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Black True Crime Podcast

Black True Crime Podcast

By Black True Crime Podcast
Where we research and comment on murders committed by black offenders.
We will be exploring the serial murderers that barely get any attention.
Because of this, they are able to accumulate significant amounts of victims & go long periods of times without being caught.
We will also be discussing missing African American victims, unsolved cases, as well as solved disappearances.

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#47: Crownsville State Hospital
JOIN US as we discuss the dark  history that lies behind the doors of Crownsville State Hospital. For pictures associated with this case, follow our Instagram: @blacktruecrimepodcast For the video episode, JOIN OUR PATREON:
January 14, 2022
#46: Brian Nichols - The Atlanta Courthouse Shooter
JOIN US as we discuss Brian Nichols, The Atlanta Courthouse Shooter.   Sponsor this week: Ana Luisa Jewelry     You will get 60% OFF your second item if you go to:
January 07, 2022
#45: The Downtown Posse’s Christmas Killings
You guys know I love to cover a case that happened around the same holiday season that we are in at the time, so when I came across this insane case, I just had to share it with you guys. Prepare yourselves for a violent Christmas crime spree that had 1992 Dayton, Ohio living a nightmare. JOIN US as we discuss the Downtown Posse’s Christmas Killings.   Follow us on Instagram: @blacktruecrimepodcast  JOIN US On Patreon for this video episode:
December 24, 2021
#44: Moses Sithole "The ABC Killer"
For this week’s case we are hopping over to the land of our ancestors. Africa… Where vicious crimes against our own kind have gone relatively unchecked for centuries… especially when it comes to the lives of African women. Today’s case will be no different as the black woman's number 1 predator, the black man… hunts and lures his victims to their violent, painful deaths..  JOIN US as we discuss a man considered to be one of South Africa’s WORST serial killers, Moses Sithole also known as the “ABC” Killer. Follow us on Instagram for pictures associated with this case: @BlackTrueCrimePodcast JOIN US on Patreon for the video version of this episode:
December 17, 2021
#43: The Murder of Syanna Puryear-Tucker
JOIN US as we discuss the murder of 16 year old Syanna Puryear-Tucker  #justiceforSyanna #spreadtheword   Special thanks to listener Jioma M. for requesting this case!  Black Business Shoutout: Toria Savage, Cincinnati, OH based Massage Therapist  Book her:   Sponsor this week: Ana Luisa Jewelry  You will get 60% OFF your second item if you go to:
December 09, 2021
#42: The Mehari Thanksgiving Murders
Being aware of the real meaning behind Thanksgiving has divided Americans in many ways: from the WAY we celebrate to even choosing not to celebrate it at all. But ultimately, we usually take this time of year to feel extra thankful for our family and our friends…. But what happens when someone chooses to enact revenge instead? JOIN US as we discuss what happened in 2006.. In a little Oakland apartment.. on Thanksgiving Day. JOIN US as we discuss the Mehari Thanksgiving Murders. JOIN OUR PATREON:
December 02, 2021
#41: Lemuel Smith
A disorganized serial killer is a type of killer that can be described as random, careless and aggressive. They have almost no strategy of killing and usually don't stay within a victim type. They kill just to kill, with almost no attempt at covering their tracks… Today we are going to be discussing a disorganized killer that would escape justice enough times for SIX LIVES to be lost at HIS hands. JOIN US as we discuss the monumentally deadly actions of a man named Lemuel Smith. Want to see the Video Version of this episode? JOIN OUR PATREON AT ANY LEVEL:
November 19, 2021
#40: DeVernon "The Reverend" LeGrand
 Today we are going to discuss a monster. A man born in 1924, who chose to spend his life impersonating men of God to feed his own sadistic desires to not only exploit women, but abuse them. Today you will not hear anything about his past that will somehow explain his violent and unforgivable behavior. So prepare yourselves… and JOIN US as we discuss the master manipulator turned cult leader named DeVernon LeGrand, aka “The Reverend”. Shoutout to Listener @softestsatin for recommending this case! 
