate about being creative and voicing his passions, opinions, and injustices. He has so much to offer and an inspirational well being. He experienced so much at a young age and it brings it to who he is now. Indeed, he will continue to find new ways to grow his brand and help others to be victorious every day. Excited to hear his journey? Let’s listen to it now: 1:36 - How do you find your sense of purpose at a young age? 4:23 - Talking about his passion in dancing 5:47 - Explaining about the blessing in a curse 7:43 - Describing his dance 16:15: How does your experience make you who you are today? 21:04 - Talking about the poetry books 25:18 - What else does Darius do? 27:57 -  How did you get into being an artist director? 33:16 - Keeping a positive energy  talking about social justice 40:15 - How do you still get dance even 44:15 - Best thing that someone said about you? Follow Darius on social media: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: TikTok: Linkedin: Thank you for listening!
May 31, 2021
24. Courtney Bonds - Singer-Songwriter and Entrepreneur
24. Courtney Bonds - Singer-Songwriter and Entrepreneur Courtney Bonds, a singer-songwriter and entrepreneur from Houston, Texas, joins us on today's episode of the Created For You Podcast. She is a multi-genre artist with a dedicated following . Her impressive career started with a boom at the age of four in Houston. Singing across the city with her parents as a trio. Since then, Courtney has consistently created a therapeutic and unique sound that has thrilled and delighted audiences old and fresh. The R&B, Neo-Soul, Gospel, and Pop music that inevitably comes from this Diva allows her to carve out her own artistic path. This is a fascinating discussion that you don’t want to miss! Courtney's story is inspirational. You get to see what she went through and how she got to where she is now. In this podcast, we'll learn more about her: 1:48 - How did you get into music? 5:25 - Is music therapeutic? 6:35 - Describe your music 7:14 - Describing the creative process 11:19 - The process from visual concepts to the releasing phase 15:23 - How do you prepare a perfect setting? 17:50 - Discussing about styling 20:28 - How do you create your name/brand? 22:53 - How do you work on your craft? 24:00 - How did you progress in music? 26:25 - How does the pandemic affect you? 29:25 - Importance of Make-up 32:01 - About original sounds 35:35 - Reason why you expand your music? 37:20 -  What does the word Diva mean? 38:30 - Best thing that someone said about your music Follow Courtney’s on her Social Media account: Website: Email: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Thank you for listening!
May 24, 2021
23. Yana - American R&B singer
In today’s episode of Created For You Podcast  we have Yana, an American R&B singer, producer, composer, healer, jeweller and all around creative from Columbia, Maryland. She’s into films and arts. She has an artistic side and she draws inspiration from 90’s soul icons such as Aaliyah, Brandy, Toni Braxton, HER and Summer Walker. On February 27, 2021, her debut single “DAMN” was independently released. Are you curious about how she got there and the story behind it? Let’s listen to her journey now!: 4:24 - How will you define R&B today? 6:10 - What influenced you in this decade? 7:40 - Describing the creative process 10:05 - What got you into music? 14:25 - Story behind your song 18:05 - How do you discover the directors and producers? 20:35 - Talking about confidence in vision 22:32 - Do you visually portray yourself? 34:28 - Effect/Enhance during pandemic on your creative focus 36:44 - Discussing about jewellery business 39:52 - What’s your favorite crystal? 44:09 - Best advice that you receive? 46:20 - Best thing that someone said about your music Let’s support Yana’s Social Media account: Website - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Youtube - Tiktok - IAMYANADOTCOM Soundcloud - Apple Music: Spotify: Watch “DAMN” on YouTube: Thank you for listening!
May 10, 2021
22. Nikki Igbaroola - Project Manager and Copywriter
In this podcast we have Nikki Igbaroola, she is a Project Manager and Copywriter. Nikki labels herself a Project Manager because of her instinct because it summarizes all of what she can do, also she is an undergraduate in English Literature and Classic Design so that’s why one of her niche is copywriting because her degree is literature based. Freelancer is indeed one of the most helpful people in this pandemic because they are just convenient to hire online so how’s the journey of being a freelancer? Let’s get to hear Nikki’s journey in this podcast: 3:57 - What did you learn? 5:02 - Agency 6:11 - How did you start with Project Management? 11:05 - Started copywriting 13:06 – Build Portfolio 15:09 - About day-by-day and week-by-week process 19:18 - About the business pitch 23:43 - About content strategist 24:47 - Giving Value to clients 27:04 - Keep the good relationship with clients 28:54 - How did you build custom confidence online? 32:10 -Tips on Limited budget 35:20 - Hashtag and Tags 37:40 - Best client testimonial Let’s support Nikki’s Business: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: @blackgirlrumble Twitter: @xxnikkiy Thank you for listening!
