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Black Hoodie Alchemy

Black Hoodie Alchemy

By Anthony Tyler
Author and researcher Anthony Tyler investigates esoterica and the unexplainable, from ancient history all the way to up to the latest in brain sciences, psychology, and folklore's carry-over into the modern era -- with heaping spoonfuls of psychedelia, horror, and a bit of true crime.
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14.666: Heavy Metal Philosophies (feat. Adam Koch of Silent on Fifth Street)

Black Hoodie Alchemy

21: Unexplainable Phenomena, Surrealism & Mental Health (feat. AP Strange)
This time around, the show gets pretty X-Files-ish with my colleague, AP Strange -- a writer, researcher, investigator, and collector of Forteana. Strange gives us a brief history of Charles Fort and the ideas of "Fortean" investigation and phenomena, which essentially encompasses anything unexplainable with some shades of specificity that we'll get into.  Armed with an impressive Fortean library, AP Strange knows well about eclectic researchers and their strange obsessions throughout the years, whether it be UFOs, cryptids, or poltergeists, and this man can easily be considered a walking Fortean library himself. Additionally, he's had his own wild Fortean experiences that he tells us about, and he recommends further topics of research that you may not have ever heard of.  Phantom clowns abducting children? Silent black helicopters and an outbreak of cattle mutilations? Poltergeists, Loch Ness, and spontaneous combustion? What about UFOs and abductions and Men in Black? We've got it all in this episode as well discuss the unexplainable, the surreal, and where to draw the line with your own mental health. Being fascinated with these things is all a part of the human experience -- we love folklore and mythology and trying to figure things out for ourselves -- but we must be careful to not slip headfirst down the rabbit hole, losing ourselves in paranoia and the foolish quest for the ultimate truth. Where do these things come from? Is it all in our heads, or something more? What about both options? Check out AP's website! my website This week's featured music! Support that independent black hoodie rap, and all your favorite independent artists! Intro - Hex One I Am (feat. Reef the Lost Cauze) - Babylon Warchild The Gates of Babylon - Babylon Warchild Seasunz (feat. Melanin 9) - Epidemic
September 27, 2022
20: Hermeticism & the Golden Dawn (feat. Joe Rupe)
For one of the most esoteric episodes I've done so far, Joe Rupe joins me again and we talk about magick, alchemy, Hermeticism, and the Order of the Golden Dawn. We go through many different areas of discussion here, like: why Hermeticism isn't a religion, where it came from historically, why alchemists were trying to turn lead into gold, what the most recommended reading is, and what exactly the Golden Dawn is all about. Boasting some scholarly esoteric names like Aleister Crowley, Israel Rigarde, and Oscar Wilde, Joe is also a member of the Order and helps shed light on this mysterious secret society, its workings, and its practices. Is it Illuminati-official, are they sacrificing babies in the name of Satan, or is it yet just another human philosophy out there aimed at transcendentalism? And what does all this mean in the modern era? This week's featured music -- support that underground black hoodie rap and your favorite independent artists! Intro - Hex One Autumn State of Mind - Umang The Gates of Babylon - Babylon Warchild Bollywood Boulevard - Unknown Mizery & the Arkeologists
September 20, 2022
19: The Image of the Conspiracy Theory
This week's episode will be more personal than usual, as I talk about why the culture of the conspiracy theory has been on the strong rise over the last several years. For 3 years, around 2014 to 2017, I was one of the three main writers behind the non-partisan news website The Last American Vagabond, where I immersed myself in so many conspiracy theories in an attempt to find what was real and what wasn't. I haven't kept up with the headlines or the people associated with the Vagabond for quite some time now, but I've got no hard feelings or anything ill to say about them in particular. And let it be known very loudly and clearly that I am not anti-conspiracy theory as a wholesale statement! Many conspiracy theories are conspiracy facts, and the idea of "conspiracy" is just a part of human culture that exists in the bottom of the hierarchy, the top, and everywhere in between.  