November 13, 2021
#39: Gary Green
Gary and Lovetta Green met in the late 2000s & fell in love.. within a short time, they decided to make the HUGE commitment of getting married. Lovetta thought she’d met the man of her dreams, the man that would love her AND her three children to the best of his abilities.. But unfortunately, this was not the case… and the man she married turned out to be the monster of her dreams. And soon.. Lovetta would find herself not only fighting for HER life, but the lives of her children as well. JOIN US as we discuss Lovetta’s life, her brutal murder and everything in between. JOIN US as we discuss her monster, Gary Green. JOIN OUR PATREON:
November 04, 2021
#38: Wanda Jean Allen
We have all heard about the cases where the justice system fucks up by arresting an innocent person, and sentencing them to life in prison or even death… and it happens way too often in this country. But today, we are going to talk about a case where the government let a killer go free…. Just so they could kill again…. JOIN US as we discuss the possessive, impulsive manipulator, known as Wanda Jean Allen.    For sources and more pictures associated with this case, visit:
October 21, 2021
#37: Matthew "Chilly" Macon
In 2007, the state of Michigan was in a PANIC because there was someone in the streets of Lansing killing women left and right, but not just women…. Caucasian women. The murders were so horrific and disturbing that locals called the summer of 2007, “The Summer of Terror”.  And only one man was responsible for the fear in the hearts of thousands… JOIN US as we discuss the murderous monster that is, Matthew “Chilly” Macon. For sources visit: ****Don't forget to buy your live tickets you guys! ONLY 4 DAYS LEFT TO BUY YOUR TICKETS****
October 14, 2021
#36: The Recent St. Louis Killings
We all have or at least have heard of Tik Tok and are familiar with its vast reach and influence on our society today. Some use it for pleasure and some use it for profit… But one user, named LamaraIndigo, has used the platform to spread awareness about the horrifying things happening to the black women of St. Louis City. JOIN US as we discuss the Recent St. Louis Killings. CrimeStoppers 1-866-371-8477   For sources, visit:
October 07, 2021
BONUS #2: John Ferguson *A Case by Kristin*
A slew of murders and robberies were left behind the psychologically inept murderer in the Miami Dade area. What once was a boy who dealt with poverty, abuse, and mental issues grew up to be a violent, sadistic rapist and killer who calls himself the “Prince of God”.  Join us as we discuss the insane killing spree of John Errol Ferguson.   To buy tickets to our live show:   
October 01, 2021
#35: The Murder Of Derontae Martin
We all know that racism is still alive and well in this country unfortunately, and it affects us all in different ways. But what if the hate of a race leads to the murder of a teenaged boy and in response, even more division and hate? There will be no closure at the end of this episode. There will be no justice. But maybe we all can help change that… JOIN US as we discuss the life and death of Derontae Martin. For more info: Justice for Derontae FB Page: To help financially: Cashapp: $martinfamdonations For sources, visit:
September 30, 2021
#34: Celeste Carrington
In 1961, a young girl was born into a family that would never truly love her. She had to raise her own young siblings while trying to figure out where they’d get their next meal. You’re probably empathizing with that little girl right now…… BUT would you feel the same way if she grew up to be a cold blooded murderer? JOIN US as we discuss her cruel crimes and the childhood that created the criminal named Celeste Carrington. JOIN OUR PATREON:
September 24, 2021
#33: John Lewis & Robbin Machuca
What would you do if you were raised in a toxic, abusive, sadistic environment where you experienced more trauma as a child than most people do in their entire lives? Would you try to heal and move on or would you let the pain destroy you from the inside out? Turning you into a venomous, vicious, vulturous killer that enjoyed the pain of others? JOIN US as we discuss JOHN LEWIS AND HIS SISTER, ROBBIN MACHUCA. JOIN OUR PATREON: SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL:
September 16, 2021
#32: Michael Madison
The city of Cleveland has probably experienced more serial killers in a short amount of time than any other city in the United States. There was Ariel Castro, the kidnapping rapist, and Anthony Powell, the serial strangling murderer who killed 11 women. Well the city of Cleveland produced another serial killer…. Who kidnapped, Raped, AND MURDERED. JOIN US as we discuss a murderer named Michael Madison. Access Video Episode: JOIN OUR PATREON:
September 12, 2021
#31: The Murder of Margo Prade
A 41 year old Akron, Ohio native was an energetic, intelligent and successful doctor with her own private family practice, where she cared for over 7,000 patients. She was also a wife and mother to two children, whom she loved more than anything. She had big goals and big ambitions and wanted to get the most out of life. But unfortunately, her life would be violently cut short in the parking lot of her own office, by someone the police are convinced.. she knew… JOIN US as we discuss the murder of Margo Prade. JOIN OUR PATREON:
September 04, 2021
#30: Terry Blair "The Prospect Killer"
Kansas City, Missouri. January 2004. A convicted killer would be paroled after spending 21 years (on and off) in prison for the violent crime. And Less than six months later, that same killer would go on to terrorize the women of the Prospect Corridor of the City. JOIN US as we discuss the brutally barbaric behaviors and actions of The Prospect Killer, Terry Blair.
