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Join our hosts Szi and Chris as they make their way through the world of Tech culture. We discuss topics with an emphasis on Decentralization, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Metaverse, Gaming, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and more.
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Polygon the Ultimate Solution: Layer 2 Scaling, Multi-chain Interoperability, and more built on Ethereum
  Hello Block Party listeners! - In this episode we talk about Polygon. Let's face it Ethereum has some issues and Polygon aims to solve, well, all of them! Scaling, Developer and User Experience, Multi chain interoperability, amongst others! Polygon really is a huge project with a massive vision and we go into the who, what, how, and why of what they're trying to accomplish as well as some concerns and risks. Polygon has established itself as one of the top projects in crypto and we see why.  IG: @blockPartyPodcast @itsMeChrisWong @sziTrapamoto tikTok: Resources used for making this video:
December 16, 2021
Communities In Crypto
In this episode, we talk about the heart behind the entire crypto movement - the community. We cover the different ways the communities in crypto communicate, what makes these communities run, and the various real communities today and how they express themselves to the world.  Communities We Talked About: NeoTokyo:  Twitter | Discord | CityDAO: Discord |   Supernormal: Twitter | Discord | Haus: Twitter | Discord | HeyWallet: Twitter | Discord | The Kozmos:  Twitter |  Make sure to follow us on ig at IG: Spotify: TikTok:
December 14, 2021
One DAO to Rule them ALL - Olympus OHM
In this episode Szi and Chris try to explain what Olympus DAO does and what it's trying to accomplish with its decentralized reserve currency. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery and if thats the case then OHM is definitely blushing right now with dozens of code bases being forked off their original to create a slew of new DAOs on different chains. Some of these such as Wonderland on the AVAX chain offering 80,000%+ APY and its not even amongst the highest. DeFi 2.0 is going crazy! We hope you enjoy this episode! @itsMeChrisWong @sziTrapamoto
December 09, 2021
ZK Rollups: The Best Layer 2 Solution for Ethereum?
In this episode, Chris and Szi delve into ZK-Rollups. ZK stands for Zero Knowledge, which are a form of cryptographic proofs that have been around since the 80s and allow the parties to prove statements are true without conveying any information apart from the veracity of the statements. ZK-Rollups is a form of Zero Knowledge Proofs that allow for the scaling on the layer 2 of the blockchain. ZKRollups does this by aggregating on chain transactions, taking it off chain, and working its magic. Why do this? The benefits of layer 2 is faster transactions, larger network throughput, and cheaper gas fees while allowing us to leverage the security of the Ethereum network. There are some unique features of the ZKRollups that separate it from other layer 2 scaling solutions and we discuss why this could be the solution Ethereum needs to establish its dominance in the battle of the blockchains once again. Enjoy this podcast. @itsMeChrisWong @sziTrapamoto
November 27, 2021
Senate Addresses Stablecoins In Mass Inquiry
In this episode Chris and Szi talk about the recent inquiry into stablecoins by the US Senator Sherrod Brown - In his own words "I have significant concerns with the non-standardized terms applicable to redemption of particular stablecoins, how those terms differ from traditional assets, and how those terms may not be consistent across digital asset trading platforms,” Brown wrote in his letter to Circle, the payment services company that operates stablecoin USD coin (USDC)." We speak about what this might mean for the future of crypto, regulation, and stablecoins.
November 26, 2021
The Battle of the Blockchains: Ethereum, Solana, Avax, Cardano, Polkadot and more... Who Will Win?