April 12, 2021
21. Rugie Wurie - Founder of Mrs Wedding Planner (International Wedding Planner)
In this podcast we get to hear the journey of Rugie Wurie, the founder of Mrs Wedding Planner, an International wedding and events company. Rugie caters International and Luxury Weddings in the UK and other countries like Marrakesh, Europe, Vienna, Berlin, Dubai, Atlanta, Sierra Leonne, US and everywhere. Indeed, not just a typical events planner because it caters worldwide. No more worries, because all our dream wedding destinations can be possible because there is a Rugie who can make it happen for us. So let’s hear the journey of an International Wedding Planner so we can get a knowledge and ideas for your future wedding or business in this podcast: 8:06 - What are you curious about? 17:16 - How do you give the best experience to your client? 26:45 - About Consultation 33:40 – Knowing how much things cost 36:53 – Dealing with cancellation and postponement 40:28 – Process of helping clients on scheduling, planning ahead, and postponing 53:35 - Best client testimonial Let’s support Rugie’s business: Website: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Thank you for listening!
April 05, 2021
20. Cydelle Stewart - Online Business Manager
In this episode is about an online business manager based in London, Cydelle Stewart, she called herself a Pos-Ability Ambassador who has more than decades of experience in the field of Business and also a Disability Rights Activist and Benefit Specialist. Cydelle is indeed an expert because she makes it possible for Coaches, Consultants, and Experts in industry, to focus on creating a life filled with passion, balance, and excellence. Cydelle offer her services to help people in business world to work easy and efficient and she’s in fact a partner in growth so let witness how she turn challenges into Pos-Ability in this podcast: 14:10 - Excel and Words 23: The difference 30:24 - Values and Clients 32:50 - Creating memorable experience 39:08 - Why should they go to your services? 46:54 - Advice for Start-up business Let’s support Cydelle’s business: Website: Linkedin: Instagram:   Thank you for listening!
March 29, 2021
19. Duncan Greenfield-Turk - Managing Director of Luxury London Guy (Travel Advisor)
This episode is about Duncan Greenfield-Turk, a Luxury Travel Adviser that helps clients get the most extraordinary vacation. He is the Managing Director of Luxury London Guy, it is a boutique travel and events agency providing clients with excellent advice, personalized service, meticulous attention to detail and bespoke solutions to everyday challenges. Duncan studied Hospitality specifically hotel operation and management and originally from South Africa, moved to the UK. Additionally, the services he offered are Luxury Travel, LGBTQ+ Travel, Business Travel and Travel Advice. Hence, traveling the world was everyone’s dream, but given the situation we are right now how’s the journey of a travel agency? Let’s see what challenges they are facing right now and hear it in this podcast: 2:49 - How did you come up with the name of your business? 3:29 - How did you get into Luxury business? 4:02 - About Hospitality 5:02 - Background about the Nationality 5:48 - Give value to client 8:37 - Get VIP Client 9:40 - Convincing clients 11:18 - Build customer confident online 12:02 - About Chat box 13:13 - Content Engagement 14:48 - Efforts on puts in the business 17:23 - Business Continuity 19:24 - Types of Travels 20:12 - Referrals and Recommendation 24:04 - Best memorable clients Keep listening to know where his favorite places are. :) Let’s supports Duncan’s business: Website: Phone: +44 20 7190 9039 Facebook: @luxurylondonguy Instagram: @luxurylondonguy Twitter: @luxurylondonguy Thank you for listening!
March 22, 2021
18. Robert Taylor - Portrait Photographer
In this episode is about Robert Taylor, a full time Portrait Photographer, he explores and celebrates people who can be via graphic portraiture. Over the years of experience in this industry he generates commission, projects and collaborations, he works and exhibited widely in several collections including National Portrait Gallery, Victoria & Albert Museum, The University of Oxford Cambridge, UCL and Aston, The Royal Society and several private collections. According to him, he was a young top publisher executive in a Uk based company that published educational and cultural books in Nigeria and does research, little photography and briefing. He is being paid for exploring interesting and popular places in South Africa back and forth to the UK. Yet, he left publishing to become a full time photographer, is it worth it that he switched his career into his passion? Let’s hear out his journey in this podcast: 5:21 - How did you start in being a Photographer? 8:14 - First commission 9:55 - Tips on finding leads 15:31 - Types of Photography 16:55 - Ideal clients 22:35 - How do you connect? 26:28 - How do you deal with women being photographed? 28:11 - How are you with camera shy people? 37:02 - Favorite shoots 38:35 - Providing great photo 39:58 - Key things to do to create good photos 41:12 - Taking decent portrait Let’s support Robert’s business: Address: 365 Kennington Rd, London SE11 4PT Phone: 07976 155 248 Email: Website: Linkedin: Thank you for listening!
