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Blessed Be Today

Blessed Be Today

By Gail
Hi, and welcome to the Blessed Be Today podcast!

We believe according to James 1:17, that everything good comes from above. Our mission is to help women form good habits that promote good health and we do this by highlighting the relationship between the physical and spiritual. We acknowledge that we are more than just our bodies—and to address only the physical misses the mark entirely if we’re aiming to be healthy.

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Intro: Meet Gail and Blessed Be Today!
Hi Everyone! In this episode, meet Gail and Blessed Be Today.  You'll learn a little about Gail's back story, why she started Blessed Be Today, and where the business and the podcast are going in the future.  You'll also get a sneak peak into the heart of Blessed Be Today's GOOD Health philosophy.   Good Habits—GOOD Health Visit the website and help us grow by donating!   God Bless,
December 5, 2020
Blessed Be Today Podcast Trailer
Blessed Be Today podcast trailer. Visit the website.  Donate now!
December 5, 2020