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Blue Habu Podcast

Blue Habu Podcast

By Maurice
Okinawa-based alcoholic beverage and cigar import/export business. We discuss our journey in the food & beverage industry.
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So, Which Awamori Do You Recommend?

Blue Habu Podcast

So, Which Awamori Do You Recommend?
Choices, choices! As someone who has lived in Okinawa for a long time and being involved with local spirits, I often get asked to recommend a brand of awamori. I am happy to hear that people are interested in learning more about Japan's oldest spirit, so I decided to make it the topic of my very first podcast. This is intended for beginners who are curious about awamori and people who are interested in Okinawan culture. Cheers! Brands mentioned are: Masahiro Distillery: Uminchu Premium 30% ABV Kamimura Distillery: Danryu 30% and 40% ABV Yaesen Distillery: Shimaurara 25% ABV Ishikawa Distillery: Kamejikomi 25%, 30% or 43% ABV
May 28, 2021