March 15, 2021
17. Terry Cella - TIC Media (Printing Business)
In this episode we have Terry Cella, Director of TIC Media. His company offers bespoke print marketing solutions to businesses with a professional and personals service. It specialized in printing products and services like boxes and packaging, business cards , brochures, graphic design, commercial print, display printing, same day printing, branded merchandise and more. It's a highly competitive business but how did he keep his client engaged and market his business given this situation? What’s the secret for a successful business? Let’s hear Terry’s journey in this podcast: 9:11 - Failure 10:50 - Business and Values 13:32 - Brand awareness 15:16 - How did you set-up your business? 16:29 - Connection to work with clients 18:56 - Process of Printing 21:53  - Dealing with customer expectation 26:27 - How to keep engaging with your customer after delivery? 28:03 - How can you still help business with their planning given this situation? 29:25 - How do you connect people online and confidence? 30:37 - Best feedback from customer Let’s support Terry’s business: Website: Instagram: @tic_media_print Linkedin: Thanks for listening!
March 08, 2021
16. Suzy Samuel- BumbleBnBee (Services Accommodation)
This episode is about Suzy from BumbleBnBee in London. Her business provides accommodation services for lodgers and it’s established a year ago, they are in a lot of platforms like airbnb,, social media and face to face booking. Suzy’s business has many special packages to offer like weekend stay, dinner, food package, flowers or gifts for special occasions, drop off-pick up at the airport and any experience. It’s a service accommodation and very person centered because it has a personal touch specifically to help people to have memorable stay experiences. Who would know that one business can be all rounded? Let’s hear Suzy’s journey in this podcast: 5:20 - What makes you different? 8:19 - Memorable experiences with your clients 9:05 - What do you do to get clients? 11:13 - Confidence online 12:17 - Best testimonial 13:15 - Client appreciation for the service Keep listening, and see how Suzy comes up with her business name :) Let’s support Suzy’s business: Facebook: Instagram: @BumbleBnBee Linkedin: Thanks for listening!
March 01, 2021
15. Shilpa Reddy - Florist in London
In this episode we are talking about a business owner, Shilpa Reddy, a florist based in London. She’s designing flowers for weddings and events and also caters installation and workshop. According to her, she always has an artistic side like tattooing, calligraphy, flower design and that’s a call for her to do this business. Shilpa is indeed a creative person, but given that she has an Asian background how was her journey with her business? Let’s hear in this podcast: 2:58 - What would you wish to know when you are starting? 4:15 - How did you start with a flower design world? 5:12 - Giving value to clients 7:14 - How did you make it memorable? 8:33 - Who is your typical client? 9:36 - How did you come up with your business idea? 10:42 - Multicultural clients 12:47 - What will happen to flowers after events? 15:04 - How do people find you? 19:00 - Options 21:11 - Best testimonial and Client story Let’s support Shilpa’s business: Website: Instagram: @shilpareddyflowers Thanks for listening!
February 22, 2021
14. Shade Joseph - Music Producer
In this episode is about Shade Joseph, British- african, writer, musician, music producer and facilitator. She’s an exceptional artist. As a London-based female music artist, there’s a lot of skepticism of women in production or behind the scene and Shade shows that women are capable of becoming a producer. Indeed that Shade is a talented artist and shows niches that are extraordinaire but aren't you curious about how her journey was? Let’s find out in this podcast: 12:08 – How do you make it into the music production? 14:13 – What did you do to make people work with you? 16:59 – Working with the client process 19:47 – Creative process of song radio 25:09 – How did you know when it’s right? 26:41 – Misconception with music producer 33:15 – How did you get into sound design? 35:48 – Process of a sound designer 38:45 – What techniques did you use? 40:59 – Ideal client 44:43 – Memorable experience Let’s support Shade: Instagram: @shads_lonely Twitter: @ShadeJoseph Youtube: Thanks for listening!