But how do we really separate fact from hysteria? As example: the Jeffrey Epstein scandal was very real and full of evidence, yet people still focus on MCU-style conspiracy theory cross-overs that connect everything together and would probably make a fun comic book or movie, but they also make for a very fucking sad and unhealthy real life. Over the last few years we've seen a rise in conspiracy-theory-culture interventions as family try to talk people down from a paranoid proverbial ledge, and we've seen people completely throwing friends and family away because these people "can't see the truth." Epstein, Q Anon, Pizzagate, 9/11, the Illuminati, Annunaki and various Reptilian or otherwise alien overlords, and a whole lot more in this episode! Then, to top it all off, I tell the very real story of my Iraqi Refugee friend that I made in Anchorage, Alaska in 2015. Nicknamed "Sam", he was brought to the US by the United Nations Witness Protection Program. Having worked as an interpreter for US forces for years in Iraq as a teenager, the Taliban had finally started targeting him and his family, forcing Sam to flee the country. Find out more of the details of his story on this week's episode! Sam's story was a final straw for me to show that conspiracy theories missed so many details from their far removed arm-chair researcher perspective.  All this and more on Black Hoodie Alchemy Support that underground black hoodie rap and your favorite independent artists! Intro - Hex One The Injustice - Babylon Warchild The Gates of Babylon - Babylon Warchild my website
September 13, 2022
18: The Image of the UFO
Interested in the psychology, symbolism, and existential potential of the UFO, but tired of the insane new age space gurus, government insiders, and half-baked philosophies? Then this will be an episode for you.  UFOs won't be a main focus on this podcast series, and this will likely be one of the few episodes I ever do on the subject. They will surely be mentioned from time to time with varying degrees of focus, but the majority of connotations associated with Ufology and the types of investigations it provokes aren't my main focuses of interest. Some people interested in Ufology say they are interested in the stars and the potential for cosmic life, but what it seems they are most interested in is paranoia, mania, and the rush of uncovering esoteric secrets. Another rendition of the age-old archetypal hero's-journey with a whooole lot of weeds to get lost in on this trek!  So let's talk about why Ufology is so full of holes in its traditional lore, but why the psychology and existential "image" of the UFO has truly been seen throughout history and has its own presence within the human experience. But how physical are these things? Do they come from other planets? What kind of primal questions about existence in the cosmos does the image of the UFO stir within us all? None of it is exactly straightforward, but I certainly don't agree with the most traditional explanations, nor do I buy the tales of government insiders or story-sellers.  And to top it all off, I get into the basic nuts and bolts of my UFO sightings outside of Anchorage, Alaska! I lived there for many years and saw more than a couple very clear and confusing UFOs. No aliens, no abductions, not even any real climaxes, but they were ace-in-the-hole sightings that have left me with my own questions and considerations. You don't have to believe me either. I'm not a ufologist, I don't have a stake in any of these claims, I'm just sharing my experiences. Government-based, existentially metaphysical, a psychedelic-esque vision, or extra-terrestrials from another planet, we all know someone that has seen unexplainable phenomena in the sky, and we see it throughout our historical records. So let's not ignore it, and let's not look to "officials" for a narrative. Let's investigate for ourselves. This week's featured music! Support your favorite independent emcees Intro - Hex One  Tumblin - Rothstein  Extraterrestrials - Hex One Don't forget to check out my other work as well Dive Manual Hunt Manual (this one discusses UFOs a bit) my website the trailer to the UFO documentary I'm going to be in (full film unreleased at the moment)
September 06, 2022
17: The Image of the Mysteries
This week's episode is all about the "Ancient Mysteries of Antiquity" as scholars have put it, and what they psychologically represent for us today. Part historical fact and part philosophical supposition, the Mysteries are the loose name for the overarching metaphysical studies found within the cultures of the Egyptian, the Hebrew, the Greeks, Romans, Mesopotamians, Sumerians, Persians, Chinese, Vedic, and other traditions more. Some part of the mystery here is how exactly so many global and ancient cultures communicated their philosophies with one another, and how much of it is archetypal psychology. In other words: how much of this comes from old trading routes, how much of this is purely the collective consciousness, and how much of this is just the confirmation biases of New Agers and staunch esotericists.  The deeper mystery here is what all the priestly studies of so many cultures were seeking to shed light on. What sciences did they pass down to one another, what secrets did they keep under penalty of death, and how were altered states of consciousness involved? Ancient priests from so many cultures maintained a continuity and fraternity of ancient metaphysical study, something that even inspired the Freemasons among so many other secret societies, and all of them had key-points and takeaways that we can consider today through historical evidence. Were they studying the meaning of life, or is it something more alchemical and to the point? Furthermore, what is the psychology behind this all? Why do humans feel the need to understand the secrets of the cosmos? What is there to gain in the end and what does this archetypal quest truly represent?  Ultimately, I try to pinpoint what the historical perspective of the Mysteries are, and I aim to drive home just how and why they have shaped general philosophy, occultism, mysticism, and religion as we know it today. This week's featured music! Intro - Hex One Aquarium - Deca Untitled - Deca & Ichiban Buyer Beware (feat. Deca) - Rothstein 
