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Blu + You

Blu + You

By Rod Franklin
This is the one and only podcast of SDGT's Blu, as he speaks his mind on games, tech, and... life.

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Should there be an age limit on cappin?
Cappin is basically a term that means someone is lying, usually to make themselves look bigger/better than they are or to make excuses. This episode isn't to bash the woman I'm talking about, but there is something to learn from her mindset. Support the podcast: Thread Market Z Passport Papi 1800Contacts
September 29, 2022
Indentured Servitude to a Job?
Read the details for potential job opportunities or you could lose big. Show your love by supporting me at the links below: Thread Market Z - 1800Contacts -
September 23, 2022
Do single men with no kids have to give single moms a chance?
This discussion is for the sake of adding more clarity to a situation where broad brushes are often used. Brought to you by... Thread Market Z - Passport Papi -
September 16, 2022
50 Dates 50 States: His life his choice
Guy goes on 50 dates with 50 women, and he's facing backlash over it, but... the haters shouldn't be mad. This episode covers the reasons why. (Walking around the studio, forgot to connect the wireless mic.) Brought to you by...  Thread Market Z: Passport Papi: #BluPlusYou #BluPlusYouPodcast #ThinkBeforeYouLeap #50Dates50States #Life #Dating #Relationships #Podcast
September 13, 2022
Quiet quitting: Why it's done, why I've done it, and why management should care
This episode is all about quiet quitting and details that some people may not consider. This episode is for the good of the employees, which will also help the companies.
September 07, 2022
Do you hate solid relationships or find them motivating?
A woman does something that seals the deal on why he want to marry her, and the haters couldn't resist taking shots.
September 05, 2022
His ex keeps calling + Body Shaming for men?!
I had an after thought I'm this episode, so I added it in. | Brought to you by... Thread Market Z -
August 01, 2022
Think before you leap! Part 2
Brought to yo by Thread Market Z - Use this episode as another reminder to think before you leap into a bad decision. (Excuse the background sounds, I was on the road.)
June 10, 2022
The Passing & Bashing of Kevin Samuels
Stop, breath, listen, and think.
May 14, 2022
The Oscar goes to... the slap?!
Will + Chris + You | The article discussed is here:
April 01, 2022
EA Exec calls out industry leaders: Toxicity at work + How to deal with it
I couldn't just leave it at that, let's go in depth about some of the other things that occur on the job.
March 12, 2022
Rant Mode: My response to a listener who was ghosted over 3 times!
Brought to you by Thread Market Z:  Words from a Ghost Buster: If you're being ghosted by someone, don't continue to reach out, let them do the communicating next time. If it's not like that, take the hind and move on. This isn't to be mean, it's to spare you time and help you move forward easier. It's frustrating to hear things like this happen because you're being a glutton for punishment rather than exercising the options you do have. I'll consider speaking on this in another podcast episode, so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out how to navigate the friend zone, there are some solid pointers in that episode. Until next time, say not to ghosts, they'll haunt ya.
February 14, 2022
My Thoughts On: Drake, an IG Model, and... Hot Sauce?!
This podcast episode has been brought to you by Thread Market Z: Stay safe out there when it comes to dating because meeting the right person for a long lasting relationship isn't always the only thing to be concerned about, you also have those with criminal intent ready to pounce on others looking for love or relations.
January 17, 2022
Happy New Year: Let's Talk About... GOALS!
Thread Market Z: Resistance Bands: Punching Bags: SDGT Entertainment:
January 12, 2022
Is College Necessary?
Use this link to check out the Udemy site mentioned in this episode. If you're interested in producing music like Frankarlo, use this Udemy link. I know people who are passionate about college, but I stand where I stand about school. Listen to this episode and ask yourself these 5 questions before taking that first step. Parents can take this and utilize it with your children. Go to the bottom of the Udemy site and see some of the companies that rely on the site for in-demand career skills for their team. Overall, look, research, and think before you leap. I hope this episode makes a positive impact on your decision of going to school, not going to school, or taking an alternate route.
December 26, 2021
Is Therapy A Good Pre-Relationship Requirement?
Trying to ensure your next move is your best move in terms of your first or next serious relationship? You may want to check out this episode. Share it and discuss it with others who may need to hear it, including the recordings of a tik toxic woman who gets a kick out of starting arguments with her significant other.
