School in the fast lane

School in the fast lane

John Stuart Bidder
I'm talking about the reality for schools of being in the fast lane & having the mindset/tools to engage with parents through social media. Yes that's right. Social Media. Ooooohhhhhh!

You're welcome to look me up on Twitter @GetLoggedIn or if you want the commercial stuff go to


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Episode 2 - Smile!

Episode 2 - Smile!
This 2nd Episode focuses on the value of a smile in schools using social media parental engagement. Say CHEESE! You're listening to 'School in the fast lane'.
April 9, 2018
Episode 1 - You've not met our parents!
This is the very first episode of the 'school in the fast lane' series! Senior School Leadership Team members and teachers I'd love to hear from you via the Anchor App.
April 4, 2018

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