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The Blue Collar Commandos

The Blue Collar Commandos

By Uncle Jeff and Uncle Chris
Two brothers-in-law hosting amazing guests to talk about all things hunting, outdoors and faith! Check out our website to leave us a message with your favorite hunting story! You can also see pics of our guests, learn more about Jeff/Chris as well as get some BCC merch on our website:
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Hunt AF with Uncle Jeff and Uncle Chris!

The Blue Collar Commandos

Finding our way with Dylan Dowson from On-X!
Join us for a great episode with Dylan Dowson from On-X to talk about the app and an amazing mule deer hunt he experienced this past fall! Dylan is a wealth of knowledge and helped us, and hopefully our audience, learn more about On-X and it's capabilities. Uncle Chris and I are looking forward to using the technology to have more successful hunts! 
January 20, 2021
Mrs. Jess Bond - The "First Lady" of the Blue Collar Commandos!
In this episode, we sit down with Mrs. Jess Bond, wife of Christian Bond, amazing mom, hunter and social media influencer (60K followers!)! She earned the "First Lady" tag because she is the First Lady we've had the chance to interview! We had such a great time learning more about her personally as well as hearing her passion for her faith, family and hunting. We hope you enjoy the conversation! Be sure to check her out on Instagram (@mrsjessbond) as well as YouTube!  Please share this episode with all your friends! We appreciate your 5-star reviews as well!  Check out our merchandise on our website: 
December 04, 2020
Happy Thanksgiving with John Barklow from Sitka Gear!
It's that time of year...the deer are in rut...families are about to gather for the Thanksgiving feast! We are SUPER THANKFUL for our guest speaker, John Barklow. Big game manager with Sitka Gear! ( In this episode, you'll hear about the technology behind Sitka Gear's camo, some really cool hunting stories as well as a reminder to be thankful in all things. Stay tuned for our next episode with Jess Bond, phenomenal hunter and social media rock star! Also, a big shout out to one of our sponsors, Tac Vanes! Check them out!
November 26, 2020
DIY elk hunting with Dennis Bost!
Welcome back to Dennis Bost! A second timer on our podcast, to talk about his recent bull score in Colorado on his DIY elk hunt! We're going to share great ideas and tips as well as a few funny stories about his hunts, our hunts and life in general! Thanks to Dennis for his time. Enjoy!
November 12, 2020
DIY elk hunting stories and tips with Jared Pyatt!
Join Uncle Jeff and Uncle Chris as they learn more about the how-to's of their dream hunt...a do-it-yourself elk hunt...with experienced hunter, Jared Pyatt!
October 27, 2020
Bow hunting like an ironman with heavy arrows!
This week, we get to connect with our good buddy, the Up State Assassin, Todd Steen! We talk bow hunting, heavy arrows, the lost art of hunting as well as his passion for a great organization, Ironman Outdoors! Join us for some great stories and amazing hunting intel! You can check out Ironman Outdoors at! Thanks for listening! If you have a great hunting story you'd like to share, click this link, leave us a message and we'll feature it on the show!
October 19, 2020
Hunt AF with Uncle Jeff and Uncle Chris!
Season two, episode one kicks off with our guest, Ben Hale! He tells some great stories as well as about his and his son's experience with starting a new outdoor hunting brand Antler Fanatics Hunt Company (Hunt AF). Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram! Get some cool merch!
October 12, 2020
Turkey Tips with Arkansas Hunter - Dennis Bost!
For our 6th episode, we were fortunate to have legendary turkey hunter, Dennis Bost from Arkadelphia, Arkansas! Dennis shared his three best turkey hunting tips, some great stories as well as his favorite recipe for cooking wild turkey!  Also hear Uncle Chris talk about getting charged by two tom's in back to back hunts in his own version of Angry Birds! Stay tuned at the end for Uncle Chris to talk about "wondrous love," followed by Jed Bayes' song, "What a Wondrous Love." If you like good jam, jazz,'ll love the last half of that song! Great jam session as well as our theme music!  We hope you enjoy!
April 21, 2020
$2BILs with special guest - turkey hunting legend Garry Vines - The Original Spurmaster!
Join Uncle Jeff and Uncle Chris as they interview the turkey hunting legend, Garry Vines! This is the most entertaining podcast to date! Garry is a down to earth guy, with more turkey hunting knowledge than anyone and also has a great sense of humor.  For more information about Garry Vines or to purchase one of his calls, please go to We've both bought one and love them! They sound amazing!  Enjoy!
April 11, 2020
Turkey hunting tips with the $2 BILs and our good buddy, Roger Minton!
During this episode, Uncle Jeff and Uncle Chris share a few turkey stories as well as hear a ton of great tips from Roger Minton! Turkey calls, turkey gear, ammunition and other turkey related things!
April 02, 2020
Deer hunting tips with our guest, Roger Minton!
Excited to have experienced hunter and guide, Roger Minton on the show to talk about his top two things that can help EVERY hunter score bigger deer, things to not waste money on, post-rut hunting tips, food plot tactics and a few other tidbits! Also on this episode, Say Hello to Jesus! Special music by artist Jed Bayes! Check him out at! We'd love your feedback! Go to our podcast site and leave us a message! We'd love to add it to a future show. For more info on the $2 BILs, check out our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter @2dollarbils or email us at Rule the outdoors, one step at a time! See ya!
December 05, 2019
2019 Thanksgiving Day Family Episode
Uncle Chris and Uncle Jeff reflect on things we're thankful for as well as introducing our five sons to the world of podcasting as they share what they're thankful for and their favorite hunting stories! We hope you enjoy the anecdotes! Happy Thanksgiving! 
November 28, 2019
Who are the $2 BILs and the Blue Collar Commandos?!?
Our first podcast answers the question of who, what, where and why are the $2 BILs and what in the heck is a Blue Collar Commando? In our first episode, we'll cover our vision for the podcast and funny stories of what got two brothers-in-law to the point where we'd decide to turn on a mic and talk about hunting, fishing, outdoors, firearms and who knows what else! We hope you'll enjoy our series. To reach Uncle Jeff or Uncle Chris, you can email us at Remember...rule the step at a time!
November 08, 2019