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BloomWithTumi 🌻

BloomWithTumi 🌻

By BloomWithTumi 🌻
Hey Friends❤️, Welcome. I’m here to share my heart through my art with you-Spoken word poetry and stories. I hope as you listen we bloom together regardless of whatever season we’re in-spring or winter.
Podcast Series-EP 1
I had a Profound Session with Iyanu Adebiyi. Iyanu is a Miracle Woman doing earth shattering things. She is a writer, Spoken words artists, Wonder Album and Ife Leta Curator. She shared about her evolving Journey, healing and purpose. She also Performed one of her piece on Wonder Album titled ‘Human’.
January 16, 2022
When Fear Comes.
Fear is not your friend. It comes to keep you to the ground. I hope you find strength and gut always to live above fear and let faith and bravery win.
May 17, 2020
Hey Light🌻
We have been called into light-to become light, to act as light and to show forth light. This spoken word piece reminds us of who we are. Listen And Twinkle❤️.
April 05, 2020