December 22, 2021
NCAA's New Interim NIL Policy
This episode covers the new interim NCAA NIL policy for student-athletes making money while in college. I have been for this for years and voiced my opinion on it numerous times. It's safe to assume that EA might try their hand at college sports games again, but maybe not if it means paying the athletes. Fair is fair if they want to use their likeness, or they can come up with imaginary athletes which would defeat the purpose. This episode has been brought to you by: Baby Fu Clothing Co. Thread Market Z Rad Power Bikes
July 02, 2021
Dear Developers: E3 Edition
Did Xbox slay E3 2021? + We expect to play the games to play as presented! ___________________________________________________________________ If you want to check out some of the Dear Developer articles, click here. If you want to get your hands on game bundles, click here. Get your hands on items like The Walking Dead Clementine hat here.
June 15, 2021
Benefits of Thinking Positively + How to Do It
Tired of being tired, thinking of ways to improve your health + mood + relationships? This is the episode for you; it's packed with some excellent information to help you... level up. I made a print out so that I can utilize it myself. Share share share this episode... it could save lives + relationships!
February 07, 2021
PS5 or Xbox X|S: Still unsure? Consider this!
This may help you with your decision because it certainly helps mine. Check out some of the other episodes and add us to your favorites if you like what you hear. This episode was spur of the moment, but longer installments to come!
November 29, 2020
Spousal support demands for Dr. Dre + don't rush into relationships!
This episode covers a list of demands from Nicole Young, Stephen Jackson leaving his potential wife at the alter, why you shouldn't jump into relationships + my response to an email.
October 19, 2020
My Response To: Ugly Guys Need To Work Harder
I disagree when it comes to working harder in this sense. Click play. If you have any thoughts, leave a voice message or... email me at:
August 11, 2020
I didn't say that, Ma'am: Let's Be Clear Here + Current State: COVID-19
When you hear what you want to hear, you may be hearing the wrong thing. + Current State: COVID-19 Share, respond, and consider supporting the podcast!
July 24, 2020
The ups & downs of the FRIENDZONE + How to navigate it!
I got an email from a listener seeking help for a friend who's in the... friendzone! (Yikes!)
July 06, 2020
Will Graduates Be Set Free From Student Debt?
This is an update to the proposed settlement in the Sweet V. Devos case. Here is the link for you to read for yourself: Do you think a former student of school should be left holding the bag (of debt) after they were wronged? Are you one of these former students? Leave a message.
June 30, 2020
Dear Gamers: Should A Game Be Bashed Because Of A Gamer's Skills?
This episode covers a topic about gamers, Father's day, and... racism.
June 22, 2020
Dear Developers: Should Game Developers Have Gaming Experience?
In this episode, we are speaking to developers to ask... should game devs have gaming experience? Check out the full Q&A from the Curved Space development team... here -
June 08, 2020
PS5 + Xbox + Mother's Day!
This episode delivers my take on the Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo on the Playstation 5, Phil Spencer's salty response, and a gaming-related trip down memory lane powered by Mother's Day! Support + Share + Game On!
May 15, 2020
EVO 2020 Cancelled... but there is good news!
This episode contains news about the EVO 2020 cancellation + refusal to work a broadcast event + a prank call and... a call to help flatten the curve even more. Gamers & Fellow Citizens unite against Covid-19!
May 04, 2020
Gaming becomes harmful when...
The downside to an unhealthy gaming addiction and how to... level up!
April 29, 2020
Opposites attract... but
Opposites are cool in order to have a balance, but you still need to relate.
April 22, 2020
A Retail Giant... Responds!
In this episode you will find some light hearted fun + the problem I have with a retail giant's response to SDGT's suggestion.
April 17, 2020
Let's talk about... COVID-19!
In this episode I discuss Covid-19 (coronavirus), suggestions to flatten the curve, what we've done to help + what you can do. Stay well, please share, and game on!
April 14, 2020
My Response To A Recent Video Game Addiction Survey!
It's not just black and white, what may appear to be a videogame addiction, may end up being... something else. Add a comment and let me know what you think. You may be surprised at what games top their list for those with gaming-dependent behaviors.
January 12, 2020
Dear Developers: Software Bugs
This is the very first episode, and... I thought I'd cater it to software developers that make games and other products. They receive our money, so...
May 27, 2019