In this episode Chris and Szi discuss what a blockchain is, why it's important, why we should care, and some of the blockchain solutions currently competing for dominance in the world of the decentralized internet. Most people have heard of Ethereum and for good reason - Ethereum commands roughly a 500B marketcap and is considered as the pre-eminent layer-1 blockchain protocol. But for how long? This year alone saw the rise of faster and more efficient blockchains with robust ecosystems of DApps and NFTS. Solana and Avalanche are just two competing layer-1s that have amassed a huge user base and have grown their respective marketcaps by thousands of percentage points in one year. These new protocols rival Ethereum in network throughput, ease of use, and network cost by a large margin. The future of blockchains definitely promises to be an interesting one and is definitely heating up with many layer 1s and layer 2 solutions looking to assert themselves in the crypto-sphere, Ethereum might just have to watch the throne! We hope you enjoy this episode @itsMeChrisWong @sziTrapamoto
November 24, 2021
UOS Ultra: The Future of Digital Games Distribution on the Blockchain
In this episode, Szi and Chris cover Ultra a crypto blockchain platform targeting the PC Gaming Distribution Market. With an over 32 Billion dollar addressable market - Ultra has a huge potential to uproot the existing status quo set by long time incumbent Steam which currently accrues over 30% in fees from developers that wish to release games on its platform. With most gamers using steam as their choice for digital game downloads, developers have been hard pressed to find other digital distribution options with a market as large as Steam. Ultra seeks to address this issue by delivering much lower fees and creating a system of rewards for its developers and gamers alike. Ultra is definitely a project in the gaming crypto space. @ItsMeChrisWong @sziTrapamoto
November 21, 2021
What is a DAO? Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and How They'll Change the Fabric of our Society
In this episode - Chris and Szi expound upon the Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO for short. DAOs are organizations represented by code and enacted by smart contracts that are transparently displayed on the blockchain and then voted upon by the organizations' members without the influence of a hierarchical structure present in most current organizations. DAOs have been around since 2016 but had a rocky start, however, today with an ever increasing need for transparency and stability DAOs are making a strong comeback with some popular projects such as OlympusDAO using it as a community-owned decentralized financial infrastructure. We speak on the pros and cons of DAOs, the human element, how they can accomplish their goals, and which organizations are ripe for disruption by a DAO. We hope you enjoy this episode! Follow us on Twitter - @sziTrapamoto @ItsMeChrisWong
November 18, 2021
Hey Wallet! the Solana Crypto Wallet for Twitter
In this episode Chris raves about Hey Wallet! (Szi agrees). HeyWallet is is a brand spanking new Crypto Wallet designed specifically for Twitter that allows you to send Solana's native token SOL via HeyWallet's user interface. Self described as the World’s first mobile wallet built for Twitter; Users can send & receive SOL by tweeting @hey_wallet send 1SOL to @sziTrapamoto @ItsMeChrisWong :)
November 16, 2021
The Future is the Metaverse
In this episode, Chris and Szi are joined by close friend and long term gaming and Metaverse enthusiast Ennis as they discuss some very heady philosophical concepts about what the Metaverse is, what it means for the future of humanity, and who will create this new universe of worlds. We discuss coalescent technologies necessary to create something as grandiose as a Metaverse and the players willing to make it happen. With Facebook recently rebranding to Meta, we now have one of the largest companies in the world validating the existence of a cyber universe; the Metaverse is no longer nerdy sci-fi conjecture but an eventuality so sit back, relax, and enjoy this podcast.
November 15, 2021
Understanding Web3 & Ethereum/Solana Naming Services
During this episode we talk about some critical concepts underlying the Web3 space and why it is a superior infrastructure to the Web2 that dominates our current internet. We also speak on the recent happenings on the Ethereum and Solana Naming Services that just dropped their respective tokens and apps. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this podcast. 
November 15, 2021
E-Sports: The Rise of EVO & the Gamer Economy
We're back once again to tackle the Evolution Championship Series 2019, and the role of E-Sports at large once again. It can not be understated that the growing impact of Video Game culture has completely shifted the zeitgeist of 2019.   Join Chris and Szi as they explore this historical and economic impact of E-Sports and the shifting climate of the individual parts that make up this massively growing phenomenon. Welcome to the Block.  ___  Block Party is a collaborative effort brought together by the members of the community, both local and international.   The podcast is published with help from Anchor to various media streaming services such as Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Apple Music.   "Welcome to the Block", the intro theme was designed by MuddiGold, and background music was designed by by Blue Lab Beats. All  music is property of their respective creators. The Block Party logo is designed by Andy Estonia.  