August 30, 2022
16: The Image of the Devil
This week, I'm not saying that 'evil' as a concept is completely nonexistent, but I'll be taking the time to demonstrate how the arch-devil of Christianity is entirely a "straw-man argument" that not even the source texts backed up until a certain point in history. Like it is with so many other things, this multi-thousand year telephone game brought us all a mix of many different characters like Set, Pan, Lucifer, Lilith, Prometheus and more. And while some of these characters have archetypal similarities to each other, some of these are just entirely different mythological personas that were amalgamated to make a character seemingly worth demonizing.  I also take the time to talk a bit about the Qabalistic Trees of Life and Death and how they relate to Dante's Divine Comedy and its levels of heaven and hell. This in turn brings us further into a conversation about dynamic forces of nature that we attempt to humanize as gods or devils with our spiritual traditions.  This isn't moral relativism and this isn't devil worship either, but it would be safe to say that orthodox Christians are going to want to sit this episode out unless they're fairly open-minded about ancient history and their cultures! I hope you dig it. This week's featured music! Better off Dead - Silent of Fifth Street The Karma - Babylon Warchild The Towers of Babylon - Babylon Warchild Additional reading material: Trees of Life and Death Lilith, sleep paralysis, and symbolism Dive Manual Hunt Manual
August 23, 2022
15: The Image of God
Welcome back, folks! This week I start the discussion off with some odds and ends, elaborating on a couple points from prior episodes to segue into this one, the philosophy and psychology of God. I also briefly mention the latest Alexisonfire album-- the first one since 2009. It's fantastic and if heavy stoner rock that bleeds slightly into hardcore and blues sounds up your alley, then I highly recommend it. As for the main topic, the "image of God" was a phrase that psychoanalyst Carl Jung coined, and it was meant to signify the human psychological components-- the symbols, feelings, and concepts-- that the idea of God gave humanity. Potential metaphysical realities and dogmas set aside, what has the image of God done for humanity throughout history on tangible, scientific levels? We cannot measure the metaphysical qualities of something like the monotheistic All-God of so many religions, but we can certainly measure the human engagement, participation, and consequences of wrestling with this all pervasive and even evasive image.  Regardless of our beliefs, the compulsion to the consider with the image of God is deep-seated and something that seems to have nestled itself in the recesses of our psyches since the beginning of it all. But what is it? Is it purely psychological or could it be something more? And what about the mythological embodiments of this All-God throughout history? What about Yahweh in particular, the one most of us are so familiar with on one level or another? Is Yahweh really perfect, omnipotent, and all-loving? Or is he flawed and perhaps evil like the Gnostics claim? Perhaps somewhere in between? All this and more on Black Hoodie Alchemy! My recommended listening for you this week! Sweet Dreams of Otherness - Alexisonfire More recommended listening, and the featured music on the show!  Support that underground black hoodie rap! The Center - The Liberators Leave it all Behind - Hex One additional material: Jung's Answer to Job Jungian God-Image my book Dive Manual my book Hunt Manual my website
August 16, 2022
14.666: Heavy Metal Philosophies (feat. Adam Koch of Silent on Fifth Street)
This episode is a bit of a Heavy Metal Special! And that also makes it an opportunity to play some brutal solos and breakdowns courtesy of the metal band, Silent on Fifth Street, of which my friend Adam Koch is the bassist. You can find their music on Youtube, Spotify, and iTunes the easiest and we'll be playing a few samples of tracks here on this show instead of the usual bumps of black hoodie rap.  So if you have an aversion to bone-crushing metal with pummeling vocals, then it's okay to sit this one out. We all like what we like and I wouldn't blame you! But maybe you non-metalheads just skip the music breaks and tune in anyway -- you might gain some good food for thought here. Having been around for a handful of years now, Silent on Fifth Street are a presence in underground metal, receiving positive reception from heavy metal news outlets and even getting themselves some small-time hits. But this is still only the beginning, because they're currently cooking up a new EP -- and just a few months before recording this podcast, they'd actually managed to open up for Suicide Silence, Carnifex, and Lorna Shore. Some notable names for anyone that follows the really heavy side of metal. Join us as we talk about why metal gets more and more extreme, the differences in old school and new school metal, vocal techniques and instrumentation, the worst mosh stories we've heard, metal gatekeeping, and of course philosophy. Can you summon demons with metal? What about just in the allegorical sense? How healthy can it be dwelling on such dark topics with dark instrumentation? And how does Satanism factor into it all? What about Christian metal bands? All this and more on this week's conversation.  Silent on Fifth Street's music  Galaxies  Better off Dead  The Sickening Truth and their newest song: Meaningless Life