February 15, 2021
13. Jemilea Wisdom-Baako - Director of Writerz and Scribez
In this episode is about Jemilea Wisdom-Baako, a life perfectionist who got  married at the age of 27 and has two kids. She’s a British Jamaican poet, writer, facilitator and creative director. The founder of Writerz and Scribez CIC that creates arts organizations and runs workshops, training, events, exhibitions and community activities by wonderful means in various community settings across the United Kingdom. Jemilea company is not a paid organization yet she built connections with people, offered her skills and knowledge because she believed that through the use of art she can change lives. She does a lot of projects to provide creative experience. Indeed that Jemilea has a beautiful heart however, how did she manage to do all the work and how was her journey? Let’s hear out in this podcast: 10:20 - How important is storytelling? 12:32 -  How to make sure you have a memorable experience with the people you work with? 16:00 - What practical do you do to make them feel it’s a good experience? 18:38 - Other things that your organization does? 20:00 - Exhibition that you do? 21:58 - Experience created 21:58 - Explain the creation you make? 24:16 - How was their experience at the barbershop? 27:41- Process of writing 32:33 - How do you get yourself a commission? 35:17 - Who are the people you want to partner/commission with? Let’s support Jemilea: Organization: Sound cloud: Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Thanks for listening!
February 08, 2021
12. Becca Cranfield - Director of Athena Stonecare
This episode is about the journey of Athena Stonecare's director, Becca Cranfield. Her husband, who has years of experience in the industry, founded the company in 2012. It became a family business when Becca got involved and got appointed to be the Director. Two years after, under the supervision of Becca, they expanded, she did all the marketing and social media engagement and managed to make the company grow bigger and reach more people in the UK. Did she become a Director instantaneously? How’s the journey of being a director and working with your husband? Let’s find out in this podcast: 3:54 - How did you become a director? 7:26 - What would you like to know when you’re started out? 20:08 - What’s your niche? 22:44 - How do you get clients? 29:04 - What value did you give your client? 33:43 - How did you build confident online 37:38 - Tips to get testimonials online? 42:26 - Pros and Cons on working with your family? 46:09 - Best client story or testimony you had? Let’s support Becca’s business: Website: Facebook: Instagram: @athenastonecare Linkedin: @BeccaCranfield Thanks for listening!
February 01, 2021
11. Anna Ward - (Delivery Services Cake in London)
In this episode is about the journey of business owner, Anna Ward, a 27 years old who caters delivery service cakes in London. She established her business cake together with her older sister who is the co-founder in July 2017. They both came up with the idea of delivering cakes in the Offices of London by the means of online tools where people can schedule and book for delivery so they can have it newly baked. It makes them unique to other independent bakeries because they provide easy access for the offices to buy last minute cakes for colleagues' birthdays. Indeed, Anna’s journey was a tough and a long journey but how did she survive and continue her business even in this pandemic? Let’s all hear her entrepreneurial journey and tackle how she handles the reality of business in this podcast: 4:52 - Process of the cake business 7:56 - Target location 8:27- Ideal Client 12:23 - How to get a client? 22:12 - How to maintain good relationships with suppliers? 25:31 - Criticism about the products 27:26 - Business plan continuity 30:59 - Best client story Let’s support Anna’s business: Website: Instagram: @cakesdropldn Twitter: @cakesdropldn Linkedin: @cakesdropldn Thank you for listening!
January 25, 2021
10. April Lui- London Permanent Makeup (Makeup Artist and Permanent Makeup Specialist)
In this episode we have April Lui, a fully qualified and insured permanent make-up artist based in Maida Vale, London. Originally from Singapore and came to Uk at the age of 16 to get higher education. It all started when her 5 years old cousin shaved his own eyebrow and April did her best to pencil it like the other side. Until weeks passed no one noticed the difference. She realized she had a gifted talent in that field. She has a degree in Mechanical Engineering in London University and who would have thought that she would realize that she had a gifted talent in the field of permanent make-up because of that experience. There is much to learn about the power of makeup. Also, how permanent makeup can solve a lot of problems for women right? In this podcast we can get to hear the journey of a permanent make-up artist: 12:30 - What do you wish to know when starting out? 19:18 - Beginning point of her journey 45:23 - About Cartier bangle example 59:43 - Who is your typical client? 1:07:39 - Building customer confidence online 1:15:00 - About Insecurities and Sensitivity of Clients 1:19:05 - Best clients testimonial 1:24:39 - Making your clients comfortable Let’s support April’s business: Website: Email: Phone: 07725 047821 Linkedin: Instagram: Thank you for listening!
