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Beautiful Life Corner with Phebe

Beautiful Life Corner with Phebe

By Phebe Reju-Olaniran
Beautiful Life Corner is a space to unwind, relax and reflect on how beautiful your Life really is and can be. It’s a corner where God is the ONLY judge and we learn from one another’s life journey.
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Lessons from the CROSS
Happy Easter. The cross is more than a wooden piece or a piece of jewelry. It is the piece upon which Jesus died, thereby making it a very powerful representation. What happened on it even more powerful. Now the account of resurrection is shared by each of the gospels. However, the account in John is what I would be dwelling on in this episode. In John 19:31-33 we are told that due to the fact that the next day was Sabbath day, having criminals on the cross was not going to go in line with the traditions regarding such a holy day. So the soldiers were told to break the legs of the criminals and Jesus to aid their death. When they came to Jesus, He was already dead so they didn't break his legs. For us today, this means being "DEAD TO SIN" brings about WHOLENESS. We die to Sin and are Alive and Whole, Complete in God. Whatever your sins are, or even your troubles and worries; it’s time you visit the cross and nail them all there. It’s a new week and I am hoping you are inspired to choose wholeness and completeness. Beautiful blessings. If you have enjoyed this episode, please do subscribe.  Feel free to share and also kindly connect me on social media. Instagram: Facebook: Website: 
April 05, 2021
Cutting back to FOCUS
Getting my word for this year came in an unusual way. I got the meaning of my word before I got the word. While this felt unusual, the understanding hit me on January 19th when my child turned 5.⁣ ⁣ For me in 2021, I've had to cut back on somethings and thereby divided my areas of focus into three - Self care & growth, Family and Intentional parenting. I will be paying attention to the details of these areas of my life and by the help of God, achieve the best in them.⁣ ⁣ What is it you are going to be cutting back on this year?⁣ ⁣ What is going to be your area of FOCUS?⁣ ⁣ Please do subscribe, share and connect with me.⁣ ⁣ I am social⁣ Join our blog-community by subscribing at 
March 19, 2021
Choose to Challenge
The world celebrated women yesterday and oh what a great feeling it was. I for one particularly loved the theme - "Choose to challenge."⁣ ⁣ This to me was more of a reminder because looking through Scriptures, we see a lot of women who had consistently chosen to challenge.⁣ ⁣ In today's episode, I share with you two categories of women which also exist in today's world - The Major Women and the Minor Women. This is in line with the theme of yesterday's event and the understanding that not all women will be publicly appreciated for their choice to challenge. We had women like Jehosheba, Shiphrah and Puah and so many others who chose to challenge in the situations they found themselves.⁣ ⁣ I want every Christian woman out there to know that she may not be in the category of the Major women, - Women who are in the Public eye challenging stereotypes - but in whatever situation or position or even category she finds herself, she must know and understand that she has so much within her to challenge whatever. Even more you have God. Come on...⁣ ⁣ Please feel free to share and connect with me.⁣ ⁣ I am social ⁣ Visit the blog-community at 
March 09, 2021
Wisdom Wednesday - #1
Hello Beautiful People.⁣ ⁣ James 1:5 (GNT) reads "But if any of you lack wisdom, you should pray to God, who will give it to you; because God gives generously and graciously to all."⁣ ⁣ Remember the story of Solomon and his encounter with God in a dream?⁣ ⁣ Let me remind you. 1 Kings 3:5-15 (ERV)⁣ ⁣ "While Solomon was at Gibeon, the Lord came to him at night in a dream. God said, “Solomon, ask me what you want me to give you.”⁣ ⁣ Solomon responded:⁣ ⁣ "So I ask you to give me the wisdom to rule and judge them well and to help me know the difference between right and wrong. Without such great wisdom, it would be impossible to rule this great nation.” The Lord was happy that Solomon asked for wisdom. So God said to him, “You did not ask for long life and riches for yourself. You did not ask for the death of your enemies. You asked for the wisdom to listen and make the right decisions. So I will give you what you asked for. I will make you wise and intelligent. I will make you wiser than anyone who ever lived or ever will live. And I will also give you what you did not ask for. You will have riches and honor all your life. There will be no other king in the world as great as you. And I will give you a long life if you follow me and obey my laws and commands as your father David did.”⁣ ⁣ Do you seek wisdom?⁣ ⁣ Let's journey together through the book of Proverbs and learn for everyday.⁣ ⁣ ⁣ I am social ⁣ Visit the blog-community at
March 03, 2021
A Beautiful 2021
It's so good to be back on the mic in 2021. A very big thank you to everyone who listened to the previous episodes even while I was away.⁣ ⁣ I began the year as I said last year with the Daniel Fast which ended on my birthday - 21st January, 2021. It was an amazing feeling to be honest and ⁣ I also took lovely pictures as well. LOL.⁣ ⁣ Alongside the Daniel Fast, I also started the year soaking myself in the wisdom of the Bible. I read a chapter each day for 31 days and I must say even though it was the second time, It felt like the first time. This only confirms that the word of God is living, and new everyday.⁣ ⁣ Also my word for 2021 is FOCUS. I have had to narrow down a lot of things this year to FOCUS on the most important things and I have been grateful for that.⁣ ⁣ This year on the podcast, I am introducing the WISDOM WEDNESDAY - where I'll read a chapter of Proverbs to you and share lessons from it. We would be starting on the first Wednesday in March. Make sure to subscribe, share and turn on your notifications to know when it is published.⁣ ⁣ Connect with me also by following on Instagram⁣/ ⁣ Also subscribe to the blog
February 28, 2021
The Daniel Fast in 2021
Fasting is a religious program that so many denominations around the world embark upon in the first month of a new year. While the day ranges from as little as 3 days to even a 100 or more days, it’s slowly becoming a trend in Christendom. Sometime in this year, I embarked on the 10 day Daniel Fast (Daniel 1:6-17) and I enjoyed it. So I decided to begin my 2021 with the 21 day Daniel Fast. (Daniel 10:2-3a) On the Daniel Fast, there is a Daniel diet that accompany it. This diet is on the vegetarian side and quite restrictive. However the benefits are numerous - You will be healthier and even more lose weight. Haha. What an interesting way to start the year right? Will you be joining in? Follow on Instagram Subscribe to the blog
December 29, 2020
Christmas Special
Christmas all over the world is celebrated as Jesus’ birthday. While there may be a history regarding the date, we must all ask ourselves, “What’s December 25th to me?” To me, it’s all about the birth of Jesus - my Lord and my Savior. Based on this, Jesus is the reason for the season. Think of beautiful ways to celebrate the birth of Jesus in the life of those around you. Merry Christmas Beautiful! Follow on Instagram Subscribe to the blog
December 24, 2020
A Word for 2021
Beginning the year with a Word is something I have been practicing since 2017. I discovered that before the end of the first quarter, I am defaulting in many of my new year resolutions and even more by year end, I cannot show for it. Prayerfully getting a word and goal setting has been my go to. Even recently I found out that John Maxwell, one of my favorite Author and Speaker actually practices this and has been for a long time. We still have 11 more days and you can still set your goals. That’s enough for 11 small goals or 11 big goals or 6 big goals and 5 small goals. Whatever it is, go for it. Wishing you all a beautiful 2021. Follow on Instagram Subscribe to the blog
December 20, 2020
An introduction in to what will be happening on the podcast.
December 14, 2020