August 02, 2022
14: The Legend of Redneck Mystic 'Tippy Patson' (feat. Justin Otto)
This episode of Black Hoodie Alchemy is going to be a little bit different! Suffice it to say that I was contacted by a very curious Florida man that only seems to communicate through old fashioned snail mail, despite still having a website. His name is 'Tippy Patson', and he's a totally real person that has some very fascinating ideas about American trucker culture existing throughout time and space, including the time traveling escapades of Henry Ford and the theory that the Ancient Mystery Rites of Antiquity included Nascar. It's this and a whole hell of a lot more as Tippy tries to make sense out of his own research and validate the current life he's living. You can visit Tippy website at\.com. After the break, I then discuss a man who claims to own the Moon, Mars, and some more planets, and he's even contacted the United Nations about his ownerships... kind of. This is another weird story, but this one is actually really real, and you can read the Vice article about it here. Enjoy! Featured music:  Old Heroes Grave - The Liberators... Oracle - D-REV Stealth Bombers - Epidemic & Dreamtek (produced by Loop Holes) And don't forget to check out my books: Dive Manual: Empirical Investigations of Mysticism Hunt Manual: 21st Century Demonology & Forteana
July 26, 2022
13: Schizophrenic Serial Killers (feat. Joe Rupe of Lighting the Void)
Here comes the first appearance (of many to come on this show) of my friend Joe Rupe, host of Lighting the Void and the main brain behind the Fringe FM Radio. He is also a former member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and has a great deal of insight into mysticism, transcendental magick and Jungian psychology. In this episode, we warm up with some talk about the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones, and we talk about the state of Jungian psychology today and where different people have taken it. But after that, we get into the meat of the conversation, discussing three infamous serial killers, all of which were severely schizophrenic and having darkly mystical hallucinations.  These men are Joseph Kalinger, Herbert Mullin, and Richard Chase. Kalinger was a shoemaker in Philadelphia that was chosen by Yahweh to save humankind by creating the perfect shoe, which ultimately led to torture and murder. Mullin was a man that became convinced Yahweh needed him to kill as many people as the Vietnam War had casualties. See, Mullin needed to provide sacrifices to Yahweh to stop an armageddon-type earthquake. But Richard Chase was dubbed the Vampire of Sacramento because he was obsessed with blood -- even going as far as injecting animal blood into his veins. Eventually he started killing for human blood, and was convinced that Nazi UFOs were following him.  I tell Joe all these stories and then we analyze them through the lens of Hermeticism and Jungian psychology. It takes us to some very creepy places, but we found the conversation to be thought provoking and we hope you do too. This week's featured music! Support that underground, black hoodie rap my homies. Birds of Prey - Epidemic  Chances Are - The Liberators my website LIghting the Void Richard Chase Joseph Kalinger Herbert Mullin
July 19, 2022
12: Mysticism, Magick & Skepticism (feat. Justin Otto of Dharma Junkie)
Get ready to get down to the brass tacks of mysticism, magick, and the religious experience. Firstly, what is the difference between these three, and how do things like dreams, psychedelic drugs, and hypnosis fit into it all? Another way to describe this is as an episode about altered states of consciousness and adaptation. With dreams, we use symbols to quantify emotional values with contexts and scenarios not usually found in our everyday lives. We use them to meet needs otherwise unmet. But through hypnosis and uses of these archetypal symbols meant to trigger and quantify states of consciousness, magick and mysticism might not be as far from the scientific spectrum as the skeptic may think. After all, belief and doubt are not ultimatums -- they are tools to use at will.  Justin and I also talk a fair amount about addiction therapy and recovery, and how truly mystical this experience can be. With neuroscience, Buddhism, Hermeticism, and historical perspective, we hack through New Age bullshit and cult leader propaganda to discuss what ACTUAL mysticism and magick means in the 21st century.   Are gods just viruses? What is the difference between placebo and will? How would you know how real a god isn't if you can't even prove how real you currently are? No lording here -- just some well research and perspectives as food for thought! We hope you dig it.  Support that underground black hoodie rap!  If It Ain't Real (feat DJ Grasshoppa) - Umang  The System - Babylon Warchild Dharma Junkie