August 16, 2020
9. Yvonne Oshodi - Maeve Hardware (Jeweller)
This episode is about the journey of business owner, Yvonne Oshodi, a Nigerian British jewellery designer, she makes pieces that are an embodiment of female power but also have a hint of masculine rawness. She started her brand which is Mauve Hardware and established a year ago. She sells in Shopify and plans to expand and a lot of her pieces are inspired by her youth in South London. Most of her family is an entrepreneur and business owners and that’s the reason why she’s directed in this path. Let’s hear Yvonne’s journey on how was the fresh start of her business in this podcast: 2:14 - Type of Jewellery created 3:10 - Urban means 5:30 - UK Grime scene 7:35 - About Good Design 10:59 - What’s make you unique? 14:35 - What is one of your favorite pieces? 16:22 - Giving great customer service Let’s support Yvonne’s business: Website: Instagram: @maevehardware Thank you for listening!
August 16, 2020
8. Radjua Eshun - One Seven Jewellers (Jeweller)
This episode is about the journey of the jewellery owner of One Seven Jewellers, Radjua Eshun. She’s a 21 years old self-taught jeweller, specializing in creating bespoke grillz- gold teeth and she started her business 3 years ago with the knowledge she learned from just watching youtube videos. Radjua single-handedly ran her business while studying an HND in jewellery and silversmithing. She creates grillz for clients all over the UK, as well as Ireland and US. One more thing about her is she’s the only one who does grillz in Dublin. Aside from creating grillz, she also do jewellery repairs and restorations Who could have thought that you can have gold in your body right? It’s indeed a interesting journey, so let’s hear it out in this podcast: 8:29 - What have you learn in your journey 11:20 - Favorite gemstone 13:15 - Opinion about Lab grown diamond 18:36 - Ideal clients 24:08 - What’s good design for you Keep listening to how she comes up with her business name :) Let’s support Radjua’s business: Website - Instagram- @17Jewellers Thank you for listening!
August 16, 2020
Alison Morris - Veiled Rebel (Jeweller)
In this episode is about the journey of a Jeweller, Allison Morris, she is the founder of Veiled Rebel which is a fine fashion jewellery based in London. Before she started off as a solicitor and now she's a  jewellery designer. It is so great that we can get to know a person who turns her dreams into action because she really loves jewellery and she couldn't imagine herself being in other fields. According to her, the name Veiled Rebel jewellery is an endlessly cool and edgy, an elegant rebellion. It was lovely to meet a co-jeweler and share knowledges with each other so let’s get to know more Allison’s journey in this podcast: 2:47 - Jewellery Journey 5:23 - Describing jewellery pieces 6:39 - Best jewellery you made 7:56 - Favorite Gemstone 9:25 - Design Concept 15:28 - What is a good design for you? 17:51 - Jewellery techniques Let’s support Alison’s business: Website: Instagram: Pinterest: Tumblr: Thank you for listening!
August 16, 2020
Adrianne Sanogo - (Gemologist)
This episode is about a professional Gemologist, Adrianne Sanoga. She is an experienced Business Administrator with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry and a gemstone expert, with a focus on diamonds and Fine Jewelry. She’s a co-founder and educational chair at Black in Jewelry Coalition. Aside from that, she's an activist and advocate. Indeed, she has so much to offer and there’s a lot of knowledge that we can learn in this episode specially if you are interested in diamonds, so let’s hear Adrianne’s journey in this podcast: 8:47 - Dealing with Price 12:43 - Favorite Gemstone 14:15 - Color of the Diamonds 15:53 - Grading and Process 19:18 - Why Gemologist needed? 23:31 - Authentication process 25:28 - Opinion about natural and synthetic Gemstone 26:48 - About Microscopic 28:48 - About Synthetic gemstone Keep listening to know where to find diamonds :) Let’s support Adrianne’s business: Website: LinkedIn: Instagram: @adriannesanogo Thank you for listening!
August 16, 2020
Founder of Yours Truly Wedding Film (Videographer)
In this episode we have Jaime Horton a videographer in London, he is the founder of Yours Truly wedding Films. It is a wedding videography company covering Indian weddings in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Kent, Surrey, London, Sussex + Nationwide & Destination upon request. He do Indian modern weddings We will get to know how to provide a great service in a highly pressurized environment! Keep listening in this podcast to know more about Jaime’s journey: 12:50 - Failure 15: 44 - Starting career 19:42 - Building Trust to gain referrals 24:08 - Nationality 33:10 - Dealing with the couple family requests 37:24 - Giving the final output to the couple 40:13 - What do you do when clients want to rush the video output? 41:35 - Asking for Feedback 51:23 - Clients Testimonials Let’s support Jaime’s business: Website: Email: Instagram: @yourstrulyweddingfilm Thank you for listening!
