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Bloop Town Geek

Bloop Town Geek

By Roki B
Hey all, welcome to this little space of mine. I'm Roki B (better known as Mallow on my anime blog), I am an anime and video game fan. I'll be giving out solo ramblings on anime and possibly videogames. Don't expect a consistent schedule as I suck at them.
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A very short rambling introduction
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Hey everyone, Roki B here. As this will be my introduction to this podcast channel, it won't be too long to bore you. Just a tad taste of who I am. As I'm still new to the whole podcasting, I'll improve over time. Also, there isn't a set schedule, so there is a strong possibility of long periods of where there are no podcasts. But anyway, hope the rambling intro is something.  To find in other places, check them here:  Blog: Secluded Observation  Twitter: @Roastedbloop (I have a following/followers limit of 50) 
October 24, 2020