July 12, 2022
11: Drugs, Alchemy & Horticulture (feat. Alex of Natural Born Alchemist)
This week is a Part 2 of sorts to last week! This is actually an episode that I recorded as a guest on Alex's show, Natural Born Alchemist, but I'm going ahead and releasing it here as well. Extending out of our last conversation about the Abrahamic religions, Gnosticism, and alchemy, we go deeper into alchemical symbolism and discuss the detailed ins and outs of what plants, gardening, and horticulture have to do with spirituality. We also get into how the use of drugs and getting high plays roles in spirituality, especially alchemy, and what the implications of all this might be. Talking about growing weed, detoxing from Big Pharma prescriptions, taking iboga and ayahuascha in indigenous ceremonies and much more!  Don't forget to check out   Alex's podcast here my website here  OUTRO SONG:  SQUARED CIRCLE - UMANG
July 05, 2022
10: Christianity, Gnosticism & Alchemy (feat. Alex of Natural Born Alchemist)
This week's episode is released a bit late on account of me being bedridden with a stomach virus -- it was goddamn terrible. This chat was recorded before it hit me, but not before I had prepared it for release at all, so here it is a couple days late!  It's a chat with my good friend Alex that started open-ended with some cannabis smoke and led us into a conversation analyzing Christianity, the Gnostic idea of the Abrahamic god as the Demi-Urge, alchemy in Hermeticism and the Abrahamic religions, and shamanic psychedelic rites relating to these religions.  I'll leave it at that this time around and I hope you tune in next week when I'm back in full health! Cheers. And don't forget to check out Alex's show, Natural Born Alchemist! my website
June 29, 2022
9: Teal Swan, Postmodern Cults & Self Delusion (feat. Justin Otto of Dharma Junkie)
Greetings everyone and thank you for joining me after a longer hiatus than I expected -- almost 2 months! It was a move to a new city, commuting a lot while the move finished up on top of a job-transfer and everything else. Nothing really eventful outside of the norm, but now here I am back in the weekly swing of things! This was a rare extended break for several reasons, and even when any more breaks come from me they won't be nearly this long. I appreciate anyone tuning back in after falling off for a little bit. In this episode I am joined by my friend Justin Otto -- host of the Dharma Junkie podcast, meditation instructor, and studious Buddhist. It's rare to find a devout Buddhist that reminisces about the times he's drank with famously insensitive (and pretty hilarious) comedian Doug Stanhope, and the dark humor is definitely abundant in this episode. Whether or not you think it's funny, Justin and I are good at egging each other on without really trying and we had a great time.  We discuss the new four-part documentary series about Teal Swan on Hulu (that's where I watched it at least), entitled 'The Deep End.' If you've never heard her name before, just imagine a woman in her thirties that started as a new age internet guru right as Youtube was really starting to take off as a platform. Eventually her Youtube blows up, leading to massive book sales and lecture tours about self-empowerment -- all of which is either pretty surface-level or highly debatable, until she amassed enough wealth and prestige to strong-arm all her assets into a cult blueprint.  In the outer circle, she panders to people searching for answers at book signings, but in the inner circle she manipulates and even physically abuses her followers in certain cases, even using experimental hypnotherapy to alter their emotions and memories in disastrous ways that are a direct extension of Satanic Panic hysteria.  Now, what sets this apart from all other cult research is that this was a documentary allowed by Teal Swan as a PR stunt: they thought that if they let a third party film crew come in and document them, then the world will know that Teal Swan is a chill superhuman and totally not running a cult. But as we will talk about in this episode, this PR stunt severely back-fired and has left Swan's public image in shreds. So aside from the audio tapes of Jonestown life and the video recorded goodbyes of Heaven's Gate followers, this documentary represents an authentic close-up look at the inner circle of an insidious cult. And its filmed in real-time about a group that is still very active and very mad about this exposure. They were just too delusional to see that they would be bringing about their own downfall. But cult leaders like this are often resilient, and we surely haven't heard the last from Teal Swan. All this and more on this episode of Black Hoodie Alchemy! Outro song: The Return - Babylon Warchild (feat. Daddy Rose) support that underground black hoodie rap!
