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Blackhawk Talks

Blackhawk Talks

By Blackhawk Talks
Blackhawk Talks is a podcast where we interview different types of people on campus, including students, teachers, coaches, and staff, to hear their voices and stories. The reason this podcast was created was because we wanted to break down stereotypes that have formed over the years and create a connection with people during these fast-changing times.
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Blackhawk Talks: Season Finale - Goodbye Mrs. Bruce & RIP Mrs. Rivera
In this episode, the hosts congratulate Mrs. Bruce on her retirement and say our final goodbyes. The second portion of the episode is dedicated to Mrs. Rivera and her family where the hosts discuss her recent passing.
June 09, 2021
Blackhawk Talks: Episode 4 - Academics w/ Savannah Hudson
In this episode, the hosts interview Savannah Hudson about her first year in high school and how she was able to achieve academic success this year. Savannah’s Instagram: @savvy_jane06
June 02, 2021
Blackhawk Talks: Episode 3 - Athletics w/ Jake Caliva
In this episode, the hosts interview Jake Caliva about his involvement with multiple sports teams on campus and discuss a bit about his experience in animation. Jake’s Instagram: @jake_caliva
May 12, 2021
Blackhawk Talks: Episode 2 - Arts w/ Olivia Beaumont
In this episode, the hosts interview Olivia Beaumont about her experience with the performing arts department, along with some other activities she has been involved with on campus. Olivia’s Instagram: @gymnastgirl901 Olivia’s GoFundMe:
April 29, 2021
Blackhawk Talks: Episode 1 - Activities w/ Grace Wilson
In this episode, the hosts, Tori Ramirez and Josie Bui, introduce what this podcast is about and what our mission is with the podcast. We also interview Grace Wilson and discuss what her life is like being a student who is involved with ASB and cheer at CVHS. Grace’s Instagram: @gracemae6 Her Pig’s Instagram: @jimmy_dean_thepig
April 15, 2021