August 27, 2021
#29: Clementine Barnabet
Come back in time with me to the year 1911, when racial tension was at an all time high and stress from the Reconstruction period was affecting everyone. So much so, that many people turned to religion for a sense of hope and safety in such uncertain times… But what happens when a religion encourages you to kill in order to be reborn? To slaughter the innocent in order to be innocent yourself? JOIN US as we discuss the gut-wrenching, heartbreaking beliefs and behaviors of 17 year old Clementine Barnabet. BONUS EPISODE: Markeith Lloyd available on YOUTUBE @ Episode Sponsor: USE CODE *BTC10* FOR $10 OFF To subscribe to our Patreon visit: For sources please visit:
August 20, 2021
#28: Christopher Dorner
In 2008, a man felt that he was wronged by an agency he loved and trusted. He fought against this perceived injustice, and though he fought as hard as he could, it wasn’t enough. Fast forward five years, that same man would insight a nine day man hunt in the Los Angeles area, while committing unspeakable acts against the agency he once loved. JOIN US as we discuss the horribly, heartlessly heinous crimes of Christopher Dorner.  Thank you to Listener Xavier, for requesting this case.    Digital Product Course *USE CODE "BTC10" for $10 off plus free e-book*   Sources:
August 12, 2021
#27: Amber Hill *ONLY ON YOUTUBE*
You can access this week's episode at OR directly at In 2007, minutes from the bustling downtown Cleveland area, a young couple was doing their best to raise their two little girls in the not so pleasant streets of Central. What seemed like a story about two kids, fresh out of HS, struggling to do right by their little family, would soon turn into a tail of tragedy, where the underbelly of domestic violence, depression, and mental depletion is revealed. Join us as we discuss the horrific case of Amber Hill.
July 29, 2021
#26: Alton Coleman & Debra Brown
In the year 1983, two strangers met at a bar and within a year, would embark on a SEVEN WEEK murderous crime spree spanning over four different states, gaining recognition as #11 on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List. JOIN US as we discuss, the pedophilic, pain-filled, pasts and presents of Alton Coleman and Debra Brown. For sources visit: BLK + GRN (10% off your order!):
July 19, 2021
#25: Harrison Graham
Philadelphia in the late 80s was being terrorized by not one serial killer, not two, but THREE, who all preyed on vulnerable women. Gary Heidnik was keeping women in his basement for days for his sadistic amusement and abuse. He was sentenced to death in 1999 for the rape and kidnap of six women and the murder of two. But just a few blocks down the street, was another killer, operating unnoticed and taking even more lives. JOIN US as we discuss the shocking crimes of a slow learning sexual sadist named Harrison Graham. Subscribe to our Patreon: Sources:
July 08, 2021
#24: Sharon Carr - UK's Youngest Murderer
The UK was shocked to its core when an 18 year old girl was found half naked, and brutally murdered in the summer of 1992. Her injuries were so severe, police immediately thought she had to have been killed by a man in his 30s. They couldn’t have been more wrong. JOIN US as we discuss the cold-hearted, cringe-worthy crimes of the UK’s youngest convicted murderer, aka the Devil’s Daughter, Sharon Carr. Sponsor links:  GrowNow: BLK + GRN (10% off your order!): Subscribe to our Patreon: Sources: TV Show: Jo Frost On Britain's Killer Kids - Sharon Carr episode
June 25, 2021
#23: John Muhammad & Lee Malvo PART 2
We hope you guys enjoy the episode! Subscribe to our Patreon @: Sources:
June 15, 2021
#22: John Muhammad & Lee Malvo - PART 1
A chance encounter between two people would lead to a killing spree that terrorized citizens in the D.C. area for weeks. JOIN US as we discuss the histories, hateful beliefs, and horrifying actions of John Muhammad & Lee Malvo. Sources will be listed under Part 2
April 15, 2021
#21: Mitchelle Blair