June 21, 2022
8: OG Comics & Mysticism II (feat. Martin Ferretti of The Alchemical Mind)
For this edition of Black Hoodie Alchemy, my good friend Martin joins me as my second official guest. We follow up my last conversation with Eric Millar about his book 'The Four Color Grimoire', the history of comic books, the mythologies and philosophies that inspired them, as well as unpacking some of the details of Eric's favorite authors and heroes. This time, Martin takes what Eric helped us build on the show and adds to it, deconstructing the philosophies of Grant Morrison further and the writer's take on chaos magick and Hermeticism through writing titles like Batman, Justice League, Doom Patrol, Flex Mentallo, and The Invisibles. And we can't help but discuss Alan Moore a bit as well! Simulation theory, sigil magick, archetypes and analytic psychology, Moon Knight and schizophrenia, and a deep look at both DC and Marvel -- you won't wanna miss this if you're a comic head! outro track:  The Countown - BABYLON WARCHILD support that black hoodie rap and your favorite independent artists! Martin's show 'The Alchemical Mind' my book Hunt Manual my book Dive Manual Eric's book 'Four Color Grimoire' 'Deconstructing Grant Morrison'  Stan Lee's Superhumans
May 10, 2022
7: OG Comics & Mysticism I (feat. Eric Millar of Outlet Press)
This week of Black Hoodie Alchemy brings us our first guest: my friend and colleague, Eric Millar! While he's done the cover of my book Hunt Manual and we've talked back and forth for nearly a couple years, this actually marks our first real-time conversation, and we had a helluva time. Eric comes around to have a serious but informal discussion about old school comic books, their culture and content, and what that means to modern philosophy, magick, and mysticism.  TRUE BELIEVERS, YOU WON'T FIND TALK ABOUT JOSS WHEDON, ZAK SNYDER, OR SEQUEL THEORY BULLSHIT HERE. IF ANYTHING, ALLOW THIS CONVERSATION TO TRANSPORT YOU BACK TO THAT OLD, DINGY, BACK ROOM OF YOUR FAVORITE '90S COMIC SHOP. SMELL THE OLD PAPER, PULL OUT YOUR TRADING CARDS AND SLEEVED COMIC BOOKS AND DICE AND GET READY. Eric takes an approach to the analysis of superhero comics and what it means from a Jungian standpoint to be a fanatic and to experience fanaticism. This unique mindstate is something that alchemists have been fascinated with for thousands of years -- and learning to utilize and experiment with this mindset is the greatest reason comic books have always attracted actual magicians and philosophers to their creation teams. We also discuss whether or not you can truly equate comic books to mythology in terms of archetypes -- and if you can, what are the easy pitfalls and important distinctions that we need to make when analyzing comic books in this way? We talk about Jack Kirby, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Rick Veitch, Frank Miller, Steve Ditko, and we try to take Stan Lee down a peg!  As for superheroes and their stories, we discuss my boy Spidey, Batman, Superman, Swamp Thing, Justice League, Marvel 2099, and a lot more! Eric Millar's info: Outlet Press books and posts paperback of THE FOUR COLOR GRIMOIRE Four Color Grimoire 00 post online my info: my book Dive Manual my book Hunt Manual (the cover illustrated by Eric) my website outro song: MAGNETO (feat. Pacewon) - Babylon Warchild support Independent Music -- especially that black hoodie rap! additional content from our comic book conversation: Grant Morrison Disinfo Con Alan Moore is a wizard Jack Kirby's 'New Gods' Rick Veitch's dream-imagery comics Stan Lee Media scandal Kirby vs. Lee
April 26, 2022
6: Cannabis in Metaphysics - 4/20 Traphouse Special!