March 26, 2020
Founder of TonyHPhoto (Photographer)
This episode is about the journey of a Hospitality Photographer in London, Tony Harris. Tony is a passionate communicator, providing professional commercial photography to the hospitality industry in London and beyond. He specializes in food photography, hotel photography and architectural photography, including interiors and portraits. He is the founder of TonyHPhoto which aims to deliver compelling images that spark engagement and boost revenue. In this podcast, let's hear Tony’s journey being a photographer: 6:47 - How to be a professional Photographer? ‘8:09 - How did you come up with this profession? 14:35 - What makes you special? Why should clients go to you? 17:35 - Most challenging shoots 20:42 - About Hotel and Restaurant 26:00 - Refresh photos 27:42 - Conversation with clients 30:02 - About Flat lays 33:41 - Best photo that not yours 34:49 - Advice for aspiring photographer 37:24 - Editing of photo 38:53 - Ideal clients Let’s support Tony’s business: Website: Email: Twitter: @tonyHphoto LinkedIn: Thank you for listening!
March 26, 2020
Owner of Not Just Travel (Travel consultant)
In this episode is about a Travel Consultant in London, Hayley John Charles. She is the owner of a franchise Not Just Travel. She makes everythings easy for travelers, just say what you want and she’ll fix everything for you. Who doesn't love to travel and with a hassle free transaction, right? In this podcast, let Hayley show us how it can be possible : 2:53 - Important to know 5;20 - Proper country 6:01 - Positive tips in this pandemic 10:54 - Misconception about travelling 13:47 - Cancels and Rescheduling 15:58 - Customer’s feelings 17:47 - Advice for undecided travelers 21:44 - Business wise that you are doing now 24:52 - Testimonial story Let’s support Hayley’s business: Website: Email: Facebook: Instagram: @notjusttravel_hayleyjc Thank you for listening!
March 26, 2020
Founder of Aezir (Entrepreneur)
In this episode is about Kaloyan Gospodinov, the founder of Aezir. It is a UK based digital agency that leverages the internet to reverse engineer a business with an emphasis on marketing as the tip of the spear. He experienced so much that deserve to be called an expert. Basically his journey all started in Bulgaria, studied, got an offer and work in Thailand but based in London yet not everything work out as plan so he decided to start on his own in the UK and focus on Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and become an entrepreneur and Director of his own company so there’s so much to learn on his journey, let's hear his advice in this podcast: 8:10 - What are things you want to accomplish now? 11:37 - Started in Digital Marketing World 17:08 - Setup the company 19:48 - Important of optimizing LinkedIn 22:19 - How to optimize LinkedIn to get more leads? 24:13 - How can you get leads? 27:36 - Maintain good relationship online 30:10 - Ideas about selling on LinkedIn 36:08 - Create hypothesis 39:34  - Build relationship online Let’s greet Kal a Happy birthday :) Let’s support Kai business: Website: Email: LinkedIn: Thank you for listening!
March 26, 2020
James Newell (Sales expert)
This episode is about the journey of a Sales expert that is based in London, James Newell, he helps people on selling naturally and creates bespoke training. His company which is Selling Confidence and Clear Sales Message, states that it’s about good communication and finding connections that lead you in generating sales. He created Clear Sales Message in 2017 as he transitioned from a successful career in the corporate sales environment to finding and following his passion running his own sales consultancy. With the right message, you can present your products and services with confidence and clarity, knowing that what you are communicating will resonate with potential clients. If you want to generate sales and you might want to know some tips for your business, let’s all hear some advices from James’s journey in this podcast: 9:58 - How do you balance 13:32 - How did you start? 20:06 - Process on working with client 24:37 - Picking color scheme 25:39 - Ideal clients 30:23 - Know if Hypothesis is correct 35:35 - Install confidence online 39:03 - How can we grow during this pandemic? 42:57 - Overcoming fear Let’s support James business: Website: Email: Phone: +44 (0)7722 460 360 LInkedin: Youtube: Twitter: @clearsalesmsg Thank you for listening!
March 26, 2020