March 24, 2015, authorities went to conduct a routine eviction at a home in the lower east side of Detroit, Michigan. As they removed furniture from the home, they found a deep freezer and when they opened it… they would find something they would have NEVER imagined. JOIN US as we discuss the pre-meditated, petrifying, deplorable actions of Mitchelle Blair. SOURCES,Court%20during%20interviews%20this%20week * * * * * * * * * * * *
March 29, 2021
#20: Nikko Jenkins PART 2
Sources: *
March 24, 2021
#19: Nikko Jenkins PART 1
Omaha, Nebraska is a city that few can call home, & even fewer actually set out to visit. It’s known for being the home of the College World Series, the home of billionaire Warren Buffet (most of the year) & the home of the monster we’ll be discussing today. They say you should never judge a book by its cover...but this individual proves that there is ALWAYS an exception to the rule. JOIN US as we discuss the miserable childhood, the mental state and the manipulative behavior of Nikko Jenkins. *Sources will be posted under PART 2* Background Music: "Puppet Master" produced by BeeZee
March 15, 2021
#18: The Carr Brothers
In December 2000, two brothers embarked on a week-long crime spree in the Wichita, Kansas area. They are the two men responsible for a horrifying quadruple murder that has become known as the Wichita Massacre. JOIN US as we discuss the upbringing and the unforgivable acts of the Carr Brothers. Sources: Jonathan Carr appeal hearing Oxygen’s Killer Siblings, Season 1 Episode 5
March 09, 2021
#17: Roberta Elder
You may have heard of a woman named Nannie Doss. She was a white american serial killer from Oklahoma who was responsible for the poison deaths of 11 people between 1920 and 1955. The media referred to her as the Giggling Nanny, the Black Widow, The Lonely Hearts Killer, and one newspaper even called her the Self-Made Widow. She was sentenced to life and prison and died in 1965, but her story is still being told over 75 years later. What you may NOT know is that on the OTHER side of the country in Atlanta, Georgia,  there was another serial killer, a WOMAN, who was killing her victims the same way in the same time frame. The only difference is, there was little to NO news coverage about her, she killed MORE people, and oh yeah, she was black. JOIN US as we discuss the little that IS known about, Roberta Elder. THANK YOU TO LISTENER, ARLEN, FOR REQUESTING THIS CASE. Link to this Week's Sponsor: SOURCES:
February 22, 2021
#16: Maury Travis
In 2002, A local newspaper in St. Louis, Missouri received a letter and a map from a serial killer that had been terrorizing the streets of East St. Louis and its surrounding area. He not only thanked a specific reporter for covering the cases, but he pointed him to the location of his next story, a new victim. JOIN US as we discussed the Mr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde sides of the Street Walker Strangler, named Maury Travis. THANK YOU to Listener @_theblackestlily Sources
February 16, 2021
#15: Tiffany Hall
We’ve all had a best friend. And we’ve all lost one, whether it be to moving away, an irreversible argument or just simply growing apart. But RARELY do these types of relationship end in murder. JOIN US as we discuss the dark, desirous, downfall of Tiffany Hall.  Support Us on Patreon:  Printful Discount Link:  Sources:
February 08, 2021
#14: Timothy Spencer
In the 1980s, Richmond, Virginia was a sleepy sort of southern town. The only crime was gang crime, tucked away in a part of town you just didn't go to. Until 1987, when a murderer moved into town and everything changed. JOIN US as we discuss a shy, psychopathic, seminal secreting, Sexual sadist, named Timothy Spencer. Sources:
December 12, 2020
#13: The Murder of Shilie Turner
In February 1993, A man was walking his dog in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia one winter evening when he came across what looked like a large piece of tarp tucked under some shrubs. When he approached it to see exactly what it was, he saw body parts. Human body parts, sticking out of the tarp. Immediately, he called police, who, along with the rest of Philadelphia, would be heartbroken when they found who was under that tarp…. JOIN US, as we discuss the tragic Death of 17 year old Shilie Turner. Sources: Music: The Dark Attic by Creative Commons via youtube
November 23, 2020
#12: Peter Moses Jr.