This episode of BHA is a 4/20 special! Roll up and put your thinking hats on, because we're gonna get high as fuck and philosophize a little bit.  Starting with the primordial origins of humanity and moving forward, I discuss the evolutionary mechanisms of cannabis and how the chemical structure of the plant has been incorporated into our human biology for thousands and thousands of years now. I also take some time to talk about the ancient history of cannabis and its use in spiritual and religious customs throughout the ancient world, often used as a sacrament relating to the Tree of Life and revered by the alchemists of the east! I even read excerpts from an essay that the Great Beast himself, Aleister Crowley once wrote, entitled "The Psychology of Hashish." Additional topics will also include the modern science relating to cannabis, including neuroscience, psychology, botany, and horticulture.  Then, at the end, we discuss some of the downsides to constant cannabis use! While cannabis is irrefutably considered a medicine again in our society, it can still be abused just like any other medicine and while you cannot overdose, there still can be some potential downsides. It's important to keep these things in mind! SMOKE RESPONSIBLY, SMOKE TO GROUND YOURSELF AND SET INTENTIONS, AND SMOKE TO UNDERSTAND YOUR PROBLEMS -- NOT RUN AWAY FROM THEM. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY!  HAPPY 4/20 EVERYONE!  my book Hunt Manual my book Dive Manual Cowboy Matt Hopewell - New Old School (end track) The Psychology of Hashish Chris Bennett and his work a pretty damn old article I wrote about cannabis and metaphysics modern anti-cannabis activism (mostly dumb with some kernels of interest) a Manly Palmer Hall lecture on drugs and metaphysics (a little straight-laced but not judge-y and very interesting)
April 19, 2022
5: 21st Century Demonology I - Poltergeists
Welcome back to Black Hoodie Alchemy! In this episode we are setting the stage for our discussions of demonology. This is the first part, and this will be a subject we revisit consistently but not continuously, and we are starting out with poltergeists! We start with analyzing some of the actual sciences here, dealing with analytic psychology and the nervous system. Then the main subjects will be Peter Page and the Church Street Poltergeist of St. Catherine's Canada in 1970; and Ernie Rivers and the Project Poltergeist in Newark, New Jersey during the early 1960s. The first has a great deal of police paperwork behind it, involving 6 esteemed and longtime police officers begrudgingly investigating this paranormal activity, only to begin writing detailed official reports about how poltergeists are the only explanation left for what they've been seeing happen to the Page family. Today the police report can be viewed online, and so can interviews with some of the police officers.  The second is the first purported case of a poltergeist in inner city project housing, and how Ernie Rivers became such a radical case that he not only had the Newark Housing Authority hiring a priest to help cleanse the project building, but he also had scientists from Duke's now-defunct Parapsychology Department come to pay him many visits.  We also talk a little bit about the exorcism of Anneliese Michel (inspiration for the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose), the Amityville Horror, and we talk about the suspiciousness of Ed and Lorraine Warren (inspiration for The Conjuring movies.) Lastly, I sign off with a musical track from my friend, Keats Ross, under the name DAKOTA SLIM.  You can listen to his song Wasted Bones here! Ernie Rivers Poltergeist Church St. Poltergeist Exorcism of Anneliese Michel Ed & Lorraine Warren my book HUNT MANUAL my book DIVE MANUAL my website
April 12, 2022
4: Alchemy as Adaptation - Empirical Roots of Mysticism
In this episode we talk about a few different things, the largest portion of focus being on Todd Murphy and Michael Persinger's peer reviewed scientific study of reincarnation. Published in the Journal of Near Death Studies over 20 years ago, titled "The Structure and Function of Near-Death Experiences: An Algorithmic Reincarnation Hypothesis", this is a truly empirical look into forming a cogent hypothesis to actually explain the physics and psychology of the hypothetical reincarnation process. This study looks into Near Death Experiences and Out of Body Experiences from a comparative religious point of view, as well as the evolutionary brain sciences of memetics and the developments of the temporal lobe and the dreaming process. It as well discusses some of the actual physics required for a reincarnation process, and much more.  