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Bliss-Radio : Better Sex Radio by Bliss

Bliss-Radio : Better Sex Radio by Bliss

By Chrystal Lee
Discussions about sex, sex toys, relationships, thriving in a fat body! We will discuss fat politics, fat sexuality, sex positions and anything under the sun that relates to sex, sex toys, being a rad fatty and all things relationships. You will likely also hear my guests and me talking about grief and mental health wellness, too.
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Can Fat Women Get On Top? Will He Die? How Do We Get Comfortable With Doggy Style if We Have a Big Butt?
I get asked these questions a lot. "Will I break him if I get on top?" "How do I hide my big butt in the doggy style position?" As the meme says, "if he dies, he dies." Just kidding! No one dies.  But, let go of all of those  thoughts, get naked and let go.  Our sex toys are for sale on 
October 24, 2019
How do you LOVE Your Fat Self?
How do you LOVE yourself in a fat body? Check out all of these ways my Curvy Girl community shared with us about how you can begin to FALL in love with or become more neutral about our body! Tips and advice for fat babes. Also, if you shop our online store, you can use the code FATSEX for 30% off. is our website. 
October 1, 2019
How do you feel about your FUPA being touched? Fat Sex can be so complicated, sometimes.
Did you read this amazing article about the FUPA from How To Have Sex With a Fat Girl from VICE I talk about how I still struggle with this area of my body even though I consider myself a Fat Activist and that I believe in Body Acceptance and Fat Acceptance! Yes, I still struggle with that area of my body being touched by my partner. (As usual, I also share my fatsex discount code for 30% off on my website ) 
September 25, 2019
Sex Furniture for Fat Babes and Fat Sex
This short podcast is about 10 minutes of me talking about why I love my Liberator Jaz pillow and other sex furniture products from Liberator. The sex furniture we own from Liberator always hold up to my large body and my intense sex life. I talk a bit about how I use my sex furniture to cut down on the NOISES my body makes, sometimes, when we have sex. (Think flapping body part like breasts and lower tummy.)   If you want to check out any of our sex furniture products for fat sex, use the code podcast for a discount at check out from my website 
September 11, 2019
Will the Womanizer Vibrator Work for Fat Babes? Why are so many people losing their minds over the Womanizer?
YES!  The Womanizer works for fat bodies. I have a fat body and several versions of the Womanizer! I adore it.  This is a short podcast on why so many women love this tool and a discount and my website, too. and the code is podcast for 30% off when you spend $30 or more. 
August 26, 2019
Sex Toys that work for Curvy Women : 4 Sex Toys (Episode 1)
I have written about sex toys and women of size for years. I have also written about sex positions for fat women. I will link them both here:   (Sex positions and sex furniture)  This video also has a Facebook Live Video of me talking about some of these sex toys and the liberator jaz pillow that works great for people with a big booty and thighs like me.  My website is and all of my podcast listeners can use the code PodcastVIP for 30% off!  Here's to lots of hot sex, friends. 
June 10, 2019
Better Sex Radio with Chrystal is Baaaaackkkkkkkkk
I found my voice and I am starting up my podcast again.  There are so many amazing tools, like the one I am using from Anchor and there is really no reason to NOT be podcasting these days. I am very excited to interview some fabulous guests and get this conversation going again. I plan to talk about sex, fat bodies, mental health wellness, grief and more sex. My other goal is to stop saying the word "um" and "so."  So hang in there. I will be doing my best.  Thanks for listening! 
March 15, 2019