In 2010, 2109 Pear Tree Lane Durham, North Carolina was home to a man, his children, and the women he claimed to love. It was located in a very comfortable, middle-class neighborhood, and one would assume that the residents of this neighborhood were relatively well to do. An assumption that would prove to be frightfully untrue. Join US, as we discuss what went on in that house on Pear Tree Lane; from manipulation to ménage à trois to murder. All under the direction of a man named Peter Lucas Moses Jr.  Sources: Video of Moses 911 call Peter’s older brother Music: Circus Of Dread by Creative Commons
October 30, 2020
#11: Shelly Andre Brooks
Between 2001 and 2006, a 6’4, 245 pound predator was brutally assaulting and murdering black women on the late night streets of Detroit, Michigan. JOIN US as we discuss the destructive, dangerous, & deadly dickhead known as Shelly Brooks. Black True Crime is produced and hosted by: Kayla EP 11 Background Music: Matt Smith Sources: Letter Jane doe - Reddit page
September 18, 2020
#10: Marcus Wesson
Between 2004 and 2005, the heinous murder of a beautiful young soon-to-be Mom named Laci Peterson, was all the country could talk about. Even the trial of her murderous husband had the media in a frenzy. BUT, around the same time, there was another heartless, evil human being wreaking havoc on the ones he was tasked to love. JOIN US, as we discuss the incestuous, inhumane, individual known as Marcus Wesson. Sources: Music: Tragedy by JayJen | Music promoted by Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
June 19, 2020
#9: The Death of Gemmel Moore
On July 27, 2017, 26 year old Gemmel Moore would be found dead, laying naked on a mattress in the home of Ed Buck, a rich, well-connected businessman in Los Angeles, California. It was apparent that he’d died from a meth overdose, so the coroner declared Gemmel’s death accidental, but some people weren’t so sure. JOIN US as we discuss, the circumstances, conspiracies and cover-ups behind the death of Gemmel Moore. Sources
December 10, 2019
#8: The "KFC" Murders - PART 2
JOIN US as we close out PART 2 of this case! *Sources listed in description of Part 1. 
November 09, 2019
#7: The "KFC" Murders - PART 1
It was a normal friday night in Kilgore, Texas and the local high school was having a football game that basically, the entire town showed up to. Looking forward to a fun-filled evening, no one could’ve imagined what horrifying events would take place over the next 24 hours. Join us as we discuss the horrible events of September 23, 1983, also known as the KFC murders. Sources Motives & Murders: Cracking the Case season 4 ep 8 The KFC Murders: The Deadly Saga of the Infamous East Texas 1983 KFC Massacre Book by Jacque Hilburn-Simmons and Kenneth Dean
October 25, 2019
#6: Chester "The Southside Slayer" Turner - PART 2
JOIN US for PART 2 of Chester "The Southside Slayer" Turner. Sources: *Listed in description of PART 1 EPISODE*
October 08, 2019
#5: Chester "The Southside Slayer" Turner - PART 1
For more than a decade, Chester Turner escaped notice amid the largest crime wave in the history of Los Angeles, when killings, concentrated primarily in South LA, sometimes topped 1,000 a year. “I knew he had problems,” said a long time friend,  “— but I never thought he would go out and kill people.” JOIN US as we discuss the life, sociopathic tendencies, and the horrific crimes of Chester Turner, the Southside Slayer. Sources
October 06, 2019
#4: The Disappearance of Phoenix Coldon
23 year old Phoenix Coldon pulled out of the driveway of her family’s home on December 18, 2011, never to be seen again. Her car was found less than three hours later on the side of an East St. Louis street, completely abandoned. It’s been almost eight years and there is still no sign of Phoenix.  JOIN US as we look at the life, the secrets, the BOTCHED investigation, and the disappearance of Phoenix Coldon. Sources
October 02, 2019
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October 01, 2019