Block Party is filmed in Brooklyn, New York at WeWork Bedford in Williamsburg. Our equipment utilized is Logitech Brio 4K cameras, Focusrite Clarett, Samson Microphone Mounts, and Shure SM7B's. All footage is recorded through OBS Studio and edited on Premiere Pro. Audio is edited through Avid Pro Tools.    Make sure to like, subscribe, and leave a comment to help us improve our content or to tell us what kind of guests you would like us to reach out to. You can follow us and this episode's guests at the following links below.   If you enjoy our content - please support Block Party. Your contributions keep Block Party alive! We produce our content for free so community support is greatly appreciated. You can donate here: And don't forget to... Subscribe to See Us on Youtube || Join our Facebook Page ||   Behind the Scenes on IG || Follow Us On Twitter || ttp://
August 04, 2019
Jakub Redzeniak: The Art & Business of Photography
On this episode of Block Party... We had a chance to sit down and speak with Jakub Redziniak the man behind the eponymous Jakub Redziniak Wedding and Portrait Photography. over saturation in the NYC photography scene is an understatement as many enterprising photographers here will all too readily attest to. Jakub speaks on how he was able to establish a profitable brand and niche in photography and how he was able to build a scalable business model in something he’s been passionate since his father first introduced him to photography as a kid. If you’re a photographer and you’re interested in taking your photography business to the next level you won’t want to miss this podcast. Check Jakub out at: Make sure to follow us:
June 29, 2019
Block Party X MafiaB - Music Production: The Rise of an Artist
Hello Everyone!! Welcome to the Block Party podcast! On this episode we are joined by our good friend Bryan Fein also known by his alias Mafia B.  Mafia B is the culmination of years of hard work, time, and creativity as Bryan details his journey to becoming one of New York City's most prolific and game changing Techno artists.  In our time with Mafia B we discuss what it means to become more than a DJ and becoming an artist, the thought process and construction of projects, and the elements of busiy  We thank Bryan for taking the time to talk with us and the community on what it means to create and produce works of art, and without further ado - here is Mafia B.  Welcome to the Block_ Follow us at: Follow MafiaB at:
June 28, 2019
Block Party X Sean Terris: Elements of Design
On this episode of Block Party... Szi and Chris talk about the elements of design and art, specifically what it means to be one in today's society with Sean Terris, a designer by trade and by passion.  Sean works for a large well known design corporation as well finding time to devote to his own boutique design agency, Chicken and Rice New York ,which he cofounded with his partner John Lee in New York City.  We speak about the dichotomies in attitude and approach from both perspectives of design culture - corporate and startup, as well as what it means to be young and often overlooked in an industry where trends quickly evolve and you must decipher how these designs will influence the culture of design moving forward. We had a blast speaking with Sean and we hope you guys enjoy listening. Follow Sean and his  on Instagram: and his design upstart at 
June 16, 2019
Upcycle Social Club: Sustainability Through Art
  On today's episode of Block Party Szi and Chris talk sustainability in modern society with River Jensen, the founder of Upcycle Social Club. Upcycle Social Club is a movement to promote sustainability through art in New York City. Through various events River and the team have championed responsibility in fashion, culture, and design with creative openly sourced exhibitions embodying the principles of minimal impact to the environment. Follow her and Upcycle on Instagram:
May 17, 2019
The Official Unofficial Intro of 2K19
This is the official completely unofficial introductory episode of Block Party Podcasts! We never did an introductory episode  of who we are and what we want to accomplish with this podcast so we  figured the New Year is a great place to haphazardly create resolutions you're only going to vaguely remember when February rolls around.  All jokes aside if you're new to the Block Party podcast - This episode is a great way for us to learn more about what we talk about and who we are! Follow Us On Facebook | Behind the Scenes on IG | Follow Us On Twitter | 
January 16, 2019
Mude 2: Outdoor Fitness in NYC
This is an addendum to our first episode with Mude. In this epsiode Steven Diaz, the East Coast Director sat down with me and discussed how he got involved with Mude in Brasil and brought it all the way back here in New York City. So if you didn't get a chance to listen to that episode - feel free to listen to this one where we cover what Mude is and how they plan on using outdoor fitness stations, technology, and fitness influencers to create an outdoor fitness brand and ecosystem to enhance the lives of thousands of people in the City. Since New York City will be a major launching pad into North American cities in the future we got a chance to discuss Mude's vision for the city and Steven's part in creating a healthier fitter New York City.  Follow Us On Facebook | Behind the Scenes on IG | Follow Us On Twitter | 