But before that, we also talk a little bit about a UFO documentary I'm going to be in this year -- a documentary titled "The Experiences: From UAP to DMT". The people making the documentary and involved in it, including myself, are not "Ufologists" and are tired of the toxicity and cult mentalities found in Ufology. This documentary is set to simply be an exploration of experience from a mystical and even psychedelic point of view. One of the guests in this doc is even going to be Dr. Rick Strassman himself, the first doctor to perform clinical trials with DMT! We discuss some alchemical principles from a practical, psychological perspective. And lastly, we talk some about Dr. Seuss' Midnight Paintings! Dark, surrealist, and even unnerving, these paintings were Seuss' equivalent to Carl Jung's "Black Books", pieces of work that helped him purge aspects of his psyche's dark recesses. It's genuinely a beautiful story, and the paintings are all absolutely incredible! And this episode also features a song written and performed by my friend and fellow fortean researcher, AP Strange! Under the name Cowboy Matt Hopewell, I play his song "Phantasmagoria Blues" at the end of the show, and it's a 10 minute epic of existential rambles on top of bluesy gallops and soloing. I absolutely love it and I hope you do too. Full Gallery of Dr. Seuss Midnight Paintings The Structure and Function of Near Death Experiences Study The Experiences: From UAP to DMT trailer Hunt Manual: 21st Century Demonology & Forteana Dive Manual: Empirical Investigations of Mysticism My Website
April 05, 2022
3: Murder, Magick & Meth - The Children of Thunder 'Cult'
Have you ever wondered: what would happen if a child in a California Bay Area community was groomed to be a softcore Mormon prophet for God? A New Age Joseph Smith 2.0? If you've ever thought about that, maybe you've also wondered how long it might take before he reaches his eventual mental breakdown, or how much methamphetamine he might smoke, how many harems of women he might fail to create for himself, or how many people he might kill in a spree. But even if you've wondered a little bit of all of that, I bet the idea of kidnapping Brazilian orphans to turn into assassins to help take over the leadership of the Mormon LDS Church AND turn Utah into a nationstate hasn't crossed your mind. And I bet you also haven't considered the all-encompassing, Matrix-hacking '12 Principles of Magick' that is sure to turn your life around and get you to see the bigger picture: that Methamphetamine, magick, and murder evidently get you closer to God in this episode of Black Hoodie Alchemy! Get ready for an absolutely insane and at times hilarious story of a man's raised to be the magickal equivalent of a trust-fund-brat, eventually leading him to piss it all away in a fashion that few people will ever do. Rest in peace to the victims. my website My book Hunt Manual: 21st Century Demonology & Forteana  My book Dive Manual: Empirical Investigations of Mysticism my homie Duncan created BHA's theme song, and his music project is New Vew Dew. Check out his track "Typhoon" here  Helzer's 12 Principles of 'Magick' Murderpedia profile  a book on the Helzers and their wannabe cult  
March 29, 2022
March 22, 2022
March 22, 2022
2: Narco Satanicos - Cartel Drug Running & Black Magick
This week, I set the tone briefly with some of the philosophies of Philip K. Dick and considerations of Gnosticism and existential horror. Then, we dive right into some of the craziest shit I have ever heard of in my life: the tale of Adolfo Constanzo and his small but very active cult of black magick serial killers. What do you get when you combine a very crazy and charismatic young man with ancient Cuban spirit craft, sacrifices, hexes, cauldrons of flesh, and even Mexican cartel drug running? Have a listen and find out -- and remember why mostly all of us should be thankful for the lives we live! If you were intrigued by the story, I invite you to check out my book Hunt Manual: 21st Century Demonology & Forteana, where I discuss Constanzo and the esoteric side of other true-crime names.   Also, my book Dive Manual: Empirical Investigations of Mysticism. my website the homie Duncan Schuler produced a fat beat for my theme song too, so go check out some of the music he's produced and support indie artists! NEW VEW DEW.  Some basic additional material on Constanzo: Interview with Brownsville police a book on Constanzo and the cult Murderpedia profile
March 22, 2022
1: God Wears a Black Hoodie
Welcome to the inaugural episode of Black Hoodie Alchemy, airing Monday evenings 6pm PST on the Fringe.FM! I am your host, Anthony Tyler, researcher of esoterica and forteana (comparative religion and unexplainable phenomena in less specific terms.) I've written two books and been on some prominent indie talkshows like "Where Did the Road Go?", "Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio", "Lighting the Void", et cetera, and I have a fascination with the dark and obscured side of things.  This episode discusses the idea of faith in general as both a demonstrable adaptation mechanism and also sometimes a demonstrable mental illness. Sometimes it's one or the other, and sometimes it's both. We also talk a little bit about the archetypes of God and the Devil, true crime and cult leaders, and cryptozoology. Of course these things aren't directly related, but from the perspective of psychology and chaos theory, you'll be surprised by all the subtler themes you'll find.  We also bring up my four favorite men to reference: Carl Jung, Jacques Vallee, John Keel, and Manly Hall, and we read through some words of the last two.  Come steep yourself in some subtle noir vibes, existential horror, psychedelia, and philosophy, all with the intentions of relaxing and purging some of our darker thoughts for constructive reasons.  DIVE MANUAL: EMPIRICAL INVESTIGATIONS OF MYSTICISM  HUNT MANUAL: 21st CENTURY DEMONOLOGY & FORTEANA   my website @divemind667 Brought to you by the Fringe FM!
March 15, 2022