January 13, 2019
E-Sports: CounterStrike, Twitch, and some Video Game History
It goes without question that eSports is the next large revolution in competitive media. From late night television to the current Twitch takeover of distributed media - today more than ever the effects of competitive gaming have never been more obvious. Today we are joined by Sayid Kolenovic - Professional Counterstrike Analyst and close friend of Block Party to discuss the new regimes in eSports, how we have arrived here in this point of Video Game History, and how massive and diverse the competitive gaming scene has become. So everyone please Welcome Sayid to the Block. *This will be the first in a series of E-Sports and Gaming related episodes that we are super excited about so Gamers tell us what you think!* Follow Us On Facebook | Behind the Scenes on IG | Follow Us On Twitter |
November 13, 2018
Mude: A Fitness Company Using Technology to Get People Moving Outside
Mude is a fitness brand with a a mission. Many modern urban lifestyles gravitate towards indoor activities. Unfortunately modern life necessitates that numbers of individuals spend countless hours inside homes and offices more and more every single day. To the founder of Mude, Marcus Correia, it had become evident that the modern individual is less physically active and involved with the people and world around them. In today's episode, Marcus details the solution to this problem fully realized as Mude - his outdoor wellness lifestyle company. Mude uses impactful technology to bring a new perspective on activity and fitness to Cities around the world by bringing it directly to the people and using the community of like minded fitness individuals to build an outdoor fitness ecosystem. We spoke to Marcus about his beginnings and his vision for Mude. With over 600 locations Mude is rapidly growing and might be coming to a city near you. This is the Mude episode! *Between minute 7~ to minute 24~, the audio got corrupted so we had to use the audio from the camera which is a bit fuzzy- please excuse the technical difficulties* Follow Us On Facebook | Behind the Scenes on IG | Follow Us On Twitter |
November 13, 2018
MarPipe: What If Your Next Marketing Campaign Wasn't Just A Leap of Faith?
According to Statistica the spending on advertising worldwide has been increasing steadily and is expected to reach almost 550 billion U.S. dollars in 2017. With a over half a trillion dollars annually being focused towards brands reaching their audiences it isn’t hard to say that there is a lot of room for businesses to improve and service these various ventures. In today’s episode of Block Party, we welcome Dan Pantelo. Dan is a salt of the earth New Yorker who started in sales. After earning his stripes in SEO and his clients some money with some well placed ad dollars, he turned his sights onto the world of marketing technology. Through his company MarPipe, Dan has managed to pioneer a new protocol towards the digital marketing industry utilizing machine learning and raising efficiency values through their completely data driven approach. As he explains, this is far from the archaic practices in the current marketing world. He plans to make a big splash on the scene and already has for his current clients. This is the MarPipe episode. Follow Us On Facebook | Behind the Scenes on IG | Follow Us On Twitter |
October 28, 2018
Founder Shield : The Business of Insuring High Risk Fast Growth Startups
With a growing landscape of businesses tackling the future of society, it’s important for the future of any company with a dream and a plan to make sure they remain healthy. Eric Schneider joins us today to talk shop about Founder Shield - an insurance brokerage aiming to help rapidly developing businesses get coverage for their organizations across many different industries. Eric is a graduate of the John Hopkins University Carey Business School and with his experience at companies such as A.G Morgan and J.P Morgan, helps us provide insight into the needs of these companies in a rapidly changing environment. Follow Us On Facebook | Behind the Scenes on IG | Follow Us On Twitter |
October 28, 2018
The Phantom Currency
Archive from April 2018 - As we entered April news of certain Exchanges in Japan and South Korea (The two largest active markets for Cryptocurrency globally) would delist privacy based tokens to cooperate with their respective governmental institutions. Szi and Chris analyze the largest names in the privacy game, from how they work, to the social implications of how privacy currencies can affect at large. Follow Us On Facebook | Behind the Scenes on IG | Follow Us On Twitter |
August 06, 2018
Who Will Win?
Archive from March 2018 - Riding a tumultuous bear market and reflecting on the period between September 2017 and January 2018 Chris and Szi look around the Blockchain Market and inspect the technologies and tools that will preserve five to ten years from now. Follow Us On Facebook | Behind the Scenes on IG | Follow Us On Twitter |
August 06, 2018
Ep. 01 | The Enterprise Meets the Blockchain Feat. Mike Mead
Welcome to the very first episode of Block Party, we're glad you tuned in. This first episode we are so blessed to have the legendary cybersecurity expert Mike Mead who fills us in on how Enterprise level companies are crossing paths with Blockchain technology and gives us insight into where the execs are keeping mindful of the moving landscape for